Launch Your Dream with a Great Dialog!

When I make first contact with a person who is seeking an independent business opportunity like Watkins, I often suggest to them that we start an “email dialog.” Frequently, the response is, “What’s that?” I explain that a dialog is simply a conversation – sharing and listening. It is a discussion designed to exchange ideas and develop understanding.

To start a dialog I ask folks to share with me their wants, needs and desires. I ask if they have a special dream for their future. I offer to share my dream and the Watkins Business opportunity with them. Most people are happy to join me in dialog.

A good dialog helps all parties to better understand an idea or an important concept. At its best, a dialog is open and candid. The process of dialoging illuminates everyone involved. An intense exchange of information has the potential to take an idea to whole new levels of development. Nurturing a consistent dialog is a great way to promote the achievement of your special dream. History is loaded with remarkable examples of expansive dialogs that have brought dreams to reality and changed the world.

Jesus of Nazareth Shared a New Covenant Through a Great Dialog

Jesus of Nazareth taught His Apostles for about three years. He shared with his followers His vision of a whole new Covenant Relationship between God and humankind. What a bold and earthshaking concept. Jesus turned conventional thinking upside down with His principles, precepts and “Good News.”

Jesus taught in beautifully simplistic parables, so that we all would understand. Most importantly He dialoged. He challenged people, tested their thinking and shared his insights. He talked with anyone who would listen – lawyers, tax collectors, fisherman, religious leaders, government officials, people of all cultures, rich and poor and even the less than desirable citizens of His day. And everyone who joined Jesus in dialog was forever changed. The expansive dialog that Jesus launched has continued for more than 2,000 years and has profoundly altered the course of human history. What a remarkable dialog!

The American Colonies Founded a New Republic Through a Great Dialog

Out of the churches, meetinghouses, local taverns, inns, market squares, villages and the halls of the colonial legislatures there emerged a powerful dialog – a vast conversation. At first it was just a small core of patriots who expressed their displeasure with the King of England and his high-handed policies and taxation.

But these early patriots offered a powerful idea – the dream of freedom. The dialog grew and reverberated throughout the land. This great conversation debated the idea of freedom from the abuses of the King of England. The debate was contentious and raucous and led to revolution. Revolution led to the establishment of The United States of America, one of the most powerful Republics in the history of the world. What a remarkable dialog!

J. R. Watkins Achieved His Dream Through a Great Dialog

In 1868 J. R. Watkins, an enterprising young man, purchased the rights to a medicinal formulation called Red Liniment. He later named his product Watkins Liniment. J. R. Watkins brewed his liniment on his kitchen stove, bottled it and then journeyed into nearby territories riding in a horse drawn carriage to sell his unique product. In the beginning it was a one-man enterprise. But J.R. had a larger dream and he quickly realized that he could not carry his dream forward without significant help from others.

The success of Watkins Liniment became the foundation on which J.R. Watkins built a direct selling empire. He formed a dream and saw a vision of what could be. And then, like most successful entrepreneurs, he brought his dream to fruition through a never-ending dialog. He told everyone about his dream of manufacturing and selling many quality products that would enhance the lives of his customers. He told his story over and over again. He engaged and involved ever-expanding numbers of people in the quest of his dream.

Through his ongoing dialog he recruited others to join him in his vision of what could be. He employed manufacturing specialists to create new products. He sent emissaries around the globe to purchase the very best ingredients. He hired sales persons to sell products in ever expanding territories. These enterprising “Representatives” shared the Watkins dream with every person they met.

J. R. Watkins great dialog included customers as well. He encouraged their input and solicited their ideas. He gave birth to the “trial mark” on his bottles and promoted the 100% money-back guarantee. J. R. required honesty, integrity and square dealing in all business transactions. He demanded high quality service for his customers.

J.R. Watkins was very much ahead of his time. He had many characteristics that set him apart from other business leaders. But one unique strategy enabled him to excel over most others. He shared his dream and unleashed a great dialog. This ongoing and expansive conversation (story – telling) with the marketplace gave birth to one of the most notable and most successful companies in North America. What a legacy! What a remarkable dialog.

Steve and Ginny Bretzke Joined The Great Watkins Dialog

Steve and Ginny Bretzke, Watkins Gold Executives and Founders of the Summit Group, have created one of the most dynamic independent distribution organizations in the entire history of Watkins. Unbelievably, they started their business about 21 years ago with the purchase of a Watkins Business Starter Kit for $29.95. They did not know a thing about the products and had no customers.

But very quickly Steve and Ginny caught the value and vision of Watkins. They followed in the tradition of J.R. They soon found themselves as supporters of the great Watkins dialog. They told everyone they met about the great products and the remarkable Watkins Business opportunity. In short order they established themselves as founding leaders of an emerging and highly productive Independent Watkins Distribution organization – The Summit Group.

Steve and Ginny built an organization from scratch that now has more than 6,000 Associates. Wisely they have invested heavily in websites, training services, publications and materials, messages boards and support for all Associates who enroll into their organization. Most notably, Steve and Ginny are in constant and intense communication with all of their Associates who aspire to greatness in the Watkins business system. They wisely use technology to encourage and support their great dialog.

Everyone in The Summit Group is involved in a continuous process of discovery and empowerment. Our great dialog produces original ideas, solves problems, exchanges vast amounts of information and discovers new possibilities. We have the sense that we are players in the “greater game.” We are part of something bigger than ourselves. This intense communication and involvement builds pride, dignity and a sense of purpose and trust. It also promotes a great sense of belonging – belonging to something worthwhile – something of significant value.

I truly believe that Steve and Ginny have found a significant key to success in network distribution. This is the key: they consistently communicate with a whole universe of people and organizations. They are in continuous and intense dialog with the Watkins Home Office, their downline Associates, their customers, prospective Associates and everybody they meet. They have a dream of serving tens of thousands of Customers and developing thousands of Independent Watkins Associates. And, like J. R. Watkins, they realize they can’t achieve their dream alone. So they have launched a great dialog that is designed to involve and incorporate an ever-growing number of Associates and Customers. What a great opportunity for all of us. What a remarkable dialog.

Are You Ready To Launch Your Own Great Dialog?

Here is Your Special Invitation to Success. State your dream and then support your dream with a great dialog. Launch an ongoing, consistent and intentional dialog. Tell everyone your story. But always be certain to tie your dialog to your dream. The dialog will be empty and meaningless unless it is driven by your dream – your vision of what could be.

This is the Promise of Your Great Dialog. Your discourse with the world will encourage creative thinking and free the imagination. You will be personally energized as you expand your dialog. Your enthusiasm will soar and you will be motivated to bold action. You will be inspired to break all barriers and constraints. You will help your Associates transcend fear, anxiety, self-doubt and frustration. Your Associates will begin to see their Watkins Business with a new pair of eyes. They will begin to walk and talk more confidently.

The expression of your vision and the roll-out of your great dialog will encourage others to articulate their own vision and begin their own dialog – and the tradition and legacy of Watkins will be passed on to countless others. Your great dialog will also ensure that nothing will stand in the way of your success! Your organization will grow in numbers and vitality. Your productivity, performance and profits will consistently increase.

But You Must Work Smart. Use the remarkable tools that are provided to you by Watkins and The Summit Group to support your great dialog. They are really significant gifts that have the potential to help you achieve your fortune and in the process leave a remarkable legacy to all those you serve.

Launch Your Dream With A Great Dialog. Start today!
It will revolutionize your Watkins Business and transform your life!

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