A Sip of Honey Wine

The earliest archaeological evidence for the production of honey wine  dates to around 7000 BC.   It has been called: A Mysterious Elixir, The Nectar of the God’s, Liquid Gold, Pure Magic and more commonly, Mead. It is brewed from fermented honey, water, malt and spices.  It has many variations but is usually golden, mellow, deliciously sweet and noble. A sip of honey wine goes down real smooth and easy.

A Sip of Honey Wine is a collection of vignettes, observations and short stories from my personal life and imagination. I will leave it to you to sort the real from the fantasy. This collection will be published in book form when the Spirit nudges me and ignites my passion to burn a lot of mid-night oil.

These presentations are intended to celebrate the small, everyday events and happenstances of our hurried and often chaotic lives.  Most importantly I hope these little musings will instill  a sense of wonder and awe and make you smile.  A Belly laugh would be great!  

If we can look past the cynicism and pessimism of our times, maybe – just maybe, we will discover that grace, respect for life and a caring spirit really do abound.  I trust that these little stories of life will go down as smooth and easy as a sip of honey wine.


Dedicated to Frances Louise Born Daisey…

A Sip of Honey Wine is dedicated to Fran, my wife and best friend, of more than ___ years. We have partnered to raise five beautiful children who have given us four wonderful grandchildren.

Our lives have been challenged by flood, fire, financial ruin, traumatic accidents, horrific sorrows and nagging frustrations.

But all of this has been balanced by indescribable joys and magnificent celebrations with a lot of help from God, family, friends and our church community. We have lived, loved, cried and laughed our way through it all.  We have learned that the journey itself has been a wonderful gift. 

We have been sustained all these years by our love for each other – a love that has been like an over-flowing jug of honey wine.

I hope you enjoy,
Dave Daisey

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