Become A High Performance Watkins Associate!

There is nothing complicated about growing and operating a successful Watkins Business. Obviously, dedicated and consistent effort are required to build any business. But by following a few simple business principles and strategies you can become a High Performance Watkins Associate. You can achieve Manager Title and advanced Manager Titles on your way to the Executive Titles and significant residual income! You can work your business part-time or full-time. Patiently and consistently pay attention to the following and you will excel…

 Start By Answering Your “WHY?”

 Personally Use Watkins Products and create personal testimonials!

 Build a Base of Retail Customers – (For those who like to sell!)

 Become a Sponsoring Champion – (For those who want to create an ever-growing network and achieve significant residual income).

 Build Managers for Success!

Start By Answering Your “WHY?”

Why in the world are you in the Watkins Business? Why are you showing the courage and audacity to launch and build your own enterprise? Why do you want to expend your time, energy and personal resources in developing your own independent business? Why are you willing to redirect your thoughts and behaviors and take on a whole new set of responsibilities? Why are you dedicating yourself to learning a whole new business system? Why are you impassioned enough to take a quantum leap and risk starting a home-based business? Why are you driven to achieve?

Why is “WHY?” so important? When you have answered the WHY? for your Watkins Business you will be well on your way to success. When you fully understand the motivation (the motives for action) that inspired you to enroll in Watkins, you will then discover the real purpose for being in business.

When you know your true purpose for being in business, you will be energized to move boldly forward. There is nothing that will stand in the way of your success. Every constraint, barrier and inconvenience will melt in the face of your sustained and impassioned effort. Your success will be assured!

WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? Asking WHY? Five Times is a great technique for getting at the root cause of a situation. Ask yourself five times, “WHY am I in the Watkins Business?” When you have answered five times you will have defined, in very explicit terms, your purpose for being in business. You will have a clarified understanding of why you made the commitment to an independent business. You will have crystallized your reason for developing your own enterprise. You will be strengthened in your resolve! You will have unleashed a powerful driving energy to support your success!

Personally Use Watkins Products and create personal testimonials!

All successful Watkins Associates are products of the products. Using the products gives you first-hand product knowledge and personal experience that you can share with your Customers. This product knowledge becomes the basis for testimonials that can favorably impact on your Customers. Consistently using the products gives you credibility as a believer in the Watkins Quality, which makes selling much easier for you! It is much easier to endorse our products when you know what you are talking about. When you use the products extensively you bring a high level of integrity to the selling situation! You become more believable and credible.

Live and Teach The Concept of Transfer Buying!

Transfer Buying simply means transferring your purchases from the local supermarket or pharmacy to your Watkins Business. Instead of buying those items that you have traditionally purchased from other sources, you now buy them from yourself at a minimum 25% discount. It is just plain good business! Why give profits to the supermarket chain that you can give to yourself? Transfer Buying does not mean you are spending additional money, it just means that you are buying your products from a different supplier!

As you build your Watkins Business one of the first things you want to teach each new Associate is the concept of Transfer Buying. It is also appropriate to teach your customers about Transfer Buying. You are doing them a significant service by introducing them to the high quality, life-enhancing Watkins Products. Many customers will become involved in Transfer Buying. This is often the first step your customer will take toward becoming a Watkins Associate and joining your team!

To fully achieve Transfer Buying simply take your Watkins Master Catalog and visit every area of your home to determine which products you can purchase from Watkins as opposed to the local supermarket. Make a list of those products that you continuously purchase and use every month. Discipline yourself to break the old habit of purchasing from the supermarket. Purchase from your own “store” and watch your business grow.

Build a Base of Retail Customers – (For those who like to sell!)

The Retail side of the Watkins Business is not for everyone. Many people simply do not like to sell. However, for those who enjoy selling – your personal sales will reward you with exceptional commissions. The more you build a strong and ever-growing customer base, the more volume you create. That greater volume will give you better profits and position you for advancement to higher management and executive levels, which positions you for additional bonus programs and even greater profits! The more products you sell the more money you make! The more Customers you identify the more Associates you will enroll!

Use the wonderful tools provided by Watkins to support Retail Sales. The Living Naturally Parties are an excellent model to support large sales volume each and every month. If you are not a party person, simply share catalogs and build your capacity for personal selling.

The lesson for all of us is that a large and active Customer base will tend to yield a greater number of new Associates to support the growth of your Watkins Business! Therefore, continuously building your base of satisfied Customers is a solid strategy for growth!

We have also discovered that Associates who come from the Customer ranks possess product knowledge that gives them a real “leg-up” in launching their Watkins Business. They tend to be more successful, more quickly! They are in the habit of using the products and are usually more productive and consistent! They are loaded with personal Testimonials about their favorite products.

Every satisfied Customer has the potential of becoming your next successful Associate! Do not pressure or use “hard-sell” approaches but frequently share the business opportunity with all your customers! Consistently ask your Customers for referrals.

Become a Sponsoring Champion – (For those who want to create an ever-growing network and achieve significant residual income).

Now let’s talk about the Network Distribution side of the Watkins Business. Enrolling new Associates and continuously building your team is the driving force for building a substantial Watkins Business. Successful Associates who achieve Manager Title and beyond consistently and aggressively enroll new Associates. The more Associates you bring into your business the more you leverage yourself and build residual income!

