Pamper Yourself with Watkins Products!

Fran and I were sitting after breakfast getting our next order together.  She said, “You know – it really is easy to pamper yourself with Watkins Products.”  She sure is right!  We all have access to more that 300 world-class products (all priced very fairly) that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes.  Once you give Watkins Products a fair chance you will come to rely on their quality and usefulness.  Most Watkins products have been offered for decades and feature a level of quality, which is not common in the world today. 

We can say without fear of contradiction that Watkins Products will enhance your life!  The Dietary Supplements out-perform the competition and give you remarkable health advantages.  Our gourmet food items make your food taste better and easier to prepare.  They can transform a novice cook into an accomplished chef. The Personal Care Products and Medicinals use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better. They have awesome healing power.  Our All Natural Plant-Based Cleaning Products work harder but are not hard on the environment.  When you clean with Watkins you are truly pampering your family and improving their chances for healthier living. 

All of your products are fairly priced but on top of that you get the 25% Associate Discount to make it even easier to pamper yourself.  For added savings you can also join the Advantage Program and receive selected products on a monthly basis at a 30% Discount with FREE Shipping & Handling.  The Advantage Program is one of the most cost-effective programs offered by Watkins.  We invite you to discover the joy, convenience, exceptional quality and magnificent benefits of Watkins Products!  Start To Pamper Yourself Today!

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