Building Managers – Key to Success In Your Watkins Summit Group Home-Based Business!

Becoming a Successful Watkins Manager and then continuously developing an ever- larger team of Successful Watkins Managers is the key to achieving the Executive Titles in the Watkins Business Model!  The best way to create a high-performance Watkins Distribution System is to develop an ever-growing team of productive Managers!

Much business building literature and guidance emphasizes three essential steps in building a strong Watkins Business.  Without question these basics steps are extremely important!

Step 1.   Personally use the Watkins Products.  Become a product of the products.  Transfer the purchase of your monthly essentials from the supermarket to your own Watkins Business.  Take advantage of the 25% discount.  Develop product knowledge and enhance your ability to share the products with others.  When you use the products and can share personal testimonials you build a level of integrity that will make you far more effective and successful.

Step 2.  Tell others about the remarkable Watkins products.  Simply share with people what the Watkins Products have done for you.  Outline their many benefits.   Share samples.  Encourage prospective Customers to try the products and experience first-hand the quality and value of our world-class products.  Grow an ever-expanding Customer base.  Teach your customers to order directly from Watkins using your ID# so that Watkins will process all orders and ship directly to your customers.  This frees you of the need to receive and deliver orders. 

Step 3.  Share the exceptional Watkins Business Opportunity.  Enroll as many new Associates as you possibly can who will duplicate Steps 1, 2, & 3.  The more Associates you enroll, the more your business will expand.

Granted, these three basic steps are foundational to building a Successful Watkins Business.  If you plan on earning a few hundred dollars a month in supplemental income, you must pay attention to these steps.  If you plan on achieving Executive Titles and creating substantial residual income, you must still pay attention to these basic steps.  However, to move beyond a “casual business”, there are two more steps that an Associate must address in order to create a substantial Watkins Business.

Step 4.  Personally Earn Manager Title As Quickly As You Can.  The whole structure of the Watkins Compensation Model focuses on the development of Managers.  The first Manager you need to develop is YOU!  When you have achieved Manager Title you have:

  •  Learned the Basics of the Watkins Business!
  •  Built your monthly volume to 2000 plus points!
  •  Grown your income!
  •  Proven your ability to retail products and sponsor new associates!
  •  Completed your first major step on your journey to Success with Watkins!
  •  Achieved a whole new stature within the Watkins Business System!

The skills, attitudes and competencies that will help you to achieve Manager Title, are the same attributes that will help you to achieve Executive Titles and realize significant residual income.  And that leads us to the next step in building a stable, high performing Watkins Business.

Step 5.  Become a Creator and Developer of Watkins Managers.  Mangers are the essential building blocks, and keys to success in your Watkins Business.  The more Managers you build, the more your business will appreciate in value!  Strong Managers leverage your time, and help you to create a Distribution System, which:

  • Builds a Team of motivated and passionate “partners for success”.
  • Intensifies prospecting and recruiting efforts!
  • Identifies and develops more Managers!
  • Increases your volume and profits!
  • Provides continuous growth and expansion!
  • Assures continuance and builds stability for your business!
  • Leverages your time and talent and multiplies your value and worth!
  • Helps you achieve ever-higher Titles and enhanced compensation!
  • Provides Financial Independence and improved quality of life!
  • Enables you to serve others more fully!
  •  Gives you time-freedom and flexibility!

Managers take their business seriously, and produce a minimum of 2000 points monthly.  These key “partners for success” multiply your organization’s value many times over.  Managers help you to leverage your time, energy, passion, creativity, knowledge, motivation, action and productivity.  Leveraging may be looked upon as a kind of “cloning.”  Every new Manager you develop may produce at your level or better and contribute significantly to your over-all organizational performance.

When you achieve your Manager Title it means that you are producing 2000 points per month as a minimum.  Just imagine if you identify and develop one new Manager in your system.  You have doubled your monthly business.  When you develop two new Managers, you achieve Bronze Manager Title, and enhanced compensation.  Every set of two new Managers that you develop, you achieve higher Titles and improved compensation. 

Achieving Manager Title is not that difficult.  A simple plan that is effective for many aspiring Managers is to commit to personal purchases and sales of 300 points monthly.  Enroll six (6) new Associates who will commit to 300 points monthly and you have a monthly total of 2100 points.  You need to achieve 2000 points for two successive months to earn Manager Title.

The promise and potential of the Watkins Business System will only be realized, when you make a serious commitment to the recruitment and development of Managers.   Pay attention to the basic steps: (1) Personally Use the Products, (2) Build a Customer Base and (3) Enroll as many Associates as you are able.  And then move to Step (4) Personally Earn Manager Title as quickly as you can!  In that process be consistently aware of the need to identify and develop Managers.  And that leads to the critical Step (5) Become a Creator and Developer of Watkins Managers.

Continuously work on strategies and approaches for recruiting and developing Managers.  Advertise that you are seeking “Manager Trainees” to join your Watkins Success Team.  Offer extensive and FREE Training and support to all those who become Associates who commit to your Manager Development Process.   You can offer this FREE Training and Support, because you are backed-up by Watkins, The Summit Group, your Upline Management and your Sponsor.  You are not alone in providing this high level of support. 

Approach each new Associate that you enroll with the challenge to become a Watkins Manager in the shortest time possible.   Share this information with them so they understand the implications of Manager Development.  Create a level of excitement!  Personally challenge them!

Be certain they are aware of the remarkable Watkins Programs that support rapid growth and development, such as the Performance Rewards Program.  As a new Associate enrolls make them aware of the exceptional 90 DAY FAST START PROGRAM.  Encourage them to show all of their new Associates how to benefit from this significant program.

Make certain they are “connected” with the remarkable recruiting and sponsoring support offered by the Summit Group. Teach them how to use these programs and support services in their own sponsoring and business development efforts.

Outline for each of your new Associates (Manager Trainees) the FREE Training and support services offered by your Upline and the Summit Group.  Assure them that they will have the best and most effective training and support offered in the Network Marketing Industry.  This support is provided by some of the most successful leaders in the history of Watkins.

Continuously work with each Associate who commits to achieving Manager Title.  Educate, train and support them fully in the development of their Watkins Business.  Many will duplicate your approaches and you will be on your way to building a remarkably strong and highly successful Watkins Business in a relatively short period of time.

Manager Development is your key to achieving Watkins Executives Titles and remarkable levels of residual income.

If you would like to know more about how to enroll in Watkins and launch your own International Distribution Organization working in Association with Watkins and in Alliance with the Summit Group please check out our Online Brochure!



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