You, like most Watkins Associates, lead a very busy life. You have only a limited amount of time each week to dedicate to your Watkins Business. Our suggestion is that you dedicate most of that time to becoming a Sponsoring Champion. Develop a passion for seeking people who want opportunity and are willing to work hard and enjoy serving others.

More and more people are seeking the opportunity to own and operate their own independent business and work from home with all of the accompanying benefits. Even people who are fully employed are seeking a home-based business as “insurance” against job loss. Many wish to build a substantial retirement annuity. The severe economic crisis is driving many to consider alternative income opportunities. The Watkins Home-Based Business can be operated by people from all walks of life, all ages, socio-economic groups, education levels and across diverse cultures. Literally millions of people are seeking the very kind of system that is offered by Watkins! The opportunity is vast!

Look upon your Watkins Business as a magnificent mission to help other people. Become a Dream Builder! True leaders have the capacity to help build dreams. They empower others to create a new vision of what could be. They have a great ability to envision new possibilities and potentials, and then help bring them to reality. The Watkins Business Opportunity is a remarkable vehicle through which people can achieve their dreams. Become a Sponsoring Champion and a Dream Builder!

Build Managers for Success!

Becoming a Successful Watkins Manager and then continuously developing an ever-larger team of Successful Watkins Managers is the key to achieving the Executive Titles in the Watkins Business Model! The best way to create a High-Performance Watkins Distribution System is to develop an ever-growing team of productive Managers!

Personally Earn Manager Title As Quickly As You Can.

The whole structure of the Watkins Compensation Model focuses on the development of Managers. The first Manager you need to develop is YOU! When you have achieved Manager Title you have:

 Learned the Basics of the Watkins Business!
 Built your monthly volume to 2000 plus points!
 Grown your income!
 Proven your ability to Retail and Sponsor!
 Completed your first major step on your journey to Success with Watkins!
 Achieved a whole new stature within the Watkins Business System!

The skills, attitudes and competencies that will help you to achieve Manager, are the same attributes that will help you to achieve Executive Titles and realize significant residual income. And that leads us to the next step in building a stable, High Performing Watkins Business.

Become a Creator and Developer of Watkins Managers. Mangers are the essential building blocks, and keys to success in your Watkins Business. The more Managers you build, the more your business will appreciate in value! Strong Managers leverage your time, and help you to create a Distribution System, which:
 Builds a Team of motivated and passionate “partners for success”.
 Intensifies prospecting and recruiting efforts!
 Identifies and develops more Managers!
 Increases your volume and profits!
 Provides continuous growth and expansion!
 Assures continuance and builds stability for your business!
 Leverages your time and talent and multiplies your value and worth!
 Helps you achieve ever-higher Titles and enhanced compensation!
 Provides Financial Independence and improved quality of life!
 Enables you to serve others more fully!
 Gives you FREEDOM!

Managers take their business seriously, and produce a minimum of 2000 points monthly. These key “partners for success” multiply your organization’s value many times over. Managers help you to leverage your time, energy, passion, creativity, knowledge, motivation, action and productivity. Leveraging may be looked upon as a kind of “cloning”. Every new Manager you develop may produce at your level or better and contribute significantly to your over-all organizational performance.

When you achieve your Manager Title it means that you are producing 2000 points per month as a minimum. Just imagine if you identify and develop one new Manager in your system. You have potentially doubled your monthly business. When you develop two new Managers, you achieve Bronze Manager Title, and enhanced compensation. Every set of two new Managers that you develop, you achieve higher Titles and improved compensation.

Achieving Manager Title is not that difficult. A simple plan that is effective for many aspiring Managers is to commit to personal purchases and sales of 300 points monthly. Enroll six (6) new Associates who will commit to 300 points monthly and you have a monthly total of 2100 points. You need to achieve 2000 points for two successive months to earn Manager Title.

Continuously work on strategies and approaches for recruiting and developing Managers. Advertise that you are seeking “Manager Trainees” to join your Watkins Success Team. Offer extensive and FREE Training and support to all those who become Associates who commit to your Manager Development Process. You can offer this FREE Training and Support because you are backed by Watkins, The Summit Group, your Upline Manager and your Sponsor. You are not alone in providing this high level of training and support.

Approach each new Associate that you enroll with the challenge to become a Watkins Manager in the shortest time possible. Share this information with them so they understand the implications of Manager Development. Create a level of excitement! Personally challenge them!

Be certain they are aware of the remarkable Watkins Programs that support rapid growth and development, such as the Performance Rewards Program. Make certain they are “connected” with the exemplary recruiting support offered by the Summit Group. Teach them how to use these programs and support services in their own sponsoring and business development.

Outline for each of your new Associates (Manager Trainees) the FREE Training and support services offered by your Upline leaders and the Summit Group through. Assure them that they will have the best and most effective training and support offered in the Network Distribution Industry. This support is provided by the most successful leadership team in the history of Watkins – Steve and Ginny Bretzke, the founders of the Summit Group.

Continuously work with each Associate who commits to achieving Manager Title. Educate, train and support them fully in the development of their Watkins Business. Many will duplicate your approaches and you will be on your way to building a remarkably strong and High Performance Watkins Business.

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