The 3-2-1- Daily Contact Plan

Give your Watkins business cards to people you meet

Giving a business card to people you meet is one way of achieving results with the 3-2-1 Daily Contact Plan

Use The 3-2-1- Daily Contact Plan as a start-point for over-coming inertia and moving your Watkins Business forward with consistent and disciplined effort.

This plan is for Associates who are new to the business or for Associates that want to “jump-start” a business that needs a boost. This is a “rubber-hits-the-road” plan. It is a basic tactic of business development. It is not a long-term Business Development Strategy with Time-Lines, Major Goals, Vision Statements, Marketing Strategies and other aspects of business development that may be addressed later.

For now, to get things kicked-in-gear, this is what we suggest you accomplish each day- beginning today! Discipline yourself and follow this plan and you will see progress. Do not let the 101 distractions of the day keep you from achieving The 3-2-1 Daily Contact Plan.

Work this plan faithfully six days of the week (Monday through Saturday) and you will begin to experience small successes that will feed greater successes. You will gain momentum. We suggest that you commit to this plan for the next 60 days beginning today! After 60 days assess the yields and then decide your next course of action.

The 3-2-1- Daily Contact Plan

CONTACT THREE (3) NEW PROSPECTS EACH DAY: This may be accomplished by meeting strangers as you go about your errands for the day. When you leave home to go to the Post Office, Pharmacy, Super Market, Doctors Office, or any other place, look upon that trip as a Watkins Sponsoring Expedition – an opportunity to meet people and share a remarkable possibility with them.

As I write this message I have just returned from a quickie trip to the pharmacy for Fran with a brief stop at the supermarket. I presented the Watkins/Summit Group Opportunity to two strangers. I used to grumble about “running errands.” Now I look upon my errands as a remarkable opportunity to meet people who may be seeking just what we have to offer.

Special Note Related to your Federal Taxes: When you are running errands it is wise to keep a mileage log in your car. Record your destinations, dates and mileage for your daily journeys and note when you conducted business by distributing information and giving out samples. Some of these miles traveled may have tax implications as business expenses. That means you may benefit from a larger refund check at tax time.  Money in your pocket is a good thing!  Check with your Tax Professional for guidance and compliance with IRS (USA) regulations!

The key is to “integrate” your sponsoring activities with your other responsibilities. Get creative and turn many of your frustrating “distractions” into Business Builder Opportunities.

Of course, many of your THREE NEW PROSPECTS for the day may come from various forms of advertising that you have placed or from referrals from your friends, etc.

CONTACT TWO (2) CANDIDATES EACH DAY: Follow-up with Candidates who are showing interest in the business. Answer their questions. Provide additional information. Send notes of encouragement. Stay in touch!

CONTACT ONE (1) TEAM MEMBER EACH DAY: Just check in and say Hello. Use this time to coach and encourage your team. Consistent communication is critical. Of course, those who are brand-new to the business may not have any team members but if they sponsor consistently that will change soon. When you speak with your Team Members encourage them to employ The 3-2-1-Daily Contact Plan.

Keep track of your 3-2-1 Daily Contact Plan Activities. Discipline yourself to contact three Prospects, two Candidates and one of your Team Members each day.

No excuses – simply do it.

If life gets-in-the-way and you miss a day – then you should double up your efforts so that you meet The 3-2-1 Daily Contact Plan Goals for the month.

Just think about it! You will be working about 26 days per month. That is 26 days multiplied by 3 = 78 new Prospects contacted. That is 26 days multiplied by 2 = 52 follow-ups to Candidates. This represents 26 days multiplied by 1 = 26 coaching calls to your team members.

Each day, when you start your Watkins/Summit Business development activities, simply use: The 3-2-1 Daily Contact Plan. It will give you a great start to every day! The yield from this level of activity may be very encouraging.

Unbelievably, all of this may be achieved in a relatively short period of time each day if you are creative in your use of time and completely “conscious” of your desire to build a vibrant and highly profitable Watkins Career. Look around you. Every-which-way you turn there are people who could use our remarkable opportunity. Do not deny them what Watkins/Summit has to offer.

• Remember – the next person you meet (who enrolls in Watkins) could change your life financially forever!
• Remember – the next person you meet (who enrolls in Watkins) may have his or her life changed financially forever!

Adjust Your Daily Contact Plan Activities as your business expands. As you introduce our opportunity to more and more people you will increase the number of Candidates that you have. You may find yourself in the position of changing your daily contact goals to a new set of numbers. For example: The 3-5-2 Daily Contact Plan. That is: Three New Prospects, Five Candidates and Two Team Members contacted daily.

I am not trying to play cute with numbers but simply want to demonstrate that you must be flexible and adjust to changing circumstances. The gist of this whole approach is to have a basic, doable plan that you can achieve each and every day without fail.

However, I feel that a serious Watkins/Summit Business Builder Associate should strive for the The 3-2-1- Daily Contact Plan as a minimum each day. For those new to the business this is an excellent start-point.

For the next 60 days FOCUS, FOCUS and FOCUS on then FOCUS some more on The 3-2-1- Daily Contact Plan.

Log Sheet for the 3-2-1 Contact Plan

Use this Log Sheet to track your activities on the 3-2-1 Contact Plan (click the photo above to view or print the Log Sheet)

Accountability for your 3-2-1 Daily Contact Plan. – How will you hold yourself accountable? It may be wise to send a brief paragraph each week to your sponsor and upline leadership telling how well you did in achieving the goals of 3-2-1. This is not a requirement but will help you hold yourself accountable. It will help to reinforce your discipline.

You can also click here for a Log Sheet which you can print to track your daily efforts with the 3-2-1 Contact Plan.

When you are genuinely focused on the activities of The 3-2-1- Daily Contact Plan you will be far less distracted. You will not have time to have thoughts that tend to hold you back. Consistent, persistent, goal-oriented activity will move you through any periods of doubt, discouragement or disappointment. Most importantly, this level of activity will start to yield results that will be very encouraging.


Building your Watkins Consciousness. Of course the major goal of The 3-2-1 Daily Contact Plan is to keep Watkins/Summit at the forefront of your thoughts. If you are conscious of Watkins on a daily basis you will be more likely to take action and see your business grow.

Product Use and Product Knowledge. Another way to build your Watkins Awareness is to focus on using Watkins Products every day. I do not know of any successful Watkins business owner who does not use the Watkins Products everyday. We must become products of the products. It is a matter of integrity. We simply can not represent our illustrious product line if we are not ardent consumers of the products.

For Watkins Business Information Visit Our Online Brochure

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Our Preferred Future and Mission

Our Preferred Future and Mission with Watkins and the Summit Group

Dave and Fran Daisey -
Watkins Gold Managers of the Summit Group

(Vision – Mission – Our Challenge and Commitment to you and your future).


We look upon the expansion of our Watkins/Summit Business as an adventure to be lived and a challenge to be passionately pursued. As humans, we need, in the deepest part of our being, to be involved in something greater than ourselves. We all desire to participate with other like-minded travelers on a noble journey – a mission of great significance. In our business world, Fran and I have selected our Watkins/Summit Group home business as our noble mission. It is our adventure to be lived.

Watkins/Summit is a remarkable life experience! We have been participating in this unique business expression for several years and are completely enthused with our progress to this point. Each new day affirms that we are participants in an outstanding opportunity. As time unfolds, we realize more and more that this business has become a special gift to us. Each day we learn of new and exciting ways to serve others. In reality, our Watkins/Summit Business has become a very special mission for us. It is an opportunity to minister to people and a way to give back to life.

Dave & Fran’s Vision Statement:

• We envision a highly successful, self-sustaining and ever-expanding distribution network of Watkins/Summit Associates operating throughout the USA and Canada. We are committed to a dynamic building process that will identify, enroll, train, coach and nurture a sustainable network of 5,000 Watkins Associates before the end of 2015.

• The hallmark of our business is: “People Helping People to Prosperity.” The driving energy of our business is service to others. We are in the business of transforming lives so we encourage all Associates to reach out and help others with our remarkable opportunity. When Associates put service to others first they will be rewarded with financial security, time freedom, an enhanced quality of life, personal growth and hope for a brighter future. In the process they will “pay forward” the potential for prosperity and abundance to all those they touch.

Our Vision Statement is a declaration of faith and belief! Such a statement helps us to begin our journey with the end in mind. It voices our belief in our ability to build a better future for ourselves, our family, our Associates and possibly countless others. Our vision statement declares what we wish our business to become in the next five years. It creates a strong sense of purpose and self-determination. Purpose and self-determination unleash enthusiasm, energy and the will power to achieve our dream. Our strong vision helps to make our lives a mission of service – not just a career.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is comprised of many activities, processes and concepts. All of these ideas, although stated individually, are part of a whole system for business growth and success. They are all interconnected and mutually supporting. Following are a few of the most critical concepts. We shall continuously strive to:

1. Encourage Associates to embrace the idea of: “People Helping People to Prosperity.” One person caring about another person represents one of life’s greatest values. The more we reach out and help others to success the more we shall become successful. The foundation of success comes from an attitude of service to others. When we assist, nurture, coach and mentor others we are bringing abundance to them. When we invest our experience, knowledge and passion in helping others to prosper, we in turn create prosperity in our own lives. It is a natural law that does not fail.

