Build a High Performance Watkins Success Network – One New Associate Per Month!

Leverage yourself to awesome business growth and profitability.

Introducing the Power of: One-a-Month and a Hundred Points…

  • How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time!
  • How do you construct a cathedral? – One stone at a time!
  • How do you build a dynamic Network Marketing Business? – One new associate at a time!
  • How do you create a profitable Watkins Home Business? – One new associate at a time!
  • How do you expand your Direct Selling and MLM Business? – One new associate at a time!

Most highly successful Associates at Senior Management and Executive Titles in the Watkins Home-Based Business system use the power and energy of an ever-growing number of Downline Associates to sponsor their way to great success.  They have learned that the most productive way to build a strong MLM business is to have a large number of Associates who consistently do a little every month.  That is far better than expecting a few Associates to consistently do a lot.   

When you develop a large base of Associates in a Network Marketing Business you are creating an organization of significant strength and stability.  If each Associate in your Watkins Home -Based Business consistently averages 100 points monthly (as per the Watkins Compensation Plan) and sponsors one new Associate each month you will have a dynamic business and experience significant growth.  You will reap the rewards of a highly sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Our preferred model for growing a high-performance Watkins Business that can leverage you to significant growth and profits is a simple two step process – Personally Use Watkins Products and Personally Sponsor One New Associate Each Month.

Step 1.  Personally Use Watkins Products

We encourage each Associate to produce 100 points per month in product sales or purchases.  Ideally, we suggest that each of our Associates become loyal consumers of Watkins Products.  Our catalog represents 300 quality products that are highly consumable, useful and necessary for comfortable and healthy living. 

We are steadfast proponents of Transfer Buying, which is plain old common sense and simply good business.  Transfer Buying simply means transferring your purchases from the local supermarket or pharmacy to your Watkins Business at a 25% discount.  Why give profits to the supermarket or pharmacy chain that you can give to yourself? 

Transfer Buying does not mean you are spending additional money.  It just means that you are buying high quality, fairly priced products from a different supplier – your own Watkins Business!

The goal of 100 points monthly may be easily accomplished through the Watkins Advantage Program.  The Watkins Advantage Program offers Associates a 30% Associate discount (an extra 5% savings above the regular 25% Associate Discount) and FREE Shipping and Handling on your monthly essentials (Based on orders of 100 to 300 points).  Now that is a great deal! 

The Watkins Advantage Program is designed to help you and your team of Associates to build a lucrative Watkins Home-Based business based on the consistent personal use of products.

Step 2.  Personally Sponsor One New Associate Each Month.

When you are involved in a Watkins Home-Based Business opportunity it is only natural that you share the great value and benefits with others.  You can create a highly profitable Watkins Network Marketing Business by consistently sponsoring just one new Associate per month.  This process is easily duplicated and can be achieved with a very part-time effort.  When you sponsor a new Associate you may set in motion an unbelievable dynamic of growth that can provide you with residual income for a very long time to come.

Most people want to achieve financial independence and reach their fullest potential.  They desire to provide for their family and enjoy a high quality of life.  Many are driven to be of service to others and leave a measurable legacy to the world.  They want to give back to life! 

To live life at that full measure, you simply must leverage yourself.  Leveraging is a simple concept.  Leveraging is a form of multiplying yourself.  Leveraging is what creates most millionaires.  The basic notion of network marketing is driven by the maximization of leveraging. 

Leveraging is harnessing and organizing the power of large numbers of people.  To Leverage your time means that you set into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth.  Even when you are doing something else, the Watkins Associates you enroll will be consuming and marketing products that will add to your volume and provide you with income.  That’s leveraging!  Leveraging yields Residual Income.  Residual Income is money that keeps coming in long after you have done the work. 

We recognize that our Watkins Home-Based Business is open for business 24/7 and continuously operates in six time zones.  Now that is a remarkable example of leveraging your time.  When we are asleep, at the beach, visiting with friends,or doing our favorite hobby some Associate somewhere is consuming or selling Watkins Products.  That means money in our bank account! It does not get any better than that!

This is how leveraging works in the Watkins Network Marketing Business Model.  You find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life that you want.  You enroll them in Watkins.  Those few Associates find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life.  They become a part of your team.  Those few find a few others who passionately want to be successful, and…well, you get the message!

If you personally sponsor one new Watkins Associate each month, and…if all of those Associates you and your team sponsor go on to enroll one new Associate each month – How may new Associates will you enroll in one year?  Take a guess!  The number will astound you!  Following is a simple model that may show you the power of having every member of your Watkins downline team sponsoring one new Associate per month.

If you and each Associate on your team sponsors just one new Associate per month this is what will happen.

  • Month 1 – There is YOU – The one and only Associate on your team.
  • Month 2 – There is YOU + 1 new Associate = 2 on your team.
  • Month 3 – The 2 on you team each enroll a new Associate = 4 on your team.
  • Month 4 – The 4 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 8 on your team.
  • Month 5 – The 8 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 16 on your team.
  • Month 6 – The 16 in your team each enroll a new Associate = 32 on your team.
  • Month 7 – The 32 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 64 on your team.
  • Month 8 – The 64 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 128 on your team.
  • Month 9 – The 128 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 256 on your team.
  • Month 10 – The 256 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 512 on your team.
  • Month 11 – The 512 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 1024 on your team.
  • Month 12 – The 1024 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 2048 on your team.

That is amazing!  Of course, we do not live in a perfect world and this model will never happen as outlined here. 

Some Associates will participate, some will do nothing and a few will do far better than one new Associate per month.  But even if this approach proved to be just 10% effective and we (along with our Associates) enrolled 204 new Associates (10% x 2048) in a year it would be a very commendable and profitable achievement. 

  • Are you ready to unleash a powerful and highly profitable Watkins Business?

  • Are you ready to leverage yourself to great financial security and success?

  • Are you ready to commit to One-a-Month and a Hundred Points?

Step 1.  Personally Use Watkins Products (100 Points Per Month).

Step 2.  Personally Sponsor One New Associate Each Month.

Let’s eat the elephant, build a cathedral and create an awesome Independent, International, High Performance Watkins Network Marketing Business. 


Dave & Fran Daisey

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