Tap Into the Power and Potential of Network Distribution!

Wealth Building Counselors are recommending Network Distribution as a highly legitimate method for enhancing your financial situation. Watkins markets its world-class products through a highly successful Network Distribution System, which provides you the opportunity to gain financial independence and ever-growing residual income. Watkins Associates of the Summit Group benefit from affiliating with the most productive and successful Independent Marketing Organization in the history of Watkins.

Network Distribution is a very simple business concept. A Network Distribution Company makes products or provides a service. Instead of having a company owned (in-house) marketing and distribution organization the company elects to distribute its products through large numbers of Independent Associates. Network Distribution Companies offer Independent Associates the opportunity to build a network of other Associates. This means there is no limit on how much the Associate can expand his or her business and grow his or her profits.

Network Distribution organizes people around a business system that has already proven to be successful. Watkins has 144 years of business experience, and offers the Best Products, business support systems and training in the network marketing industry. Watkins offers you a “turn-key” business. The Company provides the products and business system and you invest your time to retail the products and build an ever-growing network of Associates to market the products.

Watkins encourages Associates to Retail its illustrious products for a commission of 25% to 39% on personal sales. The Company also encourages Associates to enroll other Associates into their network. With the help of Watkins and The Summit Group Associates train, motivate, encourage and guide their team members as they build their Watkins Business. For their building efforts Associates are paid 5% to 10% commission on the monthly sales production of their team – their network.

Network Distribution is taking the place of franchising which is no longer available and affordable to most people. For example, a McDonalds Franchise now costs well over one million dollars – when they are available. Many small business franchises, (carpet cleaning, car detailing and printing services) can cost between $10,000 and $35,000. For an investment of less than $100.00 a person can become a Watkins Associate and participate in the best “turn-key” business in the Network Distribution Industry.

There are many features that make the Watkins Network Distribution System so appealing. The very affordable start-up investment makes the opportunity available to just about everyone. Watkins produces the world-class products and you simply become the distributor who markets the products and collects your percentage. You operate from the convenience of your home on your own schedule. You customize your business approaches to your personality, style and resources. No prior business experience is required for you to be successful. You may work full-time or part-time. You are the BOSS!

You have no overhead or production costs. You do not have to concern yourself with quality control issues. There is no worry about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll. You do not have to pay for expensive insurance programs or worry about government regulations, licenses and certifications. You are supported by the best training system in the Network Distribution Industry. You can easily learn the basics of the business in a few hours and learn more advanced methods as you go.

Watkins fulfills all of your orders and administers all of the compensation to your network. This frees you to concentrate on retailing the products and building an ever-expanding network. The network that you build has the potential to make you wealthy.

Network Distribution has become “main-stream” and is recognized as a legitimate and highly effective method for distributing products. Major corporations are now moving from traditional distribution methods to Network Distribution. It is easier to leverage their marketing power by recruiting large numbers of people (Independent Associates) to help them get their products to their Customers.

The Internet is facilitating the geometric growth of Network Distribution. Watkins provides a very user friendly website for processing customer orders and for Associate information and training. The Summit Group offers two of the most advanced websites in the field of Network Distribution – one for training and one to support recruiting and sponsoring efforts. Watkins Associates of The Summit Group are supported by the best Internet technology in our industry.

More and more people are seeking the opportunity to own and operate an Independent Business and work from home with all of the accompanying benefits. Even fully employed people are seeking a home business as “insurance” against potential income loss. Many wish to build a substantial retirement annuity. This is best achieved through the benefits of network distribution.

The Watkins Marketing System is the fairest, most equitable and moral business system that you will probably ever experience. Every Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her distribution organization. He or she can grow an International Business working part-time from home. Any person who works diligently and consistently will be rewarded in countless ways.

No business experience is required to launch a Watkins business. Our Network Distribution system can be successfully operated by people from all walks of life, all ages, all socio-economic groups, all education levels and across all cultures. Literally millions of people are seeking the very type of system that is offered by Watkins/Summit! The opportunity is vast! Start today! Build your own Watkins/Summit Network and “Go for the Gold.”

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