Watkins Appeals to Stay-at-Home Parents (Moms or Dads!)

Partner With WATKINS/Summit –
Satisfy Your Needs for Income and Exciting Challenges
As a Stay-at-Home Parent!

In recent history we have seen a trend where many women and men are deciding that parenting is their number one priority, especially when their children are very young. They want to be with their children and play a significant role in their nurturing and growth. They elect not to rely on child-care centers and preschools to be the major influence in the early development of their young ones. They want their children to be taught the values and ideals that are central to their own personal beliefs. They want to ensure appropriate intellectual, social and skill development. They have made the conscious decision to put their careers on hold in order to be with their little ones. This is a very caring and loving decision.

However, it is a decision that also has its downsides. It is difficult to give up a career or good job that is fast paced, challenging and exciting. It is difficult to walk away from a career that is emotionally, intellectually and financially rewarding. The loss of income can be a major sacrifice. Significant adjustments must be made when a Mom or Dad gives up the benefits and salary of a good job to become a stay-at-home parent. Many folks suggest that they not only miss the money but they also miss the social dynamics of being part of a team. They miss the intellectual stimulation and challenges of their career.

But many have discovered that our remarkable Watkins Home Based Business can satisfy many of the needs of a stay-at-home parent. Watkins can lessen the losses that come with leaving a career. Partnering with Watkins can offer the best of both worlds – the world of the stay-at-home parents and the world of the career professional.

With Watkins you can create an income stream that has no ceilings or limits. You can use your people skills and organizational talents to grow an ever-expanding team of Associates and realize significant RESIDUAL Income. You can be energized by the challenges of launching your own business in partnership with Watkins. You can achieve all of this while at the same time you meet your commitment to your children as a stay-at-home Mom or Dad.

If you desire additional information about the Watkins Business Opportunity, please contact us. We truly believe that Watkins represents the very best Independent Business Opportunity in North America! It will be our privilege to share this remarkable Business System with you! Together we can build a better tomorrow!

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