Build Your Watkins Business with no Pressure or Stress!

These are insights for those who want to build a successful Watkins business.  Often when people begin their Watkins Business they can be a bit overwhelmed with all the materials to read and things they need to accomplish to prepare for doing business.

Every new venture in life requires some up-front preparation. But often we tend to complex things up and make them more difficult than they need to be. In so doing we add stress and pressure that can take the joy out of the experience. Sometimes new associates allow these pressures to stand in the way of launching their business. Unfortunately, when that happens they can miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Obviously, if you desire to grow a successful business you need to take care of the basics of business start up.  This may include buying business cards (or printing them from the Summit Group Website).  Also it is important to become familiar with the Watkins website, The Daisey Group Blog Site (where you are currently visiting) and the two powerful Summit Group Websites.  You will want to set up a little work area in your home for your Watkins Business.  Your computer work-station is usually the focal point of your work area.  Purchasing a supply of Watkins Catalogs is important – especially if you are going to focus on Retailing.

Many of these upfront activities are done only once and when they are accomplished you do not have to worry about them again.  Once you get past those basics you can then take your business to the next level.  We advise that early-on you develop the habit of consistent communication with your sponsor and upline leaders to share ideas and receive appropriate guidance. This may help steer you into the most productive and successful activities and avoid misadventures.  For most associates, we recommend that you start slowly and let the development of your business unfold in a very natural way.

You do not need to launch major changes in your life to be successful. You do not have to dedicate large blocks of time. Many of our most successful Associates work their business part-time. You do not have to set aside other priorities. And you do not need to read and internalize every article at the Summit Group Training website before you start doing business.  Learn as you go!  We call this just-in-time training.  Just think of ways to integrate your Watkins activities into the patterns of your daily life.  

Word-of-mouth advertising is very effective.  Consistently share business cards and let people know that you represent Watkins Products as a member of the Summit Group – the #1 Independent Marketing Group in all of Watkins. Develop what we call – a “Watkins Consciousness.”  You will be amazed at the results.

You will learn to identify people who can benefit from a Home-Based Business opportunity and you will naturally invite them to join your Watkins Success Team.  Consistently invite folks to visit your Summit Group Information Website.  This very streamlined system will serve you well. 

Today, there are vast numbers of people who are looking for the security of extra income or the possibility of a whole new career.  Never be bashful about sharing an opportunity that has life changing potential.  Do not pre-judge and decide that a person may or may not be interested in Watkins.  Share with everybody.  Let each person you approach decide their own level of interest.

As opportunities unfold you will take advantage of them and your business will grow. You can achieve significant growth and success without creating stress and undue pressure on yourself. Neither Watkins, the Summit Group nor your sponsors will make demands on you.  You set your own goals and define what you want your Watkins business to be. 

Of course, your sponsor and leaders may encourage you and suggest some “stretch” goals now and then.  But these actions are not intended to pressure you in any way. Their desire is to help you grow your business and be the best that you can be.  It is the obligation of leadership to help you think “out-side-the-box.”  But you are the boss of your business.  You are in control.  Most importantly have a lot of FUN!

The process of learning how to operate a vital and lucrative Watkins Business is somewhat like peeling an onion—you do so one layer at a time. As you peel an onion you are likely to cry a little. But, as you “peel” away the layers of understanding about your Summit Group Watkins Business you are very likely to experience joy, laughter and great excitement. In other words you will have a very positive and joyful experience.  

We have discovered that most Watkins associates do not start out as hard-charging entrepreneurs. Most associates simply use the products for their personal enjoyment and benefit and look to earn some supplemental income. They start out slowly with limited goals and a lay back approach. That is perfectly okay! Some of Watkins most successful leaders started out that way. As their business matured they discovered ever-greater potential and they began to picture an expanded vision of what their business could become.  We call this your “evolution of opportunity.”  After you catch the dream of larger possibilities you can then launch significant, intense and consistent efforts to excel.  But all the while made your efforts stress-free and FUN!

Fran and I are fully dedicated to supporting you and assisting you in any way we are able.  We measure our progress and success in terms of how well we are able to help you achieve your goals and dreams with Watkins. Never hesitate to contact us. Share your dreams, test your ideas, brainstorm fresh approaches and share your successes.  Tap into our experience.  It is our mission and privilege to help empower you to achieve inconceivable possibilities.

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