2. Practice the “law of reciprocity.” Reciprocity is a spiritual law that speaks to the creation of mutual opportunity for the greater good of all. It affirms the need to give in order to get something in return. It is the principle of sowing before you can harvest! Sow your time, energy, spirit and reasonable capital in the development of your Watkins Business and it has the potential to provide you bountiful harvests for a lifetime. We consistently encourage all of our leaders to “give back” to their communities. Giving back is the beginning of sowing and reaping. We live in a difficult time and there are many noble causes that need our support. Giving to our place of worship and all manner of charities is a form of sowing. If we sow abundantly we shall also reap abundantly.

3. Demonstrate a serious work ethic. To be highly successful in Watkins/Summit requires rigorous and consistent effort. There are no “instant fortunes.” You can’t parachute to the top of the mountain – you must climb it. A dedicated work ethic is expected from any leader in any enterprise. We expect no less from our Watkins leaders.

4. Help you affirm that you are a high performing Watkins Leader. Think of yourself as an Executive-In-Training. You may be a Watkins Consultant, but we recommend that you begin to think of yourself as an Executive. The way in which you perceive yourself will significantly impact the way you behave and approach your business. What you believe about yourself will definitely affect your decisions and outcomes. When you envision yourself as an Executive-in-Training there are no challenges, barriers or constraints that will deter you from achieving your goals! This self-perception will unleash creative energy, passion, consistent effort and the dedication that you need for success! You are in control of your destiny!

5. Teach a fuller understanding of the Network Distribution Industry. We want to educate our Associates so they fully grasp the dynamics of network distribution. We want them to understand the industry and help them to believe in its power and possibilities.

6. Help Associates understand the power and potential of Watkins/Summit. We will instruct interested Associates so they fully understand the Watkins/Summit Business System and develop belief in its power, integrity and value. We will re-enforce belief in the Watkins Company, our products, and the great value of the Summit Group. We will continuously help Associates to understand how the benefits of Watkins/Summit may help solve many of their problems, enhance their lives and create financial security.

7. Affirm our great belief in the strengths and abilities of all Associates. Every Watkins Associate brings unique attitudes, skills and knowledge that can help him/her to grow a Watkins/Summit Business to whatever level they desire. Some Associates will be content to purchase Watkins products for the Associate discount. Others will strive to make a few hundred dollars a month as supplemental income working part-time. Some will rely on Retailing and others will focus on Teambuilding. A few will elect to use our business model to become high-performance network creators. At whatever level an Associate elects to participate we shall do our best to support him/her fully.

8. Teach the essential steps to success for those who want to be leaders. Our business development model emphasizes five activities or accomplishments that will create a high performance business. When these steps are duplicated consistently you will be on your way to great achievements.

Step 1. Personally use Watkins Products everyday.
Step 2. Consistently present our business opportunity to prospective Associates.
Step 3. Introduce our world-class products to as many people as possible.
Step 4. Personally earn and sustain your Manager Title.
Step 5. Become a creator and developer of Watkins Managers.

9. Identify and develop Watkins Managers. Mangers are the essential building blocks and keys to success in the Watkins Compensation Plan. The best way to create a high-performance Watkins Distribution System is to develop an ever-growing team of productive Managers! The more Managers we build, the more our business will appreciate in value! Strong Managers become “partners for success” and multiply our organization’s value many times over. Managers help to leverage our time, resources, energy, passion, creativity, knowledge, motivation, action and productivity. Leveraging may be looked upon as a kind of “cloning.” Every new Manager we develop may produce at our level or better and contribute significantly to our over-all organizational growth and performance.

10. Support the develop of Watkins/Summit Executives. We will consistently seek Associate Managers who wish to achieve Watkins Executive Titles. They will see themselves as owners of their own International Distribution Organization working in association with Watkins, Inc. and in alliance with the Summit Group. This special group of Associates will have the vision, abilities, skills and resources to create an ever-expanding distribution network. They will demonstrate high levels of self motivation, self direction and self determination. They will be visionary thinkers and mission driven. Their focus will be on creating a large and sustainable network of Watkins/Summit Group Associates. They will continuously work to grow the value of their organization. They recognize that their fortune is in their network. These leaders will be the next generation of Watkins Executives.

11. Emphasize continuing education. Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the foundation of a life that is lived to full measure. Searching, exploring and learning will lead you to your rightful destiny. It is our aim to help each Associate who is dedicated to business and personal growth to understand the importance of “life-long learning.” There shall be a continuous process of education and training. Recommended reading programs and study materials will be offered, which will be designed to help your growth as a leader and entrepreneur. We all must be in the process of re-inventing ourselves. The skills, attitudes and knowledge that got us where we are today – may not be enough to get us where we want to be tomorrow.

12. Systematically share industry research. We intend to continuously research and understand market trends and indicators as they may impact our businesses. Knowing social movements and their contexts can be invaluable in optimizing business growth and tapping new market opportunities. We will focus on aligning our business approaches with major marketing and social trends in order to optimize our results.

13. Generate and share creative ideas and approaches. We hope to assist in generating unique ideas and approaches for the development of your business. Essentially, we want to participate in creating the Watkins/Summit Distribution System of tomorrow! However, any approaches or new directions will be administered within the guidelines of current Watkins/Summit Group Policy Statements and Operating Procedures. We will collaborate with and build upon the existing business model.

14. Assist in recruiting, sponsoring, retention and productivity. Recruiting and sponsoring are the keys to growing a successful Watkins Business, but retention and productivity are equally important. We will do all in our power to offer the resources, training and support required to help you manage these basic business processes. We promise a level of support that when backed by Watkins and the Summit Group will be the very best in the entire network distribution industry.

15. Implement awards, recognition and incentive programs. Watkins has many different awards and recognition programs. The Summit Group is continuously offering incentive programs designed to enhance and increase performance and productivity. Together, we shall learn how to recognize achievement in very motivational and constructive ways. Recognition is a basic human need. One of the most gratifying aspects of the entire Watkins experience is the continuous recognition. It is a great motivator and also a major contributor to retention and productivity.

16. Work in association and compliance with Watkins, Inc. Watkins represents the foundation of our business expression. Without the Watkins Products, support, compensation plan and history of quality and excellence we would not have a business. Without the Home Business model offered by Watkins our business would not exist. Therefore, it is imperative that we support corporate decisions. Decisions to introduce new policies and products or to cancel products from the line are made to assure the future strength and wellness of Watkins. That is very important to us. Every decision that is made by corporate carefully considers the impact on Associates. Always remember that Watkins is on our side. We, the Associates, are the life-blood of the corporation. Watkins ownership and executive leadership work diligently to assure the continuance and stability of the corporation. That in turn ensures the continuance and stability of our businesses as well.

17. Promote continuous liaison and collaboration with the Summit Group. Steve and Ginny Bretzke (Founders of the Summit Group and Watkins Gold Executives) along with Jerry Fochtmann (Watkins Executive and Summit Group Director of Training) are perpetually building new programs, training approaches and incentive programs to support the development of all Associates in their organization. Their approach of giving so much back to their downline is a management model we all need to emulate. Their business philosophy has created and built the most successful and most productive Independent Distribution Organization in the history of Watkins. To take advantage of what the Summit Group offers is simply good business sense! It is very wise to listen to the pioneers who have gone before us!

18. Communicate and Build Community. The most successful Watkins Leaders nurture a strong sense of community among their team members. In addition to Watkins we are blessed to be a part of the Summit Group where a great sense of community is nurtured. We all draw strength from being a part of that illustrious community. On-going communication and interaction are critical. Many of us live hundreds or thousands of miles from each other. We employ the “magic” of modern technology to overcome time and distance. We rely on continuous and effective communications to build and maintain the bonds of community.

Achieving Our Vision and Mission will be accomplished
by a remarkable team effort!

Our vision will be achieved through the drive, self-determination, energy, will power and creativity of our current and future Associates, Managers and Executives. Achievement of our vision will be a perfect example of the power of leveraging and an affirmation that network distribution is a viable, sustainable and nearly “perfect” business system. Further, it will demonstrate the power of the alliance between Watkins, The Summit Group and our Associates. It will stand as a model of a classic win-win situation for all stakeholders.

