Watkins is not a wholesale buyer’s club but…

Watkins is not recognized as a wholesale buyer’s club like a Costco or Sam’s Club but many folks enroll in Watkins for the privilege of buying our world-class products at wholesale prices. Fran and I informally refer to these folks as our “Buyer’s Club Associates.” They are becoming more important to our business all of the time. We have recognized that not every person we approach about Watkins desires to have his/her own business. When we learn that a prospect is not interested in our business opportunity we always share the “Buyer’s Club” opportunity. We have discovered that almost everybody we approach desires to purchase high quality, dependable products at wholesale prices. Membership in Watkins provides that opportunity. Once a person becomes an Associate they have access to the Summit Group and we can encourage them to explore the greater potential of Watkins as a way to make extra income. But it is important to NOT pressure people. Just plant the seed about a larger possibility.

Watkins offers 300 world-class products that truly enhance every aspect of life and meet a broad array of needs and tastes. Products include: – Dietary Supplements that outperform others in the marketplace; Gourmet Seasonings and Condiments that make your food taste better and easier to prepare; Natural Personal Care Products and Medicinals that use nature’s goodness to make you look and feel better; and Natural (Plant Based) Household Cleaning Products that work harder but are not hard on your family’s health or the environment. Our products feature a level of quality and reliability which is not common in the world today. Our pricing is equal to or better than competitive brands.

For an initial fee of $39.95 plus tax – Buyer’s Club Associates enjoy a 25% wholesale discount on their Watkins purchases. They place their orders directly with Watkins and the products are shipped conveniently to their home. After reasonable shipping and handling fees they still realize significant savings and benefit from exceptional products.

Buyer’s Club Associates may also join our Watkins Advantage Program and have their monthly essentials shipped automatically at a 30% discount with FREE Shipping and Handling. The Advantage Program is one of the best benefits of membership in Watkins. You may check out the details of the Watkins Advantage Program at the Watkins Website.

Associates who treat their enrollment in Watkins as a “buyer’s club” may elect to casually share the idea of Watkins Membership with family and friends so they may also benefit from purchasing Watkins great products at wholesale prices. Buyer’s Club Associates may expand their activities at any time and convert their Watkins Membership into a way to make supplemental income.

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