Become a Watkins Philanthropist – Raise Funds for Charities with a Watkins Home-Based Business!

Here is a great opportunity to give back to the world.  Become a Watkins Philanthropist!  Raise funds to support charitable giving and special causes through profits from a Watkins Home-Based Business!

Philanthropy is typically defined as a form of “love for humanity.”  It is a caring spirit that supports, nourishes and attempts to enhance the well-being of others.  Often, philanthropy is demonstrated in actions and initiatives by private individuals that are designed to support the public good. 

Fran and I were talking over breakfast about some of the motivations that people express for starting a Watkins Home-Based Business. The #1 motivation is a desire to earn extra income so a family may experience a better quality of life and become financially more secure. Paying down debt is mentioned frequently as a real motivator for launching another source of income. Other motivations include: Go on a long vacation or take the kids to Disney, buy a good car, or build a dream home.

Very frequently folks indicate that they have a great desire to give back to the world. They have a caring spirit and want to reach out and help other people. They want to support noble causes and charities but need additional income so they can comfortably give more.

In our hard pressed economy many people have been forced to reduce their charitable giving. Folks have special non-profit organizations (with very noble causes) that they desire to support but when personal funds are hard to come by they just can’t give as much as they would like. In many cases they must stop giving completely. For example: jobless folks are not in the position to give during this time of lost income. They are scrambling just to put food on the table and keep a roof overhead. Before this major economic down-turn they may have been significant contributors to worth-while causes but now must, out of necessity, focus on survival for their family.

The media is filled with stories suggesting that charitable organizations are not receiving enough funds for them to support their on-going programs fully. Many people who typically receive special services from charitable organizations are now being denied support. Churches, Food Banks, Meals-on-Wheels, the United Way, Red Cross, and many other organizations are reporting reductions in vital services. Many non-profit research organizations have seen a reduction in their incomes from charitable givers. That means that key research and support services must be curtailed.

We live in hard times. As charitable organizations operate on shrinking budgets it means that many needy people are now suffering more due to lack of services that have traditionally been provided by non-profit charitable organizations. Often, these folks do not qualify for government help and do not have any safety-nets to protect them. It is the charitable organizations that have been there to assist in the past. However, the hard realities of shrinking budgets means many non-profit organizations are not able to deliver a full array of services.

People are generally aware that the bad economy has caused extreme hardships on the most vulnerable of our citizens. Many caring people are motivated to give more. However, there is a huge problem. Many of these folks are on restricted incomes or just making ends meet. Where can they get the extra money (beyond their own basic needs) so they can give more? We have an answer –“Personal Watkins Fundraising” for your favorite charity or special cause.

As Fran and I thought about this concept our wheels started turning. Maybe we have come upon another form of fundraising and giving to support multiple charities. We may have discovered a new group of Watkins Associates – our “Watkins Philanthropists.” It could go something like this:

Encourage folks to enroll as a Watkins Associate to earn supplemental income, so they can contribute a portion of that income to their favorite charities. Ask them to make a personal pledge to consistently give a portion of their earnings to charities of their choice.

Through a part-time effort Watkins Dealer Associates can Retail Watkins products. Watkins Associates who are network marketers (or Multi Level Marketers) can invite others to join their team. As their network and income grow they will be able to give more to their charities. They will be motivated in that they can earn extra money for personal use as well as increase their charitable giving. They will soon recognize that there are no limits or ceilings on how much they can earn for charity and for the enhancement of their own family.

The Approach – How to Get Started

• Identify folks who desire to “Give-Back” and support special charities.
• Share how a Watkins Business could provide them an additional source of income to support charitable giving.
• Enroll these caring people as Watkins Associates.
• Support them in building their part-time Watkins Business.
• Encourage them to identify a favorite charity, religious organization or other noble cause.
• Suggest that they consistently contribute a percentage of their Watkins earnings to their charity of choice.
• Encourage them to build teams of Watkins Philanthropists to support their favorite charity.

Benefits for “Personal Fundraiser” Watkins Associates:

• Enjoy world-class products at a 25% Associate discount.
• Earn supplemental income to build a better quality of life for their family.
• Achieve greater financial security and create residual income for the long-term.
• Build protection against future income loss.
• Give some of their profits to their favorite charitable organizations and help these noble causes.
• Do a lot of good while they also realize tax benefits by owning a Home-Based Business (USA).
• The gifts contributed by Associates to their charity of choice are also tax deductible.
• Introduce the Watkins Opportunity to folks who need supplemental income or a new career.
* Enhance their personal financial security while at the same time encourage them to help their favorite charities.

The General Benefits:

• The charities selected by our Watkins Philanthropists will receive needed funds.
• With new income sources charitable organizations may be able to restore or expand services.
• Associates will be motivated to grow a business so they can earn more to give more.
• These Associates can also sponsor other “Watkins Philanthropists” to do the same thing.
• Teams of Associates could be sponsored to support a single charity or many charities.
• There are endless possibilities in this concept.

Volunteerism is still very strong and millions of people give large blocks of time and energy to support their favorite charities. Many of these folks will be amenable to starting a part-time Watkins Business so they can generate income to give to their charities of choice.

As Watkins Philanthropists, volunteers can now give of their time and energy along with a whole new level of financial contributions through the development of a Watkins Home-Based Business. This approach can become a win-win for everyone involved. Become a Watkins Philanthropist and do your part in supporting the charitable organizations of your choice.

Enrich and empower others with your gifts.  Make the world a more compassionate and caring place with your giving.  When you give back to life you unleash a measure of grace and the world becomes a better place!

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4 Responses to Become a Watkins Philanthropist – Raise Funds for Charities with a Watkins Home-Based Business!

  1. Kathy Byrnes says:

    I like that!!

  2. David and Judy Hurd says:

    That’s pretty much shy we got started with this business and if something more develops from it that’ll be just fine also.

  3. Harriett Randolph says:

    I’ve thought about doing just that with our Watkins business. Would we use the “party” concept for that and give the charity the $$ instead of free product?

    • Dave Daisey says:

      Dear Harriett:
      Thank you for your comments. We are pleased to learn that you are ahead of us in thinking about using Watkins Profits for a portion of your charitable giving. You can work this idea any way you wish. Simply continue retailing Watkins Products using any method that appeals to you and then make a personal pledge to give as much as you desire from your profits to charities of your choice. The party plan should work well for you but the current Watkins Living Naturally Party Plan calls for Watkins to give free products as an incentive in lieu of money. You can conduct parties but you will have to work out a way to give from your personal Watkins profits, as you have already suggested.

      Please understand that you can be the energy and inspiration that grows a significant network of Watkins Associates under your Watkins ID Number who pledge some level (percentage) of charitable giving. Make this a challenging and a FUN venture. Help get your Associates excited about giving. Grow a Watkins business with a great number of your Associates committed to charitable giving and you collectively will be giving much support to worthy causes. Wow! There are no celings or limits on what your team of “Watkins Philanthropists” can do to support worthwhile charities.

      The “Great Law of Reciprocity” suggests giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. The more you give the more you shall receive. It is a universal law. Although you are not giving in order to receive something in return you will automatically be rewarded because you did step out and give boldly. Your Associates who pledge to support charitable giving will also potentially reap great rewards.

      Fran and I commend you for your thinking and your efforts as a “Watkins Philanthropist.” You are special!

      Please keep us posted through our website as to your progress.

      Many Blessings!

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