When our vision becomes a reality and our goals are achieved, we will have introduced Watkins Products to hundreds of thousands of Customers. We will have enabled the creation of thousands of new Independent Business Owners. Some of these Associates will join us in the ranks as Watkins/Summit Executives. And that is where you come in…

Are you ready for the challenge?

It is our belief that you could become a future Watkins/Summit Executive! As a successful person you possess a set of special skills, values and attitudes that can serve you well in developing a viable and lucrative Network Distribution Business. Here is your opportunity to bring all of your life experience and passion to bear on creating a business that has no financial limits or ceilings – a business that can bring a whole new quality of life to you, your family, your Customers and the Associates you sponsor.

We offer every Associate the opportunity to excel. We invite you to participate in an exciting, evolving and dynamic process of personal and business development. You may elect to become a co-creator with us in building the most successful business venture that our collective energies can envision and accomplish. Although you are the Owner of your very own International Distribution Organization working in association with Watkins and in alliance with The Summit Group, you will never be operating alone. You will be surrounded by other highly competent professionals who genuinely care about your success and achievements. You will become a member of a highly collaborative “Dream Team” that shall work together for the common good of all.

Here is your opportunity to catapult yourself into the world of inconceivable possibilities! We trust that you will carefully consider what we are sharing here. Possibly you will “catch the vision” and become a leader with us in this exciting business journey. The key to success is to focus all of our energy, resources, knowledge and passion on the development of deserving and dedicated Associates, who desire to build their own high performance organization. Those who successfully participate with us will create an exemplary life of service to others and assure financial freedom and a significantly enhanced quality of life for their families and themselves. It is our desire to help empower and motivate deserving Associates to extraordinary action and achievements.

Know our vision – and create your own! We feel that it is very appropriate that we share with you what is important to us and what drives our business progress. Hopefully, some of our ideas will inspire you to craft your own vision and mission statement and set your own goals. You may discover that thinking about these ideas and writing them down may serve as a driving energy for your own business. Of course, your vision and mission statement must align with your own unique wants, needs, desires, goals and resources. Only you can create the vision of where you want your business to be in the next five years. Only you can paint a picture of your preferred future.

Our commitment to you! We pledge our service and support!

We are confident in our ability to train, mentor and support all who wish to become leaders and pacesetters in the Watkins/Summit business system. We have an established track record of results oriented coaching and training in manufacturing, engineering, Real Estate, banking, healthcare and distribution industries. For more than 30 years, we have been training business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners in the skill-sets required for success. It will be our privilege to serve you as well. Teamwork is a beautiful thing! Together we can make it happen!

Our Special Invitation:

Join us in the adventure of a life-time! Create your own vision and goals! Unleash your passion! Collaborate, grow, achieve and excel. Leave a legacy! Take full advantage of the remarkable Watkins/Summit Business Opportunity!

Come! Join with us: “People Helping People to Prosperity!”

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Nurture a Sense of Community!

We hear a lot today about the concept of community. The dictionary defines “community” as a group of like-minded individuals who bond together for a common purpose. The individual members of the community are held together by mutual goals, values and beliefs. Watkins is a community of Associates which shares the Watkins heritage and traditions. We are held together by a business philosophy of integrity, quality and honesty. We are connected together by a caring spirit.

The Watkins/Summit Community represents a philosophy of living – a special way of life. Our members enjoy valued friendships and tend to be happy and adjusted folks. We benefit from a life-long opportunity for personal and professional growth. Very importantly, we experience a renewed sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and a ton of recognition. These attributes are priceless in today’s cynical and challenging world.

The most successful Watkins Leaders nurture a strong sense of community among their team members. In addition to Watkins we are blessed to be a part of the Summit Group where a great sense of community is nurtured. We all draw strength from being a part of that illustrious community.

Our Watkins Community promotes personal growth and economic development. It helps members to fill their basic human needs of financial security, social acceptance, recognition, self-esteem and self-fulfillment. It encourages reaching out in service to others. It is a life-style that enhances all those who participate.

Start building your Watkins Community today! The stronger you build your Watkins Community the more success you shall achieve. Reach outside yourself to show others the way to success. When you focus on helping others to achieve what they want and need in life, you will be rewarded in countless ways.

Show faith in your Associates. Encourage them during their times of discouragement. Help them to unleash creativity and self-confidence. Build rapport and trust. Be their friend and mentor. Teach them how to be a winner and help position them for success. Continuously affirm that there is hope for a better future. Let them know that they are never alone.

Consistently encourage your Team Members and broaden their vision of what can be. Help them dream a larger dream for their lives. Demonstrate the power of hope, belief and faith. Continuously communicate and involve your Associates in the greater game. Help them see the big picture.

Go the extra mile to nurture and support those who are dedicated and sincere. Teach them to be accountable to themselves and their dream. Affirm their efforts. Build on their strengths. Quietly guide them on their journey. Be a steady, ever-present influence. Recognize their achievements and celebrate their victories.

On-going communication and interaction are critical. Many of us live hundreds or thousands of miles from each other. We employ the “magic” of modern technology to overcome time and distance. We rely on continuous and effective communications to build and maintain the bonds of community.

There is great value in building and strengthening the bonds of your Watkins Community. You and your Associates will be far richer for doing so! We are dedicated to helping you and your team in becoming a stronger community.

For more information about Watkins please visit our online brochure


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Develop a Watkins consciousness – especially about your use of time!

Build a bold vision of helping thousands of people to a better life. Look upon your Watkins business as a mission of service to others. Think BIG, Plan BIG and work BIG! You shall positively impact on countless people. You can do it!

One of your biggest challenges will be the multiple distractions that will affect you every day. When you set out to achieve wonderful things you will find that life situations will continuously get in your way. You must simply not allow these distractions to impede your progress.

Build a Watkins consciousness. Think Watkins in all aspects of your life. This is especially important in living good stewardship of your time. We suggest that you assess how you currently spend your time. How many hours per week can you invest in developing your business? How are you using discretionary time? How much time do you spend watching TV or playing games on the Internet or sending frivolous messages over a social media network? Set some of that time aside and dedicate it exclusively to tasks that will build your business.

These tasks should be primarily focused on contacts with prospects and coaching your team as it builds. Do not consider clearing your desk, filing, and other such non-productive activities as business builders. They are not.

Sending an email to a prospect – phoning a prospect or mailing information to a prospect are true business building activities. Passing out business cards to every person you meet is a must activity. Striking up conversations with strangers will build your confidence and build your team.

There are two thoughts that you should keep in the forefront of your consciousness with every new contact –

* This person may change my life financially for ever. I owe it to myself to share my business with him or her.

* Our business may change this persons life financially forever. I owe it to him or her to share my business opportunity!

For information about enrolling in Watkins please visit our online brochure

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Now is the time to invest in the Watkinize Your Home Assortment!

The Watkinize Your Home Assortment (Assortment) is a special collection of products offered by Watkins at a significant discount. Each Watkins Associate is permitted to purchase the Assortment one time during their Watkins career. Not only is this Assortment offered at a special value by Watkins to associates, but it also comes with extra incentives for members of the Summit Group. The Summit Group incentives are provided by Steve and Ginny Bretzke, founders of the Summit Group.

Also, the purchase of the Watkinize Your Home Assortment is the major qualification for eligibility in the Watkins Bonus Program. Purchase the Assortment and enroll in the Loyalty Program and you are qualified to earn a $100.00 bonus every time one of your first level (personally sponsored) team members invests in the Watkinize Your Home Assortment. That is how you start earning $100.00 bonuses in our exciting Watkins Bonus Program.

It is a very wise decision to purchase the Watkinize Your Home Assortment. This one-time investment demonstrates that you are serious about building a successful Watkins Business. When you sponsor new Associates be certain to share with them the great value of the Watkinize Your Home Assortment. Let them know that you have purchased the Assortment. Your example will encourage them to do the same.

Any time is a great time to purchase your Watkinize Your Home Assortment and to share with family, friends and neighbors. Of course, the purpose of the Assortment is to provide you with a broad array of products (at a great discount) that will help you get in the habit of personally using the products. Also, personal knowledge of the products prepares you to offer your own testimonials about the value of the products. These testimonials can be priceless!

You may share this remarkable collection of products with others as gifts or give selected items to prospects to introduce them to our wonderful Watkins Products. Of course, if you are operating on a tight budget you can Retail the products and recover your investment in the Assortment and also make a profit.

However, we strongly recommend that you personally use most of the products in the Assortment. Fran and I had been in Watkins several years when the Watkinize Your Home Assortment was introduced. When we invested in the Assortment we committed to consuming most of the products personally. As ardent users of Watkins products we thought that we had tried and tested most of the products that would be of interest to us. But surprise – surprise! When our Assortment package arrived we started using the products and discovered six items that we had never purchased or used. Several of those products are now on our “favorites” list.

