Watkins/Summit Features a Virtual Business System for Personal Wealth Creation!

The future of product distribution is here and available for you today!

Tap into the most dynamic, streamlined, profitable and high- performance product distribution system in existence today.  Explore the power and potential of our Virtual Business System for Personal Wealth Creation.  It is affordable and available to everyone!  You may begin today!

Our Virtual Business System is designed for self-motivated people who want to create another cash stream and achieve true financial security – those who want to leverage themselves to significant residual income.  The system is designed for busy people who can benefit from a part-time opportunity.  You build your own virtual Business system working from the convenience of your office or home on your own flexible schedule.

The distribution of quality products has always been one of the leading wealth creation activities of humankind.  Those individuals, companies and governments with the vision and abilities to offer and deliver products to large numbers of consumers are a safe bet to generate significant wealth.  Those who fill a need (or create a need) in the marketplace and then satisfy that need frequently leverage themselves to great riches.  Such was the case with J.R. Watkins.

J.R. Watkins – A North American Success Story!

In 1868 J.R. Watkins, an enterprising young man inPlainview,Minnesotapurchased the rights to a medicinal formulation called Red Liniment.  He later named his product Watkins Liniment.  J.R. Watkins brewed his liniment on his kitchen stove and bottled it on his kitchen table.  He then journeyed into nearby territories riding in a horse drawn carriage to sell his unique and well-received product.  This was the humble beginning of the J.R. Watkins Medical Company, which would later become Watkins Incorporated. 

The success of Watkins Liniment became the foundation on which J.R. Watkins built a Direct Selling empire.  He formed a dream and saw a vision of what could be.  And then, like most successful entrepreneurs, he brought his dream to fruition by telling his story over and over again.  He told everyone about his dream of manufacturing and selling many quality products that would enhance the lives of his customers.

He recruited others to join him in his vision of what could be.  He employed manufacturing specialists to ensure the production of quality products.  He built a team of research and development specialists to create new products.  He also purchased the rights to other popular products that he felt would be favored by his growing customer base.  J.R Watkins sent emissaries around the globe to purchase the very best ingredients and compounds for his fully guaranteed products.  J.R. hired sales people to sell his products in ever-expanding territories.  These enterprising “Representatives” eventually shared Watkins products with the whole ofNorth America.

J.R. Watkins soon realized that he could not only sell quality products to appreciative customers, but he could provide a remarkable opportunity to tens-of-thousands of Direct Sellers (Independent Representatives) who would market his products.  He understood the power of leveraging the J.R. Watkins Company into exponential growth though the employment of hundreds and then thousands of Representatives covering all ofNorth America.  The Watkins tradition of the Independent Watkins Representative is still alive and well in the contemporary Watkins Home-Based Business Opportunity. 

J.R. Watkins was very much ahead of his time.  He had many leadership characteristics that set him apart from other business leaders.  But one unique strategy enabled him to excel over most others.  He shared his dream and unleashed a great dialog with the marketplace.  This ongoing and expansive conversation with the marketplace gave birth to one of the most notable, successful and enduring companies inNorth America.  What a legacy!

In 1885 The J.R. Watkins Medical Company moved to the booming logging town ofWinona,Minnesotanestled on the banks of the upperMississippi River.  In 1913 the company went international as it opened operations inWinnipeg,MB,Canada. 


By 1915 Watkins emerged to be the world’s largest Direct Selling Company. 


The “Traditional Watkins Products” have been the mainstay and driving energy of the Watkins Business Opportunity since 1868.  Today, Watkins offers 300 plus world-class products that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes.  Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Seasonings and Condiments that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and all Natural Plant Based Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on the environment or your family. 

Many Watkins, Incorporated products have been offered for generations and feature a level of quality, which is not common in the world today.  These products have endured these many years because they are of high quality, useful and, simply stated – they work.  They deliver on their promises.  Although there is a loyal customer following for these traditional products, Watkins, Inc. is constantly researching, developing and formulating new products.  In recent years whole new lines of organic and natural products have been introduced.  A very popular line is our Natural Plant-Based Home Care Products.  Each year Watkins Incorporated adds new products to the Watkins Master Catalog.

