Around Your Breakfast Table

Our “Around Your Breakfast Table” articles will excite new ideas and fresh thinking about how you can succeed in your own home-based business.

The reason for the unique name of this category is quite literally because Fran and I (Dave) sit around our breakfast table and frequently brainstorm, plan and dream about our future with our Watkins home-based business.

During one of our breakfast sessions Fran said, “It would be really great if we could sit around the breakfast tables of all of our Associates and dream and plan with them about the growth of their Watkins Business!” That whimsical little thought led to some unique ideas about how we can visit with you in more friendly and frequent ways.

Now don’t start frying bacon and flipping pan-cakes. We are not really going to show up on your doorstep looking for breakfast. But we are going to visit you frequently in our “Around Your Breakfast Table” articles! We are cooking up some food for thought to help you on your journey with Watkins. Enjoy!

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