Build a High Performance Watkins Success Network – One New Associate Per Month!

Leverage yourself to awesome business growth and profitability.

Introducing the Power of: One-a-Month and a Hundred Points…

  • How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time!
  • How do you construct a cathedral? – One stone at a time!
  • How do you build a dynamic Network Marketing Business? – One new associate at a time!
  • How do you create a profitable Watkins Home Business? – One new associate at a time!
  • How do you expand your Direct Selling and MLM Business? – One new associate at a time!

Most highly successful Associates at Senior Management and Executive Titles in the Watkins Home-Based Business system use the power and energy of an ever-growing number of Downline Associates to sponsor their way to great success.  They have learned that the most productive way to build a strong MLM business is to have a large number of Associates who consistently do a little every month.  That is far better than expecting a few Associates to consistently do a lot.   

When you develop a large base of Associates in a Network Marketing Business you are creating an organization of significant strength and stability.  If each Associate in your Watkins Home -Based Business consistently averages 100 points monthly (as per the Watkins Compensation Plan) and sponsors one new Associate each month you will have a dynamic business and experience significant growth.  You will reap the rewards of a highly sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Our preferred model for growing a high-performance Watkins Business that can leverage you to significant growth and profits is a simple two step process – Personally Use Watkins Products and Personally Sponsor One New Associate Each Month.

Step 1.  Personally Use Watkins Products

We encourage each Associate to produce 100 points per month in product sales or purchases.  Ideally, we suggest that each of our Associates become loyal consumers of Watkins Products.  Our catalog represents 300 quality products that are highly consumable, useful and necessary for comfortable and healthy living. 

We are steadfast proponents of Transfer Buying, which is plain old common sense and simply good business.  Transfer Buying simply means transferring your purchases from the local supermarket or pharmacy to your Watkins Business at a 25% discount.  Why give profits to the supermarket or pharmacy chain that you can give to yourself? 

Transfer Buying does not mean you are spending additional money.  It just means that you are buying high quality, fairly priced products from a different supplier – your own Watkins Business!

The goal of 100 points monthly may be easily accomplished through the Watkins Advantage Program.  The Watkins Advantage Program offers Associates a 30% Associate discount (an extra 5% savings above the regular 25% Associate Discount) and FREE Shipping and Handling on your monthly essentials (Based on orders of 100 to 300 points).  Now that is a great deal! 

The Watkins Advantage Program is designed to help you and your team of Associates to build a lucrative Watkins Home-Based business based on the consistent personal use of products.

Step 2.  Personally Sponsor One New Associate Each Month.

When you are involved in a Watkins Home-Based Business opportunity it is only natural that you share the great value and benefits with others.  You can create a highly profitable Watkins Network Marketing Business by consistently sponsoring just one new Associate per month.  This process is easily duplicated and can be achieved with a very part-time effort.  When you sponsor a new Associate you may set in motion an unbelievable dynamic of growth that can provide you with residual income for a very long time to come.

Most people want to achieve financial independence and reach their fullest potential.  They desire to provide for their family and enjoy a high quality of life.  Many are driven to be of service to others and leave a measurable legacy to the world.  They want to give back to life! 

To live life at that full measure, you simply must leverage yourself.  Leveraging is a simple concept.  Leveraging is a form of multiplying yourself.  Leveraging is what creates most millionaires.  The basic notion of network marketing is driven by the maximization of leveraging. 

Leveraging is harnessing and organizing the power of large numbers of people.  To Leverage your time means that you set into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth.  Even when you are doing something else, the Watkins Associates you enroll will be consuming and marketing products that will add to your volume and provide you with income.  That’s leveraging!  Leveraging yields Residual Income.  Residual Income is money that keeps coming in long after you have done the work. 

We recognize that our Watkins Home-Based Business is open for business 24/7 and continuously operates in six time zones.  Now that is a remarkable example of leveraging your time.  When we are asleep, at the beach, visiting with friends,or doing our favorite hobby some Associate somewhere is consuming or selling Watkins Products.  That means money in our bank account! It does not get any better than that!

This is how leveraging works in the Watkins Network Marketing Business Model.  You find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life that you want.  You enroll them in Watkins.  Those few Associates find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life.  They become a part of your team.  Those few find a few others who passionately want to be successful, and…well, you get the message!

If you personally sponsor one new Watkins Associate each month, and…if all of those Associates you and your team sponsor go on to enroll one new Associate each month – How may new Associates will you enroll in one year?  Take a guess!  The number will astound you!  Following is a simple model that may show you the power of having every member of your Watkins downline team sponsoring one new Associate per month.

If you and each Associate on your team sponsors just one new Associate per month this is what will happen.

  • Month 1 – There is YOU – The one and only Associate on your team.
  • Month 2 – There is YOU + 1 new Associate = 2 on your team.
  • Month 3 – The 2 on you team each enroll a new Associate = 4 on your team.
  • Month 4 – The 4 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 8 on your team.
  • Month 5 – The 8 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 16 on your team.
  • Month 6 – The 16 in your team each enroll a new Associate = 32 on your team.
  • Month 7 – The 32 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 64 on your team.
  • Month 8 – The 64 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 128 on your team.
  • Month 9 – The 128 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 256 on your team.
  • Month 10 – The 256 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 512 on your team.
  • Month 11 – The 512 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 1024 on your team.
  • Month 12 – The 1024 on your team each enroll a new Associate = 2048 on your team.

That is amazing!  Of course, we do not live in a perfect world and this model will never happen as outlined here. 

Some Associates will participate, some will do nothing and a few will do far better than one new Associate per month.  But even if this approach proved to be just 10% effective and we (along with our Associates) enrolled 204 new Associates (10% x 2048) in a year it would be a very commendable and profitable achievement. 

  • Are you ready to unleash a powerful and highly profitable Watkins Business?

  • Are you ready to leverage yourself to great financial security and success?

  • Are you ready to commit to One-a-Month and a Hundred Points?

Step 1.  Personally Use Watkins Products (100 Points Per Month).

Step 2.  Personally Sponsor One New Associate Each Month.

Let’s eat the elephant, build a cathedral and create an awesome Independent, International, High Performance Watkins Network Marketing Business. 


Dave & Fran Daisey

For more information about Watkins visit our online brochure







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Create a “Watkins Women’s Success Network!”


Fran Daisey, Watkins Gold Manager

Fran Daisey, Watkins Gold Manager, Helps Associates to Build a Successful Home-Based Business.

A Special Challenge from Fran Daisey – Create a “Watkins Women’s Success Network!”

At this very moment in the USA and Canada there are millions of women who could benefit greatly from a Watkins Independent Home-Based Business.  My challenge to you is to identify and encourage as many of these women as you can find to participate in your Watkins Business.

I do not mean to suggest that you sponsor women exclusivelyWatkins is a business model that serves the purposes of both men and women.  All I am suggesting is that you develop a special awareness of the needs and circumstances of women and make a commitment to help and serve as many of them as you can.  These women come from many different life circumstances but no matter what their situation they can benefit from the Watkins Opportunity.

It is our goal to help as many women as possible to achieve financial security, personal growth, self-confidence and a whole new hope for the future.

I suggest that all Watkins Associates (especially women) start your own “Watkins Women’s Success Network!”  I encourage you to create an informal network of  Watkins Associates that you may mentor and coach to success. 

Start with just a small group of Watkins Associates who have an interest in supporting others and in-turn receiving the support and encouragement from other like-minded Watkins home-business owners.  Three to five members in your Success Network will be  a great beginning.  This small network can serve to mentor each other and motivate each other to great achievements.

Encourage your network to use all of the features of the Watkins “turn-key” home-based business system to support their business development.  You will also be supported by the pace-setting Summit Group, one of the most illustrious Independent Marketing Groups in the history of Watkins. 

Steve and Ginny Bretzke, Founders of the Summit Group, are ever-at-the-ready to assist those who desire to build a profitable Watkins Business.  Your Associates will be coached by truly dynamic pace-setters in the Network Marketing Industry.

Jerry Fochtmann, Summit Group Director of training and Technology, is a remarkable support to all members of the Watkins – Summit Group. 

You can use social media like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch and help make your Watkins Associates a part of a dynamic team of Women  that supports and nurtures each other.  You can set up free “conference calls” for group discussions and sharing encouragement.  You can help your team members to develop bonded relationships and friendships that will help to encourage, support and nurture each other to great achievements.

Following are some of the more obvious life situations facing contemporary women.  You may think of other situations that should be considered.

Women Seeking Employment.  Many women are unemployed, under-employed and seeking new opportunities in a very difficult economic environment.  Traditional jobs are very hard to come by.  Watkins may serve as a “bridge” until such time as they can gain employment.  Offering Watkins to them may even help them to launch a new career.

Mothers in Financially Stressed Families.  Many families are over-extended and in heavy debt.  Much of this debt problem has to do with too much reliance on the use of credit cards.  The stress of this financial crisis can take a serious toll on marriages and attitudes toward children.  People often despair and feel that there is no way out of this quandary.  The high credit card debt carried by many families is forcing people to find ways to earn supplemental income to work their way out of the debt trap.  Watkins is home-based business vehicle that can help young families to become debt-free and enjoy a much more relaxed and stress-free life. 

