America Is Experiencing Dramatic Growth in Work-at-Home Careers!

A new breed of business ownership is emerging in North America. Individuals of all ages, backgrounds and educational levels are discovering opportunities to build a better lifestyle and gain financial independence outside the traditional workplace. Many of these budding entrepreneurs are choosing to operate an independent business from their home.

As the trend in the development of home-based businesses grows, some experts are suggesting that our homes are fast becoming the “New American workplace.” The emerging trend toward home-based enterprise is a return to the days when a large percentage of the population earned a living working from home.

This new generation of home-based entrepreneurs is found in all parts of our country from the inner city to suburbia to rural America. They come from all walks of life. These enterprising people represent the spirit of independence and hard work that helped to grow our country to greatness. Collectively, this new generation of entrepreneurs is making considerable contributions to the economic growth and vitality of America.

There are many factors driving the trend toward the development of home-based businesses. In general society is accepting home-based business careers as viable alternatives to the traditional workplace. A home-based business is now perceived by growing numbers of people as a “real job.”

Millions of Americans need supplemental income to enhance their quality of life. People who may find themselves at home – victims of down-sizing, retirees, disabled persons, and stay-at-home mothers – often need supplemental income or the possibility of a new career. It is natural for people in these life circumstances to seek out a home-based business.

Many people are being forced to find alternative work opportunities because of the tumultuous “right-sizing” and restructuring of American enterprise. Their current job may be in jeopardy and they need a back-up source of income as insurance against potential job loss. Some may have been “out-placed” already and must seek other income producing possibilities.

Independent-minded people desire to escape the drudgery, demands and often demeaning requirements of the traditional workplace. They cite unreasonable management practices and a prevailing disenchantment with their job. They simply want to escape the rat-race.

Most at home business opportunities do not require advanced education or special business experience and are now available to a majority of people. Home-based businesses can be started and worked on a part-time basis without jeopardizing an existing job.

Affordability is a major driver in the upsurge of home-based businesses. Many home business opportunities offer a pre-packaged, turn-key start-up for an investment of just a few hundred dollars. This is especially true in the network distribution industry

The emergence of technology has also been a boon to home-based business ventures. A home-based entrepreneur can literally operate an international distribution company from his or her computer in the corner of the living room.

Many home-business owners are motivated by the fact that they can build income based on their personal effort. The more enterprising they are and the harder they work the more earning potential they have. They like the idea that their compensation is based on individual performance and not on some corporate pay scale.

Entrepreneurial-minded home business owners are energized by the challenges of operating their own business. They discipline themselves to learn the skills and techniques required to successfully manage their at-home-enterprise. Being their own boss and living by their own wits and hard work are real motivations.

Home-based business operators cite convenience, more time with family, scheduling flexibility, no more exhausting commutes and freedom from the demands of corporate life as ample reasons for developing a home business. Also, many home business owners feel that they experience less stress and fatigue while working from the home environment.

In recent history the IRS has recognized home-based business as a legitimate business model and now allows selected tax advantages for the home-based entrepreneur.

The growing trend for seniors who elect to work many years after the traditional retirement age has been a significant contributor to the increase in home-based business ownership. Rather than continue employment in a traditional workplace they opt to launch a home-based enterprise.

Families are over-extended and in heavy debt. Much of this debt problem has to do with the abuse of credit cards. The high credit card debt carried by many families is forcing people to find ways to earn supplemental income to work their way out of the debt trap.

Social scientists and economists are projecting an ever-growing emphasis on independently owned and operated home-based businesses. It is the wave of the future. These ventures come in many forms. They may be “built from scratch” businesses, micro-franchises, distributorships or partnerships with companies that incorporate home-based operations in their business model. Some of the most inviting opportunities are in the network distribution industry. There is a broad array of possibilities for those who want to explore a home-based business venture. From our perspective, Watkins is at the top of the list!

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