Work at Home but Build a Community of High Achievers

Building Your Watkins Community of High Achievers!

To build a truly successful Watkins business you will be wise to learn and apply the dynamics of team building and community building. If you are committed to growing and sustaining a community built around your Watkins Business, you will potentially create a vast network of successful Watkins Consultants. This network has the capacity to create significant wealth. As we say – your fortune is in your network – your Watkins Community.

But it is not all about the money. You build a Watkins Community so that you may serve the members and help them to achieve success and significance. You do not build a community to serve you! You build a community to serve others. However, in the network distribution business model when you help others to success they also carry you to great achievement and abundance. Anyone who participates in such a dynamic and service driven community may benefit greatly! It is a win-win for all!

Community Building demands a leader who is passionately committed to Watkins, our products, the business opportunity and all members of his/her Watkins Team. Leaders who demonstrate a passionate commitment to their team members will build trust and earn an undying loyalty. When an effective leader shows strong commitment he or she will encourage strong commitment from his or her team. The process of building commitment is the foundation for building your community.

There is something almost mystical about the concept of community!
Some sociologists claim that people are not the community. They contend that Community is the mystical bond that holds people together. Community is the glue that cements relationships. Community is a spiritual connection between souls!

Insights about Community…

At a more pedestrian level, a community is a group of like–minded folks who join together to support each other for the mutual benefit of all. Members of a community may have the same beliefs, values or interests or belong to a common tradition. They may live in the same village or have ties to the same part of the world. With the emergence of the Internet a single community may include members from around the globe. Technology and the mystical bonds of community overcome time and space.

People form communities for mutual support and fellowship.

These friendly associations may be founded on cultural, religious, workplace, political, business, recreational or social activities. People living in community energize, support, empower and grow each other to a fuller life. Most communities emerge from a single leader or a small group of people who are passionate about their community’s cause – its reason for being.

A community creates a connectedness between members who have like interests and common experiences. Membership in carefully selected communities can make life easier, more joyful and productive. Insights and information are exchanged. New ideas are shared. Friendships are born and bonded. Encouragement is shared! Goals are achieved. Dreams are realized!

 Building a Watkins Community is not just about sponsoring large numbers of Consultants on our team. We often track success by stating the number of people on our Watkins team and that is an appropriate quantitative measure. Numbers help us to track progress. Numbers are important.

 However, building community is more about qualitative measurements. It is about values quality of life. It is about nurturing co-operation, collaboration and mutual support. It is about the spirit of excellence and the creation of bonded and enduring relationships. Building a true Watkins Community is about satisfying basic human needs. It is about servant leadership!

Community fills the basic human need for social acceptance and recognition. We experience inclusion and connection with others. Most people at various points in their lives belong to some form of community. It may be an extended family community, a church community, the military, a social or fraternal organization, a small town community, a workplace or professional community. We often find ourselves as members of several communities at the same time. Each community offers something special to our unique needs. Each of these communities has the potential to help us grow to fuller stature as productive human beings.

Community serves to give us quality relationships, helps us to communicate with a broader array of like-minded people and offers a sense of unity. We express shared values and interact with each other with dignity and a caring spirit. Communities tend to be safe havens in a chaotic and difficult world.

In a vital and dynamic Watkins community we can find honesty, integrity and mutual support. An effective community can give us a refreshing boost to our self-esteem and confidence. Encouragement and motivation between members can be very growth facilitating. The community may have a serious and positive impact on our personal performance and ultimate success.

Communities Yield far greater Potential for Progress than People Working Solo.

No great idea has ever been brought to fruition without the collaboration of a team or teams of people working in community. In the process of building community, we recognize that the effort of the group yields far greater potential than the effort of individuals working solo. Therefore, teams of people working collaboratively may add significant power to human enterprise. It is the often stated human equation: 1 person + 1 person = 3 persons!


Building a Watkins Community is all about nurturing and growing people. J.C. Penny said, “You do not grow a business. You grow people and they in turn grow your business.”

Understanding the Basics of a Watkins Business

The Watkins Company is a trusted and respected enterprise, our products are truly life-enhancing and our Home Business opportunity is remarkable. Dedicated Watkins Consultants who desire to grow a substantial business typically emphasize the following activities and approaches:

 Consume and sell our Watkins life-enhancing products.
 Share the business opportunity with others.
 Grow a team (a network) of Consultants to consume, sell and share.

But there is much more…

There Is Great power in Building a Watkins Business Community!

If you desire to create a long-lasting, sustainable, profitable and ever dynamic Watkins enterprise you will be wise to create and nurture a strong Watkins Community. Sponsoring Consultants and encouraging them to consume and sell lots of products and sponsor others are certainly foundational to our business.

But if we fail to build a genuine sense of community among our team members we are failing to optimize our Watkins potential. We are failing to energize one of the most powerful aspects of our Watkins Business opportunity.

We all have a basic human need to participate in something larger than ourselves. We have a desire to reach out and develop relationships with people we can trust. We all have a need to bond with others who will somehow make our lives more meaningful, productive and joyful.

Elevate your Watkins Business to new heights!

There is awesome power in the dynamics of community. In building community you will elevate your Watkins Business to a whole new level and potential. Inviting folks to participate in your growing Watkins community brings increased value to your Watkins experience. Communities are about enhancing lives and creating value!

Enrolling in Watkins does not automatically make you a member of a team. A team relationship is only built by enlightened leaders who create a bonded community of Watkins Consultants who work together for the mutual good.

Advantages of Participation in a Vibrant Watkins Community!

A Watkins Community can bring us into harmony with the great history, traditions and reputation of Watkins. We can find ourselves as extensions of the awesome Watkins Heritage.

Watkins brings great enrichment to our lives. Beyond the value of the products and the exemplary business system, Watkins helps us to revisit family traditions and celebrate a time when life was less complex. WATKINS brings us joy and a sense of well-being.

Very importantly, Watkins provides all Consultants with a sense that they are a part of a remarkable team. They find themselves surrounded by highly successful people who care about them and cheer them on. They are guided, nurtured and provided with the intellectual, emotional and technical support they need for success.

When you share a great idea like Watkins –two things happen. Both you and your audience are transformed. The person hearing your story may open his or her mind to a vast new possibility and be changed forever. Each time you share Watkins you are maturing, growing, gaining in confidence and changing as a person. When you share the great idea of Watkins – you are creatively transforming yourself and all those you touch.

Community encourages your Consultants to stay for the long-haul!

A very significant result of building community is that those who work in collaboration with others will tend to stay with the business for a much longer period of time. They will stay long enough to become successful and committed to the long-term. Those who work solo may become discouraged very quickly and quit the business before they really give it a fair chance.

Becoming part of a vital community creates “staying power” as members do not usually opt out of a community relationship that is proving to be beneficial, growth facilitating, profitable and enjoyable.

Specific Personal Benefits Derived from Community Membership!

A Watkins Community offers the chance to reinvent yourself – to create a different you for a different tomorrow. Understand that the skills, attitudes and knowledge that got you to this point in your life and business may not be all you need to grow to the next level. Constantly reinventing yourself prepares you for awesome success in life and business. Working in community will help you to identify and enhance those attitudes, skills and knowledge that you must learn and apply in order to grow and excel in life and Watkins.

You may be experiencing attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back. They are obstacles to your progress. Fears, doubts and worries. Your Watkins community
can help you to work through those issues and concerns.

Participation in a Watkins Community helps us to stay on target and accomplish those activities that are productive and worthwhile. This focus will help us to achieve success in a shorter time. We can learn the basics of the business in less time and experience a shorter learning curve. A fast start with early success is real motivation for Consultants.

The companionship of other community members helps to strengthen our resolve in pursuing our goals and achieving our WHY (the WHY we are in the business)! The relationships enjoyed will assist us in becoming more motivated, self-directing and self-navigating.

Learning how others are successfully building their business may give you important insights about how to prioritize and spend your time on activities that really matter. The valuable input from successful members of your community is like having your own personal coaching team.


A community of Independent Watkins Consultants can morph into an Interdependent Team of high-performance achievers. This community can provide a spirit of collaboration, mutual motivation and a greatly expanded sense of the potential of your Watkins business enterprise. A community can help us move from small, local thinking to a larger global view. It can challenge our limited view of our business and offer whole new perspectives. The power of community can catapult us into the world of inconceivable possibilities and leverage us to great achievements.

Community is a Celebration of Communicating and Connecting. It is a Communion or joining of our Spirits! Community is a remarkable power! People converge as strangers and emerge as a community. That transformation is mystical.


Dave and Fran Daisey
Independent Watkins Gold Managers
856-629-9998 *


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Create the Life You Desire with Watkins and the Summit Group

Dave and Fran Daisey, Watkins Gold Managers of the Summit Group, announce the release of their new E-Book:

Create the Life You Desire!

Launch Your Very Own Home-Based Business in Association with Watkins and Supported by the Pace-setting Summit Group.  Join a remarkable Business “partnership” – YOU, Watkins and the Summit Group! Unleash great potential for your future!

Set yourself on a pathway to awesome possibilities!

Create the Life You Desire is a special invitation and a call to action. Wherever you are in life at this moment there is always the great expectation that you can be in a better place tomorrow. We want to help you on a path to that better place.

When you understand that there is a real and accessible pathway to the most magnificent dreams you can dream – you will set yourself on that pathway. It will be a remarkable journey.

Create the Life You Desire is designed to inform and educate folks who want to build a part-time, Home-Based Career. This information is for those who desire to earn extra income for the short-term and build residual income for the long-term in the exciting and profitable Network Distribution Industry. There are no limits on what you can earn and achieve with this proven business model. Our goal is to show you how to empower yourself with new possibilities in partnership with Watkins and the Summit Group.

Create the Life You Desire is for serious-minded persons who are seeking a remarkable opportunity to take charge of their lives and build a more secure and stable future. We are seeking people with the “right-stuff” to excel in our home business model. If you are highly motivated, self-directed, self-navigating and desire to create a better tomorrow for you and your family we welcome you to our opportunity.

Watkins and the Summit Group – Building New Careers!