Mothers with Expanding Families. With the expanding financial requirements of a growing family it is often difficult to make ends meet.  People live from paycheck to paycheck and still come up short.  We have all heard this scenario.  A young mother needs to add to her household income, so she gets a job for $400 a week and puts her little ones in childcare.  After a full week of work she nets $75 after taxes, transportation, maintenance of business attire and childcare fees.  Sound familiar?  Does it make sense?  No!  Many young stay-at-home mothers are now looking to home based business possibilities.  Offer them Watkins.

Mothers as Single Parents.  Mothers who are raising their children without the support of a spouse have very special challenges.  They are often the breadwinners as well as the only adult in the family.  They must be mother and father to their children.  They are responsible for everything and are frequently stressed and near burnout.  One of their greatest stressors is lack of the financial capacity to support the growing needs of their family.  Mothers in this situation can greatly reduce anxiety about money by building a Watkins Business.   Enhance their lives with Watkins!

Women with Disabilities.  A large number of women suffer disabilities that deny them the opportunity to work in the traditional workplace.  Many disabled people do not have the capacity to endure the physical and social stresses of many jobs.  They are often denied the dignity and self-esteem that come from meaningful and productive work.  A Watkins Home Based Business may be the very opportunity they need to earn supplemental income, restore their sense of self-worth and discover a whole new career.  You will bring joy to their lives!

Professional Woman with Careers on Hold.  A growing number of professional women have made the conscious decision to put their careers on hold while their children are young.  They have committed to being stay-at-home moms. They have set aside well-paying positions and sacrificed their careers in deference to their children.  Many miss the interplay and teamwork that was a highlight of their workday.  But with a Watkins Business they can have the best of both worlds.  They can be a stay-at-home mom and own a Watkins Independent Home Based Business.  It does not get any better that this!

Women as Care-Givers.  Many women are dedicated to the care of aging parents, special needs children or other family members.  They are denied the opportunity to pursue meaningful work in the traditional work-place.  The Watkins Home Business in Network Marketing is an ideal model for them to earn extra income while they meet their care-giver responsibilities.

Women Seeking Breakthrough Opportunities.  Unfortunately, it is still very much a man’s world in many industries and women are unable to break into the higher paying prestige positions, which have traditionally been reserved for men.  Many women consistently bump into the “glass ceiling.”  They are overworked and underpaid. These women are as competent as anyone else, but gender discrimination holds them back.  These highly skilled women often excel in home-based business ventures.  No boss is there to hold them back!  Introduce them to Watkins. 

Women in Retirement.  The aging of the population in North America finds increasing numbers of senior women who need to earn supplemental income to maintain a respectable quality of life and retain their independence.  Many of these active seniors have excellent work experiences and backgrounds and seek an opportunity to serve others, make a difference and ensure their financial security.  They are not content with retiring to the rocking chair.  They want to remain active.  They have a caring spirit and genuinely want to help people.  Many seek new ventures and possibilities that will allow them to use their competencies, skills and life experiences.  They are highly motivated self-navigators capable of significant innovation.  Given a business system, a set of tools and some basic guidance they will excel.  How about Watkins?

Watkins Can Spell Success for Woman in Many Different Life Situations.  Many women achieve senior manager titles and executive titles in the Watkins Business System.  There is no limit to what any one person can achieve in this business.  Hard work, performance and productivity are rewarded no matter what a person’s life situation may be.  Here is your opportunity to approach all women and invite them to participate in the Best Independent, Home-Based Business Opportunity in North America!

Women Can Be Successful in Watkins because it…

  • Is a proven, simplified business model featuring award-winning-products.
  • Enables you to work from the convenience and comfort of home on your own schedule.
  • Offers the very best guidance, training and support in the network distribution industry.
  • Provides the opportunity to achieve financial independence and time-freedom.
  • Creates opportunity for entrepreneurial women to be their own boss and build their own business.
  • Supports personal growth and development.
  • Creates friendships and personal fulfillment.
  • Offers a joyous, FUN and stress-free experience!
  • May be launched for the very reasonable investment of $39.95.
  • Creates opportunity to help others!
  • Encourages all Associates to build their own Watkins Women’s Success Network

Make the growth of women a major mission in your life.  Introduce women to our remarkable business system.  Encourage them to become a part of your Watkins Success Team.  Mentor and guide them.  Watch them grow and experience success. Encourage them to “pay-it-forward.” Build your very own “Watkins Women’s Success Network” and watch your business soar!

Many Blessings!

Fran Daisey

Special Note: The concept of the “Watkins Women’s Success Network” was conceived by Fran.  We will be working together to move the idea forward.  If anyone desires to participate with suggestions for moving the “success network” forward please contact us through this website.


Dave Daisey

The concept of a “Watkins Women’s Success Network” is not an officially sanctioned program or offering of Watkins, Inc.  The “Success Network” is an informal “grass-roots” concept promoted by Fran and Dave Daisey, Independent Watkins Associates ID#102575N.  The purpose of this concept is to encourage existing Watkins Associates and future Watkins Associates to create networks of women for mutual support and the  development of a profitable Watkins Home-Based Business.

For Watkins Busines Information visit our online brochure

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Become a Watkins Philanthropist – Raise Funds for Charities with a Watkins Home-Based Business!

Here is a great opportunity to give back to the world.  Become a Watkins Philanthropist!  Raise funds to support charitable giving and special causes through profits from a Watkins Home-Based Business!

Philanthropy is typically defined as a form of “love for humanity.”  It is a caring spirit that supports, nourishes and attempts to enhance the well-being of others.  Often, philanthropy is demonstrated in actions and initiatives by private individuals that are designed to support the public good. 

Fran and I were talking over breakfast about some of the motivations that people express for starting a Watkins Home-Based Business. The #1 motivation is a desire to earn extra income so a family may experience a better quality of life and become financially more secure. Paying down debt is mentioned frequently as a real motivator for launching another source of income. Other motivations include: Go on a long vacation or take the kids to Disney, buy a good car, or build a dream home.

Very frequently folks indicate that they have a great desire to give back to the world. They have a caring spirit and want to reach out and help other people. They want to support noble causes and charities but need additional income so they can comfortably give more.

In our hard pressed economy many people have been forced to reduce their charitable giving. Folks have special non-profit organizations (with very noble causes) that they desire to support but when personal funds are hard to come by they just can’t give as much as they would like. In many cases they must stop giving completely. For example: jobless folks are not in the position to give during this time of lost income. They are scrambling just to put food on the table and keep a roof overhead. Before this major economic down-turn they may have been significant contributors to worth-while causes but now must, out of necessity, focus on survival for their family.

The media is filled with stories suggesting that charitable organizations are not receiving enough funds for them to support their on-going programs fully. Many people who typically receive special services from charitable organizations are now being denied support. Churches, Food Banks, Meals-on-Wheels, the United Way, Red Cross, and many other organizations are reporting reductions in vital services. Many non-profit research organizations have seen a reduction in their incomes from charitable givers. That means that key research and support services must be curtailed.

We live in hard times. As charitable organizations operate on shrinking budgets it means that many needy people are now suffering more due to lack of services that have traditionally been provided by non-profit charitable organizations. Often, these folks do not qualify for government help and do not have any safety-nets to protect them. It is the charitable organizations that have been there to assist in the past. However, the hard realities of shrinking budgets means many non-profit organizations are not able to deliver a full array of services.

People are generally aware that the bad economy has caused extreme hardships on the most vulnerable of our citizens. Many caring people are motivated to give more. However, there is a huge problem. Many of these folks are on restricted incomes or just making ends meet. Where can they get the extra money (beyond their own basic needs) so they can give more? We have an answer –“Personal Watkins Fundraising” for your favorite charity or special cause.

As Fran and I thought about this concept our wheels started turning. Maybe we have come upon another form of fundraising and giving to support multiple charities. We may have discovered a new group of Watkins Associates – our “Watkins Philanthropists.” It could go something like this:

Encourage folks to enroll as a Watkins Associate to earn supplemental income, so they can contribute a portion of that income to their favorite charities. Ask them to make a personal pledge to consistently give a portion of their earnings to charities of their choice.

Through a part-time effort Watkins Dealer Associates can Retail Watkins products. Watkins Associates who are network marketers (or Multi Level Marketers) can invite others to join their team. As their network and income grow they will be able to give more to their charities. They will be motivated in that they can earn extra money for personal use as well as increase their charitable giving. They will soon recognize that there are no limits or ceilings on how much they can earn for charity and for the enhancement of their own family.

The Approach – How to Get Started

• Identify folks who desire to “Give-Back” and support special charities.
• Share how a Watkins Business could provide them an additional source of income to support charitable giving.
• Enroll these caring people as Watkins Associates.
• Support them in building their part-time Watkins Business.
• Encourage them to identify a favorite charity, religious organization or other noble cause.
• Suggest that they consistently contribute a percentage of their Watkins earnings to their charity of choice.
• Encourage them to build teams of Watkins Philanthropists to support their favorite charity.

Benefits for “Personal Fundraiser” Watkins Associates:

• Enjoy world-class products at a 25% Associate discount.
• Earn supplemental income to build a better quality of life for their family.
• Achieve greater financial security and create residual income for the long-term.
• Build protection against future income loss.
• Give some of their profits to their favorite charitable organizations and help these noble causes.
• Do a lot of good while they also realize tax benefits by owning a Home-Based Business (USA).
• The gifts contributed by Associates to their charity of choice are also tax deductible.
• Introduce the Watkins Opportunity to folks who need supplemental income or a new career.
* Enhance their personal financial security while at the same time encourage them to help their favorite charities.

