Celebrate a New Work-at-Home Career with Watkins/Summit Group

Celebrate a New Career with Watkins/Summit Group and set yourself on a pathway to awesome possibilities!

Published by: Dave & Fran Daisey – Watkins Gold Managers of the Summit Group

Take One Hour to complete Your Personal Life and Career Assessment.  You owe it to yourself to discover where you are today and to clarify where you wish to be in the future! 

Your Life and Career Assessment is a special invitation and a call to action.  Wherever you are in life at this moment there is always the great expectation that you can be in a better place tomorrow.  We want to help you on a path to that better place.  Completing this assessment with honesty and sincerity may be your first step in creating a new “life-story” for you and your family!

Your Life and Career Assessment is all about you and those you love.  It is an opportunity to take a snap-shot of your life and review the great, the good and the not-so-good.  It is a chance to determine where you are now and decide where you would like to be in the future.  It is time to clarify your dreams.  It is time to boldly plan and take action to build a better tomorrow.

This Career Assessment also outlines the possibilities and potential of a part-time Home Business/Career with Watkins/Summit – a remarkable opportunity that has life-changing potential.  After you complete this exercise you will be better able to determine, if Watkins/Summit is a fit for your life’s needs, desires and goals. 


“When you understand that there is a real and accessible pathway to the most magnificent dreams you can dream you will set yourself on that pathway.  It will be a remarkable journey.”


Preparation for Your Personal Life and Career Assessment.  Give yourself permission to pause – take a break and think about your life!

  • You may complete this assessment individually or with another special person.
  • Set aside a quiet time and place so you will not be interrupted. 
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Tuck the kids in bed and put the dog in another room!
  • Have a blank notebook and pens and pencils at-the-ready.
  • Prepare a hot pot of tea or coffee to fortify you on your journey.
  • Go through the exercise in about an hour.  You can always revisit selected sections later.
  • Make this experience enjoyable, positive and Hopeful!  Have FUN! 


In the presence of Hope – Faith and Belief are born.  Faith and Belief will lead you to mighty works in your life.  Faith and Belief must come first before all progress or great achievements!


Hope dwells on the positive.  It is a friend of progress.  It is a lover of prosperity.  Hope is the soul-mate of abundance.  It never looks back.  It only looks forward.  Hope is part of God’s creative energy in the universe!


…And Now Your Journey Begins…

* Do you Have the Life You Desire?

The purpose of this question is to get you thinking about what kind of life you desire.  It is a reality check.  Do you have the life you want and deserve?  There may be aspects of your life that cause you great joy.  Other areas may need some fine-tuning.  Are you happy or unhappy with your life?  What are your wants, needs, desires, goals and dreams?  Are they being satisfied?  Do you believe that you are celebrating life to the fullest?  Do you believe that you can “Have the Life You Desire?”

Think seriously about these questions and jot down notes to yourself.

(Possibly you will consider starting a notebook to record your ideas).

 * Do you ever take time to dream?

Relax and dare to dream!  Think BIG!  Visualize what you would like to become or achieve in the future.  Write down your dream – your “definite chief aim” – your greatest desire for your future. 

(Write your thoughts in your notebook).


Far, far away up there at the summit of the mountain are my dreams – my greatest aspirations.  Hope will motivate me to make the arduous climb.  Sustained, focused, and persistent action will help me conquer the summit and claim my dreams.


*Do You Understand the GAP between where you are now and your goals for the future? 

For most of us there is a significant GAP between where we are today and where we would like to be tomorrow. 


Write down your goals and your dreams for your life .  Clarify what you wish to become and what you wish to achieve in the future.


Make a list of the realities that define your life’s situation today.  Where do you stand in relation to your goals and dreams? 

Take a moment to review and understand the GAP that exists between your goals and your dreams and the realities of your current life.


Identify the Restraining Forces (obstacles and barriers) that may stand in the way of your achieving your dreams.  List your Restraining Forces.  How can you overcome these negative forces?

