Unleash Your Champion’s Spirit and Change the World!

Fran and I want you to know how strongly we believe in your magnificent potential. You are a Champion! You are endowed with a great Champion’s Spirit. You have the potential, through your Watkins Business, to improve the lives of countless people. Believe that you can make the world a better place for all of us. You can start today! Unleash your Champion’s Spirit!

The complex challenges of today demand that we awaken and use all of our God-given abilities to build a better world. It is time to affirm and celebrate the builder, creator, life-giving Champion – the Champion of challenges, quests and causes which reveal humanity at its very best.

Champions dream and act on their dream. They translate belief into action and action into accomplishment. They aggressively pursue possibilities even in the face of doubt and overwhelming odds. They push forward even when they have little hope for success. They risk. They have a sense of potential and abundance that obliterates any fleeting sense of impoverishment. They are possibility thinkers and movers of mountains. Complacency, mediocrity and the status quo fall in their presence. They are visionary leaders!

Oh yes, these Champions know fear. They taste anxiety, self-doubt, and despair. But, they have learned how to convert these negative powers into aggressive, constructive forces for good. They are energized by adversity. Many learned men and women have unleashed their Champion’s Spirits. They have given us constitutions, vaccines, moon walkers, great literature, advanced technologies and our great institutions.

However, many Champions have no lofty educational credentials. They have evolved out of the “hard-knocks” school of daily life. They have risen above lack and meager beginnings to demonstrate the power of a giving and creative spirit – the noble Champion’s Spirit. They work with what they have. They create and enlarge possibilities. They add value to everyone they meet and everything they touch. They
attract abundance and give back to the world.

Unleash your Champion’s Spirit!

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