The General Benefits:

• The charities selected by our Watkins Philanthropists will receive needed funds.
• With new income sources charitable organizations may be able to restore or expand services.
• Associates will be motivated to grow a business so they can earn more to give more.
• These Associates can also sponsor other “Watkins Philanthropists” to do the same thing.
• Teams of Associates could be sponsored to support a single charity or many charities.
• There are endless possibilities in this concept.

Volunteerism is still very strong and millions of people give large blocks of time and energy to support their favorite charities. Many of these folks will be amenable to starting a part-time Watkins Business so they can generate income to give to their charities of choice.

As Watkins Philanthropists, volunteers can now give of their time and energy along with a whole new level of financial contributions through the development of a Watkins Home-Based Business. This approach can become a win-win for everyone involved. Become a Watkins Philanthropist and do your part in supporting the charitable organizations of your choice.

Enrich and empower others with your gifts.  Make the world a more compassionate and caring place with your giving.  When you give back to life you unleash a measure of grace and the world becomes a better place!

 For more Watkins information visit our online brochure

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A Beginners Checklist for Evaluating Home-Based Businesses in Network Marketing (MLM)

Network Marketing is experiencing revolutionary change and dramatic growth.  More and more people are discovering this exciting business model.  Network Marketing (MLM) is the leading Home-Based Business model for generating RESIDUAL INCOME!  There are literally hundreds of companies from which to choose but only a few worth choosing.  Deciding which company to work with can be an overwhelming process.  For those who wish to exercise due-diligence and select the “right” company, it can be a daunting task.

Early in my Watkins Career I had a very interesting phone conversation with a highly confused and frustrated Candidate for my business.  I called because she had requested information about our Watkins Home Based Business System.  I sent an information packet and always follow-up with a call. 

When she answered the phone I identified myself as an Independent Manager with Watkins and mentioned that I had sent an information packet to her. The first thing she said (with a real sharp “edge” in her voice) was, “Well, I have received ten or twelve calls from different companies in the past week and I want you to know that I am very confused.  I really want to start a Home-Based Business so last month I requested information from at least two dozen network marketing companies that I found on the Internet.” 

She continued, “My dining room table is stacked with 19 packets of information and representatives are calling.  This flood of information has me totally confused.  I don’t know who is who or what is what.  I am fearful of signing on with some company that is either a scam or simply not a reliable and legitimate business.  I have all of this information and I do not know how to evaluate it.  I really want a work-at-home business but I want to be certain that I get the right one for my needs.  I am overwhelmed, frustrated and out-of-sorts!  I simply do not know what to do next.”

After acknowledging her frustration and getting her to take a deep breath and settle down a bit we had a long and pleasant conversation.  As a result I promised to send her a checklist that I hoped may serve to help her evaluate all of her options and possibilities.  As a result of that promise I drafted a very simple checklist for evaluating Home-Business opportunities in the network marketing (MLM) industry.  The evaluation is basically a set of questions that serve as a start-point in comparing companies that you may be considering.

If you are already an Independent Watkins Representative you will realize that Watkins rates extremely high on all of the categories and questions in this evaluation.  Please feel free to share this basic evaluation tool with any candidate for your business who may be confused and having difficulty in assessing opportunities.  Have no fear as to how Watkins Incorporated will measure up against the competition.  The Watkins Products, the company’s Home Based Business System, corporate integrity, stability and track record will hold its own against the most formidable competition.  When your Candidates review this evaluation they will discover the legitimacy, trustworthiness and potential of Watkins.

I often use this checklist in telephone interviews with Candidates.  It serves to review the major features, benefits and characteristics of a legitimate work-at-home business system in the network marketing industry.

Get creative in your use and application of this evaluation tool.  Have fun with it!  It may serve you well in educating your Candidates and future Watkins Representatives.  Much Success!

If you are not an existing Watkins Representative but are seeking a reliable, trustworthy and legitimate Home-Based Business in the Network Marketing industry (MLM) we invite you to use this evaluation to help you decide which company may serve you best.  Of course, it is our hope that you will include Watkins, Incorporated, in your list of potential Home-Business partners.  If you have any questions and wish to contact me personally please email me at:


A Beginners Checklist for Evaluating Home-Based Businesses in Network Marketing (MLM) Companies

This Beginners Checklist is simply a set of very basic questions that you need to have answered in order to help you select the right Home-Based Business for your needs, personality, style, experience, resources and life goals.

Please note that this evaluation is not to be perceived as a “scientific” instrument.  It is a series of basic questions and a framework to evaluate Home-Based Businesses opportunities.  Most of your responses will be rather subjective.  You will be collecting your own observations and opinions as well as the observations and opinions of others.  Although subjective – the evaluation can be used to collect information about various network marketing businesses that may interest you.  Most importantly it helps you to make direct comparisons between the companies that interest you.  You will be able to determine which companies measure up and those that you consider to be lacking.

This evaluation helps you to organize your thoughts and bring some structure to your assessment process.  Feel free to add your own questions to the evaluation questions.  Personalize the assessment so that it satisfies your requirements.

In helping you to determine the best possible opportunity, we have formulated questions that relate to: The Company, The Products, The Support Systems, The Up-line Organization and Your Potential.  Compare each company you desire to assess against these evaluation questions.

 As you read each question assign a rating from one to five.  A one (1) is the lowest rating while five (5) is the highest.  Upon answering all of the questions tally your ratings.  Those companies with the highest tallies are the ones to which you should give serious consideration.  Usually, as you go through this process one particular company will stand-out and may help you identify your future Home-Based Business partner.

Much success in your search for a Home-Based Business Career in Network Marketing (MLM)!


The Company

 Does the Company Pass the Tests for Network Marketing Legitimacy:  In 1979 The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) established a set of criteria for determining if a network marketing or MLM company is legal and ethical in its operations.  These parameters have become the standards for the network marketing or MLM industry.  Following are the criteria…

 *  The company does not pay Associates to recruit people.

 *  Associates receive bonuses based only on their personal sales volume and the sales volume of other Associates in their network.

 *  There is a 100% money-back guarantee on all products.

 *  No initial inventory is required, and no minimum orders are required to participate.

 *  There is no way to buy your way into a higher title or bonus level.  Everyone must start at the beginning.  The opportunity must be standard for every Associate.

 *  Valuable and competitive products are sold by Associates to retail customers.

 *  There is a profit motive to build the business.  The products have value regardless of the incentives or profitability of the marketing plan.

 *  The only initial “up-front” requirements for getting started are reasonable fees to cover the administrative sign-up process and the necessary start-up materials.


Does the company have a history and reputation for quality and excellence, which makes it a leader in Network Marketing (MLM)?

Is the company credible and is it recognized in the marketplace as legitimate and trustworthy?

Does the company deliver on what it promises?

Does the company have a strong Brand Awareness in the marketplace?

Does the company ownership and leadership have a proven and successful track-record in the Network Marketing industry?

Has the company been in business for three or more years?

Has the company been in business long enough to have achieved stability? (A large percentage of new corporate Network Marketing start-ups fail in the first year).

Does it have a strong corporate vision – a vision to which you can subscribe?

Is there a published code of conduct, which sets the tone for ethical business practices?

Is the company debt free and financially stable?  (If the company is privately held – financial statements may not be available.  If the company is a “public” company this information is available).  If the financial statements are not available you must weigh the other questions in this evaluation to help satisfy your concerns about corporate financial stability and long-term continuance.

Is the company believable and credible? (As opposed to hype, glitz and empty promises).

Does the company provide a streamlined and proven turnkey-system for business success?

Is the business system so designed to be operated successfully on a part-time basis?

Is the system simple and easy to duplicate?

Is the company’s business philosophy highly collaborative, supportive and growth facilitating?  (As opposed to intense, cutthroat and highly competitive and pressurized).

Does the company have a published Reference Manual, which outlines all business policies, procedures and practices?

Does the company provide models of how its compensation plan works and is administered?

Does the company feature a Breakaway Compensation and Marketing Plan that rewards you for building deep and wide?

Does the compensation plan provide for near term cash, while helping you to build toward long-term residual income?

Can you become associated with the company for a low start-up fee? (Under $100?)

Does the company’s business plan provide training and support for all levels in its Network Marketing System?

As you assess the nature of the company’s products and business opportunity, do you believe they will still be “fresh” and make sense five years from now? 

Does the company refrain from supporting any particular political party, political bias, or religious affiliation?

Does the company have a consistent Awards and Recognition Program?

Does the company allow you to assign your business to your heirs, or sell your business to a third party?

Does the company have a consistent national advertising campaign to build image, identity and brand awareness?

Does the company offer e-commerce and computer supported programs – websites, shopping cart features and user friendly technology?

Does the company encourage the use of technology and the application of social media to support business development?

The Products

Does the company have a broad range of reliable, quality products that appeal to a broad range of tastes and life-styles?  (It is difficult to grow your business with a limited product line or single product).  The potential for Residual Income is almost non-existent unless there is a robust line of consumable, quality products that are fairly priced and fully guaranteed.

Does the company offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products?

Are the products consumable – the kind that people already buy, use and buy again consistently?  (This is critical if you desire to create dependable, reliable, long-term Residual Income).

