Watkins Offers New Hope for Financially Stressed Families!

Dear Friends and Associates:

Please consider using the attached letter as a way to assist you in Sponsoring new Associates into your Watkins Business. We live in difficult times. Watkins offers an opportunity that has the power and potential to change lives. Fran and I are using this approach with our warm market now and will expand to other markets over a period of time.

This letter uses the “third-party” approach and essentially ask for referrals. In this approach you are asking someone to involve a “third-party” in looking at the Watkins Business. This technique has proven to be very effective for Fran and me.

Remember, this is only a suggestion. You are the boss of your Watkins Business. We offer suggestions but the final decision about any strategy or approach rests with you. Before trying anything like this it is always wise to check with your Sponsor and Upline Leadership so you will be in alignment with their business strategies. Following are suggestions that you may want to pursue.

• Share the following letter with your friends, family and work Associates.
• Send the letter to your Customer list.
• Ask everyone you share with to take a few copies and share with others.
• Get it to Mothers’ Clubs, Senior Citizens Groups and other civic organizations.
• Place on Church Bulletin Boards and Community Bulletin Boards.
• Distribute everywhere you possibly can.

If you use this letter be certain to customize the letter and place it on your Watkins Business Letterhead. Be sure to include your personal Contact Information and your Summit Group Information Website.

Much Success as you reach out to help financially stressed families.

(((Place On Your Watkins Letterhead)))

Watkins Offers New Hope for Families Who Need Extra Income!

With our unique Home-Business you may earn $300 to $500 or more in extra monthly income. We encourage you to check it out today!

Do your family or friends a great favor. Refer them to us to learn about the life-changing Watkins Home-Business System. The company currently provides extra income to tens-of-thousands of hard-working Watkins Associates. Here is your chance to share a remarkable opportunity with someone you love and care about!

Recent statistics indicate that 70% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. More than 50% face serious financial problems. Each day we read the news headlines about home foreclosures, the recession, layoffs and the scarcity of jobs. The cost of home heating oil, gasoline and food is flying off the charts. The current economic crunch is causing significant stress in millions of families. Heavy use of credit cards is trapping millions into deeper debt. Our quality of life is being seriously eroded.

Millions of Americans need supplemental income to make ends meet. People who may find themselves victims of down-sizing, retirees on fixed incomes, disabled persons, stay-at-home mothers – and care-givers often need supplemental income just to cover the basics of life. Many families, even those with good paying jobs, may be facing financial difficulties.

Since 1868 the Watkins Company has provided a business opportunity to sincere and hard-working people who want to better their lives. Watkins offers a Home Business Career that can be operated part-time to earn $300 to $500 or more per month. Many Associates make significantly greater income.

A Watkins Home-Business can be launched for less than $40.00. The low start-up fee and the ease of start-up are appealing features of the Watkins opportunity. Watkins Associates can start earning money their first week in the business. They can continue to earn ever larger sums as their business grows.

Associates can work their Watkins Business without affecting their current job. They can use their Watkins income to move out of financial crisis and achieve a more stabilized financial condition. Over a period of time they can achieve a whole new level of financial freedom. We are talking serious possibilities here. People confronted with a home foreclosure can supplement their income enough to save their home. Many Associates use their Watkins income to pay off credit cards and other debts. This reduces the pressure of high monthly payments and frees available money for other purposes.

Here is your chance to help those you love and care about. Introduce your family and friends to our exemplary Watkins Home Business. If you know of anyone who may be interested in such an opportunity please refer him or her to us. There will be no “hard sell” or pressure approaches. Watkins simply does not work that way. There is no obligation or cost for folks to contact us and just explore possibilities.

If you would like to know more about Watkins before you would be comfortable making a referral we will be pleased to provide additional information. Also, you may visit our Website at: (((ASSOCIATES INSERT YOUR TSG INFO WEBSITE AND PERSONAL CODE HERE))). Please feel free to invite others to visit our website as well.

It is a very noble act to help people you love and care about. Through Watkins you can help them to lead more stress-free and financially secure lives. We thank you in advance for sharing with those who may benefit from the remarkable Watkins Home-Business opportunity.

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