Watkins – Perfect for Real Estate/Mortgage Professionals!

Watkins – Perfect for Real Estate/Mortgage Professionals!

In many regions of the USA the Real Estate Industry is very stressed and depressed. Many Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Title Company Professionals and Insurance Brokers are discovering that an Independent Distributorship with Watkins can represent a significant financial benefit during this current Real Estate downturn. Our unique Home Based Business may provide $500 to a $1,000 or much more in extra monthly income during these difficult times.

Financial Planners suggest a second source of income as a way to achieve financial freedom. More and more “Wealth Building Counselors” are recommending network distribution as a very viable method for enhancing your financial situation. WATKINS is a network distribution business system. This second source of income can leverage Real Estate Professionals to significant supplemental earnings in this uncertain Real Estate Market.

Real Estate Professionals are perfectly suited to excel in the Watkins Network Marketing Business System. They can use their people skills and selling competencies to create a Watkins Distribution Network that has the potential to be a virtual money machine providing consistent and ever expanding income.

A WATKINS Business can help Real Estate Professionals to…
• Generate supplemental income in a very tight and competitive Real Estate Market.
• Work part-time from home and earn money your first week in the business.
• Very naturally integrate your Watkins Business with your Real Estate activities.
• Convert your people contacts into members of your Watkins Network.
• Build RESIDUAL INCOME that can serve you for the rest of your career.
• Earn supplemental income as you build your Real Estate Business. This is very critical for new Agents who may not earn a check for several months after launching their Real Estate career.
• Use income from Watkins to serve as “filler” income between commission checks and overcome those “commission droughts” that drive many Real Estate Agents from the Profession.
• Use your many contacts in Real Estate to also build your Watkins Business.
• Use your Watkins connections to “farm” leads for your Real Estate Business.
• Encourage other Real Estate Professionals to join your Watkins Network and go for the gold!
• Build a business that can achieve six-figure annual earnings in three to five years. Receive FREE education and training in network distribution and wealth building from Watkins, The Summit Group and your highly experienced leadership team.
• Earn exotic vacations sponsored by WATKINS – all expenses paid. HAVE FUN!

Do you know any Real Estate Professionals who may benefit from this proven system for earning supplemental income? If so, do them a great favor. Refer them to us to learn about the life-changing Watkins Home Based Business System. Here is your chance to offer a great opportunity to someone who may benefit greatly.

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