Watkins Inc. has provided career opportunities since 1868! More than 22 years ago Watkins was joined by the illustrious Summit Group. Together, Watkins and The Summit Group have collaborated to help tens-of-thousands of deserving individuals to start a part-time, work-from-home career that has life-changing potential.

Here is your opportunity to…

  • Create a new career and a new “life-story” for you and your family.
  • Gain financial independence and time-freedom!
  • Promote yourself to a more satisfying, productive and hopeful future!

You Can Create the Life You Desire!


If you would like to receive by email a copy of the full E-Book please contact us at:


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Watkins Offers Wholesale Buying Privileges PLUS Other Options!

Catch the BUZZ About WATKINS!

Watkins offers You Membership with Wholesale Buying Privileges PLUS Other Exciting Options!

Watkins Membership is simply “Smart Shopping” for natural and “green” products at amazing discounts.

Watkins is all about choices and serving your personal needs and goals!   You may chose from several options to realize the great benefits of a Watkins Membership!

Option 1.

Watkins Membership –

Our Wholesale Buyers Club for Savvy Shoppers!

• Watkins offers a Money-SAVING Opportunity for discerning shoppers who want to buy Watkins world-class products at discount prices.  Enjoy a healthful, natural and “green” life-style and realize great savings, too! Enroll as a Watkins Consultant and become a Wholesale Buyer with many great benefits.

Your benefits as a Watkins “Buyer’s Club” Member.

  • Enjoy a healthful, green, natural life-style and realize great savings, too!
  • Select from our catalog of more than 250 life-enhancing products!
  • Enjoy a hefty 25% discount on all Watkins purchases!
  • Realize savings even after reasonable shipping and handling fees!
  • Feel secure with a 100% money-back guarantee on all products!
  • Enjoy extra savings on special sales every month!
  • Maintain your membership without monthly quotas or requirements!
  • Conveniently shop for your monthly essentials from your computer!
  • Save time, gas and avoid crowded stores!
  • Transfer your purchases from the pharmacy and supermarket to your own Watkins store!
  • Receive products conveniently shipped to your home!

Enroll in our optional Watkins Advantage Program for 30% Discount and FREE S&H on your monthly essentials!  Ask us about this remarkable cost saving program!

For those who desire to purchase monthly essentials (like all-natural cleaning products, dietary supplements, laundry detergent and favorite items to support gourmet cooking) Membership in Watkins can represent savings of hundreds of dollars each year.

 Remarkable History of Service!

Since 1868 Watkins has offered high quality products that make a difference in people’s lives. There are currently more than 300 items in the Watkins Catalog. The Company is known for fair prices, a 100% money-back guarantee and excellent service. Watkins sets the “gold standard” for honesty and integrity. Watkins is known as the “Brand of Choice for Discerning Shoppers!”

Watkins is not usually recognized as a wholesale buyer’s club like a Costco or Sam’s Club but many folks enroll in Watkins for the privilege of buying our world-class products at wholesale prices.

Watkins Features Products That Enhance Every Aspect of Life.

Watkins offers world-class products that meet a broad array of needs and tastes. Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Gourmet Seasonings and Condiments that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Natural Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and Natural (Plant Based) Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on your family’s health or the environment. Our products feature a level of quality and reliability which is not common in the world today. Our pricing is equal to or better than competitive brands.

Catch the BUZZ About Watkins!

In recent years there has been a lot of buzz about Watkins being green and producing natural products. Watkins was producing natural and chemical-free products way before most people were concerned about safe and healthy products or had concerns for the environment. The word about Watkins is spreading like wild-fire in more than 100 national magazines to include: OPRAH, Real Simple and Better Homes & Gardens.

You may have seen Watkins Products advertised on TV or you may have purchased our products from major chain stores where you already shop. These selected stores carry a very limited offering of Watkins Products.

To purchase the full range of Watkins products, non-members can order from a local representative or at the company’s website.

But when you enroll as a Watkins Member you can have the entire Watkins Product line of 250 products available to you at great discounts with just the “click-of-your-mouse!”

Option 2.

Watkins Business Builder Consultant (Our Home Business Opportunity) for those seeking seeking financial security!

• Watkins offers a Money-MAKING Opportunity for those who desire to start their own part-time business. In our slow economy many folks are seeking extra income and Watkins has one of the best opportunities available today!

• Enroll as a Watkins Consultant and become a Home-Business Builder.  This option is for those who want to work part-time, earn extra money and build residual income. You can earn a few hundred dollars a month (or a lot more) and gain new levels of financial security.

Your Benefits as a Watkins Business Builder Consultant!

• You operate from the convenience of your home on your own flexible schedule.
• Work without affecting your current job or professional position.
• Work to take vacations and buy special things to enhance your life.
• Use your Watkins income to build savings or to pay-off debts and credit cards.
• Increase your giving to your favorite charities.

• Customize your business approaches to your personality, style and resources.
• No prior business experience is required for you to be successful.
• You can start a highly successful business for a very reasonable enrollment fee.
• There are no required meetings to attend.
• You may work full-time or part-time. You are the BOSS and set your own schedule!
• Operate your business in a small space in your home with your computer and phone.

• You are not required to carry inventory.
• Watkins fills all orders and honors our 100% money-back guarantee.
• You have no overhead or production costs. You do not have to lease a facility.
• All manufacturing and quality control systems are provided by Watkins.
• Watkins takes care of tracking and paying all compensation to your team.

• There are no worries about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll.
• There are no concerns about expensive insurance programs or government regulations.
• You are supported by the best training system in the Network Distribution Industry.
• You are coached by truly caring and competent professionals.

 Option 3.

Watkins Career Consultant for Entrepreneurs!

This option is for members who desire to create a high-performance Watkins Business, achieve Watkins Executive Titles and “go-for-the-gold.” They see themselves as the owner of an International Distribution Organization working in association with Watkins and supported by the illustrious Summit Group.  These dynamic individuals begin their Watkins Career as Business Builder Consultants.  If you have interest in learning more about this advanced option please contact us for details.

The Choice is yours!

You can enroll as a Buyer’s Club Consultant or you can enroll as a Consultant who wishes to build a part-time Home-Based Business.  You may even set your sights on a full-time and highly profitable career with Watkins.

The Company offers great flexibility and does everything possible to serve your unique life situation. It is easy and fun to customize your relationship with Watkins. You simply enroll as a Watkins Consultant and select the level of participation that best satisfies your needs, desires and goals. The Choice is yours!

And now for some amazing news!

You can enroll in Watkins for the very reasonable administrative service fee of $39.95 plus Sales Tax.   This is a totally “risk-free” investment.  If within the first thirty days of your enrollment you are not satisfied with your Watkins opportunity you simply notify the company and your $39.95 will be refunded.  This is a guarantee!  It does not get any better than that. 

All Watkins Consultants (Members) pay the same enrollment fee, but each member decides how he or she will use their membership to their greatest advantage. One Consultant may be content to simply buy products at discount, while another Consultant may elect to build a career with a Watkins Home-Business. Again, the Choice is Yours!

You owe it to yourself to fully explore the Watkins Choices!

We will be pleased to answer all of your questions about the Watkins “Buyers Club” and any other Watkins Options that may interest you.  It will be our privilege to serve you!  Let us know which option appeals to you the most and we will provide you with more detailed information.

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Watkins – Helping People to Dream and Dance


Welcome To Your Dance of Life!

Much of what happens in our lives hinges on the choices we make.  We can go to the dance and dance, or we can sit as wallflowers and watch others dance and have fun.  Sadly, too many people show up for the dance of life and choose to be wallflowers.  We encourage you to dream your dreams and dance your dance of life to the fullest. 

As I write this article the world mourns the passing of Pope John Paul II.  I have always marveled at the Pope’s ability to live his dance of life so fully.  In living his life at such a transcendent level, he encouraged millions of others to reach a fuller stature.  John Paul II was a Pope who knew how to dance – literally, figuratively and profoundly.  He taught others to dance along with him!  And that is the key to his legacy.  He taught others how to dance their dance of life.

One lady visiting Rome for John Paul’s funeral was asked how the Pope had influenced her.  With a radiant smile she said, “The Pope taught me how to dream.  He gave me hope and joy.  He built my faith in God and belief in myself.  In a very interesting way he taught me how to dance my life.”  That pretty much says it all. 

Invite Others To The Dance

One very profound way to dance your dance of life is to help others dance along with you just as John Paul did.  Obviously, before you can invite others to join you in dance, you must be dancing yourself.  No wallflowers here!  You must be ardently seeking the joy, abundance and great opportunity that swirls around and through our lives everyday.  You must be dancing your dance of life!  The natural exuberance of your dance will encourage others to join with you in dance as well.

Millions Want To Dance – They Await Your Invitation

At this moment inNorth America there are literally millions of people who dream of a better life.  They seek meaning and a sense of purpose for their lives.  They genuinely want to enhance the well being of their family and loved ones.  They desire to tap into the abundance of the world and gain financial independence.  They desire to reach out and help others.  Essentially, they want to dance their lives more fully.  They await your invitation!

Watkins Is an Answer for Those Who Want To Dance

As a business system Watkins is a remarkable vehicle for people who want to achieve a better life.  The principles that drive Watkins are in complete harmony with the great spiritual laws of the universe. 

One such law is the Law of Reciprocity. 

This is a spiritual law that speaks to the creation of mutual opportunity for the greater good of all.  It affirms the need to give in order to receive.  It is the principle of sowing before you reap.  Sow your time, energy and spirit in the development of your Watkins Business and it shall provide you with a harvest for a life-time.  As you sow and grow you will serve more people, give opportunity to countless persons, achieve greater recognition and build your financial independence.  You will be able to give large portions of your abundance to others.  It is a spirited and wonderful dance.  Others will join you!

The Watkins Business expression is the fairest, most equitable and moral business system I have experienced in 30 years as a business development consultant.  It represents a complete paradigm shift from the unfairness, inequality and tensions of traditional business models.  Every Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business.  There are no ceilings on growth.  There are no boundaries in terms of creativity.  The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance.  Any person who works hard and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways.  I truly believe that Watkins represents the very BEST Independent Business Opportunity inNorth America!  Now that is something to dance about.

