Experience a Transfer Buying “Walk-about!”

It is time for your Transfer Buying walk-about!

Fran cleared the breakfast dishes, sat down with a Watkins Master Catalog and a said, “Well, it is time for our transfer buying walk-about.”  About once every three months we tour every area in our home to determine which products we can purchase from Watkins instead of the local supermarket or pharmacy.  We visit the bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, under-the-sink cabinets, the pantry, laundry, medicine chests – anywhere that we store products.  Often we find a couple of products that we should purchase from our own Watkins Business.  We add those products to our next Watkins order.  With that simple act we have transferred the purchase of those products from the supermarket or pharmacy to our Watkins Business.

Transfer Buying is plain common sense and good business.  It simply means transferring your purchases from the local supermarket or pharmacy to your Watkins Business at a 25% discount.  Why give profits to the supermarket chain that you can give to yourself?  Transfer Buying does not mean you are spending additional money.  It just means that you are buying high quality, fairly priced products from a different supplier – your own Watkins Business!

To be a leader in Watkins and develop a significant business suggests that you consistently buy and use as many of the products as practical.  Personal use is critically important because product knowledge will help you represent the products with honesty and integrity.  Your personal endorsements are very important.  If you and your entire team practice Transfer Buying you will greatly increase your volume and enhance your earning power.

Coach all of your new Associates about Transfer Buying.  Encourage them to make a list of those products that they continuously purchase and use every month.  Help them break the old habit of purchasing from other sources.  Show them the great benefits of purchasing from their own Watkins Business.  Continuously emphasize Transfer Buying and watch your business grow.

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