You can have a lot of fun when you receive your Assortment. Invite family and friends to participate in the opening of the package. Make it a real party – a fun activity. Unpackage the products out one-at-a-time. Talk about each one. You will get some really neat reactions. Some guests may share experiences and stories that they remember about the various products. This activity generates a lot of excitement and interest. We have had people start to act like a bunch of kids around the Christmas tree opening gifts on Christmas morning. It is a great time to develop Customers and share the Business Opportunity! Most of all – make it FUN!

Also, if you get a folks together to open your Assortment let them know about the great value of the Summit Group and the dynamic role it plays in your Watkins business development. Tell them about the valuable incentive bonuses that you received from the Summit Group when you purchased your Watkinize Your Home Assortment.

The Watkinize Your Home Assortment is a great way to experience the serious impact of our remarkable products and provide you with an impressive collection to use personally, and share and demonstrate to others. Obviously, this Assortment of products is perfect for new associates but the extra benefits listed below also make it valuable for experienced associates as well. You can get all the following benefits by ordering this assortment now:

Benefits from Watkins

* 50+ Products: You’ll have 50+ products with a retail value of $500 US and ($665 CN). You’ll get these products at a specially discounted price of $349.00 US and $449.00 CN plus Shipping & Handling and Tax.

* Free Watkins E Associate Website: You will also receive other great values: Free Watkins E-Associate Website for 90 Days (If you purchase the Assortment in the first 90 days of your enrollment in Watkins). That is a $125 value!*

Incentives from the Summit Group (Offered by Steve and Ginny Bretzke).

* 24 Bonus Training Programs as Downloadable Online Audio Files: Summit Group associates who purchase this Assortment will get a complete set of “Best of Watkins Training” featuring training tips, motivation and strategies taught by acclaimed leaders within Watkins and the network distribution industry. The collection of training programs is valued at $249 and you get it FREE as an audio file. (This offer is only available to Watkins Associates of the Summit Group).

We encourage each and every associate to order this Assortment. Even if you are on a tight budget, it may still make sense to order this very special offer. You’ll get all the benefits listed above. And, it’s perfectly okay if you choose to sell some or all of the products from the assortment at the regular retail price, to recover some or all of your investment. So you see, it really does make sense for everyone to invest in the Watkinize Your Home Assortment.

For information about Watkins enrollments please visit our online brochure


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Surviving Our Disasters, Miscalculations and Misadventures!

Presentation for Summit Group Conference 2009 – St. Louis, MO -

Lessons Learned From Disasters, Miscalculations and Misadventures on our Watkins Journey.

Hello, Hello and Hello!

It is exhilarating to stand before a team of PEAK PERFORMERS who are climbing toward the Summit of the Mountain called opportunity.

I am honored for the invitation to share with PEAK PERFORMERS at this remarkable conference. As strange as it may sound I am pleased to share with you some of the Disasters, Miscalculations and Misadventures that Fran and I have experienced on our way to the Summit of the Mountain called opportunity.

These misadventures are a part of our Watkins story. We honor them like trophies on our fireplace mantle. Why would we honor our Miscalculations and Misadventures? Because they were great teachers and we learned much from them. We grew as a result of them. We discovered what does not work. Our misadventures have made us stronger and evermore determined. They cost us unbelievable amounts of time and big dollars but we survived them. We can now laugh about them. We invite you to laugh along with us.

But before we get into our misadventures I would like you to get a bit introspective. I want you to sit quietly and think about a “make believe” situation – it goes something like this. You are building your Watkins Business with all the energy, time and passion you can muster. You are getting a little guidance from your sponsor and you have access to the Business Builder tools that are provided by Watkins.

But, here is the real cruncher. There is no Summit Group in your Watkins world. There is no guidance and support from Steve, Ginny and Jerry Fochtmann. There is no team of Summit Group Executives to share ideas on a weekly conference call. No exemplary training website. No Summit Group Information website to help your sponsoring efforts. No Advertising co-op. No training conference like the one we are attending. No passion, energy and guidance from the #1 Associate Team in all of Watkins. The Summit Group is simply not a part of your Watkins experience. Can you imagine that? Can you fully comprehend what your Watkins Business would be like without the Summit Group?

I can! And I will tell you it IS NOT easy. Fran and I have experienced our Watkins life without the Summit Group. In our early days Fran and I were under the sponsorship of an Associate who was under the Summit Group. He contended that we should only listen to him for guidance because he did not want us to become confused by relating to multiple leaders. He claimed that he had the one true path to success! That statement alone should have made us very suspect.

Although we were in the Bretzke’s organization – to us The Summit Group was some remote and mystical team that we saw winning all of the marbles at the Watkins International Business Conferences year after year but we were denied access to its energy.

Miscalculation #1 – We did not use our entire Upline Leadership Team for guidance and support.

Over a period of time our relationship with our sponsor went from great to so-so to abysmal. We really became bogged down and were not making any progress. Our sponsor became very difficult to work with and we seriously considered leaving the business. We should have been much more aggressive in seeking Upline assistance. We should have picked up the phone and gone to the leaders who would have made a difference.

But eventually our sponsor left Watkins for other pursuits. Finally, we established direct communication with Steve and Ginny and Jerry Fochtmann. When we were able to tap into the power of the Summit Group our Watkins World turned around and our business began to flourish.

We truly believe that we would have avoided much of the pain of our early misadventures if we had access to the coaching and guidance of the Summit Group. Here is the lesson – when you are not getting satisfactory support from your sponsor go to your Upline leadership for assistance. It is your right to do so.

Miscalculation #2. We did NOT follow the Proven Training Program that was available to us. Who Reads Those Things Anyway?

I skimmed through the Watkins materials but they seemed too simple and almost naïve. Therefore, I judged that they would not be too productive. There had to be a better way. Besides, how many men read training programs, guides, “how-to” books and operator manuals? It simply is not the macho thing to do. Men only read guides and operator manuals when all else fails or their wife demands that they do so.

That is proved even today by new Associates who claim they want to earn $100,000 a year and never visit the remarkable Summit Group Training Website before they attempt to roll out their business. So do not do like we did. We recommend that you go home and devour the Summit Group Training website. Encourage all of your Associates to do the same.

Misadventure #3. My Strange Attempts at Re-inventing Watkins.

Watkins is a complete turn-key business opportunity (particularly as supported by the Summit Group). A turn-key business is simply a business system that is already in existence and operational. Proven products, policies and systems are in place to support your success. Vast resources, expertise and capital have been expended to create the contemporary expression of Watkins. All you have to do is elect to participate. Turn the key and you are off and running but I simply could not see it. It seemed too simple. It had to be more complex. I had not yet learned that in network marketing – Complexity = smaller paychecks and Simplicity Duplicated over and over again = Bigger paychecks.

As an Industrial Consultant I spent almost 30 years working in mostly High Tech enterprises with very sophisticated systems, processes and business models. I brought the perspective of the consultant to my new Watkins Business. As a consultant you are paid to fix things so I started analyzing Watkins. I found myself re-writing, re-designing and trying to re-invent Watkins. I re-wrote brochures, business opportunity presentations and did a really great power-point presentation about the history of Watkins, our products and our remarkable business opportunity. I think I used it twice.

In retrospect we became mired in mud because we were not receiving adequate guidance. If we had benefited from the experience and wisdom of The Summit Group our early Watkins efforts would have been far more productive. We would not have wasted so much time and money. We would not have squandered so much opportunity.

So we recommend that you keep it simple. Do not complex it up. You do not have to re-invent a thing. The Watkins/Summit Group is truly a turn-key business. Turn the key and drive away to success.

Misadventure #4. We worked so hard preparing to do business that we failed to do business.

Instead of picking up the phone and making an appointment to share the opportunity I felt compelled to write another brochure. Instead of consistently passing out business cards, demonstrating products and making business opportunity presentations I built a special Watkins office in our basement.

Instead of placing news releases in our local newspaper and spreading the word I came up with elaborate filing and record keeping systems. I was so busy preparing to do business that I did not get around to doing business.

As a result we saw very little income from Watkins. We simply were not doing the right things. We were foundering and almost quite the business. Maybe things would have been a lot better if we had subscribed to the proven methods that were available to us. Our strong recommendation is that you follow the pioneers who have gone before and who are highly successful.

Miscalculation #5. Our Pukey Decision to Avoid Our Warm Market.

I read a book by an author, who was supposed to be a great Network Marketing Guru – at least she said she was. She wrote a book that some claimed was the hippest publication in our industry – cutting edge all the way. The author advised against approaching your “warm market” because family, friends, associates and neighbors are the most likely to PUKE on your new business. If they puke on your business, the author contended, you will become discouraged and quit. The author’s favorite words are PUKE, PUKEY and PUKER. These nice words were used dozens of times in the book. Since I was not looking forward to being PUKED on and becoming a PUKEE I decided not to approach our “warm market.” Not to approach our warm market was really PUKEY guidance. We certainly recommend that you disregard this advice and be sure to approach your warm market

Misadventure #6. The Cold Call Telemarketing Nightmare.

