WATKINS – Quality Since 1868! – Buy Wholesale!

Why pay more at the pharmacy or super market when you can purchase quality products at a great savings through membership in WATKINS?

Enjoy Associate Membership in Watkins and purchase your favorite products at a 25% wholesale discount. Watkins offers hundreds of high quality and fairly priced products that are used in the home everyday. All Watkins products come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Watkins has offered its special brand to families of North America since 1868! Our products truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes. Products include: Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Gourmet Seasonings and Condiments that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Natural Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and Natural (Plant Based) Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on your family’s health or the environment. Our products feature a level of quality and reliability which is not common in the world today. Our pricing is equal to or better than competitive brands.

For an annual fee of $39.95 plus tax you can become a Watkins Associate! You will enjoy a 25% wholesale discount on your purchases. You place your orders directly with Watkins and the products are shipped conveniently to your home. After reasonable shipping and handling fees you will still realize significant savings and benefit from exceptional products. Associates who desire to only purchase products at discount do not have any monthly quotas or performance requirements.

Enjoy a 30% discount and FREE Shipping and Handling! Watkins Associates may also subscribe to, for no additional fee, our Watkins Advantage Program and have your favorite monthly essentials shipped automatically to your home. You will benefit from a 30% Associate discount with FREE Shipping and Handling. The Advantage Program is one of the best benefits of membership in Watkins.

Quality at a discount is really important in this economy! Testimonials from Associates indicate that they are extremely pleased with Watkins quality and really enjoy the 25% wholesale discount. Many are so satisfied with the quality products, the convenience of home delivery and the hefty wholesale discount that they willingly share the idea of Watkins Membership with others. They simply want others to enjoy these great benefits.

But there is more! When you enroll as a Watkins Associate with the sole intention of purchasing products at wholesale you also receive all of the benefits and privileges of Associates who desire to earn extra income with their Watkins Membership. Associates may expand their activities at any time and convert their Watkins Membership into a fun and enjoyable way to make supplemental income. Of course, this is optional. Watkins is all about choice!

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