In 1978 ownership of the then 110 year old industry leading J.R. Watkins Company transferred from the Watkins family toMinneapolisentrepreneur, Irwin Jacobs, and his family.  The Jacobs family is fully committed to continuing the tradition of excellence, quality and integrity that have been the hallmark of Watkins since its inception.  Irwin Jacob’s son, Mark Jacobs, is the President of Watkins Inc.

Under the direction of the Jacobs family the Watkins Company has made the transformation from a very traditional Direct Selling company to a VIRTUAL Network Distribution Company.

Watkins and Its Many “Partners” and Independent Associates Qualify Watkins as a Virtual Company!

A Virtual Organization is a collection of independent individuals, special purpose groups, or other independent corporations that join together in an alliance to achieve specific goals or objectives.  By definition the Watkins/Summit Group business alliance along with tens-of-thousands of Independent Associates and other Watkins “partners” represents the classic definition of a Virtual Company. 


It may be said that creating a virtual network of independent entities is simply the assembly of resources that work collaboratively for the greater good of all involved.  It is a WIN-WIN scenario.  It is a model that may generate great personal wealth.


The goal of the Watkins Virtual organization is to research, design, formulate, manufacture and distribute world-class products to an ever-growing base of Associate Consumers and Customers in the United States and Canada.  The distribution of Watkins Products is the activity that offers you the great potential to build personal wealth.

Dictionary Definition of Virtual:

VIRTUAL: – a strength or dynamic process which is practically in effect, although not an actual fact.  Following are some examples:

In the world of computer technology – a computer may appear to have more storage capacity than it actually possesses.  This is often referred to as “virtual memory.”  This virtual memory may be very useful and have significant practical impact on applications.

In the world of Real Estate Sales – technology now enables a realtor to take a video of a home and with the use of computer software produce a Virtual Tour of the home.  Of course there is no actual tour.  Clients do not physically walk through the home.  However, there is a practical effect that is very helpful in introducing a client to a certain property.

In the Watkins Network Distribution Business Model the company has assembled the power of multiple suppliers, manufacturers, “partnering” companies which retail selected Watkins products along with the creative marketing energy of the Summit Group and the productivity of tens-of-thousands of Independent Associates. 

This collection (or network) of independent resources makes Watkins a virtual organization.  It may appear to be a very large, traditional and closed organization but for all practical purposes it is a highly flexible, streamlined, responsive and open organization that offers a remarkable opportunity to any entrepreneurial minded person.

Characteristics of Virtual Organizations.

  • One company is identified as the Lead Organization.
  • Many Virtual corporations define themselves as a network of organizations.
  • A Virtual Company is organized to achieve specific goals or objectives.
  • Participating individuals or companies are Independent but collaborate with other “partners.”
  • Collaboration is emphasized over competition.
  • There is serious commitment to the mission at hand.
  • Continuing education and personal development are emphasized.
  • Members tend to share similar value systems and beliefs.
  • Members of Virtual Organizations tend to be innovative and creative.
  • Participants demonstrate a strong work ethic.
  • They are self-motivated, self-navigating and passionate about their work.
  • Participants tend to be dispersed geographically and do not often meet face-to-face.
  • They work hard to build relationships.
  • Mutual trust, respect and a caring spirit are nurtured.
  • There is a lot less structure compared to traditional organizations.
  • Although Independent – members of a Virtual Organization are very Inter-dependent.
  • Virtual organizations rely on heavy use of information technology.
  • They are quicker reacting than traditional (highly bureaucratic organizations).
  • They tend to put customers and other Associates first.
  • Each participant (individual or company) brings special skills, systems and competencies to the table.
  • Participating members tend to focus on their core competencies.

Core Competencies of Our Virtual Organization –

Watkins, the Summit Group and YOU!

 Watkins, Inc.

The Lead Company in our Virtual Organization.  Watkins is also our Product Partner and the Designer and Provider of our Business System.  Watkins is one of North America’s leading companies offering a Home-Based Business System.