Are the products easy to use or apply?  If the products are too complicated or specialized you will spend too much time in explaining and educating your customers and down-line Representatives.

After trying some of the products would you continue to use them the rest of your life?

Are the company’s products and packaging environmentally friendly?

Are all products rigorously checked for quality?

Do all products measure up to the claims made by the company?

Does the company have a strong Research and Development Program for continuously creating new products?

Does the company’s products meet all of the standards and requirements of the various governmental agencies that have authority over them?

The Support Systems

Is the company known for high quality customer service and timely response to customer complaints?

Does the company provide professional support materials for selling products and assisting in the enrollment of representatives?

Is home office support characterized as caring and competent?

Does the company provide guidance, direction and ample training?

Has the company installed fully automated accounting, tracking and documentation systems?

Are products shipped directly to your customers within one week of ordering?

Does the company have control over its own manufacturing, quality assurance, warehousing and shipping operations?

Does the company provide full monthly documentation outlining all transactions and sales in your network?

Is your compensation automatically disbursed each month?

Does the company have a history of paying all commissions and overrides in a timely accurate manner?

Your Upline Organization

Does the company allow you to have access to key personnel in the highest levels of the organization?

Will your prospective sponsor make himself/herself available to you on a consistent basis for guidance and support?

Will your up-line provide on-going training, coaching and support?

Is the business philosophy and approach of your potential sponsor in alignment with your philosophy and beliefs?

Do you sense that you could develop a highly collaborative working relationship with your prospective sponsor?

Your Potential

Does the company have a well-defined plan (with specific criteria) for achieving “executive” level status?

If you actively follow the plan do you have the potential of achieving a six figure residual income in a reasonable period of time?

Is the company sustaining consistent growth that will assure you continued opportunity?

Do you sense that this company and its business opportunity have the potential to help you achieve financial independence?

Will this business model help you to meet your life’s goals and objectives?

Will association with this company help to enhance your family’s quality of life?

Does this company demonstrate ways in which it will support you in your personal growth and development.

Does the company encourage you to support and develop other Representatives?

Will success with this company help you feel like a winner – self-fulfilled and effective?

Will this opportunity help you leave a legacy to your family and others?

For more information visit our online brochure

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Here Comes The J.R. Watkins Man (and Lady) As Direct Sellers, Network Marketers and Internet Distributors!

For eons people have recognized that great wealth may be derived from the sale and distribution of valuable, fairly priced and usable products.  The traveling salesman is one of the oldest professions in the world. Clay tablets from Ancient Sumer have recorded the sales transactions of caravans of merchant/traders thousands of years before the birth of Christ.  

All through history it is the merchant class – the distributors of products and valuable commodities -that has emerged to be the wealthiest of all.

In the mid 1860s J.R. Watkins caught the vision of a career in Direct Selling.  He started with a single product – Red Liniment.  Through an ever- enlarging dream he leveraged his one-product business into an International Direct Selling empire that created great wealth for many people.

Since 1868 “Here Comes the Watkins Man” has been a familiar cry throughout North America.  Shortly after the Civil War enterprising Watkins “Representatives” started to track the dusty roads and trails of the United States on horseback, in horse and buggies and eventually in primitive automobiles to deliver high quality Watkins Products.  Later on – their counterparts in Canada followed in the same tradition.  They served rural families, small towns and the early cities of North America.  Today, contemporary Watkins Representatives continue to provide world class Watkins Products through Direct Selling, a unique Network Marketing System and Internet Distribution. 

The traditional Watkins Man has gone high tech – and more often than not – is now a Watkins Lady!

During its 144 years of continuous operation, J.R. Watkins has stood the test of every governmental requirement and regulation.  It is the most legitimate home-based business opportunity available in the marketplace today.  The Watkins, Incorporated business concept is not only legal but moral and highly ethical.  Watkins is probably the fairest and most people centered Home-Business opportunity a person will ever experience.

In 1868 J.R. Watkins, an enterprising young man in Plainview, Minnesota purchased the rights to a medicinal formulation called Red Liniment.  He later named his product Watkins Liniment.  J.R. Watkins brewed his liniment on his kitchen stove and bottled it on his kitchen table.  He then journeyed into nearby territories riding in a horse drawn carriage to sell his unique and well-received product.  This was the humble beginning of the J.R. Watkins Medical Company, which would later become Watkins Incorporated. 

The success of Watkins Liniment became the foundation on which J.R. Watkins built an International  Direct Selling empire.  He formed a dream and saw a vision of what could be.  And then, like most successful entrepreneurs, he brought his dream to fruition by telling his story over and over again.  He told everyone about his dream of manufacturing and selling many quality products that would enhance the lives of his customers.

He recruited others to join him in his vision of what could be.  He employed manufacturing specialists to ensure the production of quality products.  He built a team of research and development specialists to create new products.  He also purchased the rights to other popular products that he felt would be favored by his growing customer base.  J.R Watkins sent emissaries around the globe to purchase the very best ingredients and compounds for his fully guaranteed products.  J.R. hired sales people to sell his products in ever-expanding territories.  These enterprising “Representatives” eventually shared Watkins products with the whole of North America and beyond.

J.R. Watkins soon realized that he could not only sell quality products to appreciative customers, but he could provide a remarkable opportunity to Watkins Dealers (Independent Representatives) who would market his products.  He understood the power of leveraging the J.R. Watkins Company into exponential growth though the employment of hundreds and then thousands of Representatives covering all of North America.  The tradition of the Independent Watkins Representative is still alive and well in the contemporary Watkins Home-Based Business Opportunity. 

But much has changed in modern times.  Watkins, Incorporated now also incorporates a highly effective Network Marketing model into its Home-Based Business system.  Contemporary Watkins Distributors may now combine the best features of Direct Selling with the very popular Watkins Network Marketing system.  This flexibility means that all Watkins Representatives are able to create a uniquely customized Home-Based Business model that fits their individual personality, experience, style, skills, time availability, resources and goals. 

Watkins Dealers have total control and flexibility in the operation of their Watkins Business.  Watkins encourages Representatives (now called Associates) to select the approaches that are the most comfortable for their life situation.  Many weld together a business that is a unique blend of Direct Selling and Network Marketing.  Some Representatives take it a step futher and create a “business blend” that features Direct Selling, Network Marketing and Internet applications.  The Internet approaches may include Internet Sales as well as methods for using the power of the Internet to identify and sponsor new Associates. 

The many options that are available to Representatives in a Watkins Home-Based Business offer great flexibility and diversity in developing a Watkins business expression.  However, we do want to point out that the most profitable business model is the Network Marketing Model supported by Internet applications.  For those Associate who desire to create significant residual income, the best bet for success is Network Marketing.  Building an ever-expanding network is the way to great wealth.  We call it Network appreciation.  Your fortune is in your network!

From the very early stages of the Watkins business operations, J.R. Watkins involved and encouraged input from customers. He solicited their ideas and feedback.  This gave birth to the “trial mark” on his bottles, which indicated how much product could be used and still returned for a refund.  Customer feedback also contributed to the 100% money-back guarantee. 

J.R. Watkins required honesty, integrity and square dealing in all business transactions.  He demanded high quality service for his customers.  The foundational values of J.R. Watkins are very much in evidence today and re-enforced in the contemporary Watkins, Incorporated ownership and leadership team.

J.R. Watkins was very much ahead of his time.  He had many leadership characteristics that set him apart from other business leaders.  But one unique strategy enabled him to excel over most others.  He envisioned the big picture and forged a dream of what he deired to accomplish.  Then he continuously and consistently shared his dream with passion. 

J.R. Watkins  unleashed a great dialog with the marketplace.  This ongoing and expansive conversation with the marketplace gave birth to one of the most notable, most successful and most enduring companies in North America.  What a legacy!

In 1885 The J.R. Watkins Medical Company moved to the booming logging town of Winona, Minnesota, nestled on the banks of the upper Mississippi River.  In 1913 the company went International as it opened operations in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.  By 1915 Watkins emerged to be the world’s largest Direct Selling Company.  In 1928 at the Paris International Exposition Watkins won Gold Medal Honors for Vanilla, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and other spices.  These products remain in the Top 50 Favorites of Watkins, Incorporated Products.

The “Traditional Watkins Products” have been the mainstay and driving energy of the Watkins Business Opportunity since the inception of the company.  Today, Watkins offers 300 world-class products that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes.  Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Seasonings and Condiments that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and all Natural Plant Based Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on the environment or your family.  Yes, Watkins has gone green.

Many Watkins, Incorporated products have been offered for generations and feature a level of quality, which is not common in the world today.  These products have endured these many years because they are of high quality, useful and, simply stated – they work.  They deliver on their promises.  Although there is a loyal customer following for these traditional products, Watkins, Inc. is constantly researching, developing and formulating new products.  In recent years whole new lines of organic and natural products have been introduced.  A very popular line is our Natural Plant-Based Home-Care Products.  Each year Watkins Incorporated adds new products to its illustrious Watkins Master Catalog.

In 1978 ownership of the then 110 year old industry leading J.R. Watkins Company transferred from the Watkins family to Minneapolis entrepreneur, Irwin Jacobs, and his family.  The Jacobs family is fully committed to continuing the tradition of excellence, quality and integrity that have been the hallmark of Watkins since its inception.  Irwin Jacob’s son, Mark Jacobs, is the President of Watkins Inc.

