Is There a Market for Our Products and Business Model?

Is There a Strong Market for Watkins Products and Business model?

A Candidate who was recently exploring the Watkins Business Opportunity asked this question, “Is There Really a Market for Watkins Products and Business System? The short answer is “YES.” Following are more detailed explanations.

There is a significant demand for Watkins Products and our exemplary work-at-home business system. With world-class, consumable products you can build a sustainable business. Your customers keep on coming back for more.

However, our greatest strength is the fact that our work-at-home business system is considered by many to be our best product.

Obviously, Watkins sells a lot of products that may be considered as similar to products that are sold in supermarkets and pharmacies. However, there are vast differences between the typical offerings of the marketplace and what Watkins delivers. Our quality is exceptional. Our products deliver on our promises.

The company has been in business continuously since 1868. That is remarkable stability. It has thrived that long because it offers products that are of the highest quality – yet fairly priced. Shortly after its inception the company originated a 100% money-back guarantee on every product it sells. Watkins products are as natural as we can make them safely. All of our products are friendly to the environment. Our products are delivered by Associates or shipped directly and conveniently to the Customer from our vast distribution center in Winona, MN. Watkins marketing strategies are in complete alignment with contemporary marketing trends. These are some of the reasons why there is a “lot of call” for our products.

Watkins products are the driving energy of the Watkins Business Opportunity. Watkins offers 300 world-class products that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes. Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Seasonings and Condiments that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and Natural (Plant Based) Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on the environment. On-going Research and Development Programs add many new products to the Watkins Master Catalog each year.

QUALITY – Discerning buyers are always looking for products of distinction. Once a person experiences the superior quality of Watkins they will tend to continue purchasing Watkins for a long time. The consumable nature of the products means that your Customers will keep coming back for more. There is something that is simply unique about the quality of Watkins products. The best way to experience that is to try the products yourself. Our products are manufactured with the best ingredients, compounds and basic materials that the company can find. Our products are pure and do not contain unwanted fillers to “bulk” them up to produce weight and volume.

The tradition of Watkins QUALITY started from the inception of the business. J.R. Watkins, the founder, sent emissaries around the world to seek out and buy the best ingredients for his products. The company’s on-going research and development efforts are continuously improving on every aspect of product manufacturing and delivery. The quality of our products has been recognized since the inception of the company. In 1928 at the International Exposition in Paris, France, Watkins earned the International Gold Medal Grand Prize for Vanilla, Pepper and Cinnamon along with other spices. These three products are incomparable along with many other products that we offer. Our competition simply does not measure up to Watkins in terms of quality and pricing.

PRICING – Pricing is critical to Customers. Even the most discerning Customers who want superior quality also want to pay a fair price for products. Most of Watkins products are concentrated and when placed head-to-head in cost-per-usage comparisons, Watkins proves to be the lower cost. For example: The cost of leading laundry detergents compared to Watkins finds ours to be of superior quality while at the same time offers a cost-per-use that is better than the competition. This may be said of many of our leading products.

GUARANTEE – J. R. Watkins created a great dialog with his Customers. He encouraged their input and solicited their ideas. This dialog gave birth to the “trial mark” on Watkins bottles, which indicates how much product can be used and still returned for a refund. He introduced and promoted the 100% money-back guarantee that still stands today.

CUSTOMER RELATIONS – WATKINS is the the Gold Standard for business integrity. J. R. Watkins required honesty and square dealing in all business transactions. He demanded high quality products and service for his customers. This business philosophy still prevails today. Watkins promises excellence and delivers excellence. Customers not only buy high quality products that are fairly priced but they buy the privilege of doing business with a quality company. Many of our Customers enroll as Watkins Associates so they can benefit from the remarkable 25% Associate Discount.

CONVENIENCE AND TIME SAVINGS – Folks seek convenience and time efficiencies. Instead of fighting traffic, burning expensive gasoline and being jostled by store crowds they can sit in the comfort of their homes to order many of their monthly essentials. Their products will be conveniently delivered to their door.

OFFERING SOLUTIONS – Watkins offers solutions to people’s problems. Watkins is so popular because its products help people to look better, feel better and enjoy an easier and enhanced life style. Our superior Independent Business Opportunity offers “casual” Associates the opportunity to earn supplemental income. It provides a vehicle for our career Associates to leverage themselves into a six-figure income and residual earnings that can last a life-time. We are the solution to a lot of problems.

CONTEMPORARY MARKETING TRENDS Catalog/Internet shopping has become a way of life for millions of families in North America. This creates a vast market for Watkins. The introduction of the Internet has opened whole new vistas for selling products to masses of people. The Watkins Website is one of the most user friendly and comprehensive websites in the network marketing industry. Many current marketing strategies rely on “viral” marketing which is essentially a word-of-mouth technique. Word-of-mouth strategies represent the potential to unleash a Watkins “epidemic” of sales in the near future. Another current trend promotes “social-selling” approaches that bring small groups of people together socially to sample products and share testimonials about the value and benefits of products and the companies who manufacture them. Watkins has developed a “social selling” approach known as Living Naturally Parties. In just a few years this approach has become one of the most popular sales and business builder methods in the history of the company.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE – The personal touch. Watkins Products are sold through tens-of-thousands of Associates who provide a very personal touch. The Daisey Group currently has many “Casual Customers” who purchase now and then and about 100 “Preferred Customers” who purchase very consistently. Some of these Customers are local and we see them often. The larger group of Customers is from throughout the USA and Canada. We communicate with them through email and telephone. We serve them in a very caring, personal and professional manner. We share recipes, give guidance and counsel about the use of the products. We develop a very personal relationship with our Customers. We also have a large number of Watkins Associates in our Group who we train, guide and support in the development of their Watkins Businesses. We sell many thousands of dollars in product sales each month. We can attest to the fact that there is a very significant “call” for Watkins Products and there is a vast market yet to be tapped.

SALES PERFORMANCE OF THE SUMMIT GROUP The Daisey Group is a part of a larger Independent Marketing Group in Watkins known as the Summit Group. This Group is the most productive and successful Independent Marketing Organization in the history of the company. Just to emphasize that there is a significant call for the items that the company sells – the Summit Group sells many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Watkins Products each and every month.

WATKINS REPRESENTS A REMARKABLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. The Watkins Business expression is the fairest, most equitable and moral business system that you will ever experience. It represents a complete paradigm shift from the unfairness, inequality and tensions of traditional business models. Every Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business. There are no ceilings on growth. There are no boundaries in terms of creativity. The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance. Any person who works hard and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways. We truly believe that Watkins represents the very BEST Independent Business Opportunity in North America!

At this period in history literally millions of people are seeking a home-based, independent business opportunity. Although these seekers have differing motivations and backgrounds, they are all searching for essentially the same things – a viable and workable business system and the ability to achieve financial independence. Watkins is the answer. We believe Watkins to be the BEST Independent Business Opportunity in North America. If you elect to enroll in Watkins with us you will be joining a WINNING TEAM! We will be with you every step of the way on your business journey.

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