Did you list yourself as a Restraining Force?  Why?  Why not?

Identify Driving Forces (those people and resources that are positive and helpful) which are available and willing to assist you in driving towards your goals and dreams.  List Your Driving Forces.  How can you more effectively employ these positive forces to help you?

Did you list yourself as a driving force for progress in your life? Why?  Why not?

Do you have the Driving Forces available to you that will help you to overcome the Restraining Forces that may keep you from achieving your dream?  Think about this carefully.

NOTE: Take as much time as you wish to complete this exercise.  Many people work on this over a period of time!  Revisit this exercise often.  Write your observations in your notebook.


Allow Hope to encourage you through your darkest times.  Let Hope bring you clarity in your sunshine times.  Invite Hope to walk with you all the days of your life!  Hope is your Creator’s energy working in your life!

 * Do you have a plan for creating the life you desire?

Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

Do you have a written plan with goals, and time frames that will help you achieve the life you desire?  Only about 3% of the population has well defined plans and goals.  These folks are usually highly successful.

Do you want to become a part of the 3%?  Would you like to get a better handle on your future?

Do you dream of becoming highly successful?  We can show you a way!

Write down your Personal Observations:

* Do you have the skills, attitudes and knowledge to achieve your dream?

Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

Are you personally prepared to meet the challenges that come with any worthwhile endeavor?  Do you have the “Right Stuff” to build a better life?   Do you realize that the attitudes, knowledge and skills that got you to this point in your life may not be all you need to reach the next level in your life’s journey?

Are you willing to re-invent yourself in order to build a better future?  If you sense that you do not have all of the personal tools required for success do not be discouraged.  It may be time to acquire a new “tool-box!”  We will help you with that!

Note Your Personal Observations:

It is a mark of insanity to continue doing what you have always done and expect different results.  To achieve different results requires change, new thinking, new approaches, modified attitudes, new knowledge and a tool-box of enhanced skills!



Hope always walks with you but sometimes you fail to feel its presence.  When you are hopeless and defeated, just take a deep breath and say, “Oh Yes.”  And Hope will walk with you again.  Try it!  It works!


* Do you have the emotional support, guidance and coaching that you need to build a better life for you and your family?

Answer: _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

You can create a better life with the help of a few very special people who care about you and have your best interest at heart.  Do those people exist in your life today?  Are they supporting your growth and achievements?

If you answered YES be very thankful.  If you answered NO possibly Watkins/Summit can help you!  We will show you a level of support, guidance and coaching that is exemplary!

 Your Personal Observations:


* Do you have a proven success system that can help you achieve your goals?

 Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

We all need a system (a career or business vehicle) with tried and proven methods to help us reach our dreams.  Do you have a success system that will help carry you to where you want to be in the future?

If you answered YES you are really blessed.  Crank it up and have a breakaway year!

If you answered NO please check out the Watkins Summit opportunity with an open mind!  Our “turn-key,” ready-to-go home business system may be just what you need!

Your Personal Observations:


Hope is the feeling that what you want to happen will happen.  It is a feeling of great expectation.  With patience and hope your dreams will become a reality.  

 * Do you have a level of financial security that can support your responsibilities and help you achieve your goals and dreams?

Answer:  _____ YES, _____NO, _____PARTIALLY

We live in a difficult time with a troubled economy.  Do you have the income required to meet your obligations and live care-free?  Is your income totally secure?  Do you have savings to help with future plans and contingencies?  Is there a dream home in your future?  If you have young children do you have a growing college fund in place?  Are you effectively planning for retirement? 

If you desire to become financially secure and leverage yourself to significant residual income we encourage you to explore with us the power and potential of Watkins/Summit.

Your Personal Observations:


It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Watkins/Summit Group!

To this point we have asked you to take a brief but serious look at your life – your current situation and your dreams for tomorrow.  Now we respectfully ask you to review the power and possibilities of Watkins and The Summit Group as a part-time, work-from-home career opportunity. 

