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Welcome To Your Dance of Life!

Much of what happens in our lives hinges on the choices we make.  We can go to the dance and dance, or we can sit as wallflowers and watch others dance and have fun.  Sadly, too many people show up for the dance of life and choose to be wallflowers.  We encourage you to dream your dreams and dance your dance of life to the fullest. 

As I write this article the world mourns the passing of Pope John Paul II.  I have always marveled at the Pope’s ability to live his dance of life so fully.  In living his life at such a transcendent level, he encouraged millions of others to reach a fuller stature.  John Paul II was a Pope who knew how to dance – literally, figuratively and profoundly.  He taught others to dance along with him!  And that is the key to his legacy.  He taught others how to dance their dance of life.

One lady visiting Rome for John Paul’s funeral was asked how the Pope had influenced her.  With a radiant smile she said, “The Pope taught me how to dream.  He gave me hope and joy.  He built my faith in God and belief in myself.  In a very interesting way he taught me how to dance my life.”  That pretty much says it all. 

Invite Others To The Dance

One very profound way to dance your dance of life is to help others dance along with you just as John Paul did.  Obviously, before you can invite others to join you in dance, you must be dancing yourself.  No wallflowers here!  You must be ardently seeking the joy, abundance and great opportunity that swirls around and through our lives everyday.  You must be dancing your dance of life!  The natural exuberance of your dance will encourage others to join with you in dance as well.

Millions Want To Dance – They Await Your Invitation

At this moment inNorth America there are literally millions of people who dream of a better life.  They seek meaning and a sense of purpose for their lives.  They genuinely want to enhance the well being of their family and loved ones.  They desire to tap into the abundance of the world and gain financial independence.  They desire to reach out and help others.  Essentially, they want to dance their lives more fully.  They await your invitation!

Watkins Is an Answer for Those Who Want To Dance

As a business system Watkins is a remarkable vehicle for people who want to achieve a better life.  The principles that drive Watkins are in complete harmony with the great spiritual laws of the universe. 

One such law is the Law of Reciprocity. 

This is a spiritual law that speaks to the creation of mutual opportunity for the greater good of all.  It affirms the need to give in order to receive.  It is the principle of sowing before you reap.  Sow your time, energy and spirit in the development of your Watkins Business and it shall provide you with a harvest for a life-time.  As you sow and grow you will serve more people, give opportunity to countless persons, achieve greater recognition and build your financial independence.  You will be able to give large portions of your abundance to others.  It is a spirited and wonderful dance.  Others will join you!

The Watkins Business expression is the fairest, most equitable and moral business system I have experienced in 30 years as a business development consultant.  It represents a complete paradigm shift from the unfairness, inequality and tensions of traditional business models.  Every Watkins Associate sits at the top of his or her independent distribution business.  There are no ceilings on growth.  There are no boundaries in terms of creativity.  The system rewards everyone equal to his or her performance.  Any person who works hard and diligently will be rewarded in countless ways.  I truly believe that Watkins represents the very BEST Independent Business Opportunity inNorth America!  Now that is something to dance about.

Here Is Your Great Challenge

As a Watkins Associate you are part of a truly unique opportunity that has the capacity to transform lives.  Unleash the Watkins Business System to help people dance their dance of life.  Transform your Watkins business into a life mission.  Fire up your passion.  Engender a sense of urgency as you reach out to help others.  This is how you may begin. 

Dare to dream and dance.  Boldly increase your vision of the possibilities that could be achieved in your life.  There is great motivation and power in crystallizing the vision of your preferred future.  Always aspire to achieve greater things.  Set no limits.  Dream and dance!  Teach others to dream and dance!

Develop your self-image and grow to a fuller stature.  Build your positive self-esteem.  Recognize the God given, innate abilities that are within you.  Grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and intellectually.  When you grow to fuller stature, those around you will grow along with you.  Now you are really dancing! 

Discover the power that rests within you.  It all begins with belief.  When you believe in something you unleash inner strength and creativity.  Believe you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to and great and powerful forces will come to your aid.  You will be guided in the right paths.  All manner of resources will become available to you.  People will come from all points of the compass to join you in your dance.

Move out of the past to here and now.  Do not consistently revisit the past.  It is mostly a depressing and debilitating excursion.  Do not look back with regret at what could have been.  Do not lament your misfortunes and misadventures.  When you are regretting and lamenting you are not dancing.  Look forward with awe and wonder at what can be.  Keep your focus on doing what is right today and you will build a greater tomorrow.  You can never dance again in your past.  You can only dance again in your future.

Look to the far side.  Find strength and tenacity in every adversity.  You will experience set-backs.  Disappointments will hassle you.  Frustrations will plague your best efforts.  But always look to the far side of these distractions.  On the far side of a wicked thunderstorm there may be a rainbow.  On the far side of a difficult pregnancy there is new life.  On the far side of winter is spring.  On the far side of disappointments are breakthroughs.  On the far side of frustrations are great discoveries and advances.  When you look on the far side you will always be inspired to dance.

Live your life to give.  This is the foundation of the Law of Reciprocity.  Give of yourself.  Sow the seeds that will prosper other people.  Become a mentor to all you touch.  Nurture your downline.  Build long term, mutually rewarding relationships.  Recognize the potential in all of those who come your way.  Help them to establish personal expectations.  Encourage them to excel.  Encouragement builds self-esteem and confidence.  Self-esteem and confidence turns wallflowers into dancers.

Become a wise steward of your dance of life.  Often we plant the seeds of enterprise or a great idea only to withhold the watering, nourishing and cultivating that will assure the harvest.  It is prudent to nurture and consistently care for that which you have planted.  That is true of your dreams and your dance of life as well. 

Bring hope, joy and the potential of prosperity to all you meet.  This may be your purpose in life.  Here is your chance to really dance.  Now you can help people to literally transform their lives.  Here is your opportunity to help people dream their dreams and to dance their dance of life.  Nurturing people in their dance can be your legacy.

Remember those millions of people who at this moment are seeking an opportunity to dream and dance.  It is our obligation and privilege to invite them to join with us!

As we look back on the life of John Paul II and witness the remarkable contributions he made to the world, it is an opportune time for all of us to take stock and look at what we are doing with our own dance of life.  Most of us will never find ourselves dancing on the world stage as John Paul did.  The elevated position of the Papacy is a special and unique opportunity afforded to very few people.  However, each of us in his or her unique way, can learn to dance more fully and help others to dance as well.  So strike up the music!  Let’s dance!  No wallflowers here!


These essays, which we call Achievement Guides, are designed to help you think outside the box and enlarge your understandings about life and business.  Our purpose is to help all of our Watkins friends to more fully understand the power, possibilities and potential of your Watkins business.  It is our hope that you will start to seek breakthroughs and bring whole new energies, purposes and creative directions for your business, your dreams and your dance of life.  Through transforming your own dance of life you can assist in the transformation of others.  To expect anything less is to deny the awesome power and potential that lies within you and before you. 

Many Blessings! 

Dave & Fran Daisey

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