Here Is Your Great Challenge

As a Watkins Associate you are part of a truly unique opportunity that has the capacity to transform lives.  Unleash the Watkins Business System to help people dance their dance of life.  Transform your Watkins business into a life mission.  Fire up your passion.  Engender a sense of urgency as you reach out to help others.  This is how you may begin. 

Dare to dream and dance.  Boldly increase your vision of the possibilities that could be achieved in your life.  There is great motivation and power in crystallizing the vision of your preferred future.  Always aspire to achieve greater things.  Set no limits.  Dream and dance!  Teach others to dream and dance!

Develop your self-image and grow to a fuller stature.  Build your positive self-esteem.  Recognize the God given, innate abilities that are within you.  Grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and intellectually.  When you grow to fuller stature, those around you will grow along with you.  Now you are really dancing! 

Discover the power that rests within you.  It all begins with belief.  When you believe in something you unleash inner strength and creativity.  Believe you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to and great and powerful forces will come to your aid.  You will be guided in the right paths.  All manner of resources will become available to you.  People will come from all points of the compass to join you in your dance.

Move out of the past to here and now.  Do not consistently revisit the past.  It is mostly a depressing and debilitating excursion.  Do not look back with regret at what could have been.  Do not lament your misfortunes and misadventures.  When you are regretting and lamenting you are not dancing.  Look forward with awe and wonder at what can be.  Keep your focus on doing what is right today and you will build a greater tomorrow.  You can never dance again in your past.  You can only dance again in your future.

Look to the far side.  Find strength and tenacity in every adversity.  You will experience set-backs.  Disappointments will hassle you.  Frustrations will plague your best efforts.  But always look to the far side of these distractions.  On the far side of a wicked thunderstorm there may be a rainbow.  On the far side of a difficult pregnancy there is new life.  On the far side of winter is spring.  On the far side of disappointments are breakthroughs.  On the far side of frustrations are great discoveries and advances.  When you look on the far side you will always be inspired to dance.

Live your life to give.  This is the foundation of the Law of Reciprocity.  Give of yourself.  Sow the seeds that will prosper other people.  Become a mentor to all you touch.  Nurture your downline.  Build long term, mutually rewarding relationships.  Recognize the potential in all of those who come your way.  Help them to establish personal expectations.  Encourage them to excel.  Encouragement builds self-esteem and confidence.  Self-esteem and confidence turns wallflowers into dancers.

Become a wise steward of your dance of life.  Often we plant the seeds of enterprise or a great idea only to withhold the watering, nourishing and cultivating that will assure the harvest.  It is prudent to nurture and consistently care for that which you have planted.  That is true of your dreams and your dance of life as well. 

Bring hope, joy and the potential of prosperity to all you meet.  This may be your purpose in life.  Here is your chance to really dance.  Now you can help people to literally transform their lives.  Here is your opportunity to help people dream their dreams and to dance their dance of life.  Nurturing people in their dance can be your legacy.

Remember those millions of people who at this moment are seeking an opportunity to dream and dance.  It is our obligation and privilege to invite them to join with us!

As we look back on the life of John Paul II and witness the remarkable contributions he made to the world, it is an opportune time for all of us to take stock and look at what we are doing with our own dance of life.  Most of us will never find ourselves dancing on the world stage as John Paul did.  The elevated position of the Papacy is a special and unique opportunity afforded to very few people.  However, each of us in his or her unique way, can learn to dance more fully and help others to dance as well.  So strike up the music!  Let’s dance!  No wallflowers here!


These essays, which we call Achievement Guides, are designed to help you think outside the box and enlarge your understandings about life and business.  Our purpose is to help all of our Watkins friends to more fully understand the power, possibilities and potential of your Watkins business.  It is our hope that you will start to seek breakthroughs and bring whole new energies, purposes and creative directions for your business, your dreams and your dance of life.  Through transforming your own dance of life you can assist in the transformation of others.  To expect anything less is to deny the awesome power and potential that lies within you and before you. 

Many Blessings! 

Dave & Fran Daisey

To discover more about the Watkins/Summit Home Business System please visit our online brochure  

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Building Managers – Key to Success In Your Watkins Summit Group Home-Based Business!

Becoming a Successful Watkins Manager and then continuously developing an ever- larger team of Successful Watkins Managers is the key to achieving the Executive Titles in the Watkins Business Model!  The best way to create a high-performance Watkins Distribution System is to develop an ever-growing team of productive Managers!

Much business building literature and guidance emphasizes three essential steps in building a strong Watkins Business.  Without question these basics steps are extremely important!

Step 1.   Personally use the Watkins Products.  Become a product of the products.  Transfer the purchase of your monthly essentials from the supermarket to your own Watkins Business.  Take advantage of the 25% discount.  Develop product knowledge and enhance your ability to share the products with others.  When you use the products and can share personal testimonials you build a level of integrity that will make you far more effective and successful.

Step 2.  Tell others about the remarkable Watkins products.  Simply share with people what the Watkins Products have done for you.  Outline their many benefits.   Share samples.  Encourage prospective Customers to try the products and experience first-hand the quality and value of our world-class products.  Grow an ever-expanding Customer base.  Teach your customers to order directly from Watkins using your ID# so that Watkins will process all orders and ship directly to your customers.  This frees you of the need to receive and deliver orders. 

Step 3.  Share the exceptional Watkins Business Opportunity.  Enroll as many new Associates as you possibly can who will duplicate Steps 1, 2, & 3.  The more Associates you enroll, the more your business will expand.

Granted, these three basic steps are foundational to building a Successful Watkins Business.  If you plan on earning a few hundred dollars a month in supplemental income, you must pay attention to these steps.  If you plan on achieving Executive Titles and creating substantial residual income, you must still pay attention to these basic steps.  However, to move beyond a “casual business”, there are two more steps that an Associate must address in order to create a substantial Watkins Business.

Step 4.  Personally Earn Manager Title As Quickly As You Can.  The whole structure of the Watkins Compensation Model focuses on the development of Managers.  The first Manager you need to develop is YOU!  When you have achieved Manager Title you have:

  •  Learned the Basics of the Watkins Business!
  •  Built your monthly volume to 2000 plus points!
  •  Grown your income!
  •  Proven your ability to retail products and sponsor new associates!
  •  Completed your first major step on your journey to Success with Watkins!
  •  Achieved a whole new stature within the Watkins Business System!

The skills, attitudes and competencies that will help you to achieve Manager Title, are the same attributes that will help you to achieve Executive Titles and realize significant residual income.  And that leads us to the next step in building a stable, high performing Watkins Business.

Step 5.  Become a Creator and Developer of Watkins Managers.  Mangers are the essential building blocks, and keys to success in your Watkins Business.  The more Managers you build, the more your business will appreciate in value!  Strong Managers leverage your time, and help you to create a Distribution System, which:

  • Builds a Team of motivated and passionate “partners for success”.
  • Intensifies prospecting and recruiting efforts!
  • Identifies and develops more Managers!
  • Increases your volume and profits!
  • Provides continuous growth and expansion!
  • Assures continuance and builds stability for your business!
  • Leverages your time and talent and multiplies your value and worth!
  • Helps you achieve ever-higher Titles and enhanced compensation!
  • Provides Financial Independence and improved quality of life!
  • Enables you to serve others more fully!
  •  Gives you time-freedom and flexibility!

Managers take their business seriously, and produce a minimum of 2000 points monthly.  These key “partners for success” multiply your organization’s value many times over.  Managers help you to leverage your time, energy, passion, creativity, knowledge, motivation, action and productivity.  Leveraging may be looked upon as a kind of “cloning.”  Every new Manager you develop may produce at your level or better and contribute significantly to your over-all organizational performance.

When you achieve your Manager Title it means that you are producing 2000 points per month as a minimum.  Just imagine if you identify and develop one new Manager in your system.  You have doubled your monthly business.  When you develop two new Managers, you achieve Bronze Manager Title, and enhanced compensation.  Every set of two new Managers that you develop, you achieve higher Titles and improved compensation. 

Achieving Manager Title is not that difficult.  A simple plan that is effective for many aspiring Managers is to commit to personal purchases and sales of 300 points monthly.  Enroll six (6) new Associates who will commit to 300 points monthly and you have a monthly total of 2100 points.  You need to achieve 2000 points for two successive months to earn Manager Title.

The promise and potential of the Watkins Business System will only be realized, when you make a serious commitment to the recruitment and development of Managers.   Pay attention to the basic steps: (1) Personally Use the Products, (2) Build a Customer Base and (3) Enroll as many Associates as you are able.  And then move to Step (4) Personally Earn Manager Title as quickly as you can!  In that process be consistently aware of the need to identify and develop Managers.  And that leads to the critical Step (5) Become a Creator and Developer of Watkins Managers.

Continuously work on strategies and approaches for recruiting and developing Managers.  Advertise that you are seeking “Manager Trainees” to join your Watkins Success Team.  Offer extensive and FREE Training and support to all those who become Associates who commit to your Manager Development Process.   You can offer this FREE Training and Support, because you are backed-up by Watkins, The Summit Group, your Upline Management and your Sponsor.  You are not alone in providing this high level of support. 

Approach each new Associate that you enroll with the challenge to become a Watkins Manager in the shortest time possible.   Share this information with them so they understand the implications of Manager Development.  Create a level of excitement!  Personally challenge them!

Be certain they are aware of the remarkable Watkins Programs that support rapid growth and development, such as the Performance Rewards Program.  As a new Associate enrolls make them aware of the exceptional 90 DAY FAST START PROGRAM.  Encourage them to show all of their new Associates how to benefit from this significant program.

Make certain they are “connected” with the remarkable recruiting and sponsoring support offered by the Summit Group. Teach them how to use these programs and support services in their own sponsoring and business development efforts.

Outline for each of your new Associates (Manager Trainees) the FREE Training and support services offered by your Upline and the Summit Group.  Assure them that they will have the best and most effective training and support offered in the Network Marketing Industry.  This support is provided by some of the most successful leaders in the history of Watkins.

