Watkins, The Summit Group and YOU – a Powerful Business Alliance!

Watkins, The Summit Group and YOU – a powerful business alliane!

What Watkins brings to our Business Alliance:

Watkins is the “product partner” and business system provider and a solid foundation for our business alliance. Its 144 years of proven performance makes Watkins one of the oldest and most stable businesses in North America.  When you consider the Watkins Business Philosophy, the Great Product Line, the Business Support System, the Remarkable Business Opportunity, the Exceptional Compensation Plan and the Purpose of Helping People to achieve a better quality of life, it is easy to see why we believe that Watkins brings A Total Life Enhancement System to our business alliance.

What The Summit Group Brings to our Business Alliance

The Summit Group is the “marketing and business development partner” in our Business Alliance.  The Summit Group provides the leadership, vision, comprehensive training, professional skills, competencies and technology to support Associate growth and business achievement.  Most importantly, The Summit Group offers its Associates a proven system and road-map for business success.  It has developed two of the most sophisticated websites in the network marketing industry.  These websites support training, information exchange and a streamlined method for recruiting new Associates. The Summit Group is far and away the best marketing support organization in all of Watkins and provides us with a Pace-setting Marketing Support System.

What YOU Bring To The Power Alliance: 

You are the “face, voice and energy of the Watkins/Summit Group alliance.”  Recognize that without YOU there would be no business alliance. When you marry your personal passion, commitment, energy, creativity, skills and dreams to Watkins and the Summit Group you are unleashing a life-changing force.  Take full advantage of this great potential. Prepare yourself personally and professionally to excel. 

Passionately invest yourself in creating a business that has no financial limits or ceilings – a business that can bring a whole new quality of life to you and your family.  Enrich thousands of others by introducing them to our magnificent opportunity.  Expand your thinking!  Dream a bigger dream! Acknowledge that you are the Face, Voice and Energy of our Business Alliance.

Our greatest hope is that folks will realize the “wide-open” potential of this remarkable alliance.  Take this opportunity seriously.  Believe in Watkins!  Believe in the Summit Group!  Most importantly believe in yourself. Unleash your personal power and change your life forever! You can do it! We know you can!

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