With the gaining popularity of legitimate Network Marketing (MLM) companies – many Independent Watkins Representatives concentrate on building an ever-expanding system of Watkins consumers who also sponsor others to do the same.  The potential of this duplication process is unlimited and may trigger exponential growth for entrepreneurial Representatives.  Yes, there is the potential for great wealth with Watkins.

At this period in history literally millions of people are seeking a home-based, independent business opportunity.  Although these seekers have differing motivations and backgrounds, they are all searching for essentially the same things – a viable and workable business system and the ability to achieve financial independence.  Watkins Incorporated is the answer.  Today, Watkins is assessed as one of the top Home-Based Business operations in North America.  The tradition of excellence rolls on.

For Watkins Business Information – Visit Online Brochure 

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J.R. Watkins Defines Legitimacy in the Home-Business Industry

My wife Fran and I selected J.R. Watkins as Our Home-Based Business because the company is the Gold Standard for Integrity and Excellence. The company defines what it means to be a legitimate home-based business. With a track record of illustrious business operations since 1868 Watkins is a unique mix of Direct Sales and Network Marketing. The Company’s mission is to provide all Customers and Representatives with the highest quality products, priced fairly, with a 100% money-back guarantee, timely delivery, and competent and caring professional service. Most importantly, the company offers a “turn-key” home-based business system that is exemplary.


As a founding partner and President of an industrial development consultancy I spent 30 years of my life working in more than 100 high tech companies in the USA and Canada. Our specialty was in the area of Total Quality Management. My partners and I designed The META Management System, a structure and process for implementing major quality improvements and change processes within complex business organizations. Our efforts helped companies save and or earn millions of dollars.  The work was enjoyable but very intense.  The pressures and time demands in this profession were killers.

After I took early retirement Fran and I desired to launch a Home-Based Business that would provide new challenges and opportunities. With this strong background in organizational development processes and quality management systems I had a really well defined idea as to what I wanted in a home-based business.  Most importantly, we wanted a work-at-home situation that we could operate part-time and we would not be pressured or stressed.

Fran and I evaluated several of the best known and popular work-at-home enterprises. We compiled an evaluation form that listed all of the features and benefits that we were seeking in a home-based business. After thorough evaluation and comparing the different opportunities we selected J.R. Watkins. The results of our assessment suggested that Watkins Incorporated stands head and shoulders above its closest competition.


We selected J.R. Watkins as our Home-Based Business because we truly believe that the company represents the very BEST Work-at-Home Business Opportunity in North America! We have been associated with Watkins for the past twelve years and every day there is reason to affirm that we made a very wise choice.

We Recognize The Importance of the Watkins History and Reputation for Excellence! Watkins Incorporated has a history of continuous operation since 1868 and has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the USA and Canada. It is widely recognized for high quality products with a 100% money back guarantee. Integrity and exemplary service are Watkins Hallmarks!

We Believe Watkins, Incorporated to be one of the Most Reputable and Square Dealing Enterprises in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industries! Ethics and integrity are sometimes hard to find in the contemporary marketplace. Watkins has set a remarkably high standard for honesty and integrity. The ideals, values and vision of the company have created a unique business opportunity for anyone who desires to achieve success in a home-based business. The Watkins brand name and longevity of service have created a stable and trustworthy enterprise that ensures continuance and success for the future. Watkins will be here for the long term.

We have found the Watkins Business Expression to be the fairest, most equitable and moral business system we have experienced in 30 years as business development consultants. The Watkins Business System represents a complete paradigm shift from the inherent unfairness, inequality and tensions of traditional business models. Every Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business. There are no ceilings on growth. There are no boundaries in terms of creativity. The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance. Any person who works hard and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways.

We sincerely love and believe in the People of Watkins. The corporate staff is comprised of caring, competent people who work very hard to ensure our success. We are very fortunate to be members of the illustrious Summit Group of Independent Watkins Associates. The founders of the Summit Group, Steve and Ginny Bretzke, are extremely dedicated to our success. Our Upline Executive, Jerry Fochtmann, is a remarkably supportive professional, who is ever ready to help. All of the Associates we have met and the more than 400 people on our team are great friends. They are “salt-of-the-earth” folks. It is a blessing to do business with these very special people.

We Really Appreciate the Watkins Array of Products! Before becoming Watkins Representatives, we came to fully appreciate the quality, value and fair pricing of all Watkins Products. The company offers products that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes. Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Gourmet Food items that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on the environment. Most of our products have been offered for decades and feature a level of quality, which is not common in the world today. Watkins, Inc. on-going Research and Development Programs add several new products to our Catalog each year! Most importantly, all of Watkins products are consumable. Our Customers keep coming back for more. That means we are developing a stable and consistent business, which provides us with substantial residual income!

We Have Come to Enjoy the Great Flexibility Inherent in the Watkins Business Opportunity. We may use many different strategies and techniques for the development of our work-at-home business. We write our own Business Development Plan with the help of our Upline Executives. Watkins encourages us to select the approaches that are the most comfortable for us and fit our current life circumstances, personality, style and resources. We have total flexibility in the operation of our Watkins Business! We are the BOSSES!

Watkins is a Network Marketing Company designed for busy people who do NOT like to sell but want to build substantial ongoing (residual) income. This part of our business emphasizes Personal Use of our world-class Watkins Products and Teambuilding (the creation of an ever-growing network of Associates who use the products and encourage others to do the same). Teambuilding is achieved by simply sharing the networking concept with others as you would share a good movie or a good restaurant. Essentially you are inviting others to be consumers of our great Watkins Products while at the same time they can also create their own network and earn significant residual income. Your fortune is in your network.

Watkins is also a Direct Selling Company designed for those who like to sell. This part of our business emphasizes Personal Use and Retail Selling. The history and traditions of the J.R. Watkins Company are steeped in the Direct selling Industry. This is how the company got its start. Retailing is achieved by catalog sharing, “Living Naturally Parties” and other traditional retailing methods. Some Retail Associates have their own Retail store through which they sell Watkins Products. Many still market Watkins Products through large public venues like fairs, community days, and farmer’s markets.

Watkins Offers a Remarkable Support System. We can focus on building our Network Marketing organization and increasing our monthly residual income because we do not have to worry about administration and training. Watkins, Inc. administers and pays all commissions directly to our team. The company provides a comprehensive business support system that features state-of-the-art technology applications and advanced business processes to support both Customers and Representatives. A user friendly Website offers a shopping cart and comprehensive information about J.R. Watkins and the management of a Watkins Home-Based Business.

Our illustrious Summit Group Training website takes care of most of the training needs of our new Watkins Representatives thereby relieving us of the need to intensely train others. The Training Website is like having a full-time staff trainer working for you 24/7. The Summit Group Information website offers 24/7 support in educating prospective Watkins Representatives about the Watkins Home-Based Business System. This is a great support in the process of sponsoring new Representatives.

We Call Our J.R. Watkins Business – The Perfect Business. You operate from the convenience of your home on your own schedule and customize your business approaches to your personality, style and resources. No prior business experience is required for you to be successful. You may work full-time or part-time. You are the BOSS! You have no overhead or production costs. You do not have to concern yourself with quality control issues. There is no worry about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll. You do not have to pay for expensive insurance programs or worry about government regulations, licenses and certifications. You are supported by the best training system in the Network Marketing Industry (through the Summit Group). You can easily learn the basics of the business in a few hours and learn more advanced methods as you go. You can literally start to make money your first week in your J.R. Watkins business – the perfect business.

We Were Really Impressed by the Fact That the J.R. Watkins Work-At-Home Opportunity Has a Strong Appeal for Many Differing Life Situations. Following are examples: Anyone Seeking Supplemental Income! *The Unemployed Victims of Downsizing! *Citizens Struggling To Pay Medical Insurance Premiums! * Retired Persons On Fixed Incomes! *Families and Stay-At-Home Moms and Dads! *Struggling Single Parents! *Disabled People Who Can’t Function in the Traditional Workplace! *Baby Boomers Who Simply Want To Help Others! *The Fully Employed Who Seek “Insurance” Against Future Job Loss! *Those who are frustrated by Dead-End Jobs! *Small Business Owners Who Need an Additional Profit Center! *College Students seeking financial support! *Families Desirous of Reducing Their Debts! *Women and Minorities Seeking Breakthrough Opportunities! *Members of the Military who can take their business wherever assigned! *Entrepreneurs Seeking an Independent Business with awesome potential!

Watkins Has Given Us a New Mission in Life! At this moment in North America there are literally millions of people who dream of a better life. They seek meaning and a sense of purpose for their lives. They genuinely want to enhance the well being of their family and loved ones. These seekers desire to tap into the abundance of the world and gain financial independence. They desire to reach out and help others. Every time we introduce the J.R Watkins home-based business to one of these seekers we are offering them a remarkable opportunity. We are offering them a turn-key business vehicle that has the potential to change their lives. As award winning Watkins Gold Managers of the illustrious Summit Group, we consistently and aggressively enroll new Associates to join our Watkins Success Team.