Continuously work with each Associate who commits to achieving Manager Title.  Educate, train and support them fully in the development of their Watkins Business.  Many will duplicate your approaches and you will be on your way to building a remarkably strong and highly successful Watkins Business in a relatively short period of time.

Manager Development is your key to achieving Watkins Executives Titles and remarkable levels of residual income.

If you would like to know more about how to enroll in Watkins and launch your own International Distribution Organization working in Association with Watkins and in Alliance with the Summit Group please check out our Online Brochure!



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Watkins/Summit Group – Perfect Home Business for Real Estate/Mortgage Professionals!

Working in a depressed Real Estate Market?  Watkins and the Summit Group may serve as a financial bridge over this period of reduced income!

In many regions of the USA the Real Estate Industry is very stressed and depressed.  Many Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Title Company Professionals and Insurance Brokers are discovering that an Independent Distributorship with Watkins can represent a significant financial benefit during this current Real Estate downturn.

Our unique Home Based Business may provide $500 to a $1,000 or much more in extra monthly income during these difficult times.  Our business opportunity also has the great potential for building substantial RESIDUAL income that may last a life-time.

The Watkins income can defray some of the ongoing expenses and costs that are a inherent in the Real Estate Profession.  The costs of gasoline, Real Estate fees, Board Dues and licensing, training and advertising are on-going expense that must be met even though no closings are on the horizen.  It can be very discouraging!

Financial Planners suggest a second source of income as a way to achieve financial freedom.  More and more “Wealth Building Counselors” are recommending network distribution as a very viable method for enhancing your financial situation.  WATKINS is a network distribution business system.  This second source of income can leverage Real Estate Professionals to significant supplemental earnings in this uncertain Real Estate Market.

Real Estate Professionals are perfectly suited to excel in the Watkins Network Distribution Business System.  They can use their people skills and selling competencies to create a Watkins Distribution Network that has the potential to be a virtual money machine providing consistent and ever expanding income.

A WATKINS Business can help Real Estate Professionals to…

  • Generate supplemental income in a very tight and competitive Real Estate Market.
  • Work part-time from home on your own flexible schedule.
  • Very naturally integrate your Watkins Business with your Real Estate activities.
  • Convert your people contacts into members of your Watkins Network. 
  • Build RESIDUAL INCOME that can serve you for the rest of your career.   
  • Earn supplemental income as you build your Real Estate Business.  This is very critical for new Agents who may not earn a check for several months after launching their Real Estate career.
  • Use income from Watkins to serve as “filler” income between commission checks and overcome those “commission droughts” that drive many Real Estate Agents from the Profession.
  • Use your many contacts in Real Estate to also build your Watkins Business.
  • Use your Watkins connections to “farm” leads for your Real Estate Business.
  • Encourage other Real Estate Professionals to join your Watkins Network and go for the gold!
  • Build a business that can achieve six-figure annual earnings in three to five years.  Receive FREE education and training in network distribution and wealth building from Watkins, The Summit Group and your highly experienced leadership team.
  • Earn exotic vacations sponsored by WATKINS – all expenses paid.  HAVE FUN!

Do you know any Real Estate Professionals?  If so, do them a great favor.  Refer them to us to learn about the life-changing Watkins Home Based Business System.  Here is your chance to offer a great opportunity to someone who may benefit greatly.

Please check out our Online Business Brochure for details!

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Watkins/Summit Features a Virtual Business System for Personal Wealth Creation!

The future of product distribution is here and available for you today!

Tap into the most dynamic, streamlined, profitable and high- performance product distribution system in existence today.  Explore the power and potential of our Virtual Business System for Personal Wealth Creation.  It is affordable and available to everyone!  You may begin today!

Our Virtual Business System is designed for self-motivated people who want to create another cash stream and achieve true financial security – those who want to leverage themselves to significant residual income.  The system is designed for busy people who can benefit from a part-time opportunity.  You build your own virtual Business system working from the convenience of your office or home on your own flexible schedule.

The distribution of quality products has always been one of the leading wealth creation activities of humankind.  Those individuals, companies and governments with the vision and abilities to offer and deliver products to large numbers of consumers are a safe bet to generate significant wealth.  Those who fill a need (or create a need) in the marketplace and then satisfy that need frequently leverage themselves to great riches.  Such was the case with J.R. Watkins.

J.R. Watkins – A North American Success Story!

In 1868 J.R. Watkins, an enterprising young man inPlainview,Minnesotapurchased the rights to a medicinal formulation called Red Liniment.  He later named his product Watkins Liniment.  J.R. Watkins brewed his liniment on his kitchen stove and bottled it on his kitchen table.  He then journeyed into nearby territories riding in a horse drawn carriage to sell his unique and well-received product.  This was the humble beginning of the J.R. Watkins Medical Company, which would later become Watkins Incorporated. 

The success of Watkins Liniment became the foundation on which J.R. Watkins built a Direct Selling empire.  He formed a dream and saw a vision of what could be.  And then, like most successful entrepreneurs, he brought his dream to fruition by telling his story over and over again.  He told everyone about his dream of manufacturing and selling many quality products that would enhance the lives of his customers.

He recruited others to join him in his vision of what could be.  He employed manufacturing specialists to ensure the production of quality products.  He built a team of research and development specialists to create new products.  He also purchased the rights to other popular products that he felt would be favored by his growing customer base.  J.R Watkins sent emissaries around the globe to purchase the very best ingredients and compounds for his fully guaranteed products.  J.R. hired sales people to sell his products in ever-expanding territories.  These enterprising “Representatives” eventually shared Watkins products with the whole ofNorth America.

J.R. Watkins soon realized that he could not only sell quality products to appreciative customers, but he could provide a remarkable opportunity to tens-of-thousands of Direct Sellers (Independent Representatives) who would market his products.  He understood the power of leveraging the J.R. Watkins Company into exponential growth though the employment of hundreds and then thousands of Representatives covering all ofNorth America.  The Watkins tradition of the Independent Watkins Representative is still alive and well in the contemporary Watkins Home-Based Business Opportunity. 

J.R. Watkins was very much ahead of his time.  He had many leadership characteristics that set him apart from other business leaders.  But one unique strategy enabled him to excel over most others.  He shared his dream and unleashed a great dialog with the marketplace.  This ongoing and expansive conversation with the marketplace gave birth to one of the most notable, successful and enduring companies inNorth America.  What a legacy!

In 1885 The J.R. Watkins Medical Company moved to the booming logging town ofWinona,Minnesotanestled on the banks of the upperMississippi River.  In 1913 the company went international as it opened operations inWinnipeg,MB,Canada. 


By 1915 Watkins emerged to be the world’s largest Direct Selling Company. 


The “Traditional Watkins Products” have been the mainstay and driving energy of the Watkins Business Opportunity since 1868.  Today, Watkins offers 300 plus world-class products that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes.  Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Seasonings and Condiments that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and all Natural Plant Based Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on the environment or your family. 

Many Watkins, Incorporated products have been offered for generations and feature a level of quality, which is not common in the world today.  These products have endured these many years because they are of high quality, useful and, simply stated – they work.  They deliver on their promises.  Although there is a loyal customer following for these traditional products, Watkins, Inc. is constantly researching, developing and formulating new products.  In recent years whole new lines of organic and natural products have been introduced.  A very popular line is our Natural Plant-Based Home Care Products.  Each year Watkins Incorporated adds new products to the Watkins Master Catalog.

In 1978 ownership of the then 110 year old industry leading J.R. Watkins Company transferred from the Watkins family toMinneapolisentrepreneur, Irwin Jacobs, and his family.  The Jacobs family is fully committed to continuing the tradition of excellence, quality and integrity that have been the hallmark of Watkins since its inception.  Irwin Jacob’s son, Mark Jacobs, is the President of Watkins Inc.

Under the direction of the Jacobs family the Watkins Company has made the transformation from a very traditional Direct Selling company to a VIRTUAL Network Distribution Company.

Watkins and Its Many “Partners” and Independent Associates Qualify Watkins as a Virtual Company!

A Virtual Organization is a collection of independent individuals, special purpose groups, or other independent corporations that join together in an alliance to achieve specific goals or objectives.  By definition the Watkins/Summit Group business alliance along with tens-of-thousands of Independent Associates and other Watkins “partners” represents the classic definition of a Virtual Company. 


It may be said that creating a virtual network of independent entities is simply the assembly of resources that work collaboratively for the greater good of all involved.  It is a WIN-WIN scenario.  It is a model that may generate great personal wealth.


The goal of the Watkins Virtual organization is to research, design, formulate, manufacture and distribute world-class products to an ever-growing base of Associate Consumers and Customers in the United States and Canada.  The distribution of Watkins Products is the activity that offers you the great potential to build personal wealth.

Dictionary Definition of Virtual:

VIRTUAL: – a strength or dynamic process which is practically in effect, although not an actual fact.  Following are some examples:

In the world of computer technology – a computer may appear to have more storage capacity than it actually possesses.  This is often referred to as “virtual memory.”  This virtual memory may be very useful and have significant practical impact on applications.

In the world of Real Estate Sales – technology now enables a realtor to take a video of a home and with the use of computer software produce a Virtual Tour of the home.  Of course there is no actual tour.  Clients do not physically walk through the home.  However, there is a practical effect that is very helpful in introducing a client to a certain property.

In the Watkins Network Distribution Business Model the company has assembled the power of multiple suppliers, manufacturers, “partnering” companies which retail selected Watkins products along with the creative marketing energy of the Summit Group and the productivity of tens-of-thousands of Independent Associates. 

This collection (or network) of independent resources makes Watkins a virtual organization.  It may appear to be a very large, traditional and closed organization but for all practical purposes it is a highly flexible, streamlined, responsive and open organization that offers a remarkable opportunity to any entrepreneurial minded person.

Characteristics of Virtual Organizations.