They say that Cold Call Telemarketing builds character. As an experiment I set a goal of 125 cold calls in one week to names randomly selected from the White Pages. I set half a day aside for five straight days – three mornings and two afternoons to make 25 calls each day.

I had read an article by some telemarketing guru suggesting that you should not start at the beginning of the alphabet because everybody does that. He suggested that you start with the “Zs” and work backward. That idea alone should have been a clue that the guru was warped.

Have you ever tried to pronounce the names in the Z section of the White Pages. Anybody here have a name that begins with Z?

Nickoli Zitkevitzky
Joseph Zimboloskolina
Thadeous Zaczkowski

After call number ten in the “Zs” I went back to the “As.” I had no success whatsoever until day four when I reached call number 95. I said, “Hello my name is Dave and my company is seeking folks here in Southern New Jersey who may be interested in building a Home Based Business. Would you like to hear more?”

Without hesitation the guy said “Yes, I sure would like to hear more. I have been looking for something and I am glad you called.”

Now can you guess what comes next? I was totally, regrettably and inexcusably NOT READY FOR A YES!

It’s like the old story of a dog that chases a car barking and panting and when the car stops the poor dog has caught his car. But he does not know what to do with it. Should he run circles around the car barking viciously, bite the bumper or pee on the tire. That’s where I was. I could really relate to that old dog.

After a very long pause I eventually mumbled something quite incoherent. The guy was very polite and still interested even after my babbling and he suggested we get together for coffee. (Now the invitation to go for coffee was supposed to be my line). We got together a week later and he enrolled. He was one of our very first Associates.

Although they say that Cold Call Telemarketing builds character – after that week I concluded that I had enough character. (Besides, cold call telemarketing is now taboo.l)

Misadventure #7. Advertising in all the Wrong Places with all the Wrong Approaches.

If you check the guidance offered by the Summit Group you will learn what advertising approaches work and are most productive. We did not have any experience in advertising in this business model so we wasted tons of money and had very little positive results. We used large expensive display ads to recruit. We used ads to try and sell the products. We advertised in all the wrong places with all the wrong approaches and this proved to be one of our most costly misadventures. We strongly suggest that you use the advertising approaches suggested by the Summit Group.

Misadventure #8. The Great Door Knob Hanger Project.

With the blessing of our sponsor, who said it was a great idea, we prepared several hundred door hanger units. We affixed these to door knobs in the more affluent parts of our community. We included in each bag a special letter inviting the recipient to look at our business and try our products, a brochure from Watkins, two samples and a Monthly Sales Catalog.

The cost of purchasing, assembling and delivering was quite heavy. But we did get one response. A guy called and said, “I know where you live and if you ever put any more of your Bleep Bleep junk on my door knob I will stop by and kick your Bleep.”

I checked caller ID and I learned that I knew of the guy. He is about six feet eight and 300 pounds of all muscle and no fat. We have since shelved the door knob hanger project and you may want to also.

Misadventure #9. My Visionary Fundraiser Campaign Fiasco.

When Watkins introduced the Fundraiser Program with Free enrollment for 501C3 Non-Profit Organizations and a FREE Watkins Website, I was ecstatic. As a former School administer I had some experience with Fundraiser Programs. I looked at this program and was immediately sold on its great merit and I knew instantly that it was my ticket to riches in Watkins. I called my Sponsor and he affirmed that I could create my legacy as Watkins greatest fundraiser Champion.

I spent one year approaching 5000 Non-Profit organizations in Southern New Jersey through Direct mail and telephone campaigns. I made personal presentations to more than sixty non-profit boards. I designed a training program for non-profits to use to implement their Watkins fundraiser program. We signed 12 Non-Profits and collectively they produced less that a $1000 in sales. I will not go into all of the reasons why this program simply does not work. In theory it has magnificent potential, but it also has too many barriers and constraints to overcome to be successful.

The great Fundraiser Campaign wasted a year of my Watkins time and cost several thousands of dollars in expenses. It proved to be the most costly of all of our misadventures. It is certainly okay to support a local non-profit with a Watkins Fundraiser, but we strongly recommend that you do not make Fundraising a major element of your Watkins Business Plan.

Misadventure #10. Our First and Only Large Group Business Opportunity Meeting (A Near Death Experience).

I Read another book by a Network Marketing professional who claimed that the only way to build a network quickly and expansively was to hold large group meetings. So I decided to become the fastest growing Associate in Watkins by hosting large recruiting meetings – not thousands of people but 25 or 30 at a time. That certainly seemed manageable.

It took me a month to prepare, invite and get 23 people to the first meeting. We used the training room in my consulting practice offices. It was a very pleasant and comfortable setting. Everybody was seated at tables with coverings a pitcher of ice water and glasses. The walls were lined with Watkins Product displays and samples. An entire table of dips and drinks and a heaping pile of Snickerdoodles was positioned in the back. It took a week just to set up the room.

Another table had a large array of Watkins Publications and presentations that I had produced. As I think back on it the whole event was an exercise in sensory overload. I was determined to totally indoctrinate those 23 guests and pour all of my knowledge of Watkins into their heads in 90 minutes.

We had some basic introductions and then we went into the classic Power Point presentation that I had produced. It was a real dog and pony show meticulously prepared and competently executed. After the Power Point we had a short Question and Answer period. Things were going well. I was on a roll.

Then we introduced the products. We tasted, smelled, rubbed and extolled the virtues of Watkins World-Class Products. We emphasized all of the features and benefits and incentives to buy.

Then we re-emphasized how the products were the foundation for an exemplary business system. Now I was in the zone. I was right up there with some of the best Pitchmen you have ever seen on TV. You know – the guys who sell food choppers for $19.95 with one extra if you call within the next eight minutes.

As my final shot at demonstrating the products I picked up one of my favorites – Citrus Room Freshener. I began spritzing the room freshener and it did not take long for the entire room to deliciously smell like a Florida Orange Grove in peak season. I was spritzing and spritzing all over the room. Remember I am now in the zone – on a roll – unstoppable – spritzing!

And then the unthinkable happened. A poor lady in the front row started wheezing and gasping for air. She grabbed her chest and throat and started turning blue. In an instant I realized that my over abundance of Citrus Freshener had launched a full blown medical emergency. I quickly got the help of another guest and we half led and half carried her outside to the grassy knoll next to the building. I remember other guests standing over her fanning her with Watkins Catalogs to give her more oxygen.

It took the longest 5 minutes in my life for her to start breathing normally. I apologized profusely and offered to drive her home. She turned out to be a very gracious Lady and really got me off the hook by saying it was as much her fault as mine. She knew she had an asthmatic condition and should have warned me after my first spritz.

I was very happy to see her fully recovered and driving out of the driveway into the night. But along with her tail-lights I saw several other pairs of tail-lights disappearing into the night. I lost at least half of my guests. I spritzed them right out of my life.

I encouraged the remaining guests to return to the presentation room and have some refreshments and talk about the business. I realize now that the only thing that drew them back to the room was our big pile of Snickerdoodles. Nobody expressed any desire to learn more about the business. One-by-one they said thanks for the great cookies and disappeared into the night.

I went home to a very sleepless night.

First thing in the morning I called the Lady who had the asthma attack. I apologized again and like the night before she was very gracious and told me not to worry – she was fine. We did not talk about the business.

I called every other guest over the next two days. Three actually took my calls. One simply said, “I am not interested.”

One said, “Maybe sometime down the road but not now.

The third guy, a young IT Professional, was a gem and spent nearly a half hour with me. He said, “I really appreciated what you were trying to do at your meeting but at the risk of offending you – I sense that you do not understand the power and driving dynamics of network marketing. He then took me to school. This is the gist of what he said:

* Presentation too complex – overwhelming – sensory overload
* It was not duplicatable.
* I could not do it – no guest in that room could have made that type of presentation.
* Very few people can afford that type of facility for a meeting.
* You did not involve your guests enough.
* There was a brief Q&A but never once did you really try to understand what we wanted.
* At many points it was more like a college lecture.
* Presentation was too sophisticated.
* Most people would be hard-pressed to get that many people in a room at one time.
* The whole presentation smacked of being too costly and far too much work.
* Obviously there was a big time commitment in putting it all together.
* Nobody in the room could pull off that event
* Had to bake and prepare food – Ugh!
* If that is what is required to be successful in Watkins it is not for me.

Based on that experience the grand group meetings are history. Fran and I now have group presentations around our kitchen table. We periodically invite two or three people to get together and share the business opportunity. We also have periodic meetings with our local Associates who are encouraged to invite prospects to meet with us. These meetings are very casual and more personalized presentations.

