Be An Executive-In-Training!

For the Career Minded Watkins Associate — Consider Yourself As An Executive-In-Training!

You are the Owner and Chief Operating Officer of an International Distribution Organization working in a Strategic Partnering Relationship with Watkins. You are supported by The Summit Group, one of the most progressive and successful Independent Distribution Organizations in the history of Watkins. All of this translates into a significant advantage and great value for your business and your future! Talk about opportunity — it does not get any better!

To optimize your potential, we strongly suggest that you think of yourself as an Executive-In-Training. You may be a Watkins Consultant, but we recommend that you begin to think of yourself as an Executive. The way in which you perceive yourself will significantly impact the way you behave and approach your business. What you believe about yourself will definitely affect your decisions and outcomes.

Affirm daily that you are a high performing Watkins Leader – a builder of people! You are highly productive! There is no challenge that will deter you from achieving your goals! You are in control of your destiny! If you have the ambitious vision of becoming a Watkins Executive, start today thinking of yourself as an Executive-In-Training. This perception will unleash creative energy, passion, consistent effort and the dedication that you need for success!

Following are suggested goals, behaviors, mind-sets and expectations of the Leaders who would call themselves Executives-In-Training:

  1. Demonstrate a Serious Work Ethic: An Executive-In-Training will naturally dedicate himself or herself to a rigorous and consistent effort. A dedicated work ethic is expected from any leader in any enterprise. We recognize that many Associates are still fully employed and can only work a few hours per week on their Watkins Business. We are suggesting that no matter how much time resource you can allocate for the development of your Watkins Business, you should optimize that time and work consistently on creating your dream of achieving Watkins Executive title.

  2. Strive to Become A Watkins Manager in The Shortest Practical Time: The Manager Title is the building block of the Watkins Compensation Model. Executives-In-Training are expected to achieve and maintain their title of Watkins Manager. Achieving and maintaining this title will demonstrate leadership, commitment and success! The Manager Title is the stepping-stone to higher Manager Titles and eventually your BRONZE EXECUTIVE Title!

  3. Work In Collaboration With The Summit Group: Develop a true spirit of cooperation and collaboration with the Summit Group. Subscribe to the significant services and guidance, which are offered by Steve, Ginny and Jerry. By listening to their advice and counsel you will shorten your learning curve and therefore achieve success more quickly. Build on their knowledge base. There is no sense re-creating the wheel.

  4. Share the Products: Watkins products enhance lives in so many ways. If you genuinely care for people you will want them to benefit from the significant healing power and comfort provided by the products. You are in the business of helping people feel better, look better, develop more energy and enjoy a fuller lifestyle. Grow an ever-expanding network of high producers who will help you sell more and more products and impact on the lives of more and more customers and Associates.

  5. Focus most of your time and energy on Teambuilding and Network Creation. Please clip this paragraph and hang it by your computer. If you desire to produce the numbers required to achieve and maintain EXECUTIVE Level Titles with a six-figure income you must focus on activities that will consistently enlarge your network of Watkins Associates. This means that you will probably spend very little time in traditional direct selling methods or even on extensive Internet marketing of products. To be a high performance leader in network marketing you must consistently leverage yourself by creating and ever-expanding network of top producers. The choice is simple. You can focus most of your energies, time and resources on retailing (direct selling or Internet Sales) and produce $5,000 a month in volume with earnings of about $2,000.00 per month. Or you can elect to focus most of your assets on network creation and ultimately (in three to five years) produce a volume that may be $500,000 per month with personal earnings of $40,000 to $50,000 per month. The choice is yours.

  6. Make Watkins Your Mission in Life: The world-class Watkins Products coupled with the remarkable Independent Business Opportunity can become your noble cause in life. Our value system strongly suggests that when you discover something as rewarding as Watkins you are obligated to pass it on and share it with as many people as you can. We have become fully dedicated to helping as many Customers as possible with our life-changing products. We are fully committed to supporting as many Associates as possible with the life enhancing Business System. In reality, our Watkins Business has become a very special mission for us. It has become our way of ministering to people. It is our way of giving back to life.

  7. Become a Mentor to All Who Join You: There is an important responsibility that accompanies sponsoring people into a network marketing organization. When you enroll new Associates it becomes your privilege to lead, guide, train, nurture and encourage those who want to become high producers. Make a commitment to grow the knowledge, attitudes and skills of all Associates who join your organization! But in reality you will want to focus most of your energies and time on those who bring a serious commitment to their business. You will soon discover how to recognize the “hobbyist” from the career-minded Associate.

  8. Create Synergism: Synergism is the simultaneous action of you and all your downline Associates, which, together, have far greater total effect than the sum of your individual efforts. It’s like the human equation: one person + one person = three persons. When you develop a team of people you unleash a remarkable energy. When you build a substantial Watkins organization you are creating a vast engine of synergism and productive action! You are also creating a very effective money machine.