As you review this information ask yourself, “Can Watkins be a solution to some of my most difficult life-problems?”  By reviewing this information you will be better able to determine if Watkins/Summit may be right for your needs and life situation.  You owe it to yourself to give it a fair review!

We are offering you the opportunity to launch a part-time career as an Independent Business Owner operating in association with Watkins, Inc. and supported by the illustrious Summit Group.  Participants in this business system are supported and coached in building a Network Distribution Organization in the USA and Canada using time tested and proven business systems and practices. 

Understanding Our Great “Alliance for Prosperity” – YOU, Watkins and the Summit Group.

Watkins/Summit represents one of the leading Independent Business Opportunities available in the marketplace today!  Here is your chance to bring your experience, skills, energy, enthusiasm and spirit to creating a business that is truly your own – a business that has no financial limits or ceilings – a business that can bring a whole new quality of life and financial freedom to you and your family.



Your Spirit



Desire to Grow

Energy – Belief


Watkins, Inc.

Quality Products

Support Systems


Business System

Summit Group




Emotional Support

A Proven Process


In our Business Alliance there is a great inter-connection between YOU, Watkins and the Summit Group.  Watkins relies on YOU and the Summit Group for business growth and continuance.  The Summit Group relies on Watkins and YOU for its progress and success.  YOU can rely on Watkins and the Summit Group to support YOU in creating a new life of achievement, success and financial security.  This powerful “Alliance for Prosperity” is a win-win for all concerned.

Your Dreams and Goals are supported by Watkins/Summit!

Make the Connection between Your Life’s Needs and the Benefits of a Part-Time Career with Watkins/Summit.

Following is a Summary of what Watkins/Summit offers you.


Watkins, Inc.

* Our Product Partner and Provider of our Career/Business System.  One of North America’s leading companies.

In Business since 1868 – great stability

Rich history and traditions

“Gold-Standard” for business ethics

Offers 300 quality, consumable products

Products are 100% guaranteed quality Natural, organic, environmentally safe

In-house manufacturing assures quality

Offers remarkable home based business

An exceptional “turn-key” system

Very affordable start-up investment

Free shopping cart website

Excellent compensation plan

Administers all commission payments

Well defined plan for advancement

New product R&D

National advertising programs

Exceptional home office support

Continuous recognition and awards

Earn FREE exotic vacations


 Summit Group

* Your team of independent Watkins Associates offering training, coaching, marketing guidance and technology.

Led by pace-setting, high achievers

Pioneers in network marketing

Providing leadership by example

With unprecedented availability

Conference calls for support

Continuous guidance and coaching

Proven sponsoring system

Technology support

Free training website

Free information website

Step-by-step success plan

Recognition and incentives

Recruiting materials

Personal development programs

A motivational engine

Dream Builders offering great HOPE

Encourages you to be your best

Nurtures a great sense of community

Helps you to: Have the Life You Desire



Never let go of Hope!  One day you will awaken to the realization that your dreams have been achieved.  It has all come together.  What you have wished for and worked for has finally come to be.  You will look back and smile at what has passed and exclaim, “How in the world did I make it through all those tough times and challenges?” At that very moment you will understand and fully appreciate the power of Hope! 

What You may experience and achieve with Watkins/Summit  

  • Become part of a vibrant community of like-minded people who will become your “partners,” guides and friends on a remarkable journey to your goals and dreams.
  • Operate an International Distribution Organization that can build financial security and significant residual income.  (Part-time or full-time)
  • Create consistent earnings as a hedge against future income loss.
  • Fulfill your desire to provide more abundantly for those you love.
  • Enable yourself to tithe more to your favorite charities.
  • Seek time-freedom and flexibility and enhance your quality of life.
  • Develop the ability to help others and “give back” to the world.
  • Pursue a program of personal growth and development.
  • Satisfy a quest for a more meaningful and satisfying life.
  • Grow to fuller stature and be the BEST person you can be.
  • Achieve success and significance.
  • Build a career of service to others that will leave a legacy.
  • Lead a fun-filled, productive and satisfying life.
  • Enjoy significant recognition by advancing in the Watkins/Summit system.
  • Build a business that may be “assigned” to your children or deserving others.

