Develop a Watkins consciousness – especially about your use of time!

Build a bold vision of helping thousands of people to a better life. Look upon your Watkins business as a mission of service to others. Think BIG, Plan BIG and work BIG! You shall positively impact on countless people. You can do it!

One of your biggest challenges will be the multiple distractions that will affect you every day. When you set out to achieve wonderful things you will find that life situations will continuously get in your way. You must simply not allow these distractions to impede your progress.

Build a Watkins consciousness. Think Watkins in all aspects of your life. This is especially important in living good stewardship of your time. We suggest that you assess how you currently spend your time. How many hours per week can you invest in developing your business? How are you using discretionary time? How much time do you spend watching TV or playing games on the Internet or sending frivolous messages over a social media network? Set some of that time aside and dedicate it exclusively to tasks that will build your business.

These tasks should be primarily focused on contacts with prospects and coaching your team as it builds. Do not consider clearing your desk, filing, and other such non-productive activities as business builders. They are not.

Sending an email to a prospect – phoning a prospect or mailing information to a prospect are true business building activities. Passing out business cards to every person you meet is a must activity. Striking up conversations with strangers will build your confidence and build your team.

There are two thoughts that you should keep in the forefront of your consciousness with every new contact –

* This person may change my life financially for ever. I owe it to myself to share my business with him or her.

* Our business may change this persons life financially forever. I owe it to him or her to share my business opportunity!

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  1. Janiece Graham says:

    This is great! Thanks for all you two do. Hope to meet you at the conference. Janiece

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