Stay in Touch and Grow Your Watkins Business!

We Invite You to Stay in Touch!  Raise Your Hand!

We may never be able to have the privilege of visiting you for breakfast but we can certainly stay in touch with each other.  Just raise your hand and ask questions about your Watkins Business and we will do our best to answer them.  Share your goals and we will help you to achieve them.  Take ACTION and we will cheer you forward.  Make Watkins an on-going process of discovery and FUN! 

Share your little successes and we’ll help you set the stage for larger successes.  Share your fears, frustrations and disappointments and we will help you use these emotions to power your way to great achievement.  Let us know what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing. 

Raise your hand and share!  Only then can we help you and guide you.  When you raise your hand you unleash all manner of support, creative ideas, energy and enthusiasm that will help drive you forward to your goals and ultimate success.

 Fran and I are fortunate to have Jerry Fochtmann, Watkins Executive of the Summit Group, as our Sponsor and Upline Leader. We communicate with Jerry at least once a week.  We consistently raise our hand.  It may only be a three minute conversation but we invariably learn something, gain a new insight and get a heavy dose of “Fochtmann Enthusiasm.”  We have discovered that the more we stay in touch with our Upline Leadership the more productive we are.  We strongly suggest that you do the same. 

Stay in touch!  Raise your hand and watch your Watkins Business grow!

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