Watkins/Summit is a community of Associates which shares the Watkins heritage and traditions.  We are held together by a business philosophy of integrity, quality and honesty.  We are connected together by a caring spirit.

The Watkins/Summit Community represents a philosophy of living – a special way of life.  Our members enjoy valued friendships and tend to be happy and adjusted folks.  We benefit from a life-long opportunity for personal and professional growth.  Very importantly, we experience a renewed sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and a ton of recognition.  These attributes are priceless in today’s cynical and challenging world.

Our Watkins Community promotes personal growth and economic development.  It helps members to fill their basic human needs of financial security, social acceptance, recognition, self-esteem and self-fulfillment.  It encourages reaching out in service to others.  It is a life-style that enhances all those who participate.

When you enroll in Watkins you become the owner of an International Distribution Organization operating in association with Watkins and in alliance with the Summit Group.  You are the independent leader of your organization but you are never alone!

* Your Benefits with a Watkins/Summit Career! 

  • Operate from the convenience of your home with no more commutes.
  • Work on your own flexible schedule.  You are the BOSS! 
  • Conduct business with your computer and phone in a home work area.
  • Customize your business approaches to your personality, style and resources.
  • No prior business experience is required for you to be successful. 
  • You may Retail Watkins Products or Build a Team of Associates (or both).
  • You can start a “Million Dollar Business” for an enrollment fee of $39.95.
  • There are no meetings to attend.  You may work full-time or part-time.   
  • You are not required to carry inventory. 
  • Watkins fills all orders and honors our 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • You have no overhead or production costs.  You do not have to lease a facility. 
  • All manufacturing and quality control systems are provided by Watkins.   
  • There are no worries about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll. 
  • You do not have to worry about expensive insurance programs.
  • Watkins takes care of all governmental regulations and requirements.
  • You are supported by the best training system in the Network Distribution Industry.
  • You are coached by truly caring and competent professionals.

Your Significant Financial Benefits with Watkins/Summit! 

  • Many Associates work part-time to earn a few hundred dollars per month.
  • Others earn thousands monthly in residual income and gain solid financial security. 
  • Associates work to take vacations and buy special things to enhance their lives. 
  • Some use their Watkins income to contribute to a savings plan or college fund.
  • Many Associates pay-off credit cards and student loans and become debt-free.
  • A large number of Associates increase charitable giving.
  • Some build their dream home with the added income from Watkins.
  • Associates benefit from significant IRS Tax Advantages as Home Business Owners.


You may hope for a better future but you must also take action.  When you step out, even in baby-steps, you feel a new surge of hope.  One small success leads to larger successes and you are on your way to a better life.  Celebrate a New Career with Watkins/Summit.  Take action today!  Please contact us with your questions or comments.  There will be no pressure or “hard-sell.” Watkins simply does not work that way!  Many Blessings and Much success!

If you would like additional information about enrolling in Watkins on our team please visit our online brochure.



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  1. Debbie McMinn says:

    Hi Fran and Dave,
    I am looking to rejoin Watkins and learn from a team that has a plan in
    place to help me succeed. I am 62 years young, no retirement, and little
    income. I am mostly a caregiver to my 83 year old mother and 7 year old
    grandson. My grandmother always used Watkins products in her baking and
    cooking. It has been a few years since I was a member. My member number was 389883 on 8/5/2010 under Anne Thomas. Anne is a terrific person, but I need a more structured system and support such as the one you have in order to succeed.
    I am not computer savvy. I can send emails, and I have Facebook account but I do not know anything about posting to FB. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have recently had 2 mini-strokes so I believe God is telling me that I need to give up my part-time job of 30 years as clerk/treasurer to the small town where we live in upstate South Carolina. Many thanks to you both and be blessed,
    Debbie N. McMinn 803.789.5052.

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