  • In Business since 1868 – great stability.
  • Rich history and traditions.
  • “Gold-Standard” for business ethics.
  • Offers 300 plus quality, consumable products.
  • Products are 100% fully guaranteed.
  • Products are natural, organic and environmentally safe.
  • In-house manufacturing assures quality.
  • Offers remarkable home based opportunity.
  • An exceptional “turn-key” business system.
  • Very affordable start-up investment.
  • Free shopping cart website.
  • Excellent compensation plan.
  • Administers all commission payments.
  • Well defined plan for advancement.
  • New product R&D.
  • National advertising programs.
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns.
  • Exceptional home office support.
  • Continuous recognition and awards.
  • Opportunity to Earn FREE exotic vacations.

Summit Group

The Summit Group of Independent Watkins Associates serves as the lead Marketing Team for our Virtual Organization.  It offers training, coaching and marketing guidance.  It also supports us with two major websites.

  • Led by pace-setting, high achievers.
  • Pioneers in network distribution.
  • Providing leadership by example.
  • Offers unprecedented availability.
  • Conference calls for support.
  • Continuous guidance and coaching.
  • Proven sponsoring system.
  • Technology support.
  • Free training website.
  • Free information website.
  • Step-by-step success plan.
  • Recognition and incentives.
  • Recruiting materials.
  • Personal development programs.
  • Serves as a motivational engine.
  • Dream Builders offering great HOPE.
  • Encourages you to be your best.
  • Nurtures a great sense of community.
  • Helps you to: Have the Life You Desire.

Independent Associates – (YOU)

Every Watkins Associate brings unique skills, attitudes and life experiences to his or her Watkins Virtual Business.  What you achieve with your opportunity is purely up to you!

  • Successful Associates become consistent consumers of Watkins Products.
  • They retail products on behalf of the company.
  • Those desiring long-term residual income work to continuously expand their Virtual Business by sponsoring new Associates.
  • They consistently sponsor new Associates and build a strong down-line and focus on building new Managers.
  • They create new and effective ways to advertise and expand their business.
  • They grow the personal management skills required to lead and guide their Virtual Organization of Independent Business Owners.
  • They help their down-line to create their own vision and help Associates to build on their own core competencies.
  • Successful Associates become effective communicators, coordinators and motivators.
  • They encourage, empower, nurture and support their down-line.
  • They consistently foster cooperation and trust.
  • They make themselves available to their down-line team.

Every Independent Watkins Associate Owns a Virtual Business

Every Independent Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her very own virtual business.  The primary objective of each Associate (who desires to grow a large and prosperous home business) is to identify additional resources that may become a part of their virtual organization.  To grow and prosper they need to create ever-expanding alliances which strengthen their business.  The focus of this development process should be on the sponsoring of large numbers of new Associates (Independent Business Owners).

A suitable vision for an Independent Watkins Associate is to work in Association with Watkins – to work inAlliancewith the Summit Group – and to work in collaboration with an ever-growing down-line of Watkins Associates.  A strong customer base may also be considered as a critical part of the Associate’s Virtual Business.  Other relationships may add to the strength of their virtual organization as well.  Friends may serve as referral agents.  Cooperative relationships may be worked out with local media (Example: trade editorial contributions for advertising space).  The list of possibilities is only limited by the imagination.

The Stronger You Grow Your Virtual Business – the More You Leverage Yourself to Significant Wealth and Residual Income!

To live life at full measure, you simply must leverage yourself.  Leveraging is a simple concept.  It is a form of multiplying yourself.  Leveraging is what creates most millionaires.  The Watkins/Summit Virtual Organization is driven by the power of leverage. 

Leveraging is harnessing and organizing the power of large numbers of people. 

To Leverage your time means that you set into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth.  Even when you are involved in other life activities, the Independent Watkins Associates you enroll will be using and marketing products that will add to your volume and provide you with income.  Even when you are asleep, your Watkins/Summit Virtual Business will be operating 24-7 across six time zones.  Now that is leveraging!