  • One company is identified as the Lead Organization.
  • Many Virtual corporations define themselves as a network of organizations.
  • A Virtual Company is organized to achieve specific goals or objectives.
  • Participating individuals or companies are Independent but collaborate with other “partners.”
  • Collaboration is emphasized over competition.
  • There is serious commitment to the mission at hand.
  • Continuing education and personal development are emphasized.
  • Members tend to share similar value systems and beliefs.
  • Members of Virtual Organizations tend to be innovative and creative.
  • Participants demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • They are self-motivated, self-navigating and passionate about their work.
  • Participants tend to be dispersed geographically and do not often meet face-to-face.
  • They work hard to build relationships.
  • Mutual trust, respect and a caring spirit are nurtured.
  • There is a lot less structure compared to traditional organizations.
  • Although Independent – members of a Virtual Organization are very Inter-dependent.
  • Virtual organizations rely on heavy use of information technology.
  • They are quicker reacting than traditional (highly bureaucratic organizations).
  • They tend to put customers and other Associates first.
  • Each participant (individual or company) brings special skills, systems and competencies to the table.
  • Participating members tend to focus on their core competencies.

Core Competencies of Our Virtual Organization –

Watkins, the Summit Group and YOU!

 Watkins, Inc.

The Lead Company in our Virtual Organization.  Watkins is also our Product Partner and the Designer and Provider of our Business System.  Watkins is one of North America’s leading companies offering a Home-Based Business System.

  • In Business since 1868 – great stability.
  • Rich history and traditions.
  • “Gold-Standard” for business ethics.
  • Offers 300 plus quality, consumable products.
  • Products are 100% fully guaranteed.
  • Products are natural, organic and environmentally safe.
  • In-house manufacturing assures quality.
  • Offers remarkable home based opportunity.
  • An exceptional “turn-key” business system.
  • Very affordable start-up investment.
  • Free shopping cart website.
  • Excellent compensation plan.
  • Administers all commission payments.
  • Well defined plan for advancement.
  • New product R&D.
  • National advertising programs.
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns.
  • Exceptional home office support.
  • Continuous recognition and awards.
  • Opportunity to Earn FREE exotic vacations.

Summit Group

The Summit Group of Independent Watkins Associates serves as the lead Marketing Team for our Virtual Organization.  It offers training, coaching and marketing guidance.  It also supports us with two major websites.

  • Led by pace-setting, high achievers.
  • Pioneers in network distribution.
  • Providing leadership by example.
  • Offers unprecedented availability.
  • Conference calls for support.
  • Continuous guidance and coaching.
  • Proven sponsoring system.
  • Technology support.
  • Free training website.
  • Free information website.
  • Step-by-step success plan.
  • Recognition and incentives.
  • Recruiting materials.
  • Personal development programs.
  • Serves as a motivational engine.
  • Dream Builders offering great HOPE.
  • Encourages you to be your best.
  • Nurtures a great sense of community.
  • Helps you to: Have the Life You Desire.

Independent Associates – (YOU)

Every Watkins Associate brings unique skills, attitudes and life experiences to his or her Watkins Virtual Business.  What you achieve with your opportunity is purely up to you!

  • Successful Associates become consistent consumers of Watkins Products.
  • They retail products on behalf of the company.
  • Those desiring long-term residual income work to continuously expand their Virtual Business by sponsoring new Associates.
  • They consistently sponsor new Associates and build a strong down-line and focus on building new Managers.
  • They create new and effective ways to advertise and expand their business.
  • They grow the personal management skills required to lead and guide their Virtual Organization of Independent Business Owners.
  • They help their down-line to create their own vision and help Associates to build on their own core competencies.
  • Successful Associates become effective communicators, coordinators and motivators.
  • They encourage, empower, nurture and support their down-line.
  • They consistently foster cooperation and trust.
  • They make themselves available to their down-line team.

Every Independent Watkins Associate Owns a Virtual Business

Every Independent Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her very own virtual business.  The primary objective of each Associate (who desires to grow a large and prosperous home business) is to identify additional resources that may become a part of their virtual organization.  To grow and prosper they need to create ever-expanding alliances which strengthen their business.  The focus of this development process should be on the sponsoring of large numbers of new Associates (Independent Business Owners).

A suitable vision for an Independent Watkins Associate is to work in Association with Watkins – to work inAlliancewith the Summit Group – and to work in collaboration with an ever-growing down-line of Watkins Associates.  A strong customer base may also be considered as a critical part of the Associate’s Virtual Business.  Other relationships may add to the strength of their virtual organization as well.  Friends may serve as referral agents.  Cooperative relationships may be worked out with local media (Example: trade editorial contributions for advertising space).  The list of possibilities is only limited by the imagination.

The Stronger You Grow Your Virtual Business – the More You Leverage Yourself to Significant Wealth and Residual Income!

To live life at full measure, you simply must leverage yourself.  Leveraging is a simple concept.  It is a form of multiplying yourself.  Leveraging is what creates most millionaires.  The Watkins/Summit Virtual Organization is driven by the power of leverage. 

Leveraging is harnessing and organizing the power of large numbers of people. 

To Leverage your time means that you set into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth.  Even when you are involved in other life activities, the Independent Watkins Associates you enroll will be using and marketing products that will add to your volume and provide you with income.  Even when you are asleep, your Watkins/Summit Virtual Business will be operating 24-7 across six time zones.  Now that is leveraging!

This is how leveraging works in the Watkins Business Model.  You find a few others who passionately want increased income, time freedom and an enhanced lifestyle.  You enroll them in Watkins.  Those few Associates find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life.  They become a part of your team.  Those few find a few others who passionately want to be successful, and – you get the message!

Through leveraging you can multiply your efforts by building a substantial distribution network of “down-line” Associates.  The collected energy and effort of this group can produce large sales volume.  As the builder of this distribution network of Independent Business Owners, Watkins compensates you with income based on the monthly volume that your system produces.

To build leverage requires an upfront investment of energy and time.  Even a part-time effort can produce dramatic results.  You identify and enroll people who are interested in Watkins Products and supplemental income.  You invest your time in training, counseling and supporting your Associates (with the help of your Up-line Leaders and The Summit Group).  In this process you are multiplying (leveraging) yourself many times over.  Just a few of your Associates may emerge to be leaders who will multiply your value and worth in dramatic proportions.

The Key is Building Residual Income

The duplication of effort that leveraging provides can generate substantial residual income.  Residual Income is money that keeps coming in long after you have done the work.  The more you recruit and enroll Associates the more you will leverage your time and grow residual income.

Our Personal Wealth Creation System is Not a Traditional Business. 

Our Wealth Creation System is designed for people who have no desire to commit to the demands and never-ending challenges of traditional business ownership.  You might say that we offer the perfect business that is not really a business at all.  As a matter of fact we suggest that you do not look at our remarkable opportunity as a business, but rather an exciting new part-time career.  The features and benefits of our Wealth Creation System far transcend any traditional business system in the marketplace today.

Our Wealth Creation System is not a business in the traditional sense.  It is an easily duplicated and dynamic method for delivering large amounts of Watkins Products to ever-expanding numbers of Consumer Associates and Customers throughout theUSAandCanada.  Our Wealth Creation System is an income generator without all of the headaches and challenges of a traditional business model.

A typical, traditional business is characterized by hard-work, migraines, costly investment for start-up, employee headaches, tax problems, over regulation and governmental interference, complex systems with long learning curves, daunting requirements, great liabilities, heavy risk, restrictive corporate polices, heart-burn, sleepless nights and the burden of great stress driven by 16 hour days!  Business operators soon learn that they do not own their business – their business owns them.  On top of that, 80% of new business start-ups are out of business within five years.  Who in their right mind wants to commit to a traditional business? 

With the Watkins Virtual Business Model you are buying into a “turn-key” business system that is highly streamlined, easily launched and sustained.  There is no pressure or stress in rolling out and building your business.  You receive a high order of support and guidance from Watkins and the Summit Group.  Enrollment in Watkins enables you to participant in the Watkins history of excellence, quality, integrity and exemplary service. You can own an Independent Business for an investment of $39.95 that has a million dollar potential.  It does not get any better than that!

The Dynamics of Our Wealth creation System

Very minimal start-up investment.

  • The learning curve for basic start-up is about two hours.
  • Features two simple steps *Personal Use and *Sponsoring.
  • Easily duplicated because of its simplicity.
  • Supports rapid growth because ever-larger numbers of Associates sponsor greater numbers of new Associates more rapidly.
  • Early successes drive Associates to greater successes.
  • A growing business creates stability and continuance.
  • Generates long-term sustainability and reduces turn-over (churn factor).
  • Growth means your business is continuously appreciating in value. 
  • This value appreciation yields significant residual income.
  • There is no need for time-consuming manual labor. 
  • Work from convenience of your own home using your computer and phone.
  • No required meetings but meetings with local Associates may be very helpful.
  • No inventory is required but you may be wise to stock a few of the TOP 50.
  • You are not required to become a coach, trainer or manager with all of the accompanying demands and time pressures.  The Summit Group takes care of that function in large measure.  You simply use Watkins Products Personally and share our Wealth Creation System in order to sponsor new Associates for your down-line.

SPECIAL NOTE: All Executive Level Associates and Upper level Managers of the Summit Group consistently use the Summit Group formula for business development: Personal Use and Teambuilding – (Network Creation).  Your fortune is in your network!

If you would like more information about participation in our virtual wealth creation system please visit us at our opportunity brochure.


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Celebrate a New Work-at-Home Career with Watkins/Summit Group

Celebrate a New Career with Watkins/Summit Group and set yourself on a pathway to awesome possibilities!

Published by: Dave & Fran Daisey – Watkins Gold Managers of the Summit Group

Take One Hour to complete Your Personal Life and Career Assessment.  You owe it to yourself to discover where you are today and to clarify where you wish to be in the future! 

Your Life and Career Assessment is a special invitation and a call to action.  Wherever you are in life at this moment there is always the great expectation that you can be in a better place tomorrow.  We want to help you on a path to that better place.  Completing this assessment with honesty and sincerity may be your first step in creating a new “life-story” for you and your family!

Your Life and Career Assessment is all about you and those you love.  It is an opportunity to take a snap-shot of your life and review the great, the good and the not-so-good.  It is a chance to determine where you are now and decide where you would like to be in the future.  It is time to clarify your dreams.  It is time to boldly plan and take action to build a better tomorrow.

