Create a “Watkins Women’s Success Network!”


Fran Daisey, Watkins Gold Manager

Fran Daisey, Watkins Gold Manager, Helps Associates to Build a Successful Home-Based Business.

A Special Challenge from Fran Daisey – Create a “Watkins Women’s Success Network!”

At this very moment in the USA and Canada there are millions of women who could benefit greatly from a Watkins Independent Home-Based Business.  My challenge to you is to identify and encourage as many of these women as you can find to participate in your Watkins Business.

I do not mean to suggest that you sponsor women exclusivelyWatkins is a business model that serves the purposes of both men and women.  All I am suggesting is that you develop a special awareness of the needs and circumstances of women and make a commitment to help and serve as many of them as you can.  These women come from many different life circumstances but no matter what their situation they can benefit from the Watkins Opportunity.

It is our goal to help as many women as possible to achieve financial security, personal growth, self-confidence and a whole new hope for the future.

I suggest that all Watkins Associates (especially women) start your own “Watkins Women’s Success Network!”  I encourage you to create an informal network of  Watkins Associates that you may mentor and coach to success. 

Start with just a small group of Watkins Associates who have an interest in supporting others and in-turn receiving the support and encouragement from other like-minded Watkins home-business owners.  Three to five members in your Success Network will be  a great beginning.  This small network can serve to mentor each other and motivate each other to great achievements.

Encourage your network to use all of the features of the Watkins “turn-key” home-based business system to support their business development.  You will also be supported by the pace-setting Summit Group, one of the most illustrious Independent Marketing Groups in the history of Watkins. 

Steve and Ginny Bretzke, Founders of the Summit Group, are ever-at-the-ready to assist those who desire to build a profitable Watkins Business.  Your Associates will be coached by truly dynamic pace-setters in the Network Marketing Industry.

Jerry Fochtmann, Summit Group Director of training and Technology, is a remarkable support to all members of the Watkins – Summit Group. 

You can use social media like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch and help make your Watkins Associates a part of a dynamic team of Women  that supports and nurtures each other.  You can set up free “conference calls” for group discussions and sharing encouragement.  You can help your team members to develop bonded relationships and friendships that will help to encourage, support and nurture each other to great achievements.

Following are some of the more obvious life situations facing contemporary women.  You may think of other situations that should be considered.

Women Seeking Employment.  Many women are unemployed, under-employed and seeking new opportunities in a very difficult economic environment.  Traditional jobs are very hard to come by.  Watkins may serve as a “bridge” until such time as they can gain employment.  Offering Watkins to them may even help them to launch a new career.

Mothers in Financially Stressed Families.  Many families are over-extended and in heavy debt.  Much of this debt problem has to do with too much reliance on the use of credit cards.  The stress of this financial crisis can take a serious toll on marriages and attitudes toward children.  People often despair and feel that there is no way out of this quandary.  The high credit card debt carried by many families is forcing people to find ways to earn supplemental income to work their way out of the debt trap.  Watkins is home-based business vehicle that can help young families to become debt-free and enjoy a much more relaxed and stress-free life. 

Mothers with Expanding Families. With the expanding financial requirements of a growing family it is often difficult to make ends meet.  People live from paycheck to paycheck and still come up short.  We have all heard this scenario.  A young mother needs to add to her household income, so she gets a job for $400 a week and puts her little ones in childcare.  After a full week of work she nets $75 after taxes, transportation, maintenance of business attire and childcare fees.  Sound familiar?  Does it make sense?  No!  Many young stay-at-home mothers are now looking to home based business possibilities.  Offer them Watkins.

Mothers as Single Parents.  Mothers who are raising their children without the support of a spouse have very special challenges.  They are often the breadwinners as well as the only adult in the family.  They must be mother and father to their children.  They are responsible for everything and are frequently stressed and near burnout.  One of their greatest stressors is lack of the financial capacity to support the growing needs of their family.  Mothers in this situation can greatly reduce anxiety about money by building a Watkins Business.   Enhance their lives with Watkins!