Surviving Misadventures and Miscalculations.

As you hear of these Misadventures and Miscalculations you might wonder why and how we are still in business. How can you do so many things so badly and still survive? Well, we also have done a lot of right things but they were not the featured theme of the day. Most importantly, we have been very fortunate to sponsor some real champions. We have also learned over the years that our business model is very forgiving. We can make mistakes and go off on misadventures and still survive.

Seated in this room today are many PEAK PERFORMERS who are a part of our Watkins Team. They are the real reason that we have been able to survive our misadventures and thrive.

Would all of the PEAK PERFORMERS in the room who are a part of the Daisey Group please stand. These PEAK PERFORMERS represent the reason we have been able to survive our misadventures and miscalculations and thrive in our business. Thank you team for your remarkable energy, creativity and leadership. Fran and I Love You and “Thank You” from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank all of you and God Bless!

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Become A High Performance Watkins Associate!

There is nothing complicated about growing and operating a successful Watkins Business. Obviously, dedicated and consistent effort are required to build any business. But by following a few simple business principles and strategies you can become a High Performance Watkins Associate. You can achieve Manager Title and advanced Manager Titles on your way to the Executive Titles and significant residual income! You can work your business part-time or full-time. Patiently and consistently pay attention to the following and you will excel…

 Start By Answering Your “WHY?”

 Personally Use Watkins Products and create personal testimonials!

 Build a Base of Retail Customers – (For those who like to sell!)

 Become a Sponsoring Champion – (For those who want to create an ever-growing network and achieve significant residual income).

 Build Managers for Success!

Start By Answering Your “WHY?”

Why in the world are you in the Watkins Business? Why are you showing the courage and audacity to launch and build your own enterprise? Why do you want to expend your time, energy and personal resources in developing your own independent business? Why are you willing to redirect your thoughts and behaviors and take on a whole new set of responsibilities? Why are you dedicating yourself to learning a whole new business system? Why are you impassioned enough to take a quantum leap and risk starting a home-based business? Why are you driven to achieve?

Why is “WHY?” so important? When you have answered the WHY? for your Watkins Business you will be well on your way to success. When you fully understand the motivation (the motives for action) that inspired you to enroll in Watkins, you will then discover the real purpose for being in business.

When you know your true purpose for being in business, you will be energized to move boldly forward. There is nothing that will stand in the way of your success. Every constraint, barrier and inconvenience will melt in the face of your sustained and impassioned effort. Your success will be assured!

WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? Asking WHY? Five Times is a great technique for getting at the root cause of a situation. Ask yourself five times, “WHY am I in the Watkins Business?” When you have answered five times you will have defined, in very explicit terms, your purpose for being in business. You will have a clarified understanding of why you made the commitment to an independent business. You will have crystallized your reason for developing your own enterprise. You will be strengthened in your resolve! You will have unleashed a powerful driving energy to support your success!

Personally Use Watkins Products and create personal testimonials!

All successful Watkins Associates are products of the products. Using the products gives you first-hand product knowledge and personal experience that you can share with your Customers. This product knowledge becomes the basis for testimonials that can favorably impact on your Customers. Consistently using the products gives you credibility as a believer in the Watkins Quality, which makes selling much easier for you! It is much easier to endorse our products when you know what you are talking about. When you use the products extensively you bring a high level of integrity to the selling situation! You become more believable and credible.

Live and Teach The Concept of Transfer Buying!

Transfer Buying simply means transferring your purchases from the local supermarket or pharmacy to your Watkins Business. Instead of buying those items that you have traditionally purchased from other sources, you now buy them from yourself at a minimum 25% discount. It is just plain good business! Why give profits to the supermarket chain that you can give to yourself? Transfer Buying does not mean you are spending additional money, it just means that you are buying your products from a different supplier!

As you build your Watkins Business one of the first things you want to teach each new Associate is the concept of Transfer Buying. It is also appropriate to teach your customers about Transfer Buying. You are doing them a significant service by introducing them to the high quality, life-enhancing Watkins Products. Many customers will become involved in Transfer Buying. This is often the first step your customer will take toward becoming a Watkins Associate and joining your team!

To fully achieve Transfer Buying simply take your Watkins Master Catalog and visit every area of your home to determine which products you can purchase from Watkins as opposed to the local supermarket. Make a list of those products that you continuously purchase and use every month. Discipline yourself to break the old habit of purchasing from the supermarket. Purchase from your own “store” and watch your business grow.

Build a Base of Retail Customers – (For those who like to sell!)

The Retail side of the Watkins Business is not for everyone. Many people simply do not like to sell. However, for those who enjoy selling – your personal sales will reward you with exceptional commissions. The more you build a strong and ever-growing customer base, the more volume you create. That greater volume will give you better profits and position you for advancement to higher management and executive levels, which positions you for additional bonus programs and even greater profits! The more products you sell the more money you make! The more Customers you identify the more Associates you will enroll!

Use the wonderful tools provided by Watkins to support Retail Sales. The Living Naturally Parties are an excellent model to support large sales volume each and every month. If you are not a party person, simply share catalogs and build your capacity for personal selling.

The lesson for all of us is that a large and active Customer base will tend to yield a greater number of new Associates to support the growth of your Watkins Business! Therefore, continuously building your base of satisfied Customers is a solid strategy for growth!

We have also discovered that Associates who come from the Customer ranks possess product knowledge that gives them a real “leg-up” in launching their Watkins Business. They tend to be more successful, more quickly! They are in the habit of using the products and are usually more productive and consistent! They are loaded with personal Testimonials about their favorite products.

Every satisfied Customer has the potential of becoming your next successful Associate! Do not pressure or use “hard-sell” approaches but frequently share the business opportunity with all your customers! Consistently ask your Customers for referrals.

Become a Sponsoring Champion – (For those who want to create an ever-growing network and achieve significant residual income).

Now let’s talk about the Network Distribution side of the Watkins Business. Enrolling new Associates and continuously building your team is the driving force for building a substantial Watkins Business. Successful Associates who achieve Manager Title and beyond consistently and aggressively enroll new Associates. The more Associates you bring into your business the more you leverage yourself and build residual income!

You, like most Watkins Associates, lead a very busy life. You have only a limited amount of time each week to dedicate to your Watkins Business. Our suggestion is that you dedicate most of that time to becoming a Sponsoring Champion. Develop a passion for seeking people who want opportunity and are willing to work hard and enjoy serving others.

More and more people are seeking the opportunity to own and operate their own independent business and work from home with all of the accompanying benefits. Even people who are fully employed are seeking a home-based business as “insurance” against job loss. Many wish to build a substantial retirement annuity. The severe economic crisis is driving many to consider alternative income opportunities. The Watkins Home-Based Business can be operated by people from all walks of life, all ages, socio-economic groups, education levels and across diverse cultures. Literally millions of people are seeking the very kind of system that is offered by Watkins! The opportunity is vast!

Look upon your Watkins Business as a magnificent mission to help other people. Become a Dream Builder! True leaders have the capacity to help build dreams. They empower others to create a new vision of what could be. They have a great ability to envision new possibilities and potentials, and then help bring them to reality. The Watkins Business Opportunity is a remarkable vehicle through which people can achieve their dreams. Become a Sponsoring Champion and a Dream Builder!

Build Managers for Success!

Becoming a Successful Watkins Manager and then continuously developing an ever-larger team of Successful Watkins Managers is the key to achieving the Executive Titles in the Watkins Business Model! The best way to create a High-Performance Watkins Distribution System is to develop an ever-growing team of productive Managers!

Personally Earn Manager Title As Quickly As You Can.

The whole structure of the Watkins Compensation Model focuses on the development of Managers. The first Manager you need to develop is YOU! When you have achieved Manager Title you have:

 Learned the Basics of the Watkins Business!
 Built your monthly volume to 2000 plus points!
 Grown your income!
 Proven your ability to Retail and Sponsor!
 Completed your first major step on your journey to Success with Watkins!
 Achieved a whole new stature within the Watkins Business System!

The skills, attitudes and competencies that will help you to achieve Manager, are the same attributes that will help you to achieve Executive Titles and realize significant residual income. And that leads us to the next step in building a stable, High Performing Watkins Business.

Become a Creator and Developer of Watkins Managers. Mangers are the essential building blocks, and keys to success in your Watkins Business. The more Managers you build, the more your business will appreciate in value! Strong Managers leverage your time, and help you to create a Distribution System, which:
 Builds a Team of motivated and passionate “partners for success”.
 Intensifies prospecting and recruiting efforts!
 Identifies and develops more Managers!
 Increases your volume and profits!
 Provides continuous growth and expansion!
 Assures continuance and builds stability for your business!
 Leverages your time and talent and multiplies your value and worth!
 Helps you achieve ever-higher Titles and enhanced compensation!
 Provides Financial Independence and improved quality of life!
 Enables you to serve others more fully!
 Gives you FREEDOM!

