The Greatest Benefit of a Watkins/Summit Group Business!

Are You Ready To Re-Invent Yourself?

This message is for those who are dedicated to “Going for the Gold” with their Watkins/Summit Group Business.  Fran and I talk a lot about the benefits of a Watkins/Summit Group business.  Granted, there are many benefits that we can list but from our perspective we believe that the greatest benefit is the remarkable opportunity to reinvent yourself, revolutionize your life and significantly grow as a person.

To realize the fullest potential of Watkins/Summit Group you must continuously grow your knowledge, polish your attitudes, expand your view of the world and reinvent yourself.  This brings us to one over-riding conclusion.  For you to become highly successful in Watkins you must become fully responsible and totally accountable for your success. 

You must become self-directed, self-motivated, self-starting and self-navigating.  You must develop an unyielding level of self-determination.  Believe that you can take charge of your destiny and you will change your life.  Recognize that the YOU who got you to this point in your life is not necessarily the YOU who will be capable of achieving your dreams. 

You must create a different YOU for a different tomorrow!  This may require some serious personal re-inventing but YOU CAN DO IT!

Watkins can’t make you successful – only you can.  The Summit Group can give you all manner of support and guidance but it can’t make you successful.  You may have an excellent Sponsor but he/she will not make you successful.  You and only you can achieve success and create wealth in your life.  Achieving success and building wealth begins by creating a new YOU!

Wealth is the direct result of what you believe, what you are, what you do and what you become.  True wealth far transcends financial success. 

Your life achievements are the result of your actions, knowledge, perseverance and ability to overcome obstacles and break through barriers. 

The more you develop and grow as a person and as a leader – the more confident you will become.  You will impact on other people and your business in very positive ways.  Your business will grow and expand and you will achieve financial security and a greatly enhanced quality of life.  You will be a truly re-invented and wealthy person!



This topic was inspired by Steve Bretzke’s CD #21 which is found in the 24 CD Set that is a Summit Group bonus for investing in the Watkinize Your Home Assortment.  We recommend that you listen to this CD very frequently.  Steve’s insights can change your life!

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