Watkins – Great Potential for Baby Boomers and Retirees!

The aging of the population in North America finds increasing numbers of boomers and retirees who need to earn supplemental income to maintain a respectable quality of life and retain their independence. Many of these seniors have excellent work experiences and backgrounds. A large number of them are highly qualified professionals. Now, in retirement or nearing retirement, they are seeking an opportunity to serve others, while at the same time generate supplemental income. The Watkins/Summit Independent Business opportunity satisfies many of the needs, wants and desires of active seniors.

Reasons for working after retirement. There are many needs that drive people to continue to work after retirement. Generally speaking retirees are seeking supplemental income, a way to overcome debt, an opportunity to gain more control over their lives and enhance their quality of life. Reviews of current research and dozens of articles about life after retirement reveal several recurring reasons why people work beyond the traditional full-time career.

Many seniors lack sufficient income. The American Association of Retired People reports that 30% of retirees indicate that financial need drives them to continue work after retirement. They simply need to supplement their other income sources, if they wish to continue a fulfilled and comfortable lifestyle. Pension plans, Social Security and investments no longer provide a basic standard of living for many retirees! Due to inflation and many other factors, they are no longer able to maintain a quality of life that they worked most of their lives to achieve. For many people, retirement means cutting back to a life-style that is far less than they had envisioned for their senior years. Watkins is definitely an answer for many Retirees.

Baby Boomers can benefit greatly from a Watkins Business. Baby Boomers are the growing population over 60 years of age. There are approximately 78,000,000 million people in the USA who are known as Boomers. Their large population bubble is now reshaping aging in America. Coincidentally, these are the same folks who have experienced the greatest stock market losses and pension fund devaluation in recent recessions. Boomers are ideally suited to become highly successful Watkins Associates!

Baby Boomers May Be the Largest Group of Opportunity Seekers! Many are highly educated professionals who want to work after retirement, but outside of corporate structures. They want to be their own boss and write their own schedule. They want to work where, when and how they wish to work. They are stimulated by risk-taking and will rise to meet new challenges. Many have expendable income to purchase products that will assure a better standard of living. Boomers represent is a generation of high tech proficiency. They are immersed in computers and understand the awesome potential of the information super highway – the Internet. A growing number seek a “turn-key” home based business that will offer challenge and financial opportunity. Watkins is a great fit for Boomers.

Growing numbers of retirees are abandoning the rocking chair. They want to remain active. They have a caring spirit and genuinely want to help people. Many seek new ventures and possibilities that will allow them to use their competencies, skills and life experiences. They are highly motivated self-navigators capable of significant innovation. Given a business system, a set of tools and some basic guidance they will excel. How about Watkins?

Active seniors pursue new directions. Many retirees have spent a lifetime envisioning some special work or possibility they want to pursue. Leaving the demands of full-time employment provides many seniors the opportunity to participate in new ventures. Much of their time and energy involves volunteer work. Retirees view this time in their lives as an opportunity to “give back” and help others. However, many are limited financially and are curtailed in their giving. Watkins can change that. Even a “casual” Watkins Business can greatly enhance the quality of life of retirees! Recently we interviewed several seniors who had to make major lifestyle adjustments since retiring. We asked, “What would it take in additional monthly income to make a very positive impact on your lifestyle?” The responses ranged from $500 to $1000 per month. Is that achievable with Watkins? You bet! You will be doing a magnificent service to retirees by introducing them to Watkins!

Green and Growing Seniors are re-writing the definition of retirement. Vital and active seniors are turning their backs on the traditional retirement scenario. They are no longer willing to accept that you retire, quit living, rock on the front porch for 2.7 years and then die. The green and growing seniors are seeking exciting new possibilities and ventures. They desire to use their existing talents and skills and learn new competencies. Many are returning to school to learn new skills. They are truly becoming life-long learners. Their contributions to the world will go far beyond the traditional retirement age. One senior recently told us, “I am a renaissance man. I lived one life and now I am building a whole new set of possibilities.” Another said, “I am not retired I am simply redirected.” Many want to use their skills and competencies in new arenas and they seek exciting challenges and new opportunities. We can’t think of anything more appropriate than Watkins.

Seniors are becoming more health conscious and physically fit. This new breed of retiree is taking full advantage of the fact that our life expectancy is increasing dramatically. Seniors want to feel better, look better, increase their energy levels and take better care of their bodies. There is a growing trend to rely more on natural dietary supplements. Science now recognizes that the typical diet does not offer the supply of higher levels of nutrients required to enhance mental function, stabilize moods, offer protection against cancer, heart disease, bone fractures, mental decline and pre-mature aging. Watkins can make a serious and dramatic contribution to the health and wellness of seniors. Our great Dietary Supplements and the new line of environmentally-friendly, family-friendly household cleaning products can greatly enhance the lives of seniors. Additionally the Watkins Business opportunity can fill many of the needs, wants and desires of retirees. We can actually help seniors become more fulfilled, productive and happy. All of this leads to healthier living.

The new breed of retiree desires less stress and chaos in whatever they chose to do. Retirees seek less stressful, grinding and demanding work. They no longer wish to be consumed or overwhelmed by a job. They want a work experience that is more casual and fun. They seek to gain flexibility and control over their life circumstances. Upon retirement from full-time work most people want to be more in charge of how they spend their remaining lifetime. They seek a flexible schedule and ample free time. They want more control over their work circumstances. Most of their lifetime has been controlled by the demands of employment, family, friends, their religious community and service to others. Retirees want the option of working, contributing and participating fully in life. But they also want the option of getting up in the morning and deciding to “go fishing.”

Seniors need to be involved in a greater game. They have a need to reach beyond their individual lives and participate in a vital and active community of like minded people. There can be a serious emotional letdown after a person settles into retirement. Many retirees miss the “interplay” with others that they enjoyed in their former workplace. They need people contact to stay healthy, happy and “most alive.” They seek joyful, pleasant and growth facilitating experiences. They need to be recognized for a job well-done and affirmed as individuals. Watkins represents a great way to develop new friendships and have fun! Have fun and be happy! Serve others and enhance your quality of life! Make supplemental income! You can start today!

We are seeking Active Retirees who desire new friends, new adventures, new excitement, extra income and a lot of FUN in life! Give us a call!

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  1. Bob Hamilton says:

    I fall into this group and I am working with several people at this time and have some success. I really like this group because I am right there with them.

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