Women with Disabilities.  A large number of women suffer disabilities that deny them the opportunity to work in the traditional workplace.  Many disabled people do not have the capacity to endure the physical and social stresses of many jobs.  They are often denied the dignity and self-esteem that come from meaningful and productive work.  A Watkins Home Based Business may be the very opportunity they need to earn supplemental income, restore their sense of self-worth and discover a whole new career.  You will bring joy to their lives!

Professional Woman with Careers on Hold.  A growing number of professional women have made the conscious decision to put their careers on hold while their children are young.  They have committed to being stay-at-home moms. They have set aside well-paying positions and sacrificed their careers in deference to their children.  Many miss the interplay and teamwork that was a highlight of their workday.  But with a Watkins Business they can have the best of both worlds.  They can be a stay-at-home mom and own a Watkins Independent Home Based Business.  It does not get any better that this!

Women as Care-Givers.  Many women are dedicated to the care of aging parents, special needs children or other family members.  They are denied the opportunity to pursue meaningful work in the traditional work-place.  The Watkins Home Business in Network Marketing is an ideal model for them to earn extra income while they meet their care-giver responsibilities.

Women Seeking Breakthrough Opportunities.  Unfortunately, it is still very much a man’s world in many industries and women are unable to break into the higher paying prestige positions, which have traditionally been reserved for men.  Many women consistently bump into the “glass ceiling.”  They are overworked and underpaid. These women are as competent as anyone else, but gender discrimination holds them back.  These highly skilled women often excel in home-based business ventures.  No boss is there to hold them back!  Introduce them to Watkins. 

Women in Retirement.  The aging of the population in North America finds increasing numbers of senior women who need to earn supplemental income to maintain a respectable quality of life and retain their independence.  Many of these active seniors have excellent work experiences and backgrounds and seek an opportunity to serve others, make a difference and ensure their financial security.  They are not content with retiring to the rocking chair.  They want to remain active.  They have a caring spirit and genuinely want to help people.  Many seek new ventures and possibilities that will allow them to use their competencies, skills and life experiences.  They are highly motivated self-navigators capable of significant innovation.  Given a business system, a set of tools and some basic guidance they will excel.  How about Watkins?

Watkins Can Spell Success for Woman in Many Different Life Situations.  Many women achieve senior manager titles and executive titles in the Watkins Business System.  There is no limit to what any one person can achieve in this business.  Hard work, performance and productivity are rewarded no matter what a person’s life situation may be.  Here is your opportunity to approach all women and invite them to participate in the Best Independent, Home-Based Business Opportunity in North America!

Women Can Be Successful in Watkins because it…

  • Is a proven, simplified business model featuring award-winning-products.
  • Enables you to work from the convenience and comfort of home on your own schedule.
  • Offers the very best guidance, training and support in the network distribution industry.
  • Provides the opportunity to achieve financial independence and time-freedom.
  • Creates opportunity for entrepreneurial women to be their own boss and build their own business.
  • Supports personal growth and development.
  • Creates friendships and personal fulfillment.
  • Offers a joyous, FUN and stress-free experience!
  • May be launched for the very reasonable investment of $39.95.
  • Creates opportunity to help others!
  • Encourages all Associates to build their own Watkins Women’s Success Network

Make the growth of women a major mission in your life.  Introduce women to our remarkable business system.  Encourage them to become a part of your Watkins Success Team.  Mentor and guide them.  Watch them grow and experience success. Encourage them to “pay-it-forward.” Build your very own “Watkins Women’s Success Network” and watch your business soar!

Many Blessings!

Fran Daisey

Special Note: The concept of the “Watkins Women’s Success Network” was conceived by Fran.  We will be working together to move the idea forward.  If anyone desires to participate with suggestions for moving the “success network” forward please contact us through this website.


Dave Daisey

The concept of a “Watkins Women’s Success Network” is not an officially sanctioned program or offering of Watkins, Inc.  The “Success Network” is an informal “grass-roots” concept promoted by Fran and Dave Daisey, Independent Watkins Associates ID#102575N.  The purpose of this concept is to encourage existing Watkins Associates and future Watkins Associates to create networks of women for mutual support and the  development of a profitable Watkins Home-Based Business.

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  1. Janice Salomon says:

    Hi, Fran – This is such a great idea. Thanks for thinking it up and sharing with us. Look forward to hearing more about it.

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