“The Light Is Inside You!”

Fran gave me a most special early present last Christmas. She was attending a Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Convention and the featured presenter at the conference was a person I have admired ever since I heard his inspiring life story in a TV Documentary several years ago. Fran surprised me with a ticket to the Convention. It was a truly memorable day as I met one of my real life heroes, Ronan Tynan.

Ronan is one of the world-renowned Irish Tenors. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1960 with deformed legs, both of which were amputated when he was in his early twenties. Ronan walks only with the aid of prosthetic limbs. In spite of this debilitating condition, he is an acclaimed Medical Doctor, champion horseman, Gold Medalist in Paralympic Games (track and field), a tenor with a voice from heaven, writer and world-class story-teller. After all he is Irish you know!

His presentation was a beautiful selection of songs that show-cased his magnificent voice and a truly inspiring motivational commentary. He believes there are two major motivating factors that have driven his life and achievements. First is the love and belief that others have had in him along with never-ending encouragement and reinforcement – especially from his father. The second driving energy is his personal faith and the belief that he can succeed regardless of any challenges put before him. In his presentation he used one phrase that really stuck in my consciousness – “The Light is inside you!”

He says, “This belief, love and encouragement from my family and friends have instilled in me positive attitudes that can’t be shaken. Growing out of this has come the opportunity to live life to the very fullest. More importantly, I’ve learned that to succeed in whatever you do, you have to turn to others for support, for help, for reinforcement. Going it alone simply doesn’t work.” That last sentence is a powerful message for anyone who wants to build a successful life or grow a profitable Watkins Business. We can’t succeed going it alone but together we can reach our dreams.

Much of Ronan’s presentation was based on his autobiography titled: Half Way Home – My Life ‘til Now. I purchased a copy and went through the long line as Ronan autographed books for his appreciative admirers. When my turn came, Ronan smiled, we shook hands and I introduced myself. I thanked him for sharing his magnificent voice and the great inspirational story of his life. He expressed appreciation, took my book and inscribed, “Dear Dave – The Light is inside you! Ronan Tynan.

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