The Watkins Advantage Program – A Really Great Deal!

Watkins Advantage Program – One of the Best Deals in Watkins!

NEWS FLASH!  Watkins has just “exploded” the list of Products that are a part of the Advantage Program.  You must check this out!

NEWS FLASH!  Watkins has just published the TOP 50 List of Best Selling Products.  Many of these products are now in the Advantage Program!

The Advantage Program gives you the opportunity to build your business through consistent monthly volume while providing your essential monthly Watkins products at a great savings. 

The Watkins Advantage Program offers you a 30% Associate discount (an extra 5% savings) and FREE shipping and handling on your monthly essentials.  Now that is some deal! 

 The program is designed to help you and your team of Associates to build a lucrative business based on the consistent use of regularly consumed products. Here are just a few great reasons to join today! 

  • Watkins Advantage Associates receive the 30% discount and FREE shipping & handling on monthly Watkins Advantage orders and you can order between 100 and 300 points monthly.
  • Associates may select from a wide variety of products listed on the Watkins Advantage Enrollment Form, which you can find at your Watkins Website.
  • You can benefit from the convenience of automatic shipments; all orders are automatically shipped after the 15th of every month.
  • There is great flexibility – orders can be modified or cancelled anytime before the 10th day of the month.
  • Easy online enrollment let’s you enroll quickly if you are new to the program or conveniently change your order if you’re already on the program.
  • Enrolling in the Watkins Advantage Program and participation in the Loyalty Program along with purchasing the Watkinize Your Home Assortment enables you to participate in the great Bonus Program.

If you have not enrolled in the Advantage Program we suggest that you check it out. We also suggest that you encourage all Associates on your team to participate as well.

For additional information please visit our online brochure

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