Watkins/Summit Offers a Perfect Home Business System for Active Duty Military, Retirees and Wounded Warriors!


Attention! – Military Personnel  



The Challenges of a Military Career

No other profession is called to greater service than members of the military and their families.  They face continuous and unyielding pressures and stressors. There is the intensity of work, unyielding demands, separation from loved ones, insufficient income to support a growing family and in today’s world frequent deployment to hostile environments.

Sadly, thousands of our military members become disabled in combat or on training missions.  Until recently these wounded warriors and their families have not received the intense support, care and services that should be provided to them by our nation.  Thankfully, there are emerging signs that our government is beginning to live up to its responsibilities and care more passionately for those who have given so much.


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Business Scholarships for Wounded Warriors!


In the best of circumstances life is hard for those in the military but it becomes very difficult for those who are deployed.   The stay-behind –partner also faces significant challenges as a “single” parent and provider.  Marriages and family relationships are stretched to the breaking point.  Many of these pressures are driven by the lack of money and financial insecurity.

Even life after discharge or retirement from the military may be filled with uncertainty.  Unemployment is at high levels and jobs are hard to find.  We live in a difficult world. The economic recession lingers.  Many families live from paycheck to paycheck. It is not a happy time for a lot of folks.

However, amid all of life’s difficulties there is hope for financial security.  The current economic crisis actually sets the stage for hard working folks to take control of their finances.  The challenge is to find the right business vehicle to support success.

As retired military we are pleased to introduce you to the Independent Watkins Home-Based Business Opportunity. 

For more than 144 years, Watkins has provided significant potential to competent people who are self-directed, self-motivated and demonstrate a positive, “can do” attitude.  With our home-based business system, personal dedication and consistent effort you may look to a brighter financial future and a whole new level of financial security.  Watkins, supported by the Summit Group, offers an independent business system that has the potential to change your life forever. 

You will be your own boss and work part-time from the convenience of your residence on your own flexible schedule.  You will become the owner of an Independent Watkins Distribution Organization operating in the USA and Canada.  You will market 300 plus world-class Watkins products and be supported by the illustrious Summit Group, the number one Independent distribution organization in the history of Watkins.  You will earn as you grow your business and have the potential of creating a significant flow of residual income.  The smarter you work the more you will earn. 

You can build a part-time Watkins Business as a source of additional income for now, while you build a financial “bridge” that will ease your separation from military life back into civilian life.  Additionally, you can start to build significant residual income that may add greatly to your financial security for retirement.

 Your Benefits through Watkins/Summit Group…

  • Low Cost Start-up Investment of $39.95 plus applicable state sales tax.  Business Scholarships available for wounded warriors!
  • Start to today to build a whole new level of financial security!
  • Risk Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
  • Set your own schedule and work part-time around the demands of your current military assignment!
  • No Extensive training or preparation required for starting your business!
  • Watkins and the Summit Group offer three FREE websites to assist you in business development!
  • Put your Watkins business on hold when your military assignment makes it impossible to work your business!  Re-start your business when you are available again!
  • Take your business with you when you are re-assigned to another duty station.  Automatically take your business to civilian life when you are discharged or retire.
  • Encourage other Military Personnel to join you in your business and leverage yourself to residual income!
  • Use your valued experience, leadership skills, energy and passion to build your own dream and financial independence with no ceilings or limits!
  • Leverage your time and multiply your value and worth!  Create residual income that keeps coming long after you have done the work!
  • Develop your business and transition to a full-time career upon discharge or retirement!
  • Create a business, which accrues market value for future sale or assignment to your children or family members!
  • Build residual income for when you retire or are discharged!  Your Watkins income can serve as another retirement annuity!
  • Grow as a person as you also help others to grow and enhance their lives!
  • Design a significantly improved quality of life for you and your family starting today!
  • Be recognized and rewarded for your contributions!
  • Achieve your dreams!

Watkins/Summit is a remarkable life experience! 

We have been participating in this unique business expression for several years.  Each new day affirms that we are participants in an outstanding opportunity.  As time unfolds, we realize more and more that this business has become a special gift to us.  Each day we learn of new and exciting ways to serve others.  In reality, our Watkins/Summit Business has become a very special mission for us.  It is an opportunity to minister to people and a way to give back to life

The hallmark of our business is: “People Helping People to Prosperity.”

The driving energy of our business is service to others.  We are in the business of transforming lives so we encourage all Associates to reach out and help others with our remarkable opportunity.  When Associates put service to others first they are rewarded with financial security, time freedom, an enhanced quality of life, personal growth and hope for a brighter future.  In the process they “pay forward” the potential for prosperity and abundance to everyone they touch.

We offer every Associate the attitudes, skills and knowledge to excel. 

We are inviting you to participate in an exciting, evolving and dynamic process of personal and business development.  You may elect to become a co-creator with us in building the most successful business venture that our collective energies can envision and accomplish.  Although you will be the Owner of your very own International Distribution Organization working in association with Watkins and in alliance with The Summit Group, you will never be operating alone.  You will be surrounded by other highly competent professionals who genuinely care about your success and achievements.  You will become a member of a highly collaborative “Dream Team” that works together for the common good of all.

Here is your opportunity to catapult yourself into the world of inconceivable possibilities! 

We trust that you will carefully consider what we are offering to you.  Possibly you will “catch the vision” and become a leader with us in this exciting business journey.  The key to our success is to focus all of our energy, resources, knowledge and passion on the development of deserving and dedicated Associates, who desire to build their own high performance organization. Those who successfully participate with us will create an exemplary life of service to others and assure financial freedom and a significantly enhanced quality of life for their families and themselves.  It is our desire to help empower and motivate deserving Associates to extraordinary action and achievements. 

We pledge our service and support!  We are confident in our ability to train, mentor and support all who wish to become leaders and pacesetters in the Watkins/Summit business expression.  We have an established track record of results oriented coaching and training in manufacturing, engineering, Real Estate, banking, healthcare and distribution industries.  For more than 30 years, we have been training business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners in the skill-sets required for success.  It will be our privilege to serve you as well.  Teamwork is a beautiful thing!  Together we can make it happen!

Our Special Invitation…

Join us in the adventure of a life-time!  Create your own vision and goals!  Unleash your passion!  Collaborate, grow, achieve and excel.  Leave a legacy!  Take full advantage of the remarkable Watkins/Summit Business Opportunity!

Come!  Join with us:  “People Helping People to Prosperity!”

Please share this information with anyone you feel could benefit from a Watkins Independent Business.  Contact us today to explore possibilities and get the answers to your questions!  We are here to serve you!  There will be no hard-sell or pressure tactics.  Watkins simply does not work that way! 

Again, Thank You for Your Service to Our Country!

Dave and Fran Daisey

Retired Military

For information about owning a Watkins Independent Business please visit

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