  9. Build Reciprocity: Reciprocity is a spiritual law that speaks to the creation of mutual opportunity for the greater good of all. It affirms the need to give in order to get something in return. It is the principle of sowing before you can reap! Sow your time, energy and spirit in the development of your Watkins Business and it shall provide you harvests for a lifetime.

  10. Leverage Yourself and Build Residual Income: Leveraging is setting into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth. The duplication of effort that leveraging provides can generate substantial residual income.

  11. See The Big Picture – The Whole System: As an Executive-In-Training you must educate yourself about all aspects of the business. You must understand the whole system. Sometimes it is effective to just “step back” from your business and try to get a sense of the awesome scope of possibilities that are represented in network marketing generally and in Watkins specifically. The more you see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, the more you will be able to understand and optimize this dynamic opportunity.

  12. Manifest Professional Conduct at All Times: Always take the high ground. Grousing, complaining, putting people down, back-biting and pettiness are great stealers of energy and time. They are debilitating and wasteful. They build mistrust and destroy relationships. Leaders do not allow themselves to be trapped in these negative and counterproductive behaviors. Leaders guide, nurture and affirm all people they meet. They are relationship builders. They are the Champions of Performance, Productivity and Progress. They are professionals.

  13. Develop a Humble Spirit and An Open Mind: True leaders are not concerned about celebrity. They demonstrate a humble spirit and are more willing to give recognition to others than they are to seek personal glory. Most effective Leaders are constantly learning. In every situation (negative or positive) they look for the lesson that can be learned. Their lessons learned become their guides for the future. They are open-minded!

  14. Build a Practical, Realistic and Achievable Business Plan: Set goals with realistic deadlines. Plan actions and approaches that will focus on achieving your established goals and objectives. Measure your progress and hold yourself accountable. Remember though, no business plan will build your business. A business plan is only a tool. Hard, persistent work, daubed with some sweat and tears, is the only thing that will build your business.

  15. Participate In Proven Reaching Out Methods. There are many ways to communicate your Watkins Business to the world. Discover, with the guidance of your leaders, the most efficient and cost effective ways to advertise. Seriously consider participating in the Summit Group Advertising Co-op. You can learn about the details of this highly effective program at the Summit Group Website.

  16. Communicate Consistently: Watkins is a business, which is built on relationships. Communication is the glue that binds relationships together. Communicate with your Customers. Communicate with your Associates. Consistently inform your Upline of your progress and pitfalls. Let them know of your plans. Involve your whole system in what you are doing! Communicate!

  17. Build a Team Spirit and Sense of Community: Build your Dream Team! Most every great idea or organization can be traced back to a team of people who came together to pursue some remarkable vision. Teams of people can see things that individuals can’t see. Teams can develop a remarkable energy and synergism that can turn the world up-side-down. With appropriate direction and a sense of purpose a “community” of Associates can change the world! Give your Associates a vision and they shall succeed!

  18. Never Allow Discouragement or a Depressed Spirit To Wear You Down: In the normal course of operating any business there will be days when you do not want to get out of bed. Nothing has gone right for days on end. You will begin to challenge your own abilities. The latest get-rich-quick-scam that you saw on the Internet last week is looking better every day. Your spouse is kicking your tail and panicking about your lack of progress. The family dog no longer speaks to you. You are a sorry lot! But remember, you are a Watkins Executive-In-Training and you do not have time to be steeped in a pool of self pity! You are better than that! You will rise to the occasion. You will remember the power of your vision and you will prevail. Simply make the decision not to be discouraged. It is far better that you make the decision to persist and take action. Great and mystical forces will come to your aid when you boldly move forward.

  19. Set Lofty Goals – Be a Visionary! Ancient scripture tells us that without VISION the people perish. Become a VISIONARY! Set lofty goals that inspire you to action. Announce your goals to the world and you will then be motivated to achieve them. Dream of a vision of a future life that far transcends your current life circumstances. Envision that you are helping tens of thousands of people to grow, achieve financial independence and realize a whole new quality of life. Dream that every day you are adding great value to society.

  20. Look Upon Your Watkins Opportunity as a Call to ACTION! All of the dreams, plans and words in the world are of little intrinsic value without action. Only when people step boldly forward and take ACTION will there be any progress or achievement.

  21. Be A Dream Builder: True leaders have the capacity to help people build dreams. They empower others to create new visions of what could be. They have a great ability to envision new possibilities and potentials, and then help bring them to reality. The Watkins Business Opportunity is a magnificent vehicle through which people can achieve their dreams. Be a Dream Builder!

As a successful Watkins Executive-In-Training you bring a set of special skills, life experiences and competencies that can serve you well in developing a viable and lucrative Network Marketing Business. The challenge is to learn how your current experiences and skill-sets may contribute to successfully building a commercially viable and satisfying business as an Independent Associate of Watkins Incorporated. Now is your opportunity to bring all of your skills to bear on creating a business that has no financial limits or ceilings – a business that can bring a whole new quality of life to you, your family, your Customers and the Associates you enroll. Now that is a noble and fantastic life mission and purpose! Much Success as a Watkins Executive-In-Training!

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