Give the Watkins Business Opportunity – a “Million Dollar” Gift!

Give a “Million Dollar” Gift That Keeps on Giving!

During a Summit Group Conference Call there was a discussion about giving membership in Watkins as a gift for special occasions.  What a great idea.  Jan Robinson, Watkins Silver Executive, called it the “million dollar gift.”  The next morning, over breakfast, Fran and I discussed this idea.  We concluded that the most valuable gift we had ever given to anyone was the Gift of Watkins.  

It did not take long for our discussion to turn to our daughter, NiNa.  About ten years ago we gave her the Gift of Watkins.  It has changed her life.  NiNa is disabled as a result of a near death auto accident.  She can’t hold traditional jobs in the workplace.  She has experienced 40 major surgeries and is often in serious pain. 

Watkins has given NiNa a whole new career.  She now has a noble mission and a purpose.  She has earned recognition and most importantly she has found a hope that sustains her.  When NiNa fulfills her dream, she may well have earned more than $1,000,000 in her lifetime with Watkins.  Watkins is a gift that keeps on giving.  NiNa achieved her Watkins Manager Title several years ago and is her way to Bronze Manager, which she hopes to achieve in the near term.

Fran and I often give a Watkins enrollment to special people in our lives.  Some, like NiNa, take advantage of the power and potential of the gift and build a business.  Many become good Customers and enjoy the Associate discount.  A few simply don’t appreciate or understand what they possess.  They are too involved with the busyness of life to pay attention to the magnificent Gift of Watkins.  That is okay.  Maybe someday they will understand.

Weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirement celebrations, holidays and any memorable occasion that you can think of are great times to offer this magnificent gift.   

Is there somebody in your life that you would like to bless with the Gift of Watkins?  It may prove to be the most valuable gift they will ever receive. 

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