Become the “Founding Owner” of an Independent Watkins Distribution System!

Attention Entrepreneurs, Management Specialists, Business Owners and Professionals…

Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Have you ever wanted just one chance in your life to prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes to be a successful leader of your own enterprise? Well here is your chance! Watkins offers a Business System that may be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove your entrepreneurial skills and “Go for the Gold.”

If you are interested in creating a business that in three to five years may yield $100,000.00 to $400,000.00 or more in annual RESIDUAL INCOME please read on. If you are looking for a proven business opportunity we invite you to explore our remarkable business system.

You can deploy a “Turn-Key” Watkins Business System and tap into the power and possibilities of the flourishing Network Distribution Industry in “partnership” with long-established Watkins (since 1868) and supported by the pace-setting Summit Group.

* Expand your economic power with leveraged Residual Income. Take control of your life and enjoy time freedom and flexibility.

* Invest a part-time effort to build your fortune in Network Distribution without jeopardizing your current career or professional position.

* Create another income stream as a hedge against future income loss or economic down-turns. Take advantage of special tax considerations that are available in the current IRS (USA)Tax Code for independent business owners.

* Promote the rapid growth of your WATKINS Distribution System and create ever-growing Residual Income. Open the door to a dynamic new career possibility.

* Help others to be successful and achieve financial independence and leverage yourself to wealth. Leveraging is what creates most millionaires

* Partner with Watkins, North America’s leading Independent Business System, and tap into the remarkable support systems and Technology of the Summit Group (one of the most productive, profitable and successful Independent Distributor Organizations in the history of Watkins).

* Enjoy the guidance and counsel of highly successful Network Marketing Professionals who will help you to achieve success.

Many highly trained professionals in Medicine, Religion, Law, Finance, Education, Government, Marketing, Real Estate and Industrial Leadership are bursting the bonds of trading time for dollars by building a business in Network Distribution.

We are now offering the Watkins Business Opportunity to proven leaders, managers, executives, selected entrepreneurs, and professionals from diverse fields who may be interested in creating their own Independent Business, or adding another profit center to an existing business or professional practice.

We recognize the intensity of your life and the demanding time pressures that you face. But, we promise unprecedented support. You simply become an Independent Watkins Associate and follow a well-defined plan that can be achieved with minimal time investment. Our business model is designed with “busy people” in mind.

We will help you customize the “roll-out” of your business and establish a time-line that considers your unique life circumstances. Our team of network distribution professionals will give you ample support and guidance to help you build a viable and successful business. In Network Distribution the more successful we help you to become the more successful we shall become. That is the nature of the business. It is a WIN/WIN for everyone!

We are seeking individuals who have the competencies, skills sets, creativity and passion to become Watkins Executives. You may be one of these special people. We invite you to contact us in the near term to assess the possibilities and potential of Watkins for your life and future. Together we can explore how Watkins may help you meet or exceed your financial goals and achieve your dreams, while you enhance the lives of others. If you think you have the “Right Stuff” call and check us out.

But first, there are two major questions that need to be addressed!

Question #1. Is the Watkins/Summit Business System right for you?

We recognize that our business opportunity is not for everyone. Therefore, you will want to take a careful look at who we are, what we are, how we work and how successful we are. You will also want to learn what sets us apart from other companies in the network distribution industry.

Together we can help you to learn about Watkins – the Company. We can introduce you to our world-class products. Of course, high quality, consumable products that are fairly priced and 100% guaranteed are the foundation of any sustainable network distribution business. We will help you to evaluate the operation of our business practices and systems.

Very importantly, we will introduce you to the #1 Network Builder in all of Watkins – Mr. Steve Bretzke, founder of the Summit Group. The Summit Group offers a world-class Training Website and a pace-setting Information website to support recruiting and sponsoring. Both websites are FREE to Associates of the Summit Group. Additionally, the Summit Group provides a level of coaching and support that is unparalleled in the network distribution industry.

We will help you decide if our business model is something that you can really believe in and endorse. We will help you to envision the big picture and understand the real power and potential of network distribution. We will help you evaluate and determine if Watkins/Summit is right for you.

Questions #2. Are you right for the Watkins/Summit Business System?

Do you have the right characteristics, attitudes, skills and abilities to excel in our business model? Will you be comfortable in the tasks, demands and hard-work of building an ever-expanding International Distribution Organization? Do you have the “Right Stuff” to become a Watkins/Summit Independent Executive?

Our Career Associates are the type of people who are seeking a great project for their lives. If they elect to participate with Watkins/Summit they typically build a high performance business. They see themselves as the owner of an international distribution organization working in Association with Watkins and in Alliance with the Summit Group.

These Associates are visionary thinkers and have a passionate belief in the power and possibilities of our Watkins/Summit Business system. They demonstrate a steadfast belief in Watkins, our products, the Summit Group and themselves. They are goal oriented achievers.

These high achievers are dedicated to helping their Associates and Customers to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. They focus on building an ever-growing network of Associate consumers who use Watkins Products and encourage others to do the same. Career Associates may achieve financial independence for the rest of their lives. In the process they help thousands of people to a better life and abundance.

Their motto is: “People Helping People to Prosperity!”

If you are ready to explore the power and potential of WATKINS/Summit for your life we are here for you. If you are ready to commit to building your future we will support you. If you think you have the “Right Stuff” we want to hear from you!

Call for a confidential (no obligation) discussion with Dave Daisey, award winning Watkins Gold Manager of The Summit Group. It will be our privilege to work with you and explore the power and potential of Watkins/Summit for your life.

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2 Responses to Become the “Founding Owner” of an Independent Watkins Distribution System!

  1. Shae says:

    I can use some help with detailing a well-defined plan, and a time-line. I have full confidence in the leaders and the products. I have done much of the amazing training on the TSG site and have grown leaps and bounds by what I have learned. Now I am ready to take it into my business. I believe that a well defined plan will help me pin point areas I need to refine in order to get to the top. A couple of the areas I know this will help is first off I need to know what I should focus on when I first get started with my day. Being at home I can find myself doing many things that need to be done but when I look back I have let the morning slip by and not focused on the right things to get where I want to with the business. I was discussing this with Christina, one of the associates under me, and she reminded me of something very important. FOCUS: Following One Course Until Successful. I need to set my course. I believ the second thing this will help me accomplish is figuring out and moving beyond the thoughts that somehow seem to hold me back. I am so ready to move beyond where I am. I look forward to getting this plan and timeline in front of me so I can look at it each night before retiring and each morning when I need to FOCUS.

    • Dave Daisey says:

      Dear Shae:

      Lets set a scheduled time to review your concerns. If you want any of your team members to be involved we can establish a conference call.

      The BEST
      Dave Daisey

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