Managers take their business seriously, and produce a minimum of 2000 points monthly. These key “partners for success” multiply your organization’s value many times over. Managers help you to leverage your time, energy, passion, creativity, knowledge, motivation, action and productivity. Leveraging may be looked upon as a kind of “cloning”. Every new Manager you develop may produce at your level or better and contribute significantly to your over-all organizational performance.

When you achieve your Manager Title it means that you are producing 2000 points per month as a minimum. Just imagine if you identify and develop one new Manager in your system. You have potentially doubled your monthly business. When you develop two new Managers, you achieve Bronze Manager Title, and enhanced compensation. Every set of two new Managers that you develop, you achieve higher Titles and improved compensation.

Achieving Manager Title is not that difficult. A simple plan that is effective for many aspiring Managers is to commit to personal purchases and sales of 300 points monthly. Enroll six (6) new Associates who will commit to 300 points monthly and you have a monthly total of 2100 points. You need to achieve 2000 points for two successive months to earn Manager Title.

Continuously work on strategies and approaches for recruiting and developing Managers. Advertise that you are seeking “Manager Trainees” to join your Watkins Success Team. Offer extensive and FREE Training and support to all those who become Associates who commit to your Manager Development Process. You can offer this FREE Training and Support because you are backed by Watkins, The Summit Group, your Upline Manager and your Sponsor. You are not alone in providing this high level of training and support.

Approach each new Associate that you enroll with the challenge to become a Watkins Manager in the shortest time possible. Share this information with them so they understand the implications of Manager Development. Create a level of excitement! Personally challenge them!

Be certain they are aware of the remarkable Watkins Programs that support rapid growth and development, such as the Performance Rewards Program. Make certain they are “connected” with the exemplary recruiting support offered by the Summit Group. Teach them how to use these programs and support services in their own sponsoring and business development.

Outline for each of your new Associates (Manager Trainees) the FREE Training and support services offered by your Upline leaders and the Summit Group through. Assure them that they will have the best and most effective training and support offered in the Network Distribution Industry. This support is provided by the most successful leadership team in the history of Watkins – Steve and Ginny Bretzke, the founders of the Summit Group.

Continuously work with each Associate who commits to achieving Manager Title. Educate, train and support them fully in the development of their Watkins Business. Many will duplicate your approaches and you will be on your way to building a remarkably strong and High Performance Watkins Business.

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Launch Your Dream with a Great Dialog!

When I make first contact with a person who is seeking an independent business opportunity like Watkins, I often suggest to them that we start an “email dialog.” Frequently, the response is, “What’s that?” I explain that a dialog is simply a conversation – sharing and listening. It is a discussion designed to exchange ideas and develop understanding.

To start a dialog I ask folks to share with me their wants, needs and desires. I ask if they have a special dream for their future. I offer to share my dream and the Watkins Business opportunity with them. Most people are happy to join me in dialog.

A good dialog helps all parties to better understand an idea or an important concept. At its best, a dialog is open and candid. The process of dialoging illuminates everyone involved. An intense exchange of information has the potential to take an idea to whole new levels of development. Nurturing a consistent dialog is a great way to promote the achievement of your special dream. History is loaded with remarkable examples of expansive dialogs that have brought dreams to reality and changed the world.

Jesus of Nazareth Shared a New Covenant Through a Great Dialog

Jesus of Nazareth taught His Apostles for about three years. He shared with his followers His vision of a whole new Covenant Relationship between God and humankind. What a bold and earthshaking concept. Jesus turned conventional thinking upside down with His principles, precepts and “Good News.”

Jesus taught in beautifully simplistic parables, so that we all would understand. Most importantly He dialoged. He challenged people, tested their thinking and shared his insights. He talked with anyone who would listen – lawyers, tax collectors, fisherman, religious leaders, government officials, people of all cultures, rich and poor and even the less than desirable citizens of His day. And everyone who joined Jesus in dialog was forever changed. The expansive dialog that Jesus launched has continued for more than 2,000 years and has profoundly altered the course of human history. What a remarkable dialog!

The American Colonies Founded a New Republic Through a Great Dialog

Out of the churches, meetinghouses, local taverns, inns, market squares, villages and the halls of the colonial legislatures there emerged a powerful dialog – a vast conversation. At first it was just a small core of patriots who expressed their displeasure with the King of England and his high-handed policies and taxation.

But these early patriots offered a powerful idea – the dream of freedom. The dialog grew and reverberated throughout the land. This great conversation debated the idea of freedom from the abuses of the King of England. The debate was contentious and raucous and led to revolution. Revolution led to the establishment of The United States of America, one of the most powerful Republics in the history of the world. What a remarkable dialog!

J. R. Watkins Achieved His Dream Through a Great Dialog

In 1868 J. R. Watkins, an enterprising young man, purchased the rights to a medicinal formulation called Red Liniment. He later named his product Watkins Liniment. J. R. Watkins brewed his liniment on his kitchen stove, bottled it and then journeyed into nearby territories riding in a horse drawn carriage to sell his unique product. In the beginning it was a one-man enterprise. But J.R. had a larger dream and he quickly realized that he could not carry his dream forward without significant help from others.

The success of Watkins Liniment became the foundation on which J.R. Watkins built a direct selling empire. He formed a dream and saw a vision of what could be. And then, like most successful entrepreneurs, he brought his dream to fruition through a never-ending dialog. He told everyone about his dream of manufacturing and selling many quality products that would enhance the lives of his customers. He told his story over and over again. He engaged and involved ever-expanding numbers of people in the quest of his dream.

Through his ongoing dialog he recruited others to join him in his vision of what could be. He employed manufacturing specialists to create new products. He sent emissaries around the globe to purchase the very best ingredients. He hired sales persons to sell products in ever expanding territories. These enterprising “Representatives” shared the Watkins dream with every person they met.

J. R. Watkins great dialog included customers as well. He encouraged their input and solicited their ideas. He gave birth to the “trial mark” on his bottles and promoted the 100% money-back guarantee. J. R. required honesty, integrity and square dealing in all business transactions. He demanded high quality service for his customers.

J.R. Watkins was very much ahead of his time. He had many characteristics that set him apart from other business leaders. But one unique strategy enabled him to excel over most others. He shared his dream and unleashed a great dialog. This ongoing and expansive conversation (story – telling) with the marketplace gave birth to one of the most notable and most successful companies in North America. What a legacy! What a remarkable dialog.

Steve and Ginny Bretzke Joined The Great Watkins Dialog

Steve and Ginny Bretzke, Watkins Gold Executives and Founders of the Summit Group, have created one of the most dynamic independent distribution organizations in the entire history of Watkins. Unbelievably, they started their business about 21 years ago with the purchase of a Watkins Business Starter Kit for $29.95. They did not know a thing about the products and had no customers.

But very quickly Steve and Ginny caught the value and vision of Watkins. They followed in the tradition of J.R. They soon found themselves as supporters of the great Watkins dialog. They told everyone they met about the great products and the remarkable Watkins Business opportunity. In short order they established themselves as founding leaders of an emerging and highly productive Independent Watkins Distribution organization – The Summit Group.

Steve and Ginny built an organization from scratch that now has more than 6,000 Associates. Wisely they have invested heavily in websites, training services, publications and materials, messages boards and support for all Associates who enroll into their organization. Most notably, Steve and Ginny are in constant and intense communication with all of their Associates who aspire to greatness in the Watkins business system. They wisely use technology to encourage and support their great dialog.

Everyone in The Summit Group is involved in a continuous process of discovery and empowerment. Our great dialog produces original ideas, solves problems, exchanges vast amounts of information and discovers new possibilities. We have the sense that we are players in the “greater game.” We are part of something bigger than ourselves. This intense communication and involvement builds pride, dignity and a sense of purpose and trust. It also promotes a great sense of belonging – belonging to something worthwhile – something of significant value.

I truly believe that Steve and Ginny have found a significant key to success in network distribution. This is the key: they consistently communicate with a whole universe of people and organizations. They are in continuous and intense dialog with the Watkins Home Office, their downline Associates, their customers, prospective Associates and everybody they meet. They have a dream of serving tens of thousands of Customers and developing thousands of Independent Watkins Associates. And, like J. R. Watkins, they realize they can’t achieve their dream alone. So they have launched a great dialog that is designed to involve and incorporate an ever-growing number of Associates and Customers. What a great opportunity for all of us. What a remarkable dialog.

Are You Ready To Launch Your Own Great Dialog?

