Is the J.R. Watkins Company legitimate and trustworthy?

Is the J.R. Watkins Company a legitimate and trustworthy home-based business?  Is it for real?  Can I expect a solid return on my time and energy investment?  Can I become successful working part-time and eventually grow my business into a full-time career?  Can I build residual income as a Watkins Distributor? 

A lot of work-at-home business seekers contact us to determine if the J.R. Watkins Company is a legitimate opportunity.  They want to know if Watkins Representatives can in fact earn a significant income working part-time from the convenience of their home.  They want to review just what drives J.R. Watkins and they seriously desire to have assurances that the company is not a scam, illegal pyramid or some new form of Internet con-game.  Basically they want to know if the business is legitimate and can they make money with it and gain improved financial security?  The answer is, “Yes, J.R. Watkins is legitimate and trustworthy.”

Of course, a certain level of skepticism is appropriate and prudent as you search for a Home-Based Business opportunity.  Just pick up the newspapers every day and you will be constantly reminded that we live in our scam-ridden society.  We live in a very difficult world where many less than desirable home business offers are made with the intent of taking money from unsuspecting folks and offering little or nothing in return.  Some offers are outright scams and others are not viable – they simply do not work.  It is prudent to very seriously check out any Home Business offer that you are considering.

But avoid a negative knee-jerk reaction to every home-based business.  We must be careful not to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water.  There are many legitimate home-based business opportunities that can prove to be financially profitable and fun to operate.  J.R. Watkins is one of them!  There are tens-of-thousands of Watkins Representatives throughout the USA and Canada who will attest to the honesty and integrity of J.R. Watkins.

As government regulations and over-sight have tightened, most of the home-based scams have dried up – not all but most.  The bad guys have moved on to bigger ponds, like “phishing” for your bank account number through fake emails.  These realities have left the good guys of the legitimate work-from-home business industry to thrive.

However, work-at-home business seekers should always proceed with caution.  There are still some bad companies preying on the gullible and uninformed.  Do your research.  Sift and sort until you are comfortable that you have identified an excellent company that fits your personality, style, resources, needs and goals.  We suggest that you include The J.R. Watkins Home-Based Business on your list of possibilities.

We always welcome inquiries from anyone who has a serious interest in launching their own work-at-home enterprise.  Some are seeking a Direct Selling Company and others are looking to participate in a Network Marketing model.  J.R. Watkins uniquely blends the two business models into a unified approach.  Watkins Distributors actually design their own business approaches with the coaching and guidance of seasoned Watkins Representatives.

We encourage all candidates for our business to ask their questions, evaluate our business model, review our track record and fully assess our opportunity.  The more questions they ask – the better it is.  It is always a privilege to work-with serious-minded seekers who genuinely desire to buy into a workable, viable and potentially profitable home-based business system.

If you have ever shared with a person the many features, benefits and potential of a legitimate work-at-home experience you will realize the types of things that are often stressed.  There are basics that every potential home business owner wants to learn about.  Obviously, they want to know about the company history, reputation for quality, company guarantees, the catalog of products, the compensation plan and the start-up costs.  Most people are seeking a company that sells a line of quality products that are consumable and have a large and interested market.

They want to know if the opportunity is a “turn-key” business model.  Is it easily operated and can they be successful working it part-time?  They want to know about the basic policies and administrative practices of the partnering company.

More and more we are discovering that many people are interested in the human side of the business.  They want to know about the leadership style and the people relationships that are evident.  They are really concerned about the type of people they will be working with.  They express great interest in the value systems and business philosophy of the company.

We have found in recent years that people are not only looking for an income opportunity but they are also highly interested in their own personal development and growth.  We even have people asking if this is an opportunity that will help “re-invent” them and build skills and knowledge for their future.  They are concerned about quality of life issues.  We frequently hear a question like this – “Can I make money, become a better person and have a better life?”

Of course we share with our Candidates the attitudes, skill-sets and competencies that are characteristic of high-performance J.R. Watkins Representatives.  For those who have interest we proudly share all of the information they need to make an informed decision about our Home –Based business opportunity. 

I consider the Watkins Business expression to be the fairest, most equitable and moral business system I have experienced in 35 years as a business development consultant.  It represents a complete paradigm shift from the unfairness, inequality and tensions of traditional business models.  Every J.R. Watkins Representative sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business.  There are no ceilings on growth.  There are no boundaries in terms of creativity.  The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance.  Any person who works hard and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways.  I truly believe that J.R. Watkins represents the very BEST Home-Based Business Opportunity in North America! 

 Do you know all the ways to earn money with Watkins… our online brochure explains it all.

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  1. Steve Rice says:

    Nice article. I was a former WATKINS distributor. May want to consider returning, as I am nearing retirement, and looking for a supplemental income.

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