Watkins Serves People of Many Differing Needs

At this period in history literally millions of people are seeking a home-based, independent business opportunity. Although these seekers come from differing backgrounds, they are all motivated by essentially the same things – the need for a viable and workable business system that they can operate from home that will yield a higher level of financial independence. Following are some of the differing life situations that can be favorably supported by launching a Watkins work-at-home business career.

The growing list of unemployed proves that there is little or no job security. People give their utmost to a company, only to be unceremoniously fired after decades of dedicated and loyal service. Often they lose their pensions, health care and other promised benefits. People are devastated and demoralized by these unexpected changes in their lives. Their confidence is shaken. However, with a little determined investigation, they can identify a home-based business that can turn their fortunes around. Many actually fare better after they leave corporate America. Our job is to introduce them to Watkins.

Health insurance protection for many people including retirees is no longer guaranteed! Medicare only pays for so much. There is the need for a Medicare supplemental, which often has to be paid out of the retiree’s Social Security or pension benefits. Many citizens, who are not yet of retirement age, struggle to maintain medical insurance protection. The right home-based business can provide enough income to cover health insurance costs.

Retirees on fixed incomes are prime candidates for a home-based business. Pensions, savings and Social Security no longer provide a basic standard of living! Due to inflation and many other factors, retirees are no longer able to maintain a quality of life that they worked most of their lives to achieve. For many people, retirement means cutting back to a life-style that is far less than they had envisioned for their senior years. Even a “casual” home-based business can greatly enhance the quality of life of retirees! Good news! Watkins does not discriminate against seniors. Our oldest Watkins Associate was 93 at her death.

Most families and stay-at-home mothers need supplemental income just to make ends meet! With the expanding financial requirements of a growing family it is often difficult to make the dollars stretch. People live from paycheck to paycheck and still come up short. We have all heard this scenario. A young mother needs to add to her household income, so she gets a job for $400 a week and puts her little ones in childcare. After a full week of work she nets $75 after taxes, transportation and childcare fees. Sound familiar? Does it make sense? No! Many young stay-at-home mothers (or dads) are now looking to home-based business possibilities. Watkins is the answer!

The cost of raising children is going off-the-charts! Recent government figures (Fall 2010) indicate that it takes more than $240,000 to raise a child from birth to 18 years of age. That does not include setting money aside for college. This kind of money is probably never going to be earned from participation in a traditional job. This means that hundreds of thousands of children will be denied many basic services and privileges. However, there is the potential that in a network distribution business a family can earn this type of income.

Disabled people need the opportunity to become self-reliant. The traditional workplace is often not very friendly to people with disabilities. Many disabled people do not have the capacity to endure the physical and social stresses of many jobs. They are often denied the dignity and self-esteem that come from meaningful and productive work. A natural answer for the disabled is to operate a form of home business that will take into account their unique life circumstances.

College students are under-funded and need supplemental income. College tuitions are soaring. Many bright and motivated students are forced to defer their education or completely drop their plans for college. Student loans are getting more difficult to acquire and even more difficult to pay back. Many deserving and capable students are under serious financial stress. The low initial investment and time flexibility inherent in many home-based businesses can be very attractive to motivated and hard working students. Watkins is very attractive to self-motivated college students.

A whole new generation of entrepreneurs is aggressively seeking new business ventures. These folks tend to be highly energized, creative and extremely productive. A growing number are becoming masters of Internet marketing technology. They seek opportunities to become their own boss and build their own enterprise. Many look to network marketing as an excellent business model.

Women are seeking breakthrough opportunities! Unfortunately, it is still very much a man’s world in many industries. Although woman are making gains in senior management positions and compensation they are still finding it difficult to break into the higher paying prestige positions. Many women consistently bump into the “glass ceiling.” These women are as competent as anyone else, but gender discrimination holds them back. These highly skilled women often excel in home-based business ventures. No boss is there to hold them back!

This is also the situation with many minority groups. They are held back, because of their ethnicity, race or religion. Often language differences are a reason for discrimination. New waves of immigrants, especially Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern people, represent a rich diversity of people seeking opportunity. Often they look to home-based ventures for growth and prosperity. Often these folks have a remarkable work ethic, persistence and ability to learn quickly and excel.

Baby Boomers are the growing population over 55 years of age. There are approximately 78,000,000 million people in the USA who are known as Boomers. Their large population bubble is now reshaping aging in America. Coincidentally, these are the same folks who have experienced the greatest stock market losses and pension fund devaluation in recent recessions.

They are not content with retiring to the rocking chair and want to remain active. They have a caring spirit and genuinely want to help people. Many seek new ventures and possibilities that will allow them to use their competencies, skills and life experiences. They are highly motivated self-navigators capable of significant innovation. Given a business system, a set of tools and some basic guidance they excel. A growing number of home-based business operations are being launched by boomers.

Even the fully employed who enjoy ample salaries and benefits want greater financial security. One must plan for potential set-backs when some earthshaking change could turn their world upside down. At one time or another almost every individual or family faces a time of unexpected upheaval and dramatic change in their lives. It can be loss of employment, sickness in the family, an accident, the demands of continuous care for an aging parent or other life-altering situations. It is simply prudent to have a backup plan for generating supplemental income in today’s complex and ever-changing world!

Some realize they are in a dead-end job and are looking for the opportunity to “fire” their boss. About 85% of the American workforce is unhappy in the workplace. The stresses, unyielding demands and unreasonable bosses account for this negativity. Excessive travel, unscheduled overtime and company control of employees leads to many health problems and broken family relationships. There simply has to be a better way. A Watkins home-based business may be the answer.

Opportunity and abundance abound. Although the world is filled with all manner of challenges, problems and difficulties, we still live in a time of remarkable opportunity and abundance! The current socio-economic situation actually sets the stage for entrepreneurial minded and hard working business builders to create an economically viable and successful home-based business. There is great opportunity to build wealth for those who are up to the challenge.

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