Join a Powerful Business Alliance!

A Powerful Business Alliance – YOU, Watkins and the Summit Group

Here is your opportunity join a powerful business alliance and launch a work-at-home career in association with Watkins, Inc. and in collaboration with the illustrious Summit Group. Participants in this business alliance are supported and coached in building a Network Distribution Organization in the USA and Canada using time tested and proven business systems and practices. Watkins/Summit represents one of the leading Independent Business Opportunities available in the marketplace today! Here is your opportunity to develop a financially secure future and have the time to enjoy it.

YOU and what you may bring to our business alliance!

As a successful person you bring a set of special skills and attitudes that can serve you well in developing a viable and lucrative business. Here is your opportunity to bring your experience, skills, energy, enthusiasm and spirit to creating a business that is truly your own – a business that has no financial limits or ceilings – a business that can bring a whole new quality of life and financial freedom to you and your family.

Watkins, Incorporated – Our Product Partner and Business System Provider.

When you “partner” with Watkins you are associating with one of North America’s most enduring and stable companies. Watkins serves as our “product partner” and manufactures hundreds of world-class, consumable products. The Company also provides our tried and proven turn-key business system.

The Summit Group of Independent Watkins Associates – Our Marketing, Training and Support Partner.

The Summit Group was founded 21 years ago by Steve and Ginny Bretzke, Independent Watkins Associates who have now achieved the coveted Watkins Gold Executive Title. The Bretzke’s and their executive team are now recognized as pioneers in the new expressions of the network distribution industry.

Steve and Ginny are dedicated to providing marketing support, training and Internet technology to all Associates who enroll in Watkins under their Summit Group banner. Most importantly Steve and Ginny along with Bronze Executive Jerry Fochtmann offer a consistent dose of common sense guidance that helps all associates who desire success.

The goal of the Summit Group is to identify competent individuals who understand the great potential of network distribution and to enroll them into our business system. Currently, there are almost 6000 independent Watkins Associates in the Summit Group.

In the past 21 years the Summit Group, under the leadership of Watkins Gold Executives Steve and Ginny Bretzke, Bronze Executive Jerry Fochtmann and Silver Executive Randy Robinson have developed some of the most sophisticated websites in the network distribution industry. These websites are offered FREE to Watkins Associates of the Summit Group. Our websites support training, information exchange, advanced education and a remarkable system for sponsoring new Associates into your network. When you enroll in Watkins under the Summit Group you are joining professionals who are pace-setters in the Watkins business system and in the network distribution industry.

Each Major Player in our Business Alliance brings something unique to our opportunity!

Obviously, there is a great synergism and mutual support among the participants in our Business Alliance. There is mutual trust and interdependency. Each part of the alliance depends on the other two parts. YOU, Watkins and the Summit Group need each other. As we work together and collaborate successfully we increase our potential for greater productivity, achievements and abundance.

The Desired Qualifications for Associates who participate in our Business Alliance!

The more successful Associates who participate in our Business Alliance are people who have a personal dream and a desire to excel in life. They have a well-defined vision of what they want their life to become and they are willing to pay the price to achieve it. They grasp the big picture and understand fully the power and potential of their business. They know how to plan and then consistently and intensely act on their plan.

Our leading Associates are self-starters and self navigators. They know where they are going and they know what they need to do to get there. They are persistent, driven by goals and have a burning passion to excel and achieve. They are action oriented folks who bring their goals and dreams to life.

These pace-setters have a positive approach to life and a generous spirit. They love people and recognize that our business model is totally people oriented. They are aware that their success will be defined by their ability to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships. They demonstrate unquestionable honesty and integrity in all business dealings and personal relationships.

Successful Network Distribution professionals are life-long learners. They are open minded and willing to try new possibilities. Although no business experience is required they must have a willingness to become students of the art and science of Network Distribution.

Understanding the investments required to build your business.

Time Investment: Every business requires a certain amount of time to develop. In the early phases of your business you may operate part-time. As your business unfolds you may continue part-time or as your business matures and becomes successful you may devote a full-time effort. But even full-ime “career” associates have a flexible schedule and significant time freedom. You are always in total control of how much time you devote to your business.

Financial Investment: Launch your business with a remarkably low investment! Watkins offers one of the lowest Business Start-Up Investments of any independent business opportunity in the USA or Canada. You can launch your very own Watkins/Summit Business for an investment of $39.95 plus state or provincial tax. Serious business builder entrepreneurs may elect to invest an additional $500 (US) or more for OPTIONAL starter up-grades.

Emotional Investment: The emotional energy that you bring to your business may be the most important investment of all. If you can develop a passion and enthusiasm for the mission and purpose of your business – you will excel. There are many associates (like Fran and me) who believe with all their hearts that the Watkins products and business opportunity can greatly enhance lives. We witness this reality every day in many ways. Associates with this level of belief are virtually unstoppable and have a high degree of success. They enjoy sharing with people about the income potential and the time flexibility offered by a Watkins business. They attract many customers and associates for their team. In short, associates who have a strong belief in what they’re doing are the ones most likely to succeed.

Here is your opportunity to create your own work-at-home network distribution business and cash in on the awesome economic rewards of the Watkins/Summit business alliance. There is no ceiling on your business growth and earning potential. Every Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business. There are no boundaries in terms of creativity. The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance. Any person who works smartly and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways. Welcome to our buisness alliance!

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