Watkins/Summit Offers Several Levels of Participation!

Special Note: The titles – Buyer’s Club Associates – Business Builder Associates and Career Associates are not official terminology or programs of Watkins, Inc. but are used by us to generally describe the various levels of participation that are enjoyed by Watkins Associates.

1. Buyer’s Club Associates.

Although Watkins does not have a formal “wholesale buyer’s club” program, many folks enroll in Watkins for the privilege of buying our world-class products at a discount. For an initial fee of $39.95 plus tax they can enjoy a 25% wholesale discount on their Watkins purchases. They place their orders directly with Watkins and the products are shipped conveniently to their home. After reasonable shipping and handling fees they still realize significant savings.

Associates may also join our Watkins Advantage Program and receive selected products on a monthly basis at a 30% discount with FREE Shipping & Handling. Associates who treat their enrollment in Watkins as a “wholesale buyer’s club” may also casually share Watkins catalogs and take customer orders. These orders may produce enough profits so that the Associate essentially gets his/her favorite Watkins products free.

Since Buyer’s Club Associates are not usually working to build a business there are no monthly quotas or performance requirements. There is an annual renewal fee of $32.00 for all Associates. Buyer’s Club Associates may increase their activities at any time and become Business Builder Associates.

2. Business Builder Associates.

Many Associates work part-time to earn a few hundred dollars per month to supplement their income. Others earn several thousands of dollars per month and gain new levels of financial security. They can work their Watkins Business without affecting their current job or professional position. They work to take vacations and buy special things to enhance their lives. Some use their Watkins income to contribute to a savings plan or to pay-off credit cards and reduce debt. Many use portions of their Watkins income to increase their giving to their favorite charities.

Business Builder Associates may elect to Retail Watkins Products or use Internet Technology to develop a substantial Team of Associates that can yield significant residual income. These Associates often achieve the various Manager Titles in the Watkins business System. Business Builder Associates are seeking financial security and time freedom and may expand their Watkins business to the point that they become Career Associates.

3. Career Associates.

Career Associates build a high performance Watkins/Summit Business and typically achieve advanced Watkins Manager or Executive Titles. They see themselves as the owner of an international distribution organization working in Association with Watkins and in Alliance with the Summit Group. These Associates are visionary thinkers and have a passionate belief in the power and possibilities of our Watkins Business system.

They demonstrate a steadfast belief in Watkins, our products, the Summit Group and themselves. They are goal oriented achievers. Their mission is to “Watkinize” North America. They are dedicated to helping their Associates and Customers to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. They focus on building an ever-growing network of Associate consumers who use Watkins Products and encourage others to do the same.

They have the potential to earn an annual, six-figure, residual income in three to five years. Career Associates may achieve financial independence for the rest of their lives. In the process they help thousands of people to a better life and abundance. Their motto is: “People Helping People toward Prosperity!”

You owe it to yourself to fully explore the Watkins Opportunity! Like tens-of-thousands of others you may discover a remarkable possibility that has the potential to change your life. The point is this – you will never know unless you give it a fair chance. We look forward to speaking with you!

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