J.R. Watkins Defines Legitimacy in the Home-Business Industry

My wife Fran and I selected J.R. Watkins as Our Home-Based Business because the company is the Gold Standard for Integrity and Excellence. The company defines what it means to be a legitimate home-based business. With a track record of illustrious business operations since 1868 Watkins is a unique mix of Direct Sales and Network Marketing. The Company’s mission is to provide all Customers and Representatives with the highest quality products, priced fairly, with a 100% money-back guarantee, timely delivery, and competent and caring professional service. Most importantly, the company offers a “turn-key” home-based business system that is exemplary.


As a founding partner and President of an industrial development consultancy I spent 30 years of my life working in more than 100 high tech companies in the USA and Canada. Our specialty was in the area of Total Quality Management. My partners and I designed The META Management System, a structure and process for implementing major quality improvements and change processes within complex business organizations. Our efforts helped companies save and or earn millions of dollars.  The work was enjoyable but very intense.  The pressures and time demands in this profession were killers.

After I took early retirement Fran and I desired to launch a Home-Based Business that would provide new challenges and opportunities. With this strong background in organizational development processes and quality management systems I had a really well defined idea as to what I wanted in a home-based business.  Most importantly, we wanted a work-at-home situation that we could operate part-time and we would not be pressured or stressed.

Fran and I evaluated several of the best known and popular work-at-home enterprises. We compiled an evaluation form that listed all of the features and benefits that we were seeking in a home-based business. After thorough evaluation and comparing the different opportunities we selected J.R. Watkins. The results of our assessment suggested that Watkins Incorporated stands head and shoulders above its closest competition.


We selected J.R. Watkins as our Home-Based Business because we truly believe that the company represents the very BEST Work-at-Home Business Opportunity in North America! We have been associated with Watkins for the past twelve years and every day there is reason to affirm that we made a very wise choice.

We Recognize The Importance of the Watkins History and Reputation for Excellence! Watkins Incorporated has a history of continuous operation since 1868 and has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the USA and Canada. It is widely recognized for high quality products with a 100% money back guarantee. Integrity and exemplary service are Watkins Hallmarks!

We Believe Watkins, Incorporated to be one of the Most Reputable and Square Dealing Enterprises in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industries! Ethics and integrity are sometimes hard to find in the contemporary marketplace. Watkins has set a remarkably high standard for honesty and integrity. The ideals, values and vision of the company have created a unique business opportunity for anyone who desires to achieve success in a home-based business. The Watkins brand name and longevity of service have created a stable and trustworthy enterprise that ensures continuance and success for the future. Watkins will be here for the long term.

We have found the Watkins Business Expression to be the fairest, most equitable and moral business system we have experienced in 30 years as business development consultants. The Watkins Business System represents a complete paradigm shift from the inherent unfairness, inequality and tensions of traditional business models. Every Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business. There are no ceilings on growth. There are no boundaries in terms of creativity. The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance. Any person who works hard and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways.

We sincerely love and believe in the People of Watkins. The corporate staff is comprised of caring, competent people who work very hard to ensure our success. We are very fortunate to be members of the illustrious Summit Group of Independent Watkins Associates. The founders of the Summit Group, Steve and Ginny Bretzke, are extremely dedicated to our success. Our Upline Executive, Jerry Fochtmann, is a remarkably supportive professional, who is ever ready to help. All of the Associates we have met and the more than 400 people on our team are great friends. They are “salt-of-the-earth” folks. It is a blessing to do business with these very special people.

We Really Appreciate the Watkins Array of Products! Before becoming Watkins Representatives, we came to fully appreciate the quality, value and fair pricing of all Watkins Products. The company offers products that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes. Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Gourmet Food items that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on the environment. Most of our products have been offered for decades and feature a level of quality, which is not common in the world today. Watkins, Inc. on-going Research and Development Programs add several new products to our Catalog each year! Most importantly, all of Watkins products are consumable. Our Customers keep coming back for more. That means we are developing a stable and consistent business, which provides us with substantial residual income!

We Have Come to Enjoy the Great Flexibility Inherent in the Watkins Business Opportunity. We may use many different strategies and techniques for the development of our work-at-home business. We write our own Business Development Plan with the help of our Upline Executives. Watkins encourages us to select the approaches that are the most comfortable for us and fit our current life circumstances, personality, style and resources. We have total flexibility in the operation of our Watkins Business! We are the BOSSES!