This Career Assessment also outlines the possibilities and potential of a part-time Home Business/Career with Watkins/Summit – a remarkable opportunity that has life-changing potential.  After you complete this exercise you will be better able to determine, if Watkins/Summit is a fit for your life’s needs, desires and goals. 


“When you understand that there is a real and accessible pathway to the most magnificent dreams you can dream you will set yourself on that pathway.  It will be a remarkable journey.”


Preparation for Your Personal Life and Career Assessment.  Give yourself permission to pause – take a break and think about your life!

  • You may complete this assessment individually or with another special person.
  • Set aside a quiet time and place so you will not be interrupted. 
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Tuck the kids in bed and put the dog in another room!
  • Have a blank notebook and pens and pencils at-the-ready.
  • Prepare a hot pot of tea or coffee to fortify you on your journey.
  • Go through the exercise in about an hour.  You can always revisit selected sections later.
  • Make this experience enjoyable, positive and Hopeful!  Have FUN! 


In the presence of Hope – Faith and Belief are born.  Faith and Belief will lead you to mighty works in your life.  Faith and Belief must come first before all progress or great achievements!


Hope dwells on the positive.  It is a friend of progress.  It is a lover of prosperity.  Hope is the soul-mate of abundance.  It never looks back.  It only looks forward.  Hope is part of God’s creative energy in the universe!


…And Now Your Journey Begins…

* Do you Have the Life You Desire?

The purpose of this question is to get you thinking about what kind of life you desire.  It is a reality check.  Do you have the life you want and deserve?  There may be aspects of your life that cause you great joy.  Other areas may need some fine-tuning.  Are you happy or unhappy with your life?  What are your wants, needs, desires, goals and dreams?  Are they being satisfied?  Do you believe that you are celebrating life to the fullest?  Do you believe that you can “Have the Life You Desire?”

Think seriously about these questions and jot down notes to yourself.

(Possibly you will consider starting a notebook to record your ideas).

 * Do you ever take time to dream?

Relax and dare to dream!  Think BIG!  Visualize what you would like to become or achieve in the future.  Write down your dream – your “definite chief aim” – your greatest desire for your future. 

(Write your thoughts in your notebook).


Far, far away up there at the summit of the mountain are my dreams – my greatest aspirations.  Hope will motivate me to make the arduous climb.  Sustained, focused, and persistent action will help me conquer the summit and claim my dreams.


*Do You Understand the GAP between where you are now and your goals for the future? 

For most of us there is a significant GAP between where we are today and where we would like to be tomorrow. 


Write down your goals and your dreams for your life .  Clarify what you wish to become and what you wish to achieve in the future.


Make a list of the realities that define your life’s situation today.  Where do you stand in relation to your goals and dreams? 

Take a moment to review and understand the GAP that exists between your goals and your dreams and the realities of your current life.


Identify the Restraining Forces (obstacles and barriers) that may stand in the way of your achieving your dreams.  List your Restraining Forces.  How can you overcome these negative forces?

Did you list yourself as a Restraining Force?  Why?  Why not?

Identify Driving Forces (those people and resources that are positive and helpful) which are available and willing to assist you in driving towards your goals and dreams.  List Your Driving Forces.  How can you more effectively employ these positive forces to help you?

Did you list yourself as a driving force for progress in your life? Why?  Why not?

Do you have the Driving Forces available to you that will help you to overcome the Restraining Forces that may keep you from achieving your dream?  Think about this carefully.

NOTE: Take as much time as you wish to complete this exercise.  Many people work on this over a period of time!  Revisit this exercise often.  Write your observations in your notebook.


Allow Hope to encourage you through your darkest times.  Let Hope bring you clarity in your sunshine times.  Invite Hope to walk with you all the days of your life!  Hope is your Creator’s energy working in your life!

 * Do you have a plan for creating the life you desire?

Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

Do you have a written plan with goals, and time frames that will help you achieve the life you desire?  Only about 3% of the population has well defined plans and goals.  These folks are usually highly successful.

Do you want to become a part of the 3%?  Would you like to get a better handle on your future?

Do you dream of becoming highly successful?  We can show you a way!

Write down your Personal Observations:

* Do you have the skills, attitudes and knowledge to achieve your dream?

Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

Are you personally prepared to meet the challenges that come with any worthwhile endeavor?  Do you have the “Right Stuff” to build a better life?   Do you realize that the attitudes, knowledge and skills that got you to this point in your life may not be all you need to reach the next level in your life’s journey?

Are you willing to re-invent yourself in order to build a better future?  If you sense that you do not have all of the personal tools required for success do not be discouraged.  It may be time to acquire a new “tool-box!”  We will help you with that!

Note Your Personal Observations:

It is a mark of insanity to continue doing what you have always done and expect different results.  To achieve different results requires change, new thinking, new approaches, modified attitudes, new knowledge and a tool-box of enhanced skills!



Hope always walks with you but sometimes you fail to feel its presence.  When you are hopeless and defeated, just take a deep breath and say, “Oh Yes.”  And Hope will walk with you again.  Try it!  It works!


* Do you have the emotional support, guidance and coaching that you need to build a better life for you and your family?

Answer: _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

You can create a better life with the help of a few very special people who care about you and have your best interest at heart.  Do those people exist in your life today?  Are they supporting your growth and achievements?

If you answered YES be very thankful.  If you answered NO possibly Watkins/Summit can help you!  We will show you a level of support, guidance and coaching that is exemplary!

 Your Personal Observations:


* Do you have a proven success system that can help you achieve your goals?

 Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

We all need a system (a career or business vehicle) with tried and proven methods to help us reach our dreams.  Do you have a success system that will help carry you to where you want to be in the future?

If you answered YES you are really blessed.  Crank it up and have a breakaway year!

If you answered NO please check out the Watkins Summit opportunity with an open mind!  Our “turn-key,” ready-to-go home business system may be just what you need!

Your Personal Observations:


Hope is the feeling that what you want to happen will happen.  It is a feeling of great expectation.  With patience and hope your dreams will become a reality.  

 * Do you have a level of financial security that can support your responsibilities and help you achieve your goals and dreams?

Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

We live in a difficult time with a troubled economy.  Do you have the income required to meet your obligations and live care-free?  Is your income totally secure?  Do you have savings to help with future plans and contingencies?  Is there a dream home in your future?  If you have young children do you have a growing college fund in place?  Are you effectively planning for retirement? 

If you desire to become financially secure and leverage yourself to significant residual income we encourage you to explore with us the power and potential of Watkins/Summit.

Your Personal Observations:


It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Watkins/Summit Group!

To this point we have asked you to take a brief but serious look at your life – your current situation and your dreams for tomorrow.  Now we respectfully ask you to review the power and possibilities of Watkins and The Summit Group as a part-time, work-from-home career opportunity. 

As you review this information ask yourself, “Can Watkins be a solution to some of my most difficult life-problems?”  By reviewing this information you will be better able to determine if Watkins/Summit may be right for your needs and life situation.  You owe it to yourself to give it a fair review!

We are offering you the opportunity to launch a part-time career as an Independent Business Owner operating in association with Watkins, Inc. and supported by the illustrious Summit Group.  Participants in this business system are supported and coached in building a Network Distribution Organization in the USA and Canada using time tested and proven business systems and practices. 

Understanding Our Great “Alliance for Prosperity” – YOU, Watkins and the Summit Group.

Watkins/Summit represents one of the leading Independent Business Opportunities available in the marketplace today!  Here is your chance to bring your experience, skills, energy, enthusiasm and spirit to creating a business that is truly your own – a business that has no financial limits or ceilings – a business that can bring a whole new quality of life and financial freedom to you and your family.



Your Spirit



Desire to Grow

Energy – Belief


Watkins, Inc.

Quality Products

Support Systems


Business System

Summit Group




Emotional Support

A Proven Process


In our Business Alliance there is a great inter-connection between YOU, Watkins and the Summit Group.  Watkins relies on YOU and the Summit Group for business growth and continuance.  The Summit Group relies on Watkins and YOU for its progress and success.  YOU can rely on Watkins and the Summit Group to support YOU in creating a new life of achievement, success and financial security.  This powerful “Alliance for Prosperity” is a win-win for all concerned.

Your Dreams and Goals are supported by Watkins/Summit!

Make the Connection between Your Life’s Needs and the Benefits of a Part-Time Career with Watkins/Summit.

Following is a Summary of what Watkins/Summit offers you.


Watkins, Inc.

* Our Product Partner and Provider of our Career/Business System.  One of North America’s leading companies.

In Business since 1868 – great stability

Rich history and traditions

“Gold-Standard” for business ethics

Offers 300 quality, consumable products

Products are 100% guaranteed quality Natural, organic, environmentally safe

In-house manufacturing assures quality

Offers remarkable home based business

An exceptional “turn-key” system

Very affordable start-up investment

Free shopping cart website

Excellent compensation plan

Administers all commission payments

Well defined plan for advancement

New product R&D

National advertising programs

Exceptional home office support

Continuous recognition and awards

Earn FREE exotic vacations


 Summit Group

* Your team of independent Watkins Associates offering training, coaching, marketing guidance and technology.

Led by pace-setting, high achievers

Pioneers in network marketing

Providing leadership by example

With unprecedented availability

Conference calls for support

Continuous guidance and coaching

Proven sponsoring system

Technology support

Free training website

Free information website

Step-by-step success plan

Recognition and incentives

Recruiting materials

Personal development programs

A motivational engine

Dream Builders offering great HOPE

Encourages you to be your best

Nurtures a great sense of community

Helps you to: Have the Life You Desire



Never let go of Hope!  One day you will awaken to the realization that your dreams have been achieved.  It has all come together.  What you have wished for and worked for has finally come to be.  You will look back and smile at what has passed and exclaim, “How in the world did I make it through all those tough times and challenges?” At that very moment you will understand and fully appreciate the power of Hope! 