Here is Your Special Invitation to Success. State your dream and then support your dream with a great dialog. Launch an ongoing, consistent and intentional dialog. Tell everyone your story. But always be certain to tie your dialog to your dream. The dialog will be empty and meaningless unless it is driven by your dream – your vision of what could be.

This is the Promise of Your Great Dialog. Your discourse with the world will encourage creative thinking and free the imagination. You will be personally energized as you expand your dialog. Your enthusiasm will soar and you will be motivated to bold action. You will be inspired to break all barriers and constraints. You will help your Associates transcend fear, anxiety, self-doubt and frustration. Your Associates will begin to see their Watkins Business with a new pair of eyes. They will begin to walk and talk more confidently.

The expression of your vision and the roll-out of your great dialog will encourage others to articulate their own vision and begin their own dialog – and the tradition and legacy of Watkins will be passed on to countless others. Your great dialog will also ensure that nothing will stand in the way of your success! Your organization will grow in numbers and vitality. Your productivity, performance and profits will consistently increase.

But You Must Work Smart. Use the remarkable tools that are provided to you by Watkins and The Summit Group to support your great dialog. They are really significant gifts that have the potential to help you achieve your fortune and in the process leave a remarkable legacy to all those you serve.

Launch Your Dream With A Great Dialog. Start today!
It will revolutionize your Watkins Business and transform your life!

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Become the “Founding Owner” of an Independent Watkins Distribution System!

Attention Entrepreneurs, Management Specialists, Business Owners and Professionals…

Have you always wanted to be your own boss? Have you ever wanted just one chance in your life to prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes to be a successful leader of your own enterprise? Well here is your chance! Watkins offers a Business System that may be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove your entrepreneurial skills and “Go for the Gold.”

If you are interested in creating a business that in three to five years may yield $100,000.00 to $400,000.00 or more in annual RESIDUAL INCOME please read on. If you are looking for a proven business opportunity we invite you to explore our remarkable business system.

You can deploy a “Turn-Key” Watkins Business System and tap into the power and possibilities of the flourishing Network Distribution Industry in “partnership” with long-established Watkins (since 1868) and supported by the pace-setting Summit Group.

* Expand your economic power with leveraged Residual Income. Take control of your life and enjoy time freedom and flexibility.

* Invest a part-time effort to build your fortune in Network Distribution without jeopardizing your current career or professional position.

* Create another income stream as a hedge against future income loss or economic down-turns. Take advantage of special tax considerations that are available in the current IRS (USA)Tax Code for independent business owners.

* Promote the rapid growth of your WATKINS Distribution System and create ever-growing Residual Income. Open the door to a dynamic new career possibility.

* Help others to be successful and achieve financial independence and leverage yourself to wealth. Leveraging is what creates most millionaires

* Partner with Watkins, North America’s leading Independent Business System, and tap into the remarkable support systems and Technology of the Summit Group (one of the most productive, profitable and successful Independent Distributor Organizations in the history of Watkins).

* Enjoy the guidance and counsel of highly successful Network Marketing Professionals who will help you to achieve success.

Many highly trained professionals in Medicine, Religion, Law, Finance, Education, Government, Marketing, Real Estate and Industrial Leadership are bursting the bonds of trading time for dollars by building a business in Network Distribution.

We are now offering the Watkins Business Opportunity to proven leaders, managers, executives, selected entrepreneurs, and professionals from diverse fields who may be interested in creating their own Independent Business, or adding another profit center to an existing business or professional practice.

We recognize the intensity of your life and the demanding time pressures that you face. But, we promise unprecedented support. You simply become an Independent Watkins Associate and follow a well-defined plan that can be achieved with minimal time investment. Our business model is designed with “busy people” in mind.

We will help you customize the “roll-out” of your business and establish a time-line that considers your unique life circumstances. Our team of network distribution professionals will give you ample support and guidance to help you build a viable and successful business. In Network Distribution the more successful we help you to become the more successful we shall become. That is the nature of the business. It is a WIN/WIN for everyone!

We are seeking individuals who have the competencies, skills sets, creativity and passion to become Watkins Executives. You may be one of these special people. We invite you to contact us in the near term to assess the possibilities and potential of Watkins for your life and future. Together we can explore how Watkins may help you meet or exceed your financial goals and achieve your dreams, while you enhance the lives of others. If you think you have the “Right Stuff” call and check us out.

But first, there are two major questions that need to be addressed!

Question #1. Is the Watkins/Summit Business System right for you?

We recognize that our business opportunity is not for everyone. Therefore, you will want to take a careful look at who we are, what we are, how we work and how successful we are. You will also want to learn what sets us apart from other companies in the network distribution industry.

Together we can help you to learn about Watkins – the Company. We can introduce you to our world-class products. Of course, high quality, consumable products that are fairly priced and 100% guaranteed are the foundation of any sustainable network distribution business. We will help you to evaluate the operation of our business practices and systems.

Very importantly, we will introduce you to the #1 Network Builder in all of Watkins – Mr. Steve Bretzke, founder of the Summit Group. The Summit Group offers a world-class Training Website and a pace-setting Information website to support recruiting and sponsoring. Both websites are FREE to Associates of the Summit Group. Additionally, the Summit Group provides a level of coaching and support that is unparalleled in the network distribution industry.

We will help you decide if our business model is something that you can really believe in and endorse. We will help you to envision the big picture and understand the real power and potential of network distribution. We will help you evaluate and determine if Watkins/Summit is right for you.

Questions #2. Are you right for the Watkins/Summit Business System?

Do you have the right characteristics, attitudes, skills and abilities to excel in our business model? Will you be comfortable in the tasks, demands and hard-work of building an ever-expanding International Distribution Organization? Do you have the “Right Stuff” to become a Watkins/Summit Independent Executive?

Our Career Associates are the type of people who are seeking a great project for their lives. If they elect to participate with Watkins/Summit they typically build a high performance business. They see themselves as the owner of an international distribution organization working in Association with Watkins and in Alliance with the Summit Group.

These Associates are visionary thinkers and have a passionate belief in the power and possibilities of our Watkins/Summit Business system. They demonstrate a steadfast belief in Watkins, our products, the Summit Group and themselves. They are goal oriented achievers.

These high achievers are dedicated to helping their Associates and Customers to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. They focus on building an ever-growing network of Associate consumers who use Watkins Products and encourage others to do the same. Career Associates may achieve financial independence for the rest of their lives. In the process they help thousands of people to a better life and abundance.

Their motto is: “People Helping People to Prosperity!”

If you are ready to explore the power and potential of WATKINS/Summit for your life we are here for you. If you are ready to commit to building your future we will support you. If you think you have the “Right Stuff” we want to hear from you!

Call for a confidential (no obligation) discussion with Dave Daisey, award winning Watkins Gold Manager of The Summit Group. It will be our privilege to work with you and explore the power and potential of Watkins/Summit for your life.

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Watkins Appeals to Stay-at-Home Parents (Moms or Dads!)

Partner With WATKINS/Summit –
Satisfy Your Needs for Income and Exciting Challenges
As a Stay-at-Home Parent!

In recent history we have seen a trend where many women and men are deciding that parenting is their number one priority, especially when their children are very young. They want to be with their children and play a significant role in their nurturing and growth. They elect not to rely on child-care centers and preschools to be the major influence in the early development of their young ones. They want their children to be taught the values and ideals that are central to their own personal beliefs. They want to ensure appropriate intellectual, social and skill development. They have made the conscious decision to put their careers on hold in order to be with their little ones. This is a very caring and loving decision.

However, it is a decision that also has its downsides. It is difficult to give up a career or good job that is fast paced, challenging and exciting. It is difficult to walk away from a career that is emotionally, intellectually and financially rewarding. The loss of income can be a major sacrifice. Significant adjustments must be made when a Mom or Dad gives up the benefits and salary of a good job to become a stay-at-home parent. Many folks suggest that they not only miss the money but they also miss the social dynamics of being part of a team. They miss the intellectual stimulation and challenges of their career.

But many have discovered that our remarkable Watkins Home Based Business can satisfy many of the needs of a stay-at-home parent. Watkins can lessen the losses that come with leaving a career. Partnering with Watkins can offer the best of both worlds – the world of the stay-at-home parents and the world of the career professional.

With Watkins you can create an income stream that has no ceilings or limits. You can use your people skills and organizational talents to grow an ever-expanding team of Associates and realize significant RESIDUAL Income. You can be energized by the challenges of launching your own business in partnership with Watkins. You can achieve all of this while at the same time you meet your commitment to your children as a stay-at-home Mom or Dad.

If you desire additional information about the Watkins Business Opportunity, please contact us. We truly believe that Watkins represents the very best Independent Business Opportunity in North America! It will be our privilege to share this remarkable Business System with you! Together we can build a better tomorrow!

For more information about Watkins visit our online brochure


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