Watkins/Summit Will Help You Build a Dynamic Watkins Profit-Center for Your Small Business or Professional Practice!

This Proposal offers the opportunity for those who operate a small business or licensed professional practice to add a dynamic profit center to their enterprise through participation as Network Marketers and Retail Associates in the Watkins Business System.  Our Business Builder Associates may customize the following Proposal for presentation to specific business owners and professionals.


 WATKINS/Summit Group

 A Special Business Offering To:

Small Business Owners and Licensed Professionals

This Proposal offers you the opportunity to add a dynamic WATKINS profit center to your business or professional practice.  We invite you to participate as a part-time Network Builder and Retail Associate in the Watkins Business System. 

Launch your Watkins Profit Center with no disruption to your existing business or professional practice and without big investments of your personal time or capital!  

Encourage individuals and other business owners to build a Watkins Network and market world-class Watkins Products for exceptional residual income and profits!

You will be supported by the pace-setting Summit Group, the most successful Training and Business Development Group in the history of Watkins.

Recognize that the distribution of reliable, high quality, fully guaranteed and fairly priced products remains as one of the leading opportunities to achieve significant wealth.

What Watkins/Summit Group Offers Your Future…

  • Watkins offers one of North America’s finest, streamlined, “turn-key” business systems that may be easily integrated into your existing business or professional practice.
  • Watkins manufactures 300+ products that appeal to a broad range of tastes and needs.  Because of the exceptional quality and consumable nature of our products your Customers will keep coming back for more.  Many of your existing Customers will be pleased to learn that you represent Watkins.
  • Leverage yourself to significant residual cash-flow to supplement your current level of business income.  You may achieve this working part-time with no negative impact on your existing business.

Watkins – a Natural Fit for Independent Business Owners!

  • Retail Operators – Watkins products are a natural fit for Retail Stores of every description to include: Card Shops, Gift Shops, General Stores, Farm Markets, Appliance and Furniture Stores, Florists, Antiques Shops, Coffee Shops and Boutiques just to name a few.
  • Service Businesses – Many service businesses such as Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Home Cleaning, Appliance Repair, Home Renovation, Carpet Cleaning, Restaurants and Bed and Breakfast establishments find Watkins to be a viable profit center.
  • Professional Practices – More and more professional practices are benefiting from the Watkins business model.  Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate/Mortgage Brokers, Marketing Professionals and Religious Leaders are growing significant residual income with a part-time Watkins Business.

Watkins has offered Life Enhancing Products since 1868.  The Company employs a Network Distribution System of Independent Associates and Retail Associates (Independent business owners like you) who market high quality, consumable products for every aspect of living to include:

  • Delicious Gourmet Food Products!
  • World Renowned Organic Herbs, Spices and Condiments!
  • Environmentally Friendly (Plant Based) Home Care Cleaning Products!
  • Natural Personal Care Products and Medicinals!
  • Leading-edge Nutritional Supplements!

Watkins Provides YOU…

  • Association with one ofNorth America’s premier companies known for its honesty and integrity and 144 years of stability, experience and reliability!
  • A remarkable Network Distribution Business System that has the potential for unlimited growth and residual income!
  • Industry Leading Support and Service in the Management of yourWatkinsProfitCenter!
  • State-of-the-art technology and Internet applications!

Expand Your Business throughout the USA and Canada Right from Your Existing Location!

Overcoming Fences and Ceilings

Meeting the Challenges of Your Current Enterprise

  • All businesses and professional practices have fences and ceilings which limit and restrict their growth and success.  Many owners become slaves to their business.  Watkins can help you expand your business potential and over a period of time you will achieve schedule flexibility and time freedom that will greatly reduce business pressures and stress!
  • There are only so many people in your service area who will buy what you sell.  That imposes limits on you.  Your Watkins Service area is all of the USA and Canada!  Develop an ever-expanding Watkins Distributor Network and you will create an ever-increasing level of financial freedom.
  • Your current business location may not be as convenient or as accessible as you would like it to be.  That fences you in.  Through Watkins Catalog and Internet sales and the development of a Watkins Distributor Network you break down fences and barriers and have the potential to become the leader of an International Watkins Marketing Organization.  Your existing location becomes less important, because now all of North America is your marketplace for Watkins Products and Business Opportunity.
  • If your business requires your time, talent, special expertise and presence you are restricted by the number of hours that you can work.  That imposes a ceiling on your income.  By building a Watkins Marketing Network you can leverage yourself through the efforts of a growing team of like-minded people who make money for you with every sale they make.  Your fortune is in your network.
  • Competition may come into your area and “win” many of your customers and erode your income.  That drops the ceiling even lower!  Watkins offers you a form of business diversification that has the potential to greatly expand your business and income potential, thereby diminishing the importance of local competition.
  • Competitors may offer extensive hours of operation.  They have the resources to serve the same customer base with longer hours and more convenience.  That fences you in even more!  Your Watkins Business literally operates 24/7.  You will potentially generate sales across six time zones while you and your competition are asleep. 
  • Changes in our economy may dramatically alter the nature of your business and impact negatively on your profits…and the ceiling is lowered again.  Watkins has proven to be recession-proof.  During the Great Depression Watkins experienced dramatic growth and expansion.  During the current recession Watkins continues to grow!