What You may experience and achieve with Watkins/Summit  

  • Become part of a vibrant community of like-minded people who will become your “partners,” guides and friends on a remarkable journey to your goals and dreams.
  • Operate an International Distribution Organization that can build financial security and significant residual income.  (Part-time or full-time)
  • Create consistent earnings as a hedge against future income loss.
  • Fulfill your desire to provide more abundantly for those you love.
  • Enable yourself to tithe more to your favorite charities.
  • Seek time-freedom and flexibility and enhance your quality of life.
  • Develop the ability to help others and “give back” to the world.
  • Pursue a program of personal growth and development.
  • Satisfy a quest for a more meaningful and satisfying life.
  • Grow to fuller stature and be the BEST person you can be.
  • Achieve success and significance.
  • Build a career of service to others that will leave a legacy.
  • Lead a fun-filled, productive and satisfying life.
  • Enjoy significant recognition by advancing in the Watkins/Summit system.
  • Build a business that may be “assigned” to your children or deserving others.

Watkins/Summit is a community of Associates which shares the Watkins heritage and traditions.  We are held together by a business philosophy of integrity, quality and honesty.  We are connected together by a caring spirit.

The Watkins/Summit Community represents a philosophy of living – a special way of life.  Our members enjoy valued friendships and tend to be happy and adjusted folks.  We benefit from a life-long opportunity for personal and professional growth.  Very importantly, we experience a renewed sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and a ton of recognition.  These attributes are priceless in today’s cynical and challenging world.

Our Watkins Community promotes personal growth and economic development.  It helps members to fill their basic human needs of financial security, social acceptance, recognition, self-esteem and self-fulfillment.  It encourages reaching out in service to others.  It is a life-style that enhances all those who participate.

When you enroll in Watkins you become the owner of an International Distribution Organization operating in association with Watkins and in alliance with the Summit Group.  You are the independent leader of your organization but you are never alone!

* Your Benefits with a Watkins/Summit Career! 

  • Operate from the convenience of your home with no more commutes.
  • Work on your own flexible schedule.  You are the BOSS! 
  • Conduct business with your computer and phone in a home work area.
  • Customize your business approaches to your personality, style and resources.
  • No prior business experience is required for you to be successful. 
  • You may Retail Watkins Products or Build a Team of Associates (or both).
  • You can start a “Million Dollar Business” for an enrollment fee of $39.95.
  • There are no meetings to attend.  You may work full-time or part-time.   
  • You are not required to carry inventory. 
  • Watkins fills all orders and honors our 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • You have no overhead or production costs.  You do not have to lease a facility. 
  • All manufacturing and quality control systems are provided by Watkins.   
  • There are no worries about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll. 
  • You do not have to worry about expensive insurance programs.
  • Watkins takes care of all governmental regulations and requirements.
  • You are supported by the best training system in the Network Distribution Industry.
  • You are coached by truly caring and competent professionals.

Your Significant Financial Benefits with Watkins/Summit! 

  • Many Associates work part-time to earn a few hundred dollars per month.
  • Others earn thousands monthly in residual income and gain solid financial security. 
  • Associates work to take vacations and buy special things to enhance their lives. 
  • Some use their Watkins income to contribute to a savings plan or college fund.
  • Many Associates pay-off credit cards and student loans and become debt-free.
  • A large number of Associates increase charitable giving.
  • Some build their dream home with the added income from Watkins.
  • Associates benefit from significant IRS Tax Advantages as Home Business Owners.


You may hope for a better future but you must also take action.  When you step out, even in baby-steps, you feel a new surge of hope.  One small success leads to larger successes and you are on your way to a better life.  Celebrate a New Career with Watkins/Summit.  Take action today!  Please contact us with your questions or comments.  There will be no pressure or “hard-sell.” Watkins simply does not work that way!  Many Blessings and Much success!

If you would like additional information about enrolling in Watkins on our team please visit our online brochure.



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Watkins/Summit Offers a Perfect Home Business System for Active Duty Military, Retirees and Wounded Warriors!


Attention! – Military Personnel  



The Challenges of a Military Career

No other profession is called to greater service than members of the military and their families.  They face continuous and unyielding pressures and stressors. There is the intensity of work, unyielding demands, separation from loved ones, insufficient income to support a growing family and in today’s world frequent deployment to hostile environments.

Sadly, thousands of our military members become disabled in combat or on training missions.  Until recently these wounded warriors and their families have not received the intense support, care and services that should be provided to them by our nation.  Thankfully, there are emerging signs that our government is beginning to live up to its responsibilities and care more passionately for those who have given so much.


Please contact us for information about

Business Scholarships for Wounded Warriors!


In the best of circumstances life is hard for those in the military but it becomes very difficult for those who are deployed.   The stay-behind –partner also faces significant challenges as a “single” parent and provider.  Marriages and family relationships are stretched to the breaking point.  Many of these pressures are driven by the lack of money and financial insecurity.

Even life after discharge or retirement from the military may be filled with uncertainty.  Unemployment is at high levels and jobs are hard to find.  We live in a difficult world. The economic recession lingers.  Many families live from paycheck to paycheck. It is not a happy time for a lot of folks.

However, amid all of life’s difficulties there is hope for financial security.  The current economic crisis actually sets the stage for hard working folks to take control of their finances.  The challenge is to find the right business vehicle to support success.

As retired military we are pleased to introduce you to the Independent Watkins Home-Based Business Opportunity. 

For more than 144 years, Watkins has provided significant potential to competent people who are self-directed, self-motivated and demonstrate a positive, “can do” attitude.  With our home-based business system, personal dedication and consistent effort you may look to a brighter financial future and a whole new level of financial security.  Watkins, supported by the Summit Group, offers an independent business system that has the potential to change your life forever. 

You will be your own boss and work part-time from the convenience of your residence on your own flexible schedule.  You will become the owner of an Independent Watkins Distribution Organization operating in the USA and Canada.  You will market 300 plus world-class Watkins products and be supported by the illustrious Summit Group, the number one Independent distribution organization in the history of Watkins.  You will earn as you grow your business and have the potential of creating a significant flow of residual income.  The smarter you work the more you will earn. 

You can build a part-time Watkins Business as a source of additional income for now, while you build a financial “bridge” that will ease your separation from military life back into civilian life.  Additionally, you can start to build significant residual income that may add greatly to your financial security for retirement.

 Your Benefits through Watkins/Summit Group…

  • Low Cost Start-up Investment of $39.95 plus applicable state sales tax.  Business Scholarships available for wounded warriors!
  • Start to today to build a whole new level of financial security!
  • Risk Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
  • Set your own schedule and work part-time around the demands of your current military assignment!
  • No Extensive training or preparation required for starting your business!
  • Watkins and the Summit Group offer three FREE websites to assist you in business development!
  • Put your Watkins business on hold when your military assignment makes it impossible to work your business!  Re-start your business when you are available again!
  • Take your business with you when you are re-assigned to another duty station.  Automatically take your business to civilian life when you are discharged or retire.
  • Encourage other Military Personnel to join you in your business and leverage yourself to residual income!
  • Use your valued experience, leadership skills, energy and passion to build your own dream and financial independence with no ceilings or limits!
  • Leverage your time and multiply your value and worth!  Create residual income that keeps coming long after you have done the work!
  • Develop your business and transition to a full-time career upon discharge or retirement!
  • Create a business, which accrues market value for future sale or assignment to your children or family members!
  • Build residual income for when you retire or are discharged!  Your Watkins income can serve as another retirement annuity!
  • Grow as a person as you also help others to grow and enhance their lives!
  • Design a significantly improved quality of life for you and your family starting today!
  • Be recognized and rewarded for your contributions!
  • Achieve your dreams!

Watkins/Summit is a remarkable life experience! 

We have been participating in this unique business expression for several years.  Each new day affirms that we are participants in an outstanding opportunity.  As time unfolds, we realize more and more that this business has become a special gift to us.  Each day we learn of new and exciting ways to serve others.  In reality, our Watkins/Summit Business has become a very special mission for us.  It is an opportunity to minister to people and a way to give back to life

The hallmark of our business is: “People Helping People to Prosperity.”

The driving energy of our business is service to others.  We are in the business of transforming lives so we encourage all Associates to reach out and help others with our remarkable opportunity.  When Associates put service to others first they are rewarded with financial security, time freedom, an enhanced quality of life, personal growth and hope for a brighter future.  In the process they “pay forward” the potential for prosperity and abundance to everyone they touch.

We offer every Associate the attitudes, skills and knowledge to excel. 

We are inviting you to participate in an exciting, evolving and dynamic process of personal and business development.  You may elect to become a co-creator with us in building the most successful business venture that our collective energies can envision and accomplish.  Although you will be the Owner of your very own International Distribution Organization working in association with Watkins and in alliance with The Summit Group, you will never be operating alone.  You will be surrounded by other highly competent professionals who genuinely care about your success and achievements.  You will become a member of a highly collaborative “Dream Team” that works together for the common good of all.

Here is your opportunity to catapult yourself into the world of inconceivable possibilities! 

We trust that you will carefully consider what we are offering to you.  Possibly you will “catch the vision” and become a leader with us in this exciting business journey.  The key to our success is to focus all of our energy, resources, knowledge and passion on the development of deserving and dedicated Associates, who desire to build their own high performance organization. Those who successfully participate with us will create an exemplary life of service to others and assure financial freedom and a significantly enhanced quality of life for their families and themselves.  It is our desire to help empower and motivate deserving Associates to extraordinary action and achievements. 

We pledge our service and support!  We are confident in our ability to train, mentor and support all who wish to become leaders and pacesetters in the Watkins/Summit business expression.  We have an established track record of results oriented coaching and training in manufacturing, engineering, Real Estate, banking, healthcare and distribution industries.  For more than 30 years, we have been training business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners in the skill-sets required for success.  It will be our privilege to serve you as well.  Teamwork is a beautiful thing!  Together we can make it happen!

Our Special Invitation…

Join us in the adventure of a life-time!  Create your own vision and goals!  Unleash your passion!  Collaborate, grow, achieve and excel.  Leave a legacy!  Take full advantage of the remarkable Watkins/Summit Business Opportunity!

Come!  Join with us:  “People Helping People to Prosperity!”

Please share this information with anyone you feel could benefit from a Watkins Independent Business.  Contact us today to explore possibilities and get the answers to your questions!  We are here to serve you!  There will be no hard-sell or pressure tactics.  Watkins simply does not work that way! 

