Nurture a Sense of Community!

We hear a lot today about the concept of community. The dictionary defines “community” as a group of like-minded individuals who bond together for a common purpose. The individual members of the community are held together by mutual goals, values and beliefs. Watkins is a community of Associates which shares the Watkins heritage and traditions. We are held together by a business philosophy of integrity, quality and honesty. We are connected together by a caring spirit.

The Watkins/Summit Community represents a philosophy of living – a special way of life. Our members enjoy valued friendships and tend to be happy and adjusted folks. We benefit from a life-long opportunity for personal and professional growth. Very importantly, we experience a renewed sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and a ton of recognition. These attributes are priceless in today’s cynical and challenging world.

The most successful Watkins Leaders nurture a strong sense of community among their team members. In addition to Watkins we are blessed to be a part of the Summit Group where a great sense of community is nurtured. We all draw strength from being a part of that illustrious community.

Our Watkins Community promotes personal growth and economic development. It helps members to fill their basic human needs of financial security, social acceptance, recognition, self-esteem and self-fulfillment. It encourages reaching out in service to others. It is a life-style that enhances all those who participate.

Start building your Watkins Community today! The stronger you build your Watkins Community the more success you shall achieve. Reach outside yourself to show others the way to success. When you focus on helping others to achieve what they want and need in life, you will be rewarded in countless ways.

Show faith in your Associates. Encourage them during their times of discouragement. Help them to unleash creativity and self-confidence. Build rapport and trust. Be their friend and mentor. Teach them how to be a winner and help position them for success. Continuously affirm that there is hope for a better future. Let them know that they are never alone.

Consistently encourage your Team Members and broaden their vision of what can be. Help them dream a larger dream for their lives. Demonstrate the power of hope, belief and faith. Continuously communicate and involve your Associates in the greater game. Help them see the big picture.

Go the extra mile to nurture and support those who are dedicated and sincere. Teach them to be accountable to themselves and their dream. Affirm their efforts. Build on their strengths. Quietly guide them on their journey. Be a steady, ever-present influence. Recognize their achievements and celebrate their victories.

On-going communication and interaction are critical. Many of us live hundreds or thousands of miles from each other. We employ the “magic” of modern technology to overcome time and distance. We rely on continuous and effective communications to build and maintain the bonds of community.

There is great value in building and strengthening the bonds of your Watkins Community. You and your Associates will be far richer for doing so! We are dedicated to helping you and your team in becoming a stronger community.

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