Let’s Celebrate the Power of Hope!

**Hope is the feeling that what you desire to happen will happen. It is a feeling of great expectation. Make Hope a habit. Practice it. The result will be a permanently happy spirit! In the presence of Hope – Faith is born. Faith will lead you to mighty works in your life.

**Hope is the pillar that upholds the world! Hope dwells on the positive. It is a friend of progress. It is a lover of prosperity. It is a soul-mate of abundance. Hope is a part of God’s creative energy in the universe! Hope is not a dream but a powerful force that helps us make our dreams a reality!

**Far, far away up there at the summit of the mountain is where our greatest aspirations live. The summit of the mountain is the nesting place of our dreams. Only Hope will help us climb there so we can achieve and embrace our dreams! Hope will take us to the summit and bring us victory!

**New beginnings can be scary. Endings can sometimes be sad, but in the middle is what really counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning or in the middle just give hope a chance and trust that the ending will turn out much better.

**Allow Hope to encourage you through your darkest times. Let Hope bring you focus in your brightest days. Invite Hope to walk with you all the days of your life! Invite Hope into your life and Faith will follow!

**Hope always walks with you but sometimes you fail to feel its presence. When you are hopeless and defeated, just sigh a deep breath and say, “Oh Yes.” And Hope will walk with you again. Try it! It works!

**Hope is a powerful emotion. It empowers us when we are down and lifts our spirits in the dark times. When we despair about life and do nothing about our condition we become overwhelmed and powerless. We can lose hope. The only way up and out is to take action.

**When we step-out even in baby-steps we feel a sense of Hope. It may be just a small quiver in our belly but it is a beginning. One small success will lead to larger successes and we will be on our way to a better life. We will Celebrate Hope!
Blessed are those whose dreams are shaped by their HOPE!
HOPE will empower them to achieve their dreams!
Unfortunate are those whose dreams are shaped by their HURTS!
HURTS will deny them the achievement of their dreams!

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