The Minimal Start-Up Investment Is Truly Remarkable. Fran and I calculate, based on a life-time of operating independent businesses that it would require an investment of many thousands of dollars to buy into a traditional franchise business that has the same level of support as that provided by J.R. Watkins working in collaboration with the Summit Group. Unbelievably, with the Watkins Home-Based business you get all of this for an initial investment of $39.95. There is no other work-at-home business system that represents the potential of Watkins, Incorporated, that can be started for such a reasonable investment.

For Watkins Business Information Visit Our Online Brochure

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Is the J.R. Watkins Company legitimate and trustworthy?

Is the J.R. Watkins Company a legitimate and trustworthy home-based business?  Is it for real?  Can I expect a solid return on my time and energy investment?  Can I become successful working part-time and eventually grow my business into a full-time career?  Can I build residual income as a Watkins Distributor? 

A lot of work-at-home business seekers contact us to determine if the J.R. Watkins Company is a legitimate opportunity.  They want to know if Watkins Representatives can in fact earn a significant income working part-time from the convenience of their home.  They want to review just what drives J.R. Watkins and they seriously desire to have assurances that the company is not a scam, illegal pyramid or some new form of Internet con-game.  Basically they want to know if the business is legitimate and can they make money with it and gain improved financial security?  The answer is, “Yes, J.R. Watkins is legitimate and trustworthy.”

Of course, a certain level of skepticism is appropriate and prudent as you search for a Home-Based Business opportunity.  Just pick up the newspapers every day and you will be constantly reminded that we live in our scam-ridden society.  We live in a very difficult world where many less than desirable home business offers are made with the intent of taking money from unsuspecting folks and offering little or nothing in return.  Some offers are outright scams and others are not viable – they simply do not work.  It is prudent to very seriously check out any Home Business offer that you are considering.

But avoid a negative knee-jerk reaction to every home-based business.  We must be careful not to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water.  There are many legitimate home-based business opportunities that can prove to be financially profitable and fun to operate.  J.R. Watkins is one of them!  There are tens-of-thousands of Watkins Representatives throughout the USA and Canada who will attest to the honesty and integrity of J.R. Watkins.

As government regulations and over-sight have tightened, most of the home-based scams have dried up – not all but most.  The bad guys have moved on to bigger ponds, like “phishing” for your bank account number through fake emails.  These realities have left the good guys of the legitimate work-from-home business industry to thrive.

However, work-at-home business seekers should always proceed with caution.  There are still some bad companies preying on the gullible and uninformed.  Do your research.  Sift and sort until you are comfortable that you have identified an excellent company that fits your personality, style, resources, needs and goals.  We suggest that you include The J.R. Watkins Home-Based Business on your list of possibilities.

We always welcome inquiries from anyone who has a serious interest in launching their own work-at-home enterprise.  Some are seeking a Direct Selling Company and others are looking to participate in a Network Marketing model.  J.R. Watkins uniquely blends the two business models into a unified approach.  Watkins Distributors actually design their own business approaches with the coaching and guidance of seasoned Watkins Representatives.

We encourage all candidates for our business to ask their questions, evaluate our business model, review our track record and fully assess our opportunity.  The more questions they ask – the better it is.  It is always a privilege to work-with serious-minded seekers who genuinely desire to buy into a workable, viable and potentially profitable home-based business system.

If you have ever shared with a person the many features, benefits and potential of a legitimate work-at-home experience you will realize the types of things that are often stressed.  There are basics that every potential home business owner wants to learn about.  Obviously, they want to know about the company history, reputation for quality, company guarantees, the catalog of products, the compensation plan and the start-up costs.  Most people are seeking a company that sells a line of quality products that are consumable and have a large and interested market.

They want to know if the opportunity is a “turn-key” business model.  Is it easily operated and can they be successful working it part-time?  They want to know about the basic policies and administrative practices of the partnering company.

More and more we are discovering that many people are interested in the human side of the business.  They want to know about the leadership style and the people relationships that are evident.  They are really concerned about the type of people they will be working with.  They express great interest in the value systems and business philosophy of the company.

We have found in recent years that people are not only looking for an income opportunity but they are also highly interested in their own personal development and growth.  We even have people asking if this is an opportunity that will help “re-invent” them and build skills and knowledge for their future.  They are concerned about quality of life issues.  We frequently hear a question like this – “Can I make money, become a better person and have a better life?”

Of course we share with our Candidates the attitudes, skill-sets and competencies that are characteristic of high-performance J.R. Watkins Representatives.  For those who have interest we proudly share all of the information they need to make an informed decision about our Home –Based business opportunity. 

I consider the Watkins Business expression to be the fairest, most equitable and moral business system I have experienced in 35 years as a business development consultant.  It represents a complete paradigm shift from the unfairness, inequality and tensions of traditional business models.  Every J.R. Watkins Representative sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business.  There are no ceilings on growth.  There are no boundaries in terms of creativity.  The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance.  Any person who works hard and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways.  I truly believe that J.R. Watkins represents the very BEST Home-Based Business Opportunity in North America! 

 Do you know all the ways to earn money with Watkins… our online brochure explains it all.

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There Is A Mountain Called Opportunity!

The Mountain of Opportunity with Watkins and the Summit Group

What will you find in your treasure chest at the top of the Mountain Called Opportunity?

At the Summit of the Mountain Called Opportunity there is a Treasure Chest with your name on it. When you reach the summit you will claim your treasure. That is not all. When you reach the summit you will be given a life-changing insight. This is not a fairy tale! Believe it!

Your Treasure Chest is filled with all the money you need for Financial Independence. That Independence will give you Time Freedom, Significant Growth as a Human Being and a greatly Enhanced Quality of Life for Your Family. When you open your Treasure Chest your life will be changed forever. Not only will your life be changed but the lives of countless others may be enhanced as well. Your Treasure is there for the taking. It is a fact. Believe it! But you must make the choice to seek out and climb the Mountain called Opportunity

These hearty Climbers decide that they are not going to continue in a life of mediocrity. They are tired of scarcity and they seek abundance. In their heart-of-hearts they know there is more to enjoy in life. They develop a white-hot passion to succeed and have a better life. They look up to the top of the Mountain called Opportunity and say, “I CAN DO IT. I CAN CONQUER THIS MOUNTAIN!”

They now begin to prepare for the climb. They employ the services of a Professional Guide who is experienced – somebody who has been to the peak of the Mountain before them. This seasoned Guide will teach them and show the way. They select a person of strength and character who will help them defeat the hazards and hardships of the climb – somebody who knows the Mountain and the toll that it demands. Most importantly they select a Guide who knows how to attack the Mountain. He or she has a system and a strategy for assuring a successful climb.

Moutain climber scaling a wall of ice

Take the first bold steps on the climb to the summit of the Mountain Called Opportunity

Our Climbers must work hard to muster the courage to succeed. In the quiet darkness of the cold night they are hounded by fears, uncertainties and self-doubt. But at dawn they muster the courage to move out. They take the first bold steps on the climb to the summit of the Mountain. The trail is easy at the foot of the Mountain. But as they climb the slopes become steeper and they must fight fatigue. They are sometimes discouraged at the slow pace. But their guide assures them that patience is a requirement for progress up the Mountain.

Climbing above the tree line they can see new vistas they have never seen before. The Climbers experience awesome rewards even before they ever get near the summit of the Mountain. Their Guide helps the Climbers to set goals and establish objectives for the day’s climb. Sometimes the Mountain is sunny with gentle breezes and the goals are achieved and there is a celebration. Often the clouds roll in and the wind and rain beat upon the Climbers. They may be forced to halt their efforts until the storm is spent.

At higher elevations near the summit surprise storms of high winds and cutting sleet take a toll. But the Climbers press onward, exhausted. If the storms become too ugly they may be forced to retreat to a lower level and get a fresh start when the Mountain turns to a better mood. The Guide keeps assuring that if they take the Mountain in small but consistent bites – if they persist – they will prevail and stand victorious at the summit and claim their Treasure Chest. Victory will be theirs.

As they close in on the summit new and exhilarating vistas charge their spirits. Each new milestone achieved encourages them to continue to the next plateau. The trail gets steeper and more difficult. But there are now a growing number of team members supporting the climb. Truly, there is strength in numbers. The team becomes caught up with the emotion of the final push to the top of the Mountain. Ultimately the Climbers capture the summit and stand as conquerors with their Guide at their side. They claim the Treasure for which they have worked so hard.

There is a great celebration at the top of the world. There is hugging and yelps of joy! The years of preparation, frustration, disappointments, celebrations, miscalculations, misadventures, hardships, hard work, successes and victories now melt in the joy of the ultimate achievement. The Climbers are overwhelmed with the remarkable gifts in their Treasure Chests. Financial Independence, Time Freedom, Quality Time with Family, Whole New Opportunities for Service to the World and the Privilege of Giving Back some of the Abundance they have received. They stand in awe at the blessings of their achievement.

They have all learned that nobody makes it to the top working alone. Together they made it happen. Together they defined their destiny and created their legacy. They achieved what few people ever achieve and they did so because they were a community of believers with a white hot passion for success.
At that mystical moment in the thin, cold air of the Mountain peak the epiphany came – a special insight was revealed. Each Climber received the profound understanding that the climb, the arduous journey itself, was the most important treasure of all.

The gifts in the Treasure Chests are life changing and remarkable. These gifts will open the doors to abundance and a life of fuller significance. But it was the climb – the journey – that changed their lives. Every Climber who conquers the Mountain called Opportunity is forever a transformed person.