Again, Thank You for Your Service to Our Country!

Dave and Fran Daisey

Retired Military

For information about owning a Watkins Independent Business please visit

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Watkins/Summit Will Help You Build a Dynamic Watkins Profit-Center for Your Small Business or Professional Practice!

This Proposal offers the opportunity for those who operate a small business or licensed professional practice to add a dynamic profit center to their enterprise through participation as Network Marketers and Retail Associates in the Watkins Business System.  Our Business Builder Associates may customize the following Proposal for presentation to specific business owners and professionals.


 WATKINS/Summit Group

 A Special Business Offering To:

Small Business Owners and Licensed Professionals

This Proposal offers you the opportunity to add a dynamic WATKINS profit center to your business or professional practice.  We invite you to participate as a part-time Network Builder and Retail Associate in the Watkins Business System. 

Launch your Watkins Profit Center with no disruption to your existing business or professional practice and without big investments of your personal time or capital!  

Encourage individuals and other business owners to build a Watkins Network and market world-class Watkins Products for exceptional residual income and profits!

You will be supported by the pace-setting Summit Group, the most successful Training and Business Development Group in the history of Watkins.

Recognize that the distribution of reliable, high quality, fully guaranteed and fairly priced products remains as one of the leading opportunities to achieve significant wealth.

What Watkins/Summit Group Offers Your Future…

  • Watkins offers one of North America’s finest, streamlined, “turn-key” business systems that may be easily integrated into your existing business or professional practice.
  • Watkins manufactures 300+ products that appeal to a broad range of tastes and needs.  Because of the exceptional quality and consumable nature of our products your Customers will keep coming back for more.  Many of your existing Customers will be pleased to learn that you represent Watkins.
  • Leverage yourself to significant residual cash-flow to supplement your current level of business income.  You may achieve this working part-time with no negative impact on your existing business.

Watkins – a Natural Fit for Independent Business Owners!

  • Retail Operators – Watkins products are a natural fit for Retail Stores of every description to include: Card Shops, Gift Shops, General Stores, Farm Markets, Appliance and Furniture Stores, Florists, Antiques Shops, Coffee Shops and Boutiques just to name a few.
  • Service Businesses – Many service businesses such as Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Home Cleaning, Appliance Repair, Home Renovation, Carpet Cleaning, Restaurants and Bed and Breakfast establishments find Watkins to be a viable profit center.
  • Professional Practices – More and more professional practices are benefiting from the Watkins business model.  Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate/Mortgage Brokers, Marketing Professionals and Religious Leaders are growing significant residual income with a part-time Watkins Business.

Watkins has offered Life Enhancing Products since 1868.  The Company employs a Network Distribution System of Independent Associates and Retail Associates (Independent business owners like you) who market high quality, consumable products for every aspect of living to include:

  • Delicious Gourmet Food Products!
  • World Renowned Organic Herbs, Spices and Condiments!
  • Environmentally Friendly (Plant Based) Home Care Cleaning Products!
  • Natural Personal Care Products and Medicinals!
  • Leading-edge Nutritional Supplements!

Watkins Provides YOU…

  • Association with one ofNorth America’s premier companies known for its honesty and integrity and 144 years of stability, experience and reliability!
  • A remarkable Network Distribution Business System that has the potential for unlimited growth and residual income!
  • Industry Leading Support and Service in the Management of yourWatkinsProfitCenter!
  • State-of-the-art technology and Internet applications!

Expand Your Business throughout the USA and Canada Right from Your Existing Location!

Overcoming Fences and Ceilings

Meeting the Challenges of Your Current Enterprise

  • All businesses and professional practices have fences and ceilings which limit and restrict their growth and success.  Many owners become slaves to their business.  Watkins can help you expand your business potential and over a period of time you will achieve schedule flexibility and time freedom that will greatly reduce business pressures and stress!
  • There are only so many people in your service area who will buy what you sell.  That imposes limits on you.  Your Watkins Service area is all of the USA and Canada!  Develop an ever-expanding Watkins Distributor Network and you will create an ever-increasing level of financial freedom.
  • Your current business location may not be as convenient or as accessible as you would like it to be.  That fences you in.  Through Watkins Catalog and Internet sales and the development of a Watkins Distributor Network you break down fences and barriers and have the potential to become the leader of an International Watkins Marketing Organization.  Your existing location becomes less important, because now all of North America is your marketplace for Watkins Products and Business Opportunity.
  • If your business requires your time, talent, special expertise and presence you are restricted by the number of hours that you can work.  That imposes a ceiling on your income.  By building a Watkins Marketing Network you can leverage yourself through the efforts of a growing team of like-minded people who make money for you with every sale they make.  Your fortune is in your network.
  • Competition may come into your area and “win” many of your customers and erode your income.  That drops the ceiling even lower!  Watkins offers you a form of business diversification that has the potential to greatly expand your business and income potential, thereby diminishing the importance of local competition.
  • Competitors may offer extensive hours of operation.  They have the resources to serve the same customer base with longer hours and more convenience.  That fences you in even more!  Your Watkins Business literally operates 24/7.  You will potentially generate sales across six time zones while you and your competition are asleep. 
  • Changes in our economy may dramatically alter the nature of your business and impact negatively on your profits…and the ceiling is lowered again.  Watkins has proven to be recession-proof.  During the Great Depression Watkins experienced dramatic growth and expansion.  During the current recession Watkins continues to grow!

Leverage Yourself to Greater Income

Network Distribution enables you to Leverage your time and set into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth.  Even when your store or office is closed, your Watkins Distribution Network will be marketing products that will provide commissions for you.  That’s leveraging – a way to multiply yourself.  Leveraging can provide you with substantial residual income!  The wealthiest people have learned how to leverage themselves.

Build Residual Income $$$

Residual income is money that keeps coming in long after you have done the work.  The more you leverage your time, the more you will grow your residual income!  Creating ever-expanding Residual Income yields significant financial freedom!

Benefits of Your Watkins Business

Create a whole new profit center, and generate cash flow even when your store or professional practice is closed!  Smooth out the peaks and valleys in seasonal cash flow and build greater profit margins!

Your start-up investment is $39.95 plus $65.00 for the set-up of your Watkins “Shopping Cart” Web site.  A Watkins Website is OPTIONAL but recommended.  Working in alliance with Watkins and the Summit Group you can use your established location and hard-earned reputation to take your business to a whole new level.

If you have a business Website online you may link your existing site to your Watkins website and sell Watkins Products through Internet Sales.

You will want to immediately introduce your “preferred” customers to the fact that you represent Watkins Products and the remarkable business opportunity.

Your Customers purchase over-the-counter at your business location or order from your Watkins Website.  Watkins fulfills all Internet Orders and ships directly to your Customers.  That means you do not have to handle any products except a small inventory in your store or professional office.  You get your commission check in the mail (or by electronic transfer) about the tenth of each month.

Broaden your service to existing customers and clients and reach out to thousands of new Customers through your ever-expanding Watkins Distribution Network.

Build residual income, which will serve as insurance against unforeseen business downturns, accidents, illnesses or a sudden loss of income.

The Watkins business system may provide reliable residual income that will serve you well in your retirement years.

There are meetings to attend.  If you wish to carry inventory you may but there is no requirement to do so

You receive a commission of 25% to 39% depending on your volume for the month!  You also earn 5% to 10% on sales generated by your Watkins Distributor Network.  Your fortune is in your network!

You may build your part-time Watkins/Summit Business and achieve a six-figure annual income in three to five years.

Many of your Customers will be delighted to discover that you are a source for purchasing Watkins Products and offering the Business Opportunity!

This is How Your Watkins Business Works…

You become an Independent Watkins Retail Associate and simply build on your existing business.  You can market the entire “store” of Watkins products to your customers for excellent compensation through catalog sales and your Watkins Website.  You can offer 20 Best Selling Watkins Products in your store or professional office for retail sales.

Build a Watkins Distribution Network.  Some of your customers will want to sign on as Independent Watkins Associates.  Other independent business owners that you know may want to enroll as Retail Associates like you.  Every time one of your Associates sells Watkins products, you receive a percentage of their sales. 

Your Watkins Distribution Network is like expanding your sales staff without having to pay salaries or provide benefits.  That is the real power of Network Distribution. 

Enrolling Independent Watkins Associates into your network is a sure-fire way to significantly increase profits and leverage yourself to residual income!  As we say, “Your Fortune Is In Your Network.”

Three Steps to Success . . .

  1. Use the products yourself so you understand their benefits and appreciate their great quality.  Your knowledge will generate enthusiasm for the products that will help you build your business!
  2. Share the products with your customers and clients and introduce them to the Watkins Master Catalog.  The products sell themselves.  We will show you how to build your customer base.
  3. Encourage others to participate with you as Independent Watkins Associates and grow an ever-expanding Watkins Distribution Network.

Watch Your PROFITS Grow!  There are no ceilings or limits!


This Is How You Get Started…

Contact the Watkins Associate listed below to answer any of your questions and to guide you through the easy (three minute) enrollment process.

Enroll as a Watkins Retail Associate for $39.95 plus applicable state or provincial tax.  You have the option to also subscribe to the Watkins “Shopping Cart” Website for $65.00 set-up fee and $19.95 monthly web maintenance fee.

Your Watkins sponsor will then assist you in setting up your Watkins Profit Center and offer continuous guidance and suggestions.

You may enroll as a Business or you may enroll as an individual.

Contact us today (at no obligation) to explore the possibilities of a Watkins profit center for your business.  Please contact the Watkins Associate listed below.

If you wish to enroll today please visit the Summit Group Information Website



Special Notes for Our Business Builder Associates:

This draft proposal may be used by Watkins Associates of the Daisey Group to offer Small Business Owners and Licensed Professionals the Opportunity to become part-time Watkins Associates.  Our Business Builder Associates are encouraged to customize this proposal to specific candidates. 

Create a customized cover page with the individual or business name of the candidate. 

Add your contact information at the end of the Proposal.

Assure that these notes are not a part of the proposal that you offer to prospects.

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