There’s a Purple Blotch on My Windshield!

Man looking through the windshield of his car

Are you leaving splotches on windshield of your mind?

There is a purple spot on the windshield of my little blue pick-up truck. It was there yesterday and the day before. It is still there today. This purple spot is about the size of a dime. It was a gift from a low flying bird.

Now that spot is located at just the right place on my windshield so that I have to look right through it to the highway ahead. I can’t avoid it. As I try to focus on the road my eyes are drawn to that little spot. Now I find myself going cross-eyed as I look at and through that ugly little blotch.

Due to some unexplained condition in my brain I have now come to tolerate the spot. When I am driving I am constantly reminded of the ever-present blotch and I promise myself that at the next stop I will get out and wash it off. Of course, as soon as I stop, I get out to do some errand and immediately forget about it. Then I get back in the truck and take off again with my spot still intact. I have repeated this little scenario many times in the last several days.

That little spot is now becoming a safety hazard as I drive down the highway cross-eyed. Something has to happen soon as I am really getting stressed out about this stupid blotch on my windshield. It is really starting to wear me down. In a phone conversation with my son the other evening I even complained to him about the spot on my windshield. He mumbled something about “stupid” and was not the least bit empathetic.

I was just wondering if anybody else ever gets a spot on your windshield? Oh, it may not be a purple blotch like mine but it may be any number of little distractions in your life that you tolerate and allow to frustrate and annoy. Maybe it’s a pebble in your shoe and rather than stop and take it out you just keep on hobbling along. It’s dumb – but very human.

There is no logical reason why we should not take bold and immediate action to erase these little annoyances from our lives. But for whatever mysterious, deep-rooted emotional reasons we elect to tolerate and procrastinate. Oops, there it is – that awful word – procrastinate. The spot on our windshield or other little annoyances are not the cause of our stress. Our procrastination and lack of action are the cause of our stress and frustration.

If we desire to grow to fuller stature as humans maybe we would do well to list all of the spots on our windshield – those every day nuisances and frustrations that haunt our lives. Then we should take action to erase these “spots” from our lives so that we may become more productive, less stressed and happier people.

The weatherman is promising some heavy rains soon. If I procrastinate just a while longer the spot on my windshield will go away. But to put my life back in perspective I am not going to wait any longer. I am going to take control of my life! I am going to march boldly to my windshield and get rid of that dastardly little purple blotch. Ah! There, I feel much better already.

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