The World’s Perfect Part-Time Business

Recently, Fran and I were reminiscing about some of the business ventures we have owned in our lifetime. Recalling our past ventures made us even more thankful that we now own the World’s Perfect, Part-Time Business – A Watkins/Summit Network Distribution Business.

Most all of our business activities have been in training, education or sales. At one point we were producers of Video Training Programs with a staff of 25 professionals. We have owned three preschools with a combined enrollment of 250 children and 45 staff persons on the payroll. Fran worked 14 hour days to administer the schools. In more recent years I owned several industrial consulting groups specializing in management training, leadership development and quality management systems. My life was a blur of intense demands, long-distance travel, stress and limited time for family. I often felt like my clients owned my soul. Fran has been a high performance Real Estate Broker for the past 25 years. For several of those years she managed a highly successful Real Estate Brokerage for Prudential.

Such businesses are a series of unrelenting problems. As we looked back on these ventures we relived all of the migraines, pressures, family stress and time demands that are a part of traditional business ownership. Many business owners quickly learn that they do not own their business – the business owns them. We have now moved out of traditional business models to a career in network distribution. We call it – our perfect business!

What are the characteristics of a perfect business? To earn significant residual income you want a business that is streamlined and very simple to operate and easily duplicated. It needs to offer unique, consumable products that can sell easily in a huge and expanding market. You want a business that is in complete alignment with current trends and technology.

Of course, you must develop your business in partnership with a premier company of long-standing like Watkins that demonstrates quality, integrity and high-order service. You want a business that you can start with a minimal investment and work part-time. The most viable, streamlined and easily launched and managed business systems available today are in the Network Distribution Industry. Watkins is by every measure one of the BEST in North America!

Experience the risk-free benefits of a network distribution business. With a “perfect business” you do not have to borrow large sums of money, mortgage your home or take financial risks that jeopardize your family’s security. There is no need to develop costly business plans to satisfy bankers for loans. You do not have to hire expensive professionals to help your business move forward. Very importantly, you do not have to give away a large percentage of ownership (or maybe even controlling interest) to investors who do not even care about your dream. All they want is a great return on their investment usually at your expense.

Invest very little to start your business. In the case of a perfect business you can launch your enterprise for just a few hundred dollars. You invest as much or as little as you desire. You can actually get started with Watkins/Summit for the Watkins enrollment fee of $39.95. You are in business the day you enroll.

By-pass major governmental obstacles. Aside from raising start-up capital the biggest constraints to starting a traditional business are found in appeasing the various levels of governmental bureaucracies, and licensing and regulatory agencies. They do not make it easy. To start a traditional business requires vast energy, time and resources to overcome these initial requirements and obstacles. This agony is erased with a Watkins network distribution business.

Bring convenience and sanity back into your life. You operate from the convenience of your home using your computer and phone. You set your own schedule and customize your business approaches to your own personality, style and resources. Your commute is from your breakfast table to your in-home office.

Create your own business plan and do it your way! There are no mandatory meetings. Retailing products is optional and no inventory is required! You simply consume our world class products and build an ever-expanding success team – your network. Use the products and share the business opportunity. It is that simple.

Enjoy streamlined customer order entry. Customers that you identify may place their orders directly with Watkins. The Company will process their orders and drop ship the products directly to your customers. You will not be involved in processing and shipping orders. Watkins will send your commission in your next month’s paycheck.

Be the BOSS! Learn and grow personally and professionally. No prior business experience is required for you to be successful. You can work full-time or part-time. You are the BOSS! In the process of developing your business you will grow and develop as a person and as a professional. Fran and I have a significant background in business but we are constantly enlarging our perceptions and knowledge as a result of our Watkins experience.

You represent 350 world-class products but Watkins is responsible for all production. In your Watkins business you have no production costs and do not have to worry about quality control issues. Watkins maintains an aggressive and intense R&D effort which introduces many new products each year. You do not have to worry about costly facilities leases. There are no heavy equipment purchases and maintenance. The only overhead you have is the cost of your in-home office. Your business is free of major on-going expenses and profit eaters.

There are no worries about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll. Watkins administers and pays all commissions and bonuses to your team. You do not have to pay for expensive employee health insurance programs or employee retirements plans. There are no worries about government regulations, licenses, certifications and tax problems. There is no need to employ the services of high priced professionals like accountants and attorneys to help oversee your business. Watkins takes care of administration of your business while you focus on building your network of associates.

You do not have to manage and train your team. The Watkins/Summit System picks up major management and training responsibilities. Most of the training for your Watkins Team is accomplished through the Summit Group University (Online). You are supported by the best training and business development system in the Network Distribution Industry. You can easily learn the basics of the business in a few hours and learn more advanced methods as your business progresses. You do not have to manage people. The guidance from the pace-setting leaders of the Summit Group will help your team members to become self-motivated, self-navigating and self-managing leaders.

Your Watkins Business literally operates 24/7. A network distribution business has no fences or ceilings which are often found in traditional business. With Watkins your service area is all of the USA and Canada! Develop an ever-expanding Watkins Distributor Network and you will create an ever-increasing level of financial freedom. Your Watkins Business literally operates around the clock. You will potentially generate sales across six time zones while your competition is asleep.

You do not have to worry about location or competition. Watkins offers you a form of business diversification that has the potential to greatly expand your business and income potential, thereby diminishing the importance of local competition or prime location. Your business location becomes less important because all of North America is your marketplace.

Associate with Watkins and launch a perfect, part-time home business. Watkins, Inc. is a Network Marketing Company with a remarkable 143 year history and an impeccable reputation. Watkins sets the “gold standard” for business ethics. The company markets 350 world-class products in the United States and Canada through a network of tens-of-thousands of Distributors called Watkins Associates. Here is your opportunity to create your own Watkins Distribution Network and cash in on the awesome economic rewards of the Watkins opportunity. There are no ceilings or limits on your earning potential. The Company is poised for a golden decade of explosive growth. Also, it is important to note that Watkins has always performed very well even in times of economic recession.

The Summit Group has contributed a new dimension to the Watkins business model. The Summit Group offers a business development system that is a pace-setter in the network distribution industry. The Summit Group provides exemplary training, guidance and technology support to all Watkins Associates under the Summit Group banner. The Summit Group support features two acclaimed websites which are offered FREE to Watkins Associates of the Summit Group team. The Summit Group brings a whole new dimension to the Watkins opportunity.

Watkins/Summit is a complete turn-key business opportunity. A turn-key business is simply a business system that is already in existence and proven to be effective. Products, policies and systems are in place and operational. All you have to do is elect to participate. Turn the key and you are off and running. It is much like buying a new car. The auto manufacturer researches, designs, tests, engineers and manufactures the automobile. This developmental process may take several years and vast amounts of money and expertise. The company does all the work. You simply buy the car, turn the key and drive it out of the showroom

Likewise, Watkins has researched, designed and built a business system (a business vehicle) that you can launch and operate by simply enrolling as a Watkins Associate. Watkins has been refining and re-inventing its business model for 143 years. Vast resources and expertise have been expended to create the contemporary expression of Watkins. With the added support and services of the Summit Group you have a world class system.

Your Business is easily duplicated, risk-free and worry-free. It will give you the time freedom to enjoy life and the financial resources to pay for it. Wow! It does not get any better than that.

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