Watkins – Achieve a Six-Figure Income, BUT

Do you have what it takes to catapult yourself into a world of great possibilities? With the remarkable Watkins Business System you can achieve executive level residual income in three to five years working part-time, BUT…

Now let’s talk about all of those BUTS…

WATKINS offers you a proven “turn-key” business system that can help you achieve your dreams. BUT you have to turn the key! You must step on the gas and overcome inertia to get moving!

WATKINS offers you the potential for unlimited income. BUT you must have the passion, determination and work-ethic to excel! You must “bust” your way through all of the constraints, challenges and vagaries of life that will tend to keep you from achieving your goals and dreams.

WATKINS offers 300 world-class products (100% guaranteed) for you to take to market. BUT you must be motivated to build a sales organization that will give you ever-increasing sales power! Team Building is the key to success. A lot of people producing a little will make you rich!

WATKINS offers you the BEST Network Marketing Business System in North America. BUT you have to be driven to build a Success Team that will yield remarkable levels of RESIDUAL INCOME and build ever-growing levels of financial independence!

WATKINS offers you the potential of a six-figure income within three to five years. BUT you must have the intellect, energy, drive, creativity and desire to achieve the Title of a WATKINS EXECUTIVE! You can’t parachute to the top of the mountain. You must climb the mountain.

WATKINS offers you the BEST CHANCE in the marketplace today for you to achieve your dreams. BUT you have to want it badly enough to dedicate yourself to a consistent part-time effort for the next three to five years! You will build ever-increasing income as your build your business!

WATKINS and the Summit Group provide you with the best support, guidance and technology in the Network Marketing Industry. BUT you must wisely employ our coaching, mentoring and Success Systems to ensure your success.


If you are ready to roll-out your Watkins Business we will be there for you. If you are ready to commit to building your future we will be by your side.

Fran and I are on the Watkins Executive Fast Track and we take our Watkins Business very seriously. We are looking for a few HIGH PERFORMANCE PEOPLE who want to achieve greatness with their lives. If you feel that you can get past the BUTS and measure up – PLEASE GIVE US A CALL!

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