The lessons and memories of the climb will be etched in their consciousness forever. The bonded friendships that were forged on the trail will last a life-time. They discovered that teams of Associates working toward a common goal can make the unbelievable become believable – the dream become a reality. These spirited and audacious Climbers forged a camaraderie, a bond that empowered the team and strengthened and inspired each individual.

Many of the Climbers discovered on the Mountain who and what they really are. Their character was unfurled for all to see. Hidden strength and resolve emerged and matured. They gained a remarkable confidence about life. They became fully aware that they possess the ability to reach inside, way down deep, and find the strength required to meet any challenge. Ideas like Hope, Belief, Faith, Patience, and Persistence were made bolder and enlarged to new dimensions. The education of the climb yielded whole new perspectives on life and the world.

Indeed, the Climbers became far more capable and productive human beings. They moved beyond mere success to significance. They now have the power to nurture, coach and instruct large numbers of future generations of Climbers. They have garnered the authority and credibility to be called Guides. They have earned the right to lead other committed climbers to the summit and the Treasure of a new and better life.

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Storytelling – a powerful tool of effective leadership!

Once Upon a Time There Was a Great Leader – A Very Powerful Storyteller.

If you are a dedicated Watkins Associate there is no more enjoyable activity than sitting around at a Watkins conference or at an exotic vacation resort listening to some of our leaders (especially the seasoned veterans) swapping stories.  Sometimes they tell self-effacing tales of their own experiences.  Often they relate a story about someone on their team or a special customer.  Frequently their stories turn to special experiences they have had representing Watkins – the Company.  Tales about our remarkable products are favorite themes during these sessions.

The Watkins Storytellers are something special.  They share their insights with passion.  During their story sessions there is much laughter and joy.  But amid the fun there are valued lessons to be learned.  The storytellers are teachers.  I have noted that many of them repeat the same story (or variations on the theme) anytime they can find an audience.  They have polished and honed their craft.  Their stories become powerful testimonials to the value and worthwhile nature of their life and business with Watkins. 

Most of the more illustrious storytellers are senior leaders with long experience in life and business.  They relate to the people in their world and bond with them through their stories.  They have learned that a key attribute of leadership is the ability to tell a good story.  Story tellers help build community.  They inspire and motivate.  They bring out the best in people. 

These storytellers are a part of the oral history of Watkins.  They help to pass on the traditions, heritage, value system and guiding principles of Watkins, Inc.  Often, they are not accomplished in advanced language skills, have vast vocabularies or demonstrate the polish of a professional speaker.  They simply share from their heart.  They are genuine, honest and touch upon truths that are universal.  They simply know how to relate to and touch the lives of others.  They are a joy to know.

But you, too, are a story teller.  You actually tell stories all the time.  When you are sitting with friends and begin to talk about the recent trip to a family reunion you are telling a story.  When you repeat a joke at the diner over your morning coffee with a friend you are probably swapping stories.


But first, before we get to far down the road we want to put things in perspective.  This article is intended to raise your awareness of storytelling and encourage you to develop your own personal storytelling style and skills.  We are not suggesting that you must devote large blocks of time, energy, research and practice to become a Master Storyteller.  That would not be practical and certainly is not our intention.  But we do hope you will make storytelling an interesting and FUN hobby that may also help you to enhance your leadership skills as you build your Watkins Business. 


The Beginning of a Long-Term Study of Story-Telling

A few years ago, in my Industrial Consulting days, may partners and I contracted with a client to write a three day training program titled:  The Dynamics of Effective Leadership.  To be perfectly frank about it, when we began to work on this project none of us had ever thought about storytelling as an important element of effective leadership.

As with many other people who study leadership, we looked at things like over-all knowledge, experience, the ability to clarify an organizational vision, problem solving, listening skills, planning, organizational skills, the ability to motivate and numerous other obvious characteristics that make up effective leadership.  But we did not have storytelling on the list of important traits for leaders.

It was a book by Howard Gardner, a leading psychologist that began to point us toward storytelling.  The book, Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership, looks at eleven leaders from very different fields.  Early in the book Gardner makes the following observation:

“As a rule to thumb, creative artists, scientists, and experts in various disciplines lead indirectly, through their work.  Effective leaders of businesses, institutions, and nations lead directly through the stories he or she tells.”

I believe Gardner’s “rule of thumb” to be right on target.  Scientists lead by performing experiments, then writing about them in journals.  This builds their reputations in the scientific community, leading to more prestigious positions and greater influence.  They often continue to grow as leaders by doing further experimentation which goes ever deeper into a subject.  The same model of leadership works for artists, authors, and musicians.  They gain reputations by doing what they do best. 

When it comes to leadership in institutions of business, education, government, social movements and other areas of life, people who rise to the top are most often those who can tell stories.  These stories encourage, inspire, and in other ways bring people along in the direction that the leader wants to take the enterprise.  The leader uses stories to clarify a vision, set direction and establish the moral compass of the organization.  The more people follow the leader the more powerful he or she becomes.  Often that power translates into great success and accompanying wealth for the enterprise and the people who have a stake in it.

Leadership Storytelling takes many forms.  Here are some examples.

President Ronald Reagan was adept at telling those “once upon a time” stories.  In a speech he would often go into detail about the heroism of a person who had served in the military or who had done an heroic act.  While never very long, his stories were often told with enough detail that you could not fail to get the point.  At just the right moment, the congress and visitors would rise to applaud the exemplary hero and, if President Reagan had told the story right, there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house. 

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. could tell the same kind of story, but his style was usually very different.  In the “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. King actually told a story in reverse.  In that section of the speech that many of us can quote almost verbatim he told a story of the future, a visionary tale where his children would “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Was this really a story?  Yes, but a story of a very different type and with a very different style.  Most stories are based on the past.  Dr. King’s story was based on the potential and possibilities of the future.

Jesus of Nazareth was a master story teller.  One of the reasons he attracted large crowds was because of his public miracles.  But, Jesus was very careful not to allow himself to become known as a Miracle Worker.  He did not wish to become known as the Healer but rather he desired to be called the Teacher. 

Jesus taught in beautifully simplistic short stories called parables.  He taught so the highly educated and uneducated of his day would understand his message.  Most importantly he dialoged and challenged people.  He tested their thinking and shared his insights. He told his stories to anyone who would listen – lawyers, tax collectors, fisherman, religious leaders, government officials, people of all cultures, rich and poor and even the less than desirable citizens of his day. And everyone who heard his stories and joined in his great dialog was forever changed.

He engaged people with short stories that reflected the life and times in which they lived.  He related to their life experiences.  He taught powerful lessons and moral truths based on the routines of daily life.  His stories were simple – not complex.  But his stories had the power to open whole new possibilities for those who listened.  Sometimes the stories turned their thinking upside-down.  His parables touched the hearts and minds and imaginations of the people.  These remarkable little stories have been memorized, repeated, analyzed and taught for almost 2000 years.  Millions of people have been influenced by the power of these masterfully crafted stories.  Amazingly, these parables still speak to us today!

Hone Your Skills as a storyteller.

Storytelling seems to come naturally to some folks.  There are people who, because of genetics or family upbringing or whatever, are natural storytellers.  They just have a “feel” for the stories that connect with people.  Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby come to mind.  How natural it seems for them.  But even if you are not a natural – storyteller – it does not have to be drudgery to become a good teller of a tale.  You can have lots of fun developing a storytelling style, which will serve you well into the future and contribute to your stature as a leader.

It is our hope that as Watkins Associates you will find your own voice in telling stories that will connect with your people.  You will probably find a variety of styles helpful in your storytelling.  In order to assure that your storytelling is of maximum help in the development of your leadership, there are several steps you may want to consider.  We will get to those steps in just a moment.

Some Effective Techniques to Help You Become a Good Story-Teller

We simply want you to be aware of a few techniques and actions that will help you to grow your ability to communicate, coach, share ideas and experiences with others in more compelling ways.  Do not look upon our suggestions as a call to launch another big project in your life.  You may elect to spend some time working on these ideas.  If they prove to be important for you – you will discover ways to casually integrate them into the daily routines of your life. 


For example: For many years I have a kept “idea journals.”  They are loose-leaf three ring binders filled with blank paper.  There is one on my night stand next to my bed with an ample supply of pencils and pens right next to it.  Another journal is kept on a shelf at my Watkins work station.  I keep 3×5 index cards in my car so I can jot down ideas that come to me when I am away from home.  I then tape these cards into one of my journals when I arrive home.  Any kind of idea that comes to mind goes into my journals. 

Some entries are simply a key word or a brief sentence – anything that will excite my memory banks so I can recover it and work on it later.  As an idea seems to take on importance I then file it electronically in my computer where I can visit it periodically.  I can word-process and edit the idea into a completed story.  You have probably guessed that most of my storytelling is in written form.

The ideas and stories featured in this BLOG passed through my journals and were then “fleshed out” when I needed them.  Some were drafted and edited over night – others over years.


How does one become a good storyteller?  Following are several steps that may be helpful for you.

**Start your journal.  Once you organize and prepare some way to capture your ideas the rest of what we suggest will become easy and be a lot of fun!