This is how leveraging works in the Watkins Business Model.  You find a few others who passionately want increased income, time freedom and an enhanced lifestyle.  You enroll them in Watkins.  Those few Associates find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life.  They become a part of your team.  Those few find a few others who passionately want to be successful, and – you get the message!

Through leveraging you can multiply your efforts by building a substantial distribution network of “down-line” Associates.  The collected energy and effort of this group can produce large sales volume.  As the builder of this distribution network of Independent Business Owners, Watkins compensates you with income based on the monthly volume that your system produces.

To build leverage requires an upfront investment of energy and time.  Even a part-time effort can produce dramatic results.  You identify and enroll people who are interested in Watkins Products and supplemental income.  You invest your time in training, counseling and supporting your Associates (with the help of your Up-line Leaders and The Summit Group).  In this process you are multiplying (leveraging) yourself many times over.  Just a few of your Associates may emerge to be leaders who will multiply your value and worth in dramatic proportions.

The Key is Building Residual Income

The duplication of effort that leveraging provides can generate substantial residual income.  Residual Income is money that keeps coming in long after you have done the work.  The more you recruit and enroll Associates the more you will leverage your time and grow residual income.

Our Personal Wealth Creation System is Not a Traditional Business. 

Our Wealth Creation System is designed for people who have no desire to commit to the demands and never-ending challenges of traditional business ownership.  You might say that we offer the perfect business that is not really a business at all.  As a matter of fact we suggest that you do not look at our remarkable opportunity as a business, but rather an exciting new part-time career.  The features and benefits of our Wealth Creation System far transcend any traditional business system in the marketplace today.

Our Wealth Creation System is not a business in the traditional sense.  It is an easily duplicated and dynamic method for delivering large amounts of Watkins Products to ever-expanding numbers of Consumer Associates and Customers throughout theUSAandCanada.  Our Wealth Creation System is an income generator without all of the headaches and challenges of a traditional business model.

A typical, traditional business is characterized by hard-work, migraines, costly investment for start-up, employee headaches, tax problems, over regulation and governmental interference, complex systems with long learning curves, daunting requirements, great liabilities, heavy risk, restrictive corporate polices, heart-burn, sleepless nights and the burden of great stress driven by 16 hour days!  Business operators soon learn that they do not own their business – their business owns them.  On top of that, 80% of new business start-ups are out of business within five years.  Who in their right mind wants to commit to a traditional business? 

With the Watkins Virtual Business Model you are buying into a “turn-key” business system that is highly streamlined, easily launched and sustained.  There is no pressure or stress in rolling out and building your business.  You receive a high order of support and guidance from Watkins and the Summit Group.  Enrollment in Watkins enables you to participant in the Watkins history of excellence, quality, integrity and exemplary service. You can own an Independent Business for an investment of $39.95 that has a million dollar potential.  It does not get any better than that!

The Dynamics of Our Wealth creation System

Very minimal start-up investment.

  • The learning curve for basic start-up is about two hours.
  • Features two simple steps *Personal Use and *Sponsoring.
  • Easily duplicated because of its simplicity.
  • Supports rapid growth because ever-larger numbers of Associates sponsor greater numbers of new Associates more rapidly.
  • Early successes drive Associates to greater successes.
  • A growing business creates stability and continuance.
  • Generates long-term sustainability and reduces turn-over (churn factor).
  • Growth means your business is continuously appreciating in value. 
  • This value appreciation yields significant residual income.
  • There is no need for time-consuming manual labor. 
  • Work from convenience of your own home using your computer and phone.
  • No required meetings but meetings with local Associates may be very helpful.
  • No inventory is required but you may be wise to stock a few of the TOP 50.
  • You are not required to become a coach, trainer or manager with all of the accompanying demands and time pressures.  The Summit Group takes care of that function in large measure.  You simply use Watkins Products Personally and share our Wealth Creation System in order to sponsor new Associates for your down-line.

SPECIAL NOTE: All Executive Level Associates and Upper level Managers of the Summit Group consistently use the Summit Group formula for business development: Personal Use and Teambuilding – (Network Creation).  Your fortune is in your network!

If you would like more information about participation in our virtual wealth creation system please visit us at our opportunity brochure.


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