Watkins is a Network Marketing Company designed for busy people who do NOT like to sell but want to build substantial ongoing (residual) income. This part of our business emphasizes Personal Use of our world-class Watkins Products and Teambuilding (the creation of an ever-growing network of Associates who use the products and encourage others to do the same). Teambuilding is achieved by simply sharing the networking concept with others as you would share a good movie or a good restaurant. Essentially you are inviting others to be consumers of our great Watkins Products while at the same time they can also create their own network and earn significant residual income. Your fortune is in your network.

Watkins is also a Direct Selling Company designed for those who like to sell. This part of our business emphasizes Personal Use and Retail Selling. The history and traditions of the J.R. Watkins Company are steeped in the Direct selling Industry. This is how the company got its start. Retailing is achieved by catalog sharing, “Living Naturally Parties” and other traditional retailing methods. Some Retail Associates have their own Retail store through which they sell Watkins Products. Many still market Watkins Products through large public venues like fairs, community days, and farmer’s markets.

Watkins Offers a Remarkable Support System. We can focus on building our Network Marketing organization and increasing our monthly residual income because we do not have to worry about administration and training. Watkins, Inc. administers and pays all commissions directly to our team. The company provides a comprehensive business support system that features state-of-the-art technology applications and advanced business processes to support both Customers and Representatives. A user friendly Website offers a shopping cart and comprehensive information about J.R. Watkins and the management of a Watkins Home-Based Business.

Our illustrious Summit Group Training website takes care of most of the training needs of our new Watkins Representatives thereby relieving us of the need to intensely train others. The Training Website is like having a full-time staff trainer working for you 24/7. The Summit Group Information website offers 24/7 support in educating prospective Watkins Representatives about the Watkins Home-Based Business System. This is a great support in the process of sponsoring new Representatives.

We Call Our J.R. Watkins Business – The Perfect Business. You operate from the convenience of your home on your own schedule and customize your business approaches to your personality, style and resources. No prior business experience is required for you to be successful. You may work full-time or part-time. You are the BOSS! You have no overhead or production costs. You do not have to concern yourself with quality control issues. There is no worry about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll. You do not have to pay for expensive insurance programs or worry about government regulations, licenses and certifications. You are supported by the best training system in the Network Marketing Industry (through the Summit Group). You can easily learn the basics of the business in a few hours and learn more advanced methods as you go. You can literally start to make money your first week in your J.R. Watkins business – the perfect business.

We Were Really Impressed by the Fact That the J.R. Watkins Work-At-Home Opportunity Has a Strong Appeal for Many Differing Life Situations. Following are examples: Anyone Seeking Supplemental Income! *The Unemployed Victims of Downsizing! *Citizens Struggling To Pay Medical Insurance Premiums! * Retired Persons On Fixed Incomes! *Families and Stay-At-Home Moms and Dads! *Struggling Single Parents! *Disabled People Who Can’t Function in the Traditional Workplace! *Baby Boomers Who Simply Want To Help Others! *The Fully Employed Who Seek “Insurance” Against Future Job Loss! *Those who are frustrated by Dead-End Jobs! *Small Business Owners Who Need an Additional Profit Center! *College Students seeking financial support! *Families Desirous of Reducing Their Debts! *Women and Minorities Seeking Breakthrough Opportunities! *Members of the Military who can take their business wherever assigned! *Entrepreneurs Seeking an Independent Business with awesome potential!

Watkins Has Given Us a New Mission in Life! At this moment in North America there are literally millions of people who dream of a better life. They seek meaning and a sense of purpose for their lives. They genuinely want to enhance the well being of their family and loved ones. These seekers desire to tap into the abundance of the world and gain financial independence. They desire to reach out and help others. Every time we introduce the J.R Watkins home-based business to one of these seekers we are offering them a remarkable opportunity. We are offering them a turn-key business vehicle that has the potential to change their lives. As award winning Watkins Gold Managers of the illustrious Summit Group, we consistently and aggressively enroll new Associates to join our Watkins Success Team.

The Minimal Start-Up Investment Is Truly Remarkable. Fran and I calculate, based on a life-time of operating independent businesses that it would require an investment of many thousands of dollars to buy into a traditional franchise business that has the same level of support as that provided by J.R. Watkins working in collaboration with the Summit Group. Unbelievably, with the Watkins Home-Based business you get all of this for an initial investment of $39.95. There is no other work-at-home business system that represents the potential of Watkins, Incorporated, that can be started for such a reasonable investment.

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