Ideal Part-Time Business Opportunity for College Students

Here is your chance to grow your Watkins business while you help many university and college students to achieve a whole new level of financial independence. Every campus represents a population of several hundreds if not thousands of students. There are hundreds of staff, faculty and support personnel and a greater community surrounding every campus. This represents a very viable marketplace in which to build a profitable Watkins Business.

A large percentage of college students are in constant need of supplementary income. Many students rely too much on credit cards and run up substantial credit card debt with exorbitant interest rates. They can easily fall into the credit card trap! Student loans are more difficult to acquire and students may struggle to pay off student loans for years after graduation.

A large percentage of students struggle to juggle their college schedule with a job in a fast food or convenience store for minimum wage. That is a very difficult scenario. Working long hours in menial jobs may also impact negatively on academic performance. With Watkins – students can maintain their class schedule and operate a part-time business on a highly flexible schedule. They can earn a lot more than minimum wage and be building a business that will provide residual income for the long-term future. It simply makes good sense

Some percentage of college students are mature, hard-working young people who could thrive on the Watkins Business Opportunity. Many are “older” students in their 30s and 40s. These make excellent candidates for a Watkins Business. Approach campuses in your area, or make contacts with friends and family who are enrolled in out-of-state colleges and universities. Identify one “College Champion” on each campus, and enroll them into Watkins and encourage them to become Team Builders. Show them how they can build a substantial business in their own college or university community and beyond.

The application of social media offers great methods for college students to build their business working from the convenience of their dorm on their own schedule. They can experience exponential growth! They can build locally and internationally – the USA and Canada.

A mature and enterprising college or university student may identify other entrepreneurial students in colleges and universities through the USA and Canada. In a relatively short period of time they can create a network of student Watkins Associates and begin to realize significant residual income. Remember, your fortune is in your network!

A mature “College Champion” may become a Manager very quickly. Emphasize the fact that a “College Champion” can build a high performance Watkins Success Team on campus, and generate substantial revenue. The entrepreneurial types will be very motivated by this potential.

In 2012 we are going to post the following flyer in colleges and universities in Southern New Jersey. If you use this flyer, please insert your Contact Information before you print copies (just type over the text in the “To get started” paragraph with your contact info and web address of your TSGInfo prospecting site). We recommend that you use your Summit Group Information Website as your point of contact for your student candidates. Visiting the Summit Group Info site will give your candidates all the information they need and provide you with appropriate follow-up information about each one.

Click here to view and print copies of our College Flyer (type over the text in the “To get started” paragraph with your contact info and web address of your TSGInfo prospecting site).

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