Leverage Yourself to Greater Income

Network Distribution enables you to Leverage your time and set into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth.  Even when your store or office is closed, your Watkins Distribution Network will be marketing products that will provide commissions for you.  That’s leveraging – a way to multiply yourself.  Leveraging can provide you with substantial residual income!  The wealthiest people have learned how to leverage themselves.

Build Residual Income $$$

Residual income is money that keeps coming in long after you have done the work.  The more you leverage your time, the more you will grow your residual income!  Creating ever-expanding Residual Income yields significant financial freedom!

Benefits of Your Watkins Business

Create a whole new profit center, and generate cash flow even when your store or professional practice is closed!  Smooth out the peaks and valleys in seasonal cash flow and build greater profit margins!

Your start-up investment is $39.95 plus $65.00 for the set-up of your Watkins “Shopping Cart” Web site.  A Watkins Website is OPTIONAL but recommended.  Working in alliance with Watkins and the Summit Group you can use your established location and hard-earned reputation to take your business to a whole new level.

If you have a business Website online you may link your existing site to your Watkins website and sell Watkins Products through Internet Sales.

You will want to immediately introduce your “preferred” customers to the fact that you represent Watkins Products and the remarkable business opportunity.

Your Customers purchase over-the-counter at your business location or order from your Watkins Website.  Watkins fulfills all Internet Orders and ships directly to your Customers.  That means you do not have to handle any products except a small inventory in your store or professional office.  You get your commission check in the mail (or by electronic transfer) about the tenth of each month.

Broaden your service to existing customers and clients and reach out to thousands of new Customers through your ever-expanding Watkins Distribution Network.

Build residual income, which will serve as insurance against unforeseen business downturns, accidents, illnesses or a sudden loss of income.

The Watkins business system may provide reliable residual income that will serve you well in your retirement years.

There are meetings to attend.  If you wish to carry inventory you may but there is no requirement to do so

You receive a commission of 25% to 39% depending on your volume for the month!  You also earn 5% to 10% on sales generated by your Watkins Distributor Network.  Your fortune is in your network!

You may build your part-time Watkins/Summit Business and achieve a six-figure annual income in three to five years.

Many of your Customers will be delighted to discover that you are a source for purchasing Watkins Products and offering the Business Opportunity!

This is How Your Watkins Business Works…

You become an Independent Watkins Retail Associate and simply build on your existing business.  You can market the entire “store” of Watkins products to your customers for excellent compensation through catalog sales and your Watkins Website.  You can offer 20 Best Selling Watkins Products in your store or professional office for retail sales.

Build a Watkins Distribution Network.  Some of your customers will want to sign on as Independent Watkins Associates.  Other independent business owners that you know may want to enroll as Retail Associates like you.  Every time one of your Associates sells Watkins products, you receive a percentage of their sales. 

Your Watkins Distribution Network is like expanding your sales staff without having to pay salaries or provide benefits.  That is the real power of Network Distribution. 

Enrolling Independent Watkins Associates into your network is a sure-fire way to significantly increase profits and leverage yourself to residual income!  As we say, “Your Fortune Is In Your Network.”

Three Steps to Success . . .

  1. Use the products yourself so you understand their benefits and appreciate their great quality.  Your knowledge will generate enthusiasm for the products that will help you build your business!
  2. Share the products with your customers and clients and introduce them to the Watkins Master Catalog.  The products sell themselves.  We will show you how to build your customer base.
  3. Encourage others to participate with you as Independent Watkins Associates and grow an ever-expanding Watkins Distribution Network.

Watch Your PROFITS Grow!  There are no ceilings or limits!


This Is How You Get Started…

Contact the Watkins Associate listed below to answer any of your questions and to guide you through the easy (three minute) enrollment process.

Enroll as a Watkins Retail Associate for $39.95 plus applicable state or provincial tax.  You have the option to also subscribe to the Watkins “Shopping Cart” Website for $65.00 set-up fee and $19.95 monthly web maintenance fee.

Your Watkins sponsor will then assist you in setting up your Watkins Profit Center and offer continuous guidance and suggestions.

You may enroll as a Business or you may enroll as an individual.

Contact us today (at no obligation) to explore the possibilities of a Watkins profit center for your business.  Please contact the Watkins Associate listed below.

If you wish to enroll today please visit the Summit Group Information Website



Special Notes for Our Business Builder Associates:

This draft proposal may be used by Watkins Associates of the Daisey Group to offer Small Business Owners and Licensed Professionals the Opportunity to become part-time Watkins Associates.  Our Business Builder Associates are encouraged to customize this proposal to specific candidates. 

Create a customized cover page with the individual or business name of the candidate. 

Add your contact information at the end of the Proposal.

Assure that these notes are not a part of the proposal that you offer to prospects.

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