Watkins – Our Home Business is a Wonderful Dance of Life!

WATKINS Is A Wonderful Dance of Life!  We Hope You Dance…

 A few years ago Fran and I were introduced to a beautiful contemporary song by Lee Ann Womack.  The title of her song is: – I Hope You Dance!  There are profound ideas in this remarkable piece of music and the inspiration for this message. 

WATKINS Is A Wonderful Dance of Life!  The WATKINS experience is filled with enthusiasm, joy, expectation, and unlimited possibilities.  It is a remarkable and spirited dance.  But we are all confronted with a choice.  We can go to the dance and dance, or we can sit it out as a wallflower.  In your WATKINS life when you are given the choice to sit it out or dance- we hope you dance.  We hope you dance.

At this moment in North America there are millions of people who dream of a better life.  They desire to tap into the abundance of the world and gain financial independence.  Many want to reach out and help others.  Essentially, these people want to dance their lives more fully and they await our invitation to the WATKINS dance.

Our challenge in sponsoring is to demonstrate to folks the great value of WATKINS.  We need to show them how they can gain financial independence while helping others.  We need to help them discover that the Watkins Business expression is the fairest, most equitable and moral business system they will probably ever experience.  Any person who works diligently and consistently will be rewarded in countless ways.  Oh, what a dance!

Aside from the exemplary business system we also bring our Associates friendship, enthusiasm, encouragement, a renewed sense of self-worth, self-confidence and a ton of recognition.  Very importantly, Watkins provides all Associates with a sense of community – an understanding that they are part of a remarkable team.  They find themselves surrounded by highly successful people who care about them, mentor them and cheer them on.  They are guided, nurtured and provided with the intellectual, emotional and technical support they need for success.

Each of you is positioned to become a significant player in potentially one of the greatest expansion periods in the history of WATKINS.  What this means to you personally is that in this next decade you can make your fortune with WATKINS.  And you can become very significant by helping many other people do the same.  In this coming year it is our hope that each of you will bring a renewed sense of purpose and intensity to your Sponsoring efforts. 

Work to become a WATKINS Sponsoring Legend.  And when you are confronted (as you will be) when you are confronted with the choice to sit it out or dance – we hope you dance.  We hope you dance.  Oh, we hope you dance!

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