**Begin Collecting Story Ideas from your personal life and save them in your journal.

To get started set aside some quiet time.  Reach back and remember your past.  Let your mind wonder through your early years.  You will tend to recall people, events and things that have been long forgotten.  When you revisit the past you may rediscover small bits of happiness and insights that will bring you joy.  You may unleash flashes of power and be energized by fond memories.  This little exercise will encourage you to visit your past more often.

Look back at some of the people in your life who have impressed you and told a “life story” that helped to define who you are today.  We all have a few people in our lives that set remarkable examples for us.  They may not have been highly articulate storytellers but they were genuine, honest, caring and very influential in your life.  They may not have been storytellers with a great facility of language and vocabulary but instead they told their story by the way they lived.  Their story helped to shape you into adulthood.

Fast forward to your current life.  Collect stories that feature you.  Include special relationships, events, situations, challenges, adventures, misadventures, up-times and down-times that have impacted your life.  Many of these “life events” may make great contributions to your life story.  Note those things that have touched you emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  They may become the soul of the stories you will share with others.

**Collect story ideas from the world at large.

Continuously read and listen to the stories of others.  Learning the stories of others is critically important.  Read the morning newspaper and listen to the news.  Look for articles and personalities that catch your fancy and reveal ideas that you can use.  Study the great writings of your religious persuasion and reinforce your moral values.  Great stories come from Holy Words.  Read the true stories of history and the fictional stories in good novels or short stories.  Read about leaders within our Network Distribution Industry. 

Learn about leaders in other industries and settings.  Know the stories of some respected contemporary business leaders.  There is much to be learned from the lives of others.  If you don’t know many stories of famous contemporary business leaders, read their various biographical sketches available in books, trade journals and on the Internet.  Do whatever you can to expand the sources of stories that can help you as you grow your own collection of stories.

Note the stories that you learn about other leaders and document them in your journal.  Writing down a simple outline or brief description will help you to remember and retrieve the story when you need it

**Collect story ideas from the Wonderful World of Watkins.

Watkins represents a treasure trove of possibilities for story material.  It is our hope that you will use storytelling to strengthen your ability to build relationships and bond with people who are a part of your Watkins experience.  The more you are able to relate to people the more effective you will be as a leader.  Single out Watkins leaders you admire and learn their stories.

Collect stories about the Company.  For example: The story about the beginning of Watkins is in my journal.  I often tell the story of how JR Watkins built a direct selling empire on the foundation of a single product – red liniment – which he “brewed” and bottled in his kitchen.  It is a remarkable story.

Irwin Jacobs, The current owner of Watkins Inc. is a powerful story teller.  One of the high-lights of the Watkins Annual Business Meeting is to hear Irwin Jacobs share his insights.  He has a compelling story of his “rags to riches” journey in life.  I have heard his story several times and each time it seems to take on a greater luster.

Most of the Executive leaders in Watkins have developed their own storytelling style and their own arsenal of stories.  Their ability to connect with people about what they have experienced is one of the reasons that they are leaders today.

Focus your attention on collecting personalities and colorful people in Watkins – your customers, Associates on your team, coaches and executive leadership.  Most all of them represent the seed of a great story that you can pass on to others.

Note:  If you use some other person’s story be certain to give credit.  It is only honest and proper to do so.

Collect stories about your favorite Watkins products.  These stories can easily be turned into great product testimonials.  A good testimonial is a short-short story and is of priceless value!

**Review your journal and pick out five ideas that you would like to work into a story.  For starters make simple story outlines.

Pick out story ideas that are of most interest to you.  These may be inspirational stories about people who have overcome difficult odds to succeed in life.  They may be stories about how Watkins helps to solve life’s problems through our remarkable products or our premier home-business system.

You may enjoy telling about common people who made uncommon contributions to your life.  Think about family, friends and neighbors who have somehow impacted your life.

To be an effective leader you must tell stories that connect with the people you coach and lead.  Some of the material will come from your own experience but many of your ideas will come from others.

 Some Story Ideas

  • Share a story of great courage and over-coming hardship to achieve success.
  • Give an example of when you faced a problem – took action and got results.
  • Tell a story about lessons learned from misadventures.
  • Self-effacing stories are fun and show that you are human.
  • A contemporary real-life story that holds special meaning for you can be exciting.
  • Tell a “warning” story that will help people from going down a wrong road.
  • A hero’s tale is always exciting.
  • Share a personal experience that has a strong point you wish to convey.
  • Use a story from history to stress a key idea.
  • Relate stories about leaders you have admired and what you admire about them.
  • Visionary stories – what you would like to see unfold – a dream story.
  • Find great idea stories with out-of-the box thinking.
  • Most of your stories should be about people whose actions or decisions should be emulated.
  • However, you may also look for stories of people who messed up.  (Example: Fran and I tell stories about my Uncle Harry’s Misadventures).
  • Use the exemplary lives of people from history to strengthen your stories and give credibility.  A brief story about Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, JR Watkins, Mother Teresa, or Margaret Thatcher can be placed in your story to make a key point.  Quoting famous people ads luster to your stories.

 **Draft simple/brief outlines of the stories you have selected.

We suggest that your initial stories be focused on your Watkins Business experience.  We are attempting to bolster your leadership skills to better build your business.  At this point do not worry about polished writing.  Just get the gist of the story down.  It may be best if these initial stories are very short presentations.

Use this simple structure to build your story outline – the Beginning – the Middle – and the Ending.

The Beginning: Get attention – Introduce your main idea – share how it may relate to your potential audience.  Arouse interest!

The Middle: Tell the main parts of your story.  Amplify on your main idea.  Use the Middle of your story as a time for your listeners to discover what you want tem to discover.  You may engage, involve and encourage participation.  This will come easier with experience. 

The Ending:  Here is the wrap-up of your story – the “punch-line” – the moral of the story – the great climax of the tale.  Tie the end together like a neat bow.

**Refine Your Stories to the point that you are comfortable with them.

**Learn and Memorize your stories.

**Begin to practice telling the stories to yourself

I recruit the family dog as my first audience.  I bribe her with a couple of treats and she gives me great reviews!  Unfortunately, I discovered that she was taking my treats and falling asleep before the end of my story.  I now make her stay awake and hear the whole story before she gets her treat!  It is only fair!  I do not want the world to learn that even my family dog goes to sleep listening to my stories.

Tell your stories to a recording device.  Replay them to perfect your technique.  Speak them into the mirror to analyze your facial and body language.  All this is helpful.  However, you must actually tell your stories to people in order to become a really good storyteller.  Every time you share a story you will improve.

**Start telling the stories to your family, friends and associates

Some leaders learn to tell their stories by gathering a group of friends or business associates who work together to help each other improve skills in a variety of areas.  Others join clubs or groups, such as Toastmasters, where people constructively critique each other.  Some have family members who can be a great help.  Still others pay consultants and trainers to help them develop and tell the stories.  Whatever you do, put together a program where you can practice your storytelling craft in a variety of settings.  Make a speech to a service club or to co-workers in a business meeting.  Develop a training event or seminar and make presentations.  All these tactics will help you grow.

**Practice, Practice, Practice

**Unleash your stories on the waiting world. 

**Polish and retell your stories over and over again.

Above all, have fun.  Storytelling is one of the really exciting and delightful aspects of leadership development.  You will be very glad you took the time to work on this important component of good leadership.  Enjoy!  And tell us a few of your stories.  We are always looking for new material for our BLOG.


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The Greatest Benefit of a Watkins/Summit Group Business!

Are You Ready To Re-Invent Yourself?

This message is for those who are dedicated to “Going for the Gold” with their Watkins/Summit Group Business.  Fran and I talk a lot about the benefits of a Watkins/Summit Group business.  Granted, there are many benefits that we can list but from our perspective we believe that the greatest benefit is the remarkable opportunity to reinvent yourself, revolutionize your life and significantly grow as a person.

To realize the fullest potential of Watkins/Summit Group you must continuously grow your knowledge, polish your attitudes, expand your view of the world and reinvent yourself.  This brings us to one over-riding conclusion.  For you to become highly successful in Watkins you must become fully responsible and totally accountable for your success. 

You must become self-directed, self-motivated, self-starting and self-navigating.  You must develop an unyielding level of self-determination.  Believe that you can take charge of your destiny and you will change your life.  Recognize that the YOU who got you to this point in your life is not necessarily the YOU who will be capable of achieving your dreams. 

You must create a different YOU for a different tomorrow!  This may require some serious personal re-inventing but YOU CAN DO IT!

Watkins can’t make you successful – only you can.  The Summit Group can give you all manner of support and guidance but it can’t make you successful.  You may have an excellent Sponsor but he/she will not make you successful.  You and only you can achieve success and create wealth in your life.  Achieving success and building wealth begins by creating a new YOU!

Wealth is the direct result of what you believe, what you are, what you do and what you become.  True wealth far transcends financial success. 

Your life achievements are the result of your actions, knowledge, perseverance and ability to overcome obstacles and break through barriers. 

The more you develop and grow as a person and as a leader – the more confident you will become.  You will impact on other people and your business in very positive ways.  Your business will grow and expand and you will achieve financial security and a greatly enhanced quality of life.  You will be a truly re-invented and wealthy person!



This topic was inspired by Steve Bretzke’s CD #21 which is found in the 24 CD Set that is a Summit Group bonus for investing in the Watkinize Your Home Assortment.  We recommend that you listen to this CD very frequently.  Steve’s insights can change your life!

